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Tony Hawk'S Pro Skater HD Trophy Guide

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Difficulty: 6/10
Trophies: 1 :plat 9 :gold , 4 :silver , 3 :bronze
Time to Platinum: 8-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (1 story, 1 projectives) *Make sure to pick Rodney Mullen*
Cheats: yes but they block trophies
Missable trophies: None




From the makers of Tony Hawk Ride and Shred comes THPS HD, a modified upgrade to two classic ps1 era games. The game features 7 classic levels from Tony Hawk 1 and 2 and features career mode, projectives mode, free skate, etc. Any fans of the first two games will have fond memories of the original games as well as their share of frustrations (Downhill Jam). This game will probably not bring new fans to the series but its purpose is to go down memory lane for fans of the classics.



Road Map:
Step 0: Set up:
I would highly recommend changing your special tricks to Up Down and then whatever the button is. This is an incredibly easy combo to remember and will lead to less frustration. I also highly suggest buying a second special grind when you can and placing it on Down Up :triangle . You can also buy a special grab if you’d like because Rodney Mullen by default has a manual special rather than a grab but I found they were not necessary as regular grabs did the trick


Step 1: Online
There is only 1 online trophy for this game. It’s very simple though. All you have to do is win a match online. This can be done in online private mode to avoid any possible frustration.


Step 2: Career Mode
Career mode in this game is just like how it was in thps 1-3. You have 10 goals to obtain per level which range from high scores to collecting skate to getting the secret tape. Each level can be unlocked only doing a certain number of goals in each level but it is a requirement for plat to get all goals in all levels. You are able to hit start and R1 to see where all collectibles and money are on every map. Unless you are watching videos, this can be very helpful.


Step 3: Misc. Trophies
I would recommend doing the misc. trophies before projectives because it is a change of pace from the story mode. Some of the misc trophies will come naturally or with a few tries but some are fairly annoying and will take many retries. The one trophy I do suggest waiting on is “I don’t want no 2 minute man” for reasons I will explain in the trophy.


Step 4: Projectives Mode
The 4th and final step is projectives mode. These seem daunting at first but with the right strategy, most of them aren’t too bad. While story mode is relatively simple, some of the goals here require that one good run, which may take numerous restarts for certain levels.


Trophy Guide


1S256d98.png :plat Tony Hawk’s PS Master
Unlock all trophies

Self explanatory. Unlock the other 16 trophies in the game and the plat is yours.


8Sbad945.png :silver This. Is. SKATEBOARDING
Win a match Online

The simplest way to do this trophy is find a partner and start up a big head mode match on private. Big Head mode goes very fast because the person getting the trophy has to do a few tricks while letting their partner die. Trick attack also works as its only 2 minutes per person though

*Note before starting career- It isn’t required to get all the goals in each level to unlock every level but it is a must to unlock Projectives Mode. I would highly recommended playing each level and getting all goals/cash at once to avoid having to retrace your steps at the end. None of the goals are too complicated here so just keep trying until you finish each level completely. Also, Make 100% sure to choose Rodney Mullen as your character. One of the misc trophies must be done as Rodney Mullen so you should kill two birds with one stone. If you are struggling with scores, buy a second special grind. I recommend this above but will do so here as well. Stats are more important though. I would recommend pumping up air and speed and leaving lip balance until absolute last as lip tricks are useless in this game.

*Note 2- For the Big Drop warning, you have to hit X to avoid bailing. I would often hit X a few times just to make sure I would land straight. This is necessary to know for several trophies

Offline: Career

*Thank you to Maka for videos in this section*

2S27a61d.png :bronze School’s Out
Unlock School II

This and all trophies after will come while playing the story mode. Complete 4 goals in the Warehouse to unlock

3S3c35cb.png :bronze Danger Zone
Unlock the Hangar

Complete 4 goals in School II to unlock this level.

4Sf6a233.png :bronze A Mall Rat
Unlock Mall

Complete 5 goals in the Hangar to unlock this level

5S62e00a.png :silver Going Back to Cali
Unlock Venice Beach, CA

Complete 5 goals in the Mall to unlock this level

6S93115d.png :silver Da Jam
Unlock Downhill Jam

Complete 6 goals in Venice to unlock this level

7S784f91.png :silver Uh Huh, Oui Oui
Unlock Marseille, France

The final story related trophy for career. Complete 6 goals in Downhill Jam to unlock this level. None of the goals in career mode in any level are overly complicated

10S65f0cf.png :gold Bringing home the Bacon
Unlock Officer Dick

The reason I’m including this in the career section is because although it isn’t necessary to unlock him for the above trophies, you will need to get all goals in the career mode anyway to unlock projectives. To unlock Officer Dick, you must complete all goals in Marseille only, not the whole game *thanks to KB for this info* If you are a veteran of the series, this should be no problem though as career mode is fairly easy. This can also not be done as Tony Hawk but you should be playing as Rodney Mullen anyway.

Offline: Misc

9Sf8931b.png :gold Old School
Score 200,000 points without performing a single Manual in one run in the Warehouse

You can obtain this while going for the sick score on this level but I did not because the Warehouse is the first level and I was just getting used to the game. While not hard, this trophy can take a few tries because of one problem; manualing is so natural for any veteran you have to turn your brain on to not do it. The easiest way to get the score is to go into the halfpipe and do big grab tricks. If you do spins and land “perfect” it gives you big points and the perfect landing gives you a huge bonus, possibly doubling your points but I’m not sure.

11S5ab97d.png :gold Manual Master
Perform 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen

This trophy is the reason to pick Rodney Mullen. From what I’ve read, you must play as a character to unlock the levels as that character so it’s easier to do career with him rather than playing a few levels again. I found this trophy to be fairly difficult. This is best done in Free Skate so you have unlimited time. What I found to work best is to do all manuals (up down on the d-pad) while rarely mixing in a Nose Manual (down up). Don’t do tricks in the middle because A. it may screw up the timing for your manualing and B. You are able to see your multiplier when it hits x15.
Stay in one place, try not to move around. Try to stay on the ground as little as possible. The way I did it was Manual 2 or 3 times, Nose Manual once or twice and when your manual hit x8 or x9 make sure to balance as it will be near the top. Try to do a few more manuals (x12/13) before balancing again and hope for the best. This trophy is fairly luck based imo. Easily one of the most frustrating trophies in the game but keep trying and you will get it.

12Sfa9b11.png :gold Gap Skiing
Complete the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam

This trophy personally came as I was playing the game. The 100 ski jump gap involves going a large distance after launching out of the underground tunnel thing after flying over that huge pillar. I found that sometimes the gap does not activate when jumping out but it should at least 70% of the time. As long as you have enough speed off of the kicker ramp that brings you over the pillar, you should easily fly to the 100 gap. This will have a Big Drop warning on it. See above for note about Big Drops.

13S2091f2.png :gold Ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts
Collect all pellets in one combo in Hawkman in the Hangar

Another fairly frustrating random trophy but it is slightly remedied by a glitch or poor programming. Hawkman is a skateboarding version of Pacman essentially. You must get the pellets in different ways based on the colors. Green pellets must be manualed, yellow pellets are for grinds, and red pellets are gotten by air. The combo can be very frustrating and will take numerous retries. The glitch for this trophy is very helpful though. If you bail going for the last set of manual pellets, you can start a combo with a manual and collect the last 4 and still get the trophy. I was able to do it this way after a few tries.

*Thanks to Roosterteeth for this video of the trophy*

14Sfa09e7.png :gold The Best Around
Get 500,000 points in one run in Venice Beach

If you are good at this level, this may come naturally. I personally had to try for this trophy but when I did I got over 700,000. Since cash is abundant in this game, I highly recommend buying a second special grind as it will help you here and later on in the game for projectives. The main line to take is the wall and fence grinds behind you from the start. I would build special with some flip tricks and manuals before starting the grind. As long as you do special grinds and flip tricks to build your multiplier, the score should pile up. I highly suggest doing a grab on the ramp at the end to try and get a perfect landing. After this, do the same line in reverse which should give you far more points as it’s longer. Make sure to do a big grab in the bowl area at the bottom in order to rack up huge amounts of points. It took me a few tries but it isn’t too difficult.

Alternatively you can try this in Projectives as you have to get 400,000 anyway but I found it wasn’t easy to rack up over 500,000 in a minute. I believe Venice Beach was my lowest score that beat the projective. I had barely over 400k.

16Sc5ab58.png :gold Race to the finish lines
Reach the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival run

I found this trophy to be incredibly annoying. Big Head Mode is unlocked through natural progression of the story. The mode is basically a race against time. Your head continuously expands and you have to do tricks get it to deflate. Over time, the expansion rate increases as well so you will have to do constant tricks to get it to deflate. For the trophy you have to get to the end of the mall 3 times before your head explodes. For the first time down, do as few tricks as possible. The expansion rate is fairly slow and I would usually do tricks when my head got between 50 and 70% to lower it back down. On run 2, again try to minimalize tricks but don’t be stingy. If you bail in this stage, you should restart as you will likely never recover though. Not too bad, but it can still easily kill you.
The final run here is difficult. Your head is expanding very very quickly and you must do constant tricks to reduce it. I would suggest staying on the left side of the level as there are many grind spots and there is no risk of Big Drop falls since you won’t be in the air much. This also applies on all 3 runs to the last part of the level. You can either go up top and hit a kicker or just skate below the top are and hit an escalator. Take the bottom every time. There is no Big Drop risk and you can do a special grind on the handrail to severely lower your head size before starting the next run.

*Thanks to RoosterTeeth for the video*

Offline: Projectives:

15S3a6c2b.png :gold I don’t want no 2 minute man
Hold a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in Marseille

The reason I have this trophy under projectives mode is because you only have 1 minute in projectives as opposed to 2 in normal career or single session. Although it goes without saying, make sure to have full rail balance and manual balance because that is all that this trophy is about. There are two good lines for this trophy which I will post the videos below. I used the first video but the second should also suffice if you try hard enough.
*Thank you to cakechieveables for the first video and Maka for the second video*

17S8804f3.png :gold Completist
Complete all Projectives with one character

Here is probably the hardest trophy in the game because of one thing and one thing only, the timer. The scores aren’t too bad overall but only having one minute to achieve them make this a challenging trophy. The best way to do this trophy is by watching videos that I will post below. It is an easy way to find the skateboards, help with combos, and show good lines for the scores.
For the scores, the best thing to do is get big combos by grinding, manualing and flip tricks and then attempting to finish off with a spinning grab and landing “perfect” in order to rack up huge points. I will post below each video if anything I did made it easier.

*Thank you to Maka for the videos below*

*For the 200,000 points, its very easy to stick to the half pipe and go for big spin grabs and perfect landings. You may not break it by much but it is a very safe and easy method do get the score here.

*I personally didn’t use that line for the score and combo but it’s for the best. That is the same line the C-O-M-B-O is on which allows you do basically do 3 projectives in 1. In the video he does tricks elsewhere in the level. I found it easier to do grabs on the quarter pipe that the final O is on but it’s really up to your preference.

*The best line here is the back rails while doing flip tricks and special grinds. You could couple this with a big grab since there are many quarter pipes around but it’s not necessary. I’d also highly recommend doing the C-O-M-B-O in a second run because it’s probably the worst one in the game. It is fairly similar to the Hawkman combo for Ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts .

*For the 8 skateboards, I found #6 in the video to be too hard to get the way he does. You can launch of the half pipe when you are first going down the hill to get that skateboard so you never have to do that grind on the light.

*This is one of the most annoying scores to get. I got it by going up that first escalator with some special, doing some manual, flip trick combos and then grind on the rail and land below with a special grind. There is a gap for landing rail to rail and one for grinding that whole rail which is good for the multiplier. I then would do a grind on the escalator going up. If you are going slow enough, it will have you go back the other way which allows you do continue the combo with manuals and flip tricks to rack up big points. Unfortunately there aren’t good spots for air so it all relies on grinding and flip trick combos.

*There is nothing I can really recommend that isn’t in the video. That is the best line in the level to get points on. I would recommend doing exactly what he does but if you are not pulling off good tricks in the bowl, just do the grind line again. My only word of advice is to use nosebluntslides or bluntslides (up up triangle or down down triangle) as they are nearly as good points wise as specials if you don’t have any special built up

*This is the nightmare level for projectives. For the score, I could never pull of the line he did but I amended it a bit. I would basically do the first things he did to gain some special. I would then do some manuals and flip tricks to build up my multiplier and then I would grind the left green rail. I would do a special grind here and jump off about half way through and land in a manual to the left side of the rock cave. Attempt to manual to that small pipe along the wall and do a big grab with a perfect landing. I could personally never get the combo he does as I would also smash into the rocks going down the right green rail. I would then attempt to do big grab tricks in the half pipe. I got just over the required score so you may want to try both methods

*The 8 skateboards here are, in my opinion, the hardest projective in the game. You cannot mess up whatsoever as you have just enough time get all 8. I would follow the video for boards 1-3 exactly. Often times you will miss board 3 which will lead to a restart. For me, the 4th board is impossible via wallride as wallrides don’t work in the game imo. I would always boneless to get that board. Finally after the 5th board, he rides down the rocks which I found near impossible. I would jump down to the ground or land in the pit to spawn at the bottom. I would then do a manual and launch over the massive pillar and keep the combo going where you would get the Ski jump. Keep manualing to the right side and attempt to go off the pipe and grind on the above rail. I was always running incredibly low on time after I fell down. I had to do the last 3 in one combo. This will take you many many tries but keep at it and you'll eventually knock out the hardest projective in the game

*Final level and to be honest, it’s nothing compared to Downhill Jam. I again, could not personally pull off the combo he does in the video. I however, was able to change it a little to better suit me and still easily get the score. Build up special at the beginning by doing manuals and flip tricks. Then do the combo exactly how he does in the video until you get to the end of the second curved rail. At this point he jumps off and manuals to the other rail. I would often hit the picnic table and lose my combo. Instead of manualing to that rail I would manual, jump into the bowl, manual and then do a big grab on any of the pipes and try to do a perfect landing. This will give you 70-80% of the score if done correctly and then you can either stay in the pipes for the rest or do the combo again, your choice really.

*As stated above, I was unable to get the combo consistently in the video but that is the same combo for the C-O-M-B-O projective. To remedy this, I did the combo in reverse, going from the final O to the C. I found this easier because rather than attempting to jump off the curved rail, you’ll be coming from a straight line onto the curved rail. I would try it the way in the video but if you are unable to get it, at least there is another method for it unlike any other level in the game.

I didn't see it but maybe I missed it. I would put in the roadmap to avoid a 3 playthroughs to not pick tony hawk.
I put next to the playthroughs to pick Rodney Mullen. I will bold it just in case
Great guide. When you said you were writing up a "small" guide I thought it woudn't be detailed but this guide is done very well. Good job Mike.

To save people alot of frustration I would mention the glitch under "2 minute man" and "manual master".
I guess it became more detailed as I was writing it.

Also, I'm not exactly sure of how to do the glitch as I did them the way they were intended. Do you just jump and spam up and down?
Sep 03 2012 04:41 PM
great guide man.

i just cant get this bloody pellet trophy, half the time i fail because my character wont grind the half-pipe after grinding the first billboard! :(
Moved to the PSN section. Good catch killerjazz :)
For "ain't fraid of no ghosts" you should use this video instead of Roosterteeth. Not everyone can do it legit and this video shows the glitch:

Here is a video showing how to glitch the "manual master trophy":

For me I had to actually see a x15 for the trophy to unlock unlike the video but this tricks works very well. Also very important to point out that you can use this for the "2 minute man" trophy as well.
Trophy images and header added.
Sep 04 2012 09:32 AM

For "ain't fraid of no ghosts" you should use this video instead of Roosterteeth. Not everyone can do it legit and this video shows the glitch:

Here is a video showing how to glitch the "manual master trophy":


For me I had to actually see a x15 for the trophy to unlock unlike the video but this tricks works very well. Also very important to point out that you can use this for the "2 minute man" trophy as well.

:D ty man, ill try this in a bit
Thank you mini. I will add them when I get home

Also can someone edit the thread title to Hawk's? It currently is Hawk'S
Sep 04 2012 11:54 AM

Also can someone edit the thread title to Hawk's? It currently is Hawk'S

Great job for your 1st guide. Yes its premature & i have no say but Keese is September's MOTM.
thanks for the guide mikey! helped me alot! had deju vu from y2k! def not a easy plat! the projectives really kicked me in the yarbles. broke a controller and i cant feel my thumb atm.
Oct 22 2012 01:43 AM

thanks for the guide mikey! helped me alot! had deju vu from y2k! def not a easy plat! the projectives really kicked me in the yarbles. broke a controller and i cant feel my thumb atm.

Or you're Yarbles?
Happy to help home. I loved Thps growing up so I knew this would be a day 1 buy for me.
What happened to the header Mike?
I was wondering that myself. It seems to have disappeared
I'll repost it.
Header fixed.
Aug 29 2014 07:38 AM

guide updated:

- New Header

- New Trophy pictures