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Tamiku Review
Sep 28 2020  

Check out Roughdawg4 review/impressions of Tamiku, Balloon popping platformer




Official Game Info:-


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One Escape Review
Apr 10 2021  

One Escape Review by Roughdawg4


A simple 2D sidescroller




This game has 6 region stacks NA,EU,AS PS...

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Night Lights Review
Dec 19 2021  

Night Lights Review by Roughdawg4


A fun little platformer with 4x the platinums (NA, EU PS4/PS5)



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Fuyu Kiss フユキス Trophy Guide
Dec 31 2021  



OVERVIEW Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 1/10 Offline: 18 (1 :plat 8 :gold 8 :silver 1 :bronze) Online: None Approximate Time:...