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Yoga Master Trophy Guide

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Estimated trophy Difficulty: 1/10 cheese it method, 10/10 legit
Offline Trophies: :plat 1 :gold 7 :silver 9 :bronze 7
No Online trophies
Approximate time: 20 - 22 hours, unless someone smashes that time
Glitched: Nope
Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, but doesn't matter with cheese it method
Stacking: nope
No Cheats
Peripherals: PS camera and Move controller needed for cheese it method. Or a child to do it for you if you want to go the team route.




Yoga Master is a a fitness game from Oxygene Media. The same people behind the lovely Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams. From a strictly yoga perspective, Yoga Master is rather nice with over 100 techniques of varying difficulty.


It also allows for different destinations for your instructor to train you from and different music tracks as well. It allows you to use a pre-made program or you can design your own program as well. The game also has a stats tracker for how many techniques you do and how well you performed each one. My only fault with the game is there isn't a tracker for how many programs you have done.


The cheese it method i have mentioned above involves just making sure the move controller is on a flat surface in view of the camera. With this technique you will score a perfect on every Asana (technique).


Important :right before you start a program make sure to switch auto start to yes other wise you will after to hit X between each technique.


Step 1


Play through each of the 5 locations 5 times each . The very first program you want to use is medium program number 5 as its the shortest 20 min program (needed for a trophy). After your first program switch to easy program number 109 as its the shortest of the easy programs. Use program number 109 for the rest of this step. After this step is over you will have earned the following trophies .


:bronze Forest Love, :silver Yoga Center Love, :silver Desert Island Lover, :silver Japanese Garden Love, :silverTerrace Love, :silver The Journey is Just Began, :bronze Constancy, :bronze Endurance, :bronze Perfection, :bronze Start of a Journey, :bronze In search of Perfection, :silver Totally Perfection, :gold Absolute Perfection, :gold Inner Perfection :silver Perseverance


Step 2


During this step you will need to play 10 programs on medium. The program of choice this time is
medium program 110. At the end of this Step you will have earned the following.


:gold Totally Endurance :bronze Difficulty


Step 3


During this step you need to play 10 programs on pro difficulty. The program of choice is pro program 111. At the end of this step you will have earned the following.


:gold Absolute Endurance


Step 4


During this step create a custom program to grind out the last difficulty Asana based trophies. I just made a program with 5 of the same pro technique. And rerun until trophy Requirements were met. The technique is pro technique number 3 Venuasana 2. At the end of this step you will have earned the following.


:silver Total difficulty & :gold Absolute Difficulty


Step 5
Now its time to grind out the last of the programs you need. You should have around 50 programs left needed. Just run pro program 111 as its quite short until you have met the requirements for the trophy. Which is 100 programs completed . At the end of this step you will have earned .


:gold Ultimate Constancy


Step 6


While this step is lengthy you can let the PS4 do the work for you. Create a custom program with 100 techniques in it. Use easy technique number 1. The program takes just under 2 hours time to complete. Once the program starts, just switch over your TV to normal cable shows, leave the house for a while , Go to bed or even go to work. Just rerun the program until the 500 and 1000 Asana requirements are met . At the end of this step you will have earned the following.

:silver Totally Constancy and :gold Absolute Constancy 



And finally
:plat Yoga Master

lol niiiiiiice Zen

Platinum earned . guide is complete. can be moved. :rimshot

zen u cheese machine ..

good work my sir