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Yoru, Tomosu (夜、灯す) - Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 24 (1 :plat 5 :gold 18 :silver 0 :bronze)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 min (without Turbo Controller) and 15 min (with TC)
  • Do trophies stack?: No, unfortunately just JP! (Update 30/07)


:cross - Select
:start - Pause menu
:l1 - Skip

Main Menu:

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In-game Menu:

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Note: Before we start, keep in mind this Visual Novel don't have auto skip, so to skip the texts you need to press :l1 always! (My name is Mayo's novel lol)

New game!

Always after a chapter ends,system will ask you to save, just press :circle to continue!

Trophy 1 夏のはじまり
Trophy 2 予感の朝
Trophy 3 はじめまして……?
Reaching choice in Chapter 3

Make Save #1

(1) 嫌です!

Bad Ending #1

Load Save #1

(2) 任せて下さい!
Trophy 4 旧校舎にて
Trophy 5 来訪者
Trophy 6 新チーム結成
Trophy 7 私の王子様

Reaching choice in Chapter 7

Make Save #2
(2) 校外
Bad Ending #2


Load Save #2
(2) 校外
Trophy 8 無気力の音
Trophy 9 王子様、ふたり
Trophy 10 あの日の希望
Trophy 11 合宿開始!
Reaching choice in Chapter 11
Make Save #3
(2) 有華を残して行く。
Bad Ending #3


Load Save #3
(1) 有華と一緒に行く。
Trophy 12 走る音
Trophy 13 姉妹の真実
Trophy 14 おばあちゃんと私
Trophy 15 糸口を探して
Reaching choice in Chapter 15
Make Save #4
(1) 急いで麗子を止める
Bad Ending #4


Load Save #4
(2) 叫んで助けを呼ぶ
Trophy 16 偽りの音
Trophy 17 蘇る記憶
Trophy 18 みんなで、一緒に
Reaching the last choice in the final chapter
Make Save #5
(3) 一旦撤退して、作戦を立て直す
Bad Ending #5


Load Save #5
(1) もう一度、演奏を試みる
Normal Ending
Trophy 19 さよならの夏
Press OPTION button to skip the credits


Load Save #5
(2) 小夜子の願いを受けて、説得を試みる
Important! Don't skip the credits now!
Best Ending
Trophy 20 夏の終わりに
Trophy 21 さようなら、お姉さま
Trophy 22 ひと夏の出来事


In main menu, select Extra then CG鑑賞
Trophy 23 私の宝物
Platinum 夜、灯す


Credits: My dear brother ferryjan and https://h1g.jp/yorut...utomosu/?本編チャート


Perfect guide, thanks!
Aug 02 2020 06:15 AM
Valeu mano, ficou bem baum!!

Thanks for the guide. :)

Guide is perfect, thank you :)

Aug 06 2020 11:18 PM

Excellent guide Big! Layed out just perfect. Great job.

Thanks for the guide bro! 

Great guide bud!
Thank you for the perfect walkthrough.

Load Save #2

(2) 校外


Should be (1)


2 is the same choice as the above.  After I selected 1 then everything else was correct. 


Thanks for the guide.

Perfect Guide! :plat  Thank's Alot For The Help biganhaofficial! :sinister

Oct 11 2020 10:01 AM

Thank you for this great guide :)


I followed it but for some reason didn't earn "合宿開始!" , "偽りの音" and "さよならの夏" during my first playthrough. Reloading saves didn't help either. 


What I had to do was to start a new game (I kept my save file), follow your guide to the letter again, skip through the chapters quickly with L1 and then I was able to earn the trophies without any hassle.


Greetings from Germany!