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Virtual Virtual Reality Trophy Guide

Posted Image

Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
Offline trophies: 15 (11 Posted Image, 4 Posted Image)

Online trophies: 0
Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-2 Hours with a guide, 4-5 Without
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Last Level Replay
Number of missable trophies: 0
Glitched trophies: Potentially Vacuumaniac Posted Image
Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
Do trophies stack?: No
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
Additional peripherals required?: PSVR Headset


Virtual Virtual Reality was originally developed by Tender Claws for the PC, but has recently been ported to the PSN. The game itself “is based in the near future, where most jobs have been automated” and provides a Virtual Reality within Virtual Reality.

You are tasked with working your way through the Virtual maze as you get deeper and deeper inside this immersive experience.
Most of the trophies themselves will come through natural play, but the game itself can get highly confusing if you do not know which routes to take. There is also chapter select available once you have finished the game.


I would suggest you take a look at Vacuumaniac Posted Image before starting the game, as this trophy can be a little finicky. I have been speaking to the Devs regarding this trophy and they are looking into any possible bugs.


Step 1: Play through the story
I highly recommend you play the game without the aid of a walkthrough, as it is an extremely well put together game that provides a rich immersive experience. There are only really 2 “Story Related” trophies that you will earn naturally whilst playing the game. The rest you will need to go out of your way a little to achieve. If however you are only interested in obtaining the trophies as quick as possible, then skip this step. The Story Related ones will unlock in the following order:

Posted Image That's Not Entirely Incompetent
Posted Image Don't Usually Hire Murderers, or Posted Image Welcome to Activitude


Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies
All other Miscellaneous Trophies can be earned post game (keeping in mind Vacuumaniac Posted Image), however if you are attempting all trophies as quick as you can and near enough in one playthrough, they would generally be obtained in the following order –


Posted Image Indulgence Level: Crunchy
Posted Image Indulgence Level: PERFECTLY CRISP
Posted Image Just a Dash Like My Favorite Day
Posted Image Look Don't Touch
Posted Image Best In The West
Posted Image Vacuumaniac
Posted Image Honk If You Love Humans
Posted Image Down And Dirty
Posted Image We Don't Usually Hire Murderers, or Posted Image Welcome to Activitude
Posted Image Thank You For Playing!
Posted Image Pips Out
Posted Image Jailbird (...Jailbee?)


Trophy Guide


Indulgence Level: Crunchy trophy_bronze.png

Slather Butter in 10 perfectly crunchy slices.


See Indulgence Level: PERFECTLY CRISP trophy_silver.png



Indulgence Level: PERFECTLY CRISP trophy_silver.png

Slather Butter in 20 perfectly crunchy slices.


This needs to be achieved the first time you meet “Butter”. Initially “Butter” will take you through a tutorial of when to pop the perfect toast from the toaster. Keep an eye out for the effects above the toaster where they will change from bubbles, to stars and then to burnt. The toast needs to be popped when the stars are above the toaster.

A tip here would be to pop a load of good toast out before sticking them to Butter.

If you do not achieve this during the first visit you will be able to replay the chapter post game.


Please see the below video if you are struggling with this trophy.



Just a Dash Like My Favorite Day trophy_bronze.png

Send all balloons skyward.


This trophy is earned during the level “Grid”. Your aim during this level is to release all the balloons to the sky. This would mean that you would have to rip all the carnival balloons from the people and send them to the sky.

There are 20 balloons total to release, so simply grab them and pull them from their ropes to release.



Look Don’t Touch trophy_bronze.png

Appreciate the sunset.


During the level “Sunset” (you'll know when you're there, as you are standing all alone on a Island with the sun setting in the background) simply stand there watching the sunset until the level ends and the trophy pops. Don’t touch anything otherwise you could void the trophy.



Best In The West trophy_bronze.png

Well ain't you quick on the draw! Complete Tumbleweed with less than 6 falls.


During this level you will be tasked with using a garden blower device to push the tumbleweed along a moving platform. During the level you will have obstacles to navigate, which can be a little difficult to get around at times.

The level will finish when you have reached 424 meters and despite the trophy description I actually achieved this after having 6 falls.  
If you do not achieve this during the first visit you will be able to replay the chapter post game.


Please see the below video if you are struggling with this trophy.



Honk If You Love Humans trophy_bronze.png

Help Tina simulate human domestic rituals.


Simply play along with the story during the level with Tina (the robotic arm) and the trophy will unlock on completion. If you choose not to play along, you will void this trophy and have to come back after completing the game.



Down And Dirty trophy_bronze.png

Sweep up 10 piles of dirt.


The second time you are sent to the Green House to see “Wizz” he will task you with cleaning up the mess that has been made. 
Pick up the broom and sweep away the dirt on the floor. 
If you do not achieve this during the first visit you will be able to replay the chapter post game. 

Please see the below video if you are struggling with this trophy. 



Jailbird (...Jailbee?) trophy_bronze.png

Get caught backstage a dozen times.


Once you get access to the backstage area, the simplest way to get caught is to place a VR Headset on that can be found within the Telephone booths, then proceed up the lift to the Table Tennis area and step out of the lift to get caught. 
Note - You do not get access to the booth headsets when you first visit backstage. 



Pips Out trophy_bronze.png

Play ping pong with Chaz for a while.


You can access the Table Tennis area once you are able to proceed Backstage. Go up one level in the lift and exit into the area. You will be chased by Headsets, which you must not get caught by. Once the headsets have stopped chasing you, you are free to grab a ball and bounce it back and forth on a table. You will need to survive 60 seconds in this area for the trophy. 


Vacuumaniac trophy_bronze.png

Accumulate over 2000TB of data with your Polycleanup Tool.


When you are first introduced to your Polycleanup Tool you must suck up 2,000TB worth of data in the area before progressing. The trophy should unlock when you have this amount on the Tools’ display.

This trophy however can be a little finicky and may not unlock on your first run. Other gamers have reported no issues with this unlocking; however personally I achieved by deleting the game save and playing again.  

Update 13Jun19 - Patch 1.02 was released that fixed any possible issues with this trophy.



That's Not Entirely Incompetent trophy_bronze.png

Infiltrate the Archives.


In order to get to the Archives, you will need to follow a specific route. The route can only be achieved once you have access to Backstage and can be quite confusing when you don’t know your way around. 

Play along with the games main story until you get stuck in a “Butter Loop” towards the end of Act2 (See spoiler for “story line” map), then proceed with the following steps. 

  • Access Backstage
  • Proceed to the lift through a Headset in the Phone Booths  
  • Head up to the 2nd Floor (Up twice from the starting point)  
  • Get out of the lift and grab the Golden Key that will be circling around  
  • Head 3 floors down in the lift and place the key in the security box  
  • Move towards the Wall of squares and L2.png on the left and right sides by the red button to reveal the power boxes  
  • Move the power switches so the selected box on the panel in front is the Fire  
  • Press the button to access the headset and place on  
  • Put out the fire with the watering can or ball and place the headset on  
  • Move the power switch down and place on any headset  
  • In the next room you will need to destroy the bots. Grab them one at a time and the others will destroy them. When there is one left you will need to quickly put a headset on that is on one of the pedestals  
  • You will now be in the archive room  

Within the spoiler below is the full “story line” map. Apologies for the quality. 





Win a game of Tumball.


Once you have finished the game once and are in the level select area you will need to keep removing your virtual headset until you reach the game of Tumball. This is a game where you have to use the previously introduced blower to score one goal between each of the posts with your tumbleweed. First one to score 3 goals wins. 



We Don't Usually Hire Murderers trophy_silver.png

Remove all cores from Activitude's central neural hub... Do uploaded consciousnesses count as people? Oops! You're a murderer!


Simply remove all cores from the central neural hub at the end of the game. You will need to use your vacuum to remove the broken parts before you can access the neural hub. 
You will be chased by Headsets that will be looking to reset you, but move them away when they get close, or grab them and throw them away to ensure you have enough time to remove them all. 

I have provided the route to get to the end of the game within the spoiler of Thank You For Playing! trophy_bronze.png



Welcome to Activitude trophy_silver.png

Merge with Chaz and enjoy a shiny new eternity, as seen through a single green, unblinking eye. You've sneezed your last, my friend.


When at the neural hub remove the broken parts with your vacuum and let one of the VR Headsets catch you. I would advise to try and go for We Don't Usually Hire Murderers trophy_silver.png as your first ending, as if you do not achieve it you will by default get this one. 

I have provided the route to get to the end of the game within the spoiler of Thank You For Playing! trophy_bronze.png



Thank You For Playing! trophy_bronze.png

Complete endgame survey. Your input is appreciated.


Once you have finished the game once and are in the level select area you will need to click on the screensaver of the TV in the back room. This will start the endgame survey. 


Below is the route of how to get to the decision at the end of the game, which must be done in order to access We Don't Usually Hire Murderers trophy_silver.png & Welcome to Activitude trophy_silver.png


Looks awesome Dino!

For the tumbleweed one just keep blowing him against the right wall. Even with the fences he will get pushed around them. For the end when the brains are chasing you, just vacuum them up. There are only 2 that I ever had chasing me.


For the goal one I just blew it through the center posts and then somehow got the game to end 1-0.  I was blowing both tumbleweeds as far away as possible and then used my vacuum and the game ended and the trophy popped. I'll try and test it some more.


I also noticed there are multiple paths to the archives. I got there from the fish one.


Pips out was a pain. The enemies have to be aggro and I this you have to be out of the elevator for the timer to start. You just need to last 60 seconds, there is no playing ping pong required. What I did was open the door and immediately grab the beach ball to the left with on hand and close the door with the other. This leaves the ball on the outside of the elevator and blocks the headsets from getting to you (if you lean too close to the door they'll glitch through. Then I smashed them all with the ball. You can't ever permanently kill them but you can disable them. Eventually only one remained in the main room. The others got stuck under the floor. Then I open the elevator and ran into the room. Keep smashing the headsets that remain with the ball until the trophy pops. It's much easier this way.

Thanks for the guide dino :)

I just wanna add for "Pips Out" all I had to do was soon as I exited the lift on the table tennis floor, I just stood still n equipped my vacuum and just held the trigger which sucked all the headsets into it n so couldnt get me, just did that for a minute and the trophy unlocked :) didnt have to run around or play table tennis.

Lol, didn't even think to use the vacuum XD

Hehe silly sef :P yea I was concerned by that trophy because I saw what you put in discord, so I thought I would share my discovies of standing still with ease for other future players lol :D