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Death match love comedy ~ デスマッチラブコメ!- Trophy Guide

Jun 29 2020 04:25 PM | Smashero in Trophy Guides

 Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 0/10 (personal opinion). Offline trophies: 27 ( :plat 1 , :gold 6 , :silver 8 , :bronze 12). Online trophies: 0. Approximate amount of time to platinum: ~20 mins. Number of missable trophies: None i...

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MechaNika walkthrough

Nov 18 2019 09:57 AM | caro3c in Trophy Guides

 Thanks to IBadDriverI for all his vidéo guide ( all crédits for him for the Text walkthrough as i use his vidéo)  When i said nothing, choose the first dialogue option Never use hint and don t spend money Start => You are in Nika cl...

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A Summer With The Shiba Inu Video Guide

Jun 26 2020 02:27 PM | Roughdawg4 in Trophy Guides

A Summer with the Shiba Inu 100% Easy Walkthrough ~ 20-30 minutes Link to Text guide :- https://bit.ly/ShibaInuTrophyguide Credit to Nitro   Game Info :- https://twitter.com/quill_studios https://twitter.com/RatalaikaGameVN  Game Descri...

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Star Wars Episode 1: Racer ~ Trophy Guide

Jun 27 2020 03:48 PM | zenovka in Trophy Guides

 Overview Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10Offline: 30 ( :plat 1 :gold 6 :silver 8 :bronze 15 )Approximate time: 1 hour Missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: NoneCheats: Plenty :rock  Introdution  Take control of a podracer...

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A Summer With The Shiba Inu Trophy Guide

Jun 25 2020 05:06 AM | Nitro in Trophy Guides

 Overview:Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10Offline trophies: 31 (1 :plat 6 :gold 10 :silver 14 :bronze)Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 - 30 minutesMinimum number of playthroughs: 6Number of missable trophies: NoneGlitched troph...

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PS Store Update June 23, 2020

Jun 23 2020 06:17 PM | sefjwm in PSN Updates

 Apologies for the late post. PS Blog kind of hides the Drop now. Assetto Corsa Competizione - PS4 US, Canada and EU (6/23)  Assetto Corsa Competizione is the new official GT World Challenge videogame. Thanks to the extraordinary qu...

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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout ~ Trophy Walkth...

Jun 20 2020 09:07 AM | themindisacity in Trophy Guides

 Video Guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the Guide linked to! While Edna can move about freely, you don't have a free-roaming cursor – the right stick just goes between hotspots already visible on s...

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Awesome Pea 2 Review

Jun 22 2020 11:02 AM | Unknown_v2_0 in Reviews

Check out Unknown_v2_0 review of Awesome Pea 2. A retro 2D platformer   Official Game Info:- https://twitter.com/Pinkerator https://twitter.com/dev_pigeon Game Description  Awesome Pea 2 - next chapter of classic platformer game. G...

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Elite Premium

Mar 11 2017 12:13 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

I am happy to announce a new member group on ps3imports. Elite Premium Elite Premium will be purely cosmetic. Joining this group will change your premium trading status to elite premium and the image will be replaced with a V.I.P. designation. To...

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Good Dog Bad Dog Trophy Guide

Jun 07 2020 03:13 PM | sefjwm in Trophy Guides

 Overview:Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10Offline trophies: 33 (19 :bronze, 8 :silver, 5 :gold, 1 :plat)Online trophies: 0Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hoursMinimum number of playthroughs: 4 but each playthrough is only 15 minutes so yo...

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