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Yupitergrad Trophy guide

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
Offline trophies: 12 [ :gold 1, :silver 3, :bronze 8 ]
Online trophies: 0
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2 to 5 hours depending on skill
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Glitched trophies: 0
Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
Do trophies stack?: No.
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.
Additional peripherals required?: VR required. 2 move controllers required.




Comrade, your mission is top secret, your presence is top secret, your destination Yupitergrad.
Swing ,swim and fly avoiding many, many traps. To find out what happened on this planet.
There is nothing that can be missed and you can replay any section after completing the story.
Press :square in game, then choose chapter select.



Rocket Man  :bronze

Complete level 15 in the Tutorial


Play the tutorial. The trophy will pop after you fly with the thrusters through the hole leading to the rocket.




What Lies in the Stars  :bronze 

Your training is now komplete. Play the message from General Varnikow on Yupitegrad


When you arrive on Yupitergrad and leave your rocket, you will get in the meeeting room.

Press the red button near the big screen to start the message.




The pressure gets the best of us!  :bronze 

Complete level 16 in the Liquid System


In level 16 you need to activated the platforms first, then ride one back in to the green tunnel.

Get ready to swing up when you exit the tunnel or you will be crushed. Trophy will pop when you exit through the door.




Spio‚Ķ kosmonaut  :bronze 

Complete level 10 in the Air System


The spy interrogation room, hit the red button, swing up to get in the room.

Now swing to the other side of the room, before getting crushed by the walls.

Trophy pops when you fall down in the hole of the fan.





Komrade Scientist  :bronze 

Start Pekol synthesis for the second time


After you complete the first chapter, you will be back in the room with the green container, simply hit the red button again to start 2nd chapter, awarding you the trophy. You can now swing up beside the fan.



True Komrade  :bronze 

Succesfully start Pekol synthesis


When you enter Pekol synthesis, you need to find a green container(PEKOL) and place it under the red button. Now hit the red button to start draining the room and start the 1st chapter, awarding you the trophy.




Something is no yes  :silver 

Destroy Yupitergrad and get to the Escape Pod


To end the 2nd chapter you need to open the door by matching the color with the correct number.

1-blue, 2-green, 3-red, 4-yellow



Now you need to hit the red button again, to get the full green container. Bring that back to the center room, to start the boss fight. When you defeat the boss, make your way through the debris to the escape pod, to finish the story.



Speed rookie  :bronze 

Complete any level in Time Attack Mode


After completing the story, hit the arcade machine to start time attack.

Take your time to finish the 1st level, you can't die in time attack or you need to restart the level.



Sprinter  :silver 

Complete all levels in Time Attack Mode


Complete 20 levels in time attack. Not to difficult, take your time on the tricky spots.

Remember to use the thrusters often after you swing, to get over big gaps.


Here is my run of the last level, not fast:




Not everything can be hugged  :bronze 

Die on contact with any trap in the Campaign


First trap you encounter is in Pekol Synthesis room. Swing in the fan above the red button.




Stuntman  :silver 

Encounter all the possible game over causes


Stage Liquid system


1) Fan in petrol synthesis (the fan killed you)



2) stirrers with spikes, these can be found in the first 8 levels (you have been ground)







3) Orange gas in level 11 (the pressure killed you)




4) the platform in level 16, hang down in front of a speeding platform to get killed. (you have been killed by platform)



Stage air system


5) hot metal beams in level 1 (you have been fried)



6) fire in level 4 (you have been toasted)



7) getting crushed between or under walls. (you have been crushed)



My trophy popped when i died getting crused between ceiling and fan in the spyroom.



True Fan-atic!  :gold 

Complete the Camapaign and Time Attack Mode


For this trophy you need to complete:

Tutorial: 15 levels

Story: Liquid system: 20 levels

           Air system: 12 levels

           Final experiment: 2 levels

           Time attack: 20 levels 

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