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Trine 2 Guide

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Difficulty: 1 out of 10
Time to Plat: 1hour – 5 hours (see guide)
Number of Trophies: 13
Missable: None can be done via Chap select


Road guide


There two ways you can play this game

  • Play through enjoy and get the trophies in order
  • You can look online and see who is hosting an online game above Chapter 7, join quit when the game asks if you want to save do so. That is now your game you don’t need to play the whole thing, if you go to main menu you can choose the chapters you want to play, load up do the trophy press start then choose restart or choose a new level choose the next level you need carry on, this will cut time down a lot.
I would suggest playing this co-op for all but the last trophy as that can not be done via co-op


Chapter 2 Trophies


High Rise :gold
Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it


In Chap2, You will come across some platforms to Jump with swinging rocks, you will see about 4/5 wooden box there, go on a little to spawn the enemies kill them all. Then with a full upgraded wizard (press select and reset then buy all the wizards ones remember to put the powers back after) pick up the wooden boxes and place on the spikes making sure they are on each other then add your own boxes and plank to make up too 8 before adding the last box go up the top and add it then to avoid the swinging rock


Bouncy Bouncy :gold
Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds


Further on you will come across 3 large bouncing mushrooms with a enemy shooting arrows get rid of him by placing in the spikes with the wizard, Then make a box and bounce for 10 seconds, you may have to move around on the box to stop it tipping


This Wasn't the Plan :silver
Make a bubble sink for three seconds


Right next to these mushrooms you will see Bubbles coming up as the wizard make a box and as the bubble rises slow push the bubble down with your box and sink it, this will pop after three seconds


Cirque de Zoya :gold
Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface


A little way on you will see a few enemies and then a steam vent if you look up and left there is a log above, you need to change to the Girl and press L2 too grapple, now you need to power in your swings to go up press jump go over the log and L2 on the way down to re-grapple with out touching anything


Here is a video from you tube on this I can not take credit for the video as it is not mine, but it shows you how

Surfboard Master :gold
Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds


Now to the vent make a large plank with the wizard and jump on and hold it for four seconds.


Chapter 3


I Didn't Do It :gold
Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level


After you start become the wizard, you will see a bee hive go past this on to the next pick up a goblin and put him in the bee hive (that’s 1) go further on you will see spikes now a little way on goblins appear pick one up and move him back there ( that’s 2). Then the last one you will come across some fire you need to jump over with goblins attacking you pick one up and put him in the fire and that’s 3.


Chapter 6


So start this chap off you have to go through a door you need to open with switches, you will finally come across a fire path, down underneath you will see a pipe that you can move with the wizard do this and the pot will light up and enemies appear out…


Dirty Tactics :gold
Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level


Be the wizard, go near the pot so enemies come out, then pick one up and hold it in front of you, the next enemy will kill it repeat to get the trophy


Icebreaker :gold
Shatter three frozen enemies within one second


In the same place switch to the girl (make sure at this point she has frozen arrows and the knight has a throwing hammer) then press start go to game settings change to hard; this makes the enemies easier to freeze rather than kill. Now this one is a pain, if you are co-op the other person needs to be the Knight (whoever is the Knight in Co-op will get the trophy so switch rolls so you both get) Now you have to do this quick go near the pot and get some enemies out freeze 3 then if not co-op quickly change to knight and chuck your swinging hammer to the ground to hit all three. This can take a few goes as they defrost. And make sure you change you difficulty back to easy or normal


Chapter 7


A Floral Feast :gold
Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats


Near the start you will come across a plant that will eat you, get eaten and spawn as a new person you need to get eaten with all three people.


In Any part


Hammer Havoc :gold
Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill


You need to have the knight upgraded to have the throwing hammer, and bounce it on the floor and then on to hit a enemy, this shouldn’t give you any problems to do, to make the hammer throw use the right stick


A Hail of Arrows :gold
Shoot 3 arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield


You need to shoot three arrows in the air with the girl switch to the knight and catch them with his shield; it’s easier to do in co-op with one being one



Chapter 2


So now we have one left to get, before you quit out change to the wizard then quit, go to single player and load Chap2


Flying Solo :gold
Complete a whole level playing one character only


Now you should start as the wizard as you start as what you last quit, press select and reset all the powers and place them on the wizard so he Is fully upgraded, now I just run through avoiding enemies, making boxes to get up high, if you do die, press start and load from checkpoint, and get to the end, now at the end is a snake, go through slightly, make a box you will see wooden ledges drag the box through those it will destroy some parts, then get on the stone ledge at the left, jump up to the top left platform the snake will go for you and everything tumbles down killing the snake
Here is a walk through on that Chap I did not make this video it is from YouTube so I do not take credit for the video



Trine 2 Hard :plat
Earn all Trophies in Trine 2



If I have missed anything let me know :)