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Trover Saves the Universe Trophy Guide (+DLC)

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 28 (10Posted Image, 10Posted Image, 7Posted Image, 1Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 8-10 hours (personal estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None as Level Select is available
  • Glitched trophies: 1 – The Ultimate Happy Ending
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: PSVR is optional but not required


Trover Saves the Universe is a comedy action/adventure game by Justin Roiland and Squanch Games. You play as you, a nameless Chairopian, as you partner up with the reluctant Trover to save your two dogs, which are being used by the evil Glorkon to destroy the universe.


This is a fairly easy game, gameplay and trophy-wise. It's also incredibly filthy in a way that's generally fun but is sometimes annoying. You can censor the dialogue in the options menu if you want.


Since all of the DLC for the game was patched in for free, this Roadmap is written to cover both the base game and the DLC.




Step 1: Play through the campaign, while collecting all power babies


While it's not entirely necessary to get the collectibles on your first go (since there is level select), doing so will not only dramatically cut down on replaying levels, but will give you a huge leg up during the final boss fight as the collectibles increase your health bar.


GLITCH NOTE: The collectible trophy, The Ultimate Happy Ending, has been reported to glitch if you don't collect all ten power babies the first time you're in the final level, Afterlife. Make sure you get all ten during your first playthrough of that stage!


If you keep an eye on the trophy list while playing, you can unlock almost every other trophy during your initial playthrough of the game, including one of the DLC trophies. You may very well unlock some of them without even trying. I do recommend also working towards Worst Guest Ever during this playthrough, but keep in mind that you'll still have to replay two stages for that trophy, so you won't earn it during this step.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


That went well... Posted Image
Trover ****s the Universe Posted Image


And if you got all collectibles:


The Ultimate Happy Ending Posted Image


Step 2: Base List Cleanup


From the title screen, you can access the level select, from which you can re-enter stages to attempt whatever trophies you missed. Note that while your health bar will be at whatever level it was when you ended the game (and will still extend if you missed any collectibles during Step 1), you will only have whatever upgrades you would normally have at that point in the game. See each trophy for more information.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


BALL FUN TIME Posted Image
Pet Cemetery Posted Image
Jesus, Are You Still Listening To This? Posted Image
You Almost Solved It! Keep Going! Posted Image
Clone on Clone Crime Posted Image
Don't Get Dooped Posted Image
Instant Clone Soup Posted Image
WE <3 MURDER Posted Image
It's A Video Game, Kill Something! Posted Image
Here's a damn trophy, now stop killing me! Posted Image
Daddy Gotta Eat! Posted Image
Here's Donny! Posted Image
No Winners In This Game! Posted Image
Final Upgrade! Posted Image
Really? This Game's Not That Good Posted Image
Bet You Can't Make 100 Posted Image
You Actually Did It?! Posted Image
You Didn't Have To Do That Posted Image
Worst Guest Ever Posted Image


Step 3: Jopo DLC


The Jopo DLC only has one trophy, and to unlock it, you need to defeat the game's final boss as Jopo. On the main menu, turn Jopo mode on, then select the final boss fight and defeat the boss.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Jopo Posted Image


Step 4: Important Cosmic Jobs


From the main menu, select Important Cosmic Jobs to enter this new DLC stage. There is no combat; it's a short series of fetch quests with some puzzle solving and a few power babies to collect.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Let's Sling These Babies! Posted Image
Gorbin's Lil' Hole Slammer Posted Image
Be Kind Rewind


Jun 02 2020 12:17 AM
0bpbM8h.pngPlatinum Trophy (Thanks for your money suckers) platinum.png
Do everything. Now go preorder Trover 2, you little popsicle stick.


L8M5pJ1.pngBALL FUN TIME trophy_silver.png
Bounce a ball 25 times in the apartment, because apparently that's more fun than the actual game.

In your character's house in the beginning of the game is a spiky purple ball. You need to click it 25 times to unlock this trophy. Be careful and try to keep it bouncing to the left side of the screen, because if it gets too far to the right, it can get stuck behind the table and you won't be able to access it.

You will also be in this house at the end of the game, before the Afterlife level. You can unlock this trophy then as well.

Df6XwLb.pngInstant Clone Soup trophy_gold.png
Collect the clone DNA in under 10 minutes. That's it? That's all they have to do? Man, we're just giving these things away.

Level: Shroomia

Once you get past the castle gate, go forward and to the left and you'll find a cauldron with some enemies around. If you kill the enemies in the white circle surrounding the coffin, their DNA will enter the cauldron. After killing a few enemies, you'll need to move the cauldron to a new set of enemies that will come out of the surrounding tents – you'll need to do this a few times in total. The final enemies you'll need to kill will be two shield enemies. You will likely get this on your first try as the time limit is pretty generous.

qPunSXr.pngDaddy Gotta Eat! trophy_gold.png
Instead of feeding the poor, feed Gail's roommate in under 5 minutes!

Level: Flesh World

Gail's roommate is a large yellow monster blocking your way forward. You'll actually feed him quite a bit before the timer for this trophy actually starts. You'll make your way around the area he's in, opening gates and throwing pellets at Gail's roommate, before finally dropping off of a ledge directly in front of him, where some pellets will come up from a hole in the ground. That's when the timer for this trophy begins.

Gail's roommate will yell out a pellet color he wants – either yellow or blue. Whatever he wants, there will almost always be only a single one of those pellets that shoots out of the hole. You'll need to do five or six rounds of this while fighting enemies in between. Eventually Gail's roommate will explode, and if you managed to do this in under five minutes, you'll earn this trophy.

NIIHkN3.pngNo Winners In This Game! trophy_gold.png
Beat Glorkon without getting killed by anyone... Including me. That’s right, I’ve been hunting you.

Level: Glorkon's Base

If you don't want to do this fight again, combine this trophy with Jopo trophy_bronze.png. Additionally, the more power babies you've collected, the easier this fight will be, as you can extend your health bar to maximum length before you ever enter the base. Finally, I can confirm that you can quit to the main menu mid-level, back up your save, and go back into the game and still unlock this trophy.

There are three rounds of the fight against Glorkon. In each round, you'll need to defeat enemies until a ball drops on one side of the screen. Once the ball appears, grab it and use it to connect electricity across all of the nodes spread around the room (you will have done this once before to open the door that leads to the boss fight). In the first two rounds, doing this will lower the protective field surrounding the towers flanking Glorkon. Once the protective field is down, pick up any weapon from a downed enemy (or the electricity ball) and throw it into the tower to break it and cause Glorkon to retreat.

The third round is a little different. After you defeat the enemies, another enemy will appear holding the ball. You will not be able to pick it up; instead, Glorkon will send out an energy wave, killing everything on screen, including you (this does not void the trophy, as it's required – notice that your health bar is not depleted). After a cutscene, you will need to pick up Trover's head and use it like you would use the ball, to lower the protective field around the crystal babies. Once you've done that, pick up Trover's body and throw it at Glorkon. When Glorkon is bent over, grab a crystal baby and throw it at him. Repeat the process and you will end the battle and unlock this trophy.

09PY4Ty.pngFinal Upgrade! trophy_gold.png
You got the final upgrade! You're all sticky, like a popsicle stick!

Level: Afterlife

At the end of the Afterlife level, just outside of the pod, you will find all of the characters who gave you upgrades throughout the game. On the right is a yellow character. Stand there and listen to them all talk, and, eventually, the yellow guy will talk about a sticky chair upgrade, count down from 10, and give you the upgrade and this trophy.

efc7pis.pngReally? This Game's Not That Good trophy_bronze.png
Replay the game, instead of getting a real job.

The description is misleading as you just need to replay any level. You will unlock this naturally while going for Worst Guest Ever.

uPNoVSB.pngBBALL IN THE BBALL HOLE trophy_bronze.png

See You Actually Did It?!

mX5zYZ1.pngBet You Can't Make 100 trophy_silver.png
You made 10 baskets, now make 100! Come on, what else do you gotta do today?

See You Actually Did It?!

ccPFg5L.pngYou Actually Did It?! trophy_gold.png
What the hell is the matter with you?! You actually made 100 baskets?! What are you a sociopath?! How long did this take you?!

This grindy trophy can be done all at once or spread out throughout the game.

In the pod, you should see a trash can with a basketball hoop and four paper balls on the ground. You'll need to click the balls so they go through the basketball hoop. They will almost always go into the trash can, but sometimes they won't. The balls need to get through the hoop to count.

There's no great way to explain how to sink the paper balls. They will generally follow the laws of physics, so click them at a point where they could conceivably make it to the hoop (e.g. if you need the ball to go right, click on the left side). It's just a matter of trial and error and a little bit of luck. This isn't really difficult, just an annoying grind. Thankfully, there's a counter above the basketball hoop, so you can keep track of how many you've sunk.

BPLJ5bv.pngThe Ultimate Happy Ending trophy_gold.png
Collect all Power Babies in the game. Then prepare to have your shnudler ringled!


In your teleport pod (and on the level select screen), you will be told if a level has power babies to collect or not. There are six stages where you need to collect power babies, and doing so will increase your health meter, so it is in your interest to collect all power babies during your first time in each stage instead of going back.

GLITCH WARNING: There have been reports that going back to the final level, Afterlife, to collect power babies will cause this trophy to glitch. There are only ten in that level, so make sure to get them your first time through.

100% Guides has made a playlist of all the power baby locations: CLICK.

Two things to keep in mind if you're gathering all power babies during your first playthrough:
  • In the collectibles video listed above, you will not have the double jump right when you get off the ship; you'll need to progress through the level a bit first. You can get the first few power babies in that video at the end of the level, as you'll return to the pod having already obtained the double jump.
  • If you want to get all power babies in Shroomia World the first time through, you cannot kill Doopy Dooper at the end of the stage (Worst Guest Ever), as she'll give you the final one. You'll need to do a second playthrough of the stage to kill her.
Jun 02 2020 12:18 AM
7VziERO.pngPet Cemetery trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Kill all of Tony's pets... I'm tired of them pooping on my lawn.

Level: Shleemy

Midway through the stage, you'll come across Tony, who will give you the double jump upgrade. He will tell you to kill some enemies across the water to the left. Instead, jump the fence on the right and kill those enemies. You'll still get the upgrade, and you'll also get this trophy.

SaQRBI1.pngJesus, Are You Still Listening To This? trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Listen to the entirety of Pop Up's introduction, and ignore the homeless man being murdered outside your door.

Level: Shleemy

Once you leave the pod at the beginning of Shleemy World, Pop Up will appear and start talking. Just put your controller down until this trophy pops as it will take several minutes.

67fj8Nb.pngYou Almost Solved It! Keep Going! trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Press the buttons on the Puzzle Tree over 50 times, 'cause you don't know how to listen, you cute little popsicle stick.

Level: Shleemy

Early in the level, you will come across three button puzzles. You'll need to solve the first two; the third is high up in the tree and, no matter what you do, you will not be able to solve it. After clicking a few of the buttons, Trover will suggest you just break down the wood blocking your way; ignore him and keep pressing buttons until this trophy unlocks.

Qhb73Hi.pngClone on Clone Crime trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Let the two arguing clones kill each other and then don't report it... This isn't game for snitches!

Level: Shroomia

After you build the box stairs (see Don't Get Dooped), you will go down a few levels and see two blue clones talking to each other. Do not jump down onto their level. Instead, just stand there and eventually one will kill the other and start crying. You will unlock this trophy soon after.

dXRZiRW.pngDon't Get Dooped trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Escape Doopy without putting boxes in the garage, because charity work is lame and you're not lame. You're a cool little popsicle stick, aren't you?

Level: Shroomia

Doopy is an old woman who will give you the ability to pick up and move items, and then demand you clear out her garage in exchange for her giving you access to a warp point at the top of a cliff. Once you have access to the garage, grab two or three boxes from it and use them to build a staircase against the cliff and access the warp point yourself. Once you've hit that warp point, you'll unlock this trophy.

in03v96.pngWE <3 MURDER trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Kill every villager. That's right, we celebrate violence! What do you think about that mom and dad?!

Level: Voodoo Person

In this very short level, you will be sent to a voodoo village to kill all the inhabitants. Do so for this trophy. This is also required for Worst Guest Ever.

u4NcakX.pngIt's A Video Game, Kill Something! trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Don't kill any villagers, because God forbid you do something out of the ordinary!

Level: Voodoo Person

In this very short level, you will be sent to a voodoo village to kill all the inhabitants. Instead of doing so, walk around the village and back onto the pod, going straight back to the voodoo person.

AcPT4X1.pngHere's a damn trophy, now stop killing me! trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Jump Trover into the Acid Lake 5 times. How is this even a trophy?

You can find green acid lakes in a few stages, but the earliest you can find it is in Flesh World. Like the trophy description says, just jump into the lake five times.

k4hRNUr.pngHere's Donny! trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Witness Donny's death, then write an essay about it for your college application.

Level: Flesh World

After taking care of Gail's roommate (see Daddy Gotta Eat!) and reuniting with Trover after he gets trapped behind a door, explore the cave and you will come across Donny. After a cutscene with him, he will drop dead and you will unlock this trophy.

NNcEtsF.pngThat went well... trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Glorkon mixed the world! Wait, they get a trophy for that? It’s just a cut scene. They didn’t do anything... God, this is so dumb.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this during a cutscene in the level Tech World.

CPmIjcV.pngTrover ****s the Universe trophy_silver.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
You beat the game! You can die a happy now, you slimy, little popsicle stick.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this trophy upon entering the final stage of the game, Afterlife.

n83yc3c.pngYou Didn't Have To Do That trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
You killed a NPC. That’s gonna affect the whole game! That’s right, your actions have consequences this game!

See Worst Guest Ever

8q7bx3M.pngWorst Guest Ever trophy_gold.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
You did it! You killed every killable NPC! You're certified, psychopathic killer! Someone should probably call the police...

While this sounds like it could be a lot, there are very few NPCs you can actually kill. You will need to keep track of this yourself as the game will not do it for you. In order, they are:
  • Old Chairorpian (Chairorpia)
  • Mr Pop Up (Shleemy World) – you will need to replay the level to get the other.
  • Michael (Shleemy World) – you will need to replay the level to get the other.
  • Doopy (Shroomia World)
  • Villagers (Voodoo Person)
  • Donny (Flesh World) – this may not be strictly required, but you may as well as there's a trophy for it
  • Bathtub Guy (Weird Earth)
Jun 02 2020 12:19 AM

DLC: Jopo Update

fCyfe9G.pngJopo trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Jopo Saves the Universe

In the Main Menu, you should see the default option "Jopo Mode: Off". Scroll down to it and click it to turn it on. It will change the title screen to "Jopo Saves The Universe." Select Glorkon's Base from level select and defeat him while playing as Jopo (who plays identically to Trover), and you will unlock this trophy.

This trophy can be done simultaneously with No Winners In This Game! and can even be done on your first playthrough of the game.

DLC: Important Cosmic Jobs

dvQt6J1.pngLet’s Sling These Babies! trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
You collected all the rare power babies, now let’s sell ‘em! My boy, T-Ham, knows a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that has an Etsy account who’ll help flip these lil’ babies!

ICJ has five power babies to find. Unlike in the main game, these power babies are blue instead of green, and you will often need to solve a small puzzle to obtain them. If you want to find the power babies yourself, then once you've seen the cutscene in the storage room, opening your journal will give you clues as to how to solve the puzzles that will reveal them.

Returning all five power babies to the storage room will give you two VHS tapes you can use to unlock Be Kind Rewind.

ILLUMINAT3D has made a video HERE of all power baby and VHS tape (needed for Be Kind Rewind) locations. You have to progress through the story a bit to be able to start collecting the power babies (which is not clear in the video). You can start collecting the power babies once you've talked to the boss and entered the storage room to the left of the boss' office and have seen the cutscene there.


8mHfgbJ.pngGorbin’s Lil’ Hole Slammer trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Oof! Hey, Gorbin here. I just got done eating a sleeping bag sized burrito and let me tell ya, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I feel like I could even bring back my dead wife. I bet you’re feeling pretty good, too, after getting the high score in Space Slam.

Once you get the janitor's toolbox (next to the storage room door) and give it back to him, you'll gain access to the break room. In the back left corner of the break room is an arcade game called Space Slam. Once you're at the machine, you'll be told you have to find George and get the game's ball from him. George is in the archives, but the man in the archives will tell you that you'll first need to find his blue keycard which is in the main hallway, in the round blue vacuum robot.

The high score to beat is 6000 points. To play, you need to grab the ball and toss it against an increasing number of planets to make a basket appear under the score board, and you need to get the ball into the basket, all before the time runs out in the round. There are ten rounds in total. If you fail three baskets, the game will end.

Getting the high score in this game will give you a VHS tape that you can use to unlock Be Kind Rewind.

L37MdX3.pngBe Kind Rewind trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_hidden7.png
Hey, you watched a tape in the entertainment room. Was that clue clear enough for you? HUH!? All you little trophy hunters out there! God forbid you try and figure something out on your own!

If you've unlocked Gorbin's Lil' Hole Slammer, then you'll already have a VHS tape in your inventory. Otherwise, refer to the video in Let's Sling These Babies! for other tape locations.

You can't unlock the entertainment room (located in the break room) until you get the enchanted stick. Trying to enter the entertainment room will add the stick quest to your inventory. Go back out into the main area and talk to the groups of people until someone tells you that Flar has the stick. At that point, go back into the break room and you'll get the stick. When you go back to the entertainment room, the stick will appear on the ground. Pick it up and throw it at the door to unlock it.

Once in the entertainment room, pick up any tape from the shelf on the right and put it in the VHS player under the TV and you'll unlock this trophy.