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The Unicorn Princess Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10 (personal estimate) (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (20Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours (personal estimate) (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A


The Unicorn Princess is a low-budget horse riding exploration game where you play as a girl who is contacted by a unicorn, asking for assistance in saving the dream world. It's a quick if overpriced 100%, and that's about it.


There are a few missable trophies to watch out for. As long as you make a manual save (because the game has no autosave) prior to finishing the game (i.e either before starting or while doing Mission 15) then you'll have something to go back to to clean up trophies). Assuming you make this save, then the only truly missable trophy in the game is accessible about ten minutes into a new game, so you don't have much to worry about there.


Some tips, because the game doesn't tell you:


Once again, there is no autosave. Periodically, press start/options and select “Save Game” to actually save your progress.


R1 is your friend. Double/triple-tapping it will make your mount go quickly. Unlike most other horse games, you will stay at that speed until you change it (or run out of endurance, which is pretty hard to do), so you don't need to worry about keeping any sort of rhythm.


None of the water is too deep for your horse to travel in – you just won't be able to go quickly. Don't be afraid of crossing in areas without bridges as a shortcut.


Whenever you're at or near the riding stable, clean your horse if its heart meter is nearing halfway. Once it hits halfway, your horse will refuse to jump. This won't bar you from playing through the rest of the game, but it does mean you'll have to take the long way around the large fenced in areas of the game. If it's not too close to halfway, you can just do the first two steps (brush and wash), then exit out and your horse will have a full heart meter as though you did all the steps.




Step 1: Play the game until Mission 15


Simply play through the game. Once you finish Mission 14, the game will actually warn you that you've hit the point of no return. Make sure you make a manual save at that point and you'll be just fine for the missable stuff near the end of the game.


Fail one of the three ring races during this playthrough, to save you about fifteen minutes of a new game if you miss that trophy.


By the end of this step, you will have earned (in order):


Unicorn Posted Image
Bronze Rings Posted Image
Rabbit Rescuer Posted Image
Shield Master Posted Image
Beauty Posted Image
Silver Rings Posted Image
Carver Posted Image
Helmeted Posted Image
Trash Collector Posted Image
Golden Rider Posted Image
Hoofing It! Posted Image
Sword Master Posted Image
Yummy Soda Posted Image
Cross-Country Rider Posted Image


And if you took my advice above:


It Happens Posted Image (missable)


Step 2: Unlock the other missables


If you made the save I suggested in Step 1, you can do this step last if you want. Regardless of when you do it, you'll want to buy everything at Ramona and Finn's shops (they won't be fully stocked until Mission 14 ends) as well as find all 30 unicorn miniatures and deliver them to Penny. See each trophy for more information.


By the end of this step, you will have earned (all missable):


Unicorn Collector Posted Image
Rich Ramona Posted Image
Rich Finn Posted Image


Step 3: Finish the game


Just one final mission. If you didn't make the save in Step 1 prior to being transported to the unicorn's world, you can make a manual save at any point in that world prior to actually ending Mission 15 and when loading the game back up, you'll be back at the beginning of Mission 15.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Noble Knight Posted Image
Dream Dancer Posted Image


Jan 04 2020 05:10 AM

Trophy Guide:

e5147283-f430-45c8-9db2-40c6401f2337.jpgUnicorn trophy_bronze.png
Meet the unicorn

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this at the end of the first mission of the game, at the bridge.

3dfd74ea-06c8-42fa-b06f-565a7634cd0e.jpgBronze Rings trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 2

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this after finishing the first unicorn mission, where you need to run through a course collecting only bronze rings. You only need to collect seven rings to pass, but there are more bronze ones that you can collect if you wish.

Make sure you get It Happens out of the way during this mission, so you don't have to worry about that.

35647195-6bb4-4305-a910-343293f08b15.jpgRabbit Rescuer trophy_bronze.png
Find the rabbit

Story-related and cannot be missed.

When returning back to the real world, a nearby smithy will be marked. Go there and another marker will show up – this is where the rabbit is. Interact with the rabbit to pick it up and unlock this trophy.

7364bfd3-9255-4bb2-845b-36fef6e697e4.jpgShield Master trophy_bronze.png
Find the shield

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the fourth mission of the game / the second time you're with the unicorn. You will have to find a shield in a given search area that looks like the one you'll be shown on screen. You'll know it's the right shield not only because it looks identical, but because there will be sparkles all around it. Take it to the handoff point that spawns once you pick it up and the trophy will unlock.

If the placement is not randomized, then the shield is in the top right of the search area, just past all the yellow tents.

ca714dd2-8691-4687-92ea-4ab3e660d01d.jpgBeauty trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 5

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 5 involves riding all over the map collecting flowers, then bringing them back to Ramona at the village.

1472a4bc-7bfb-402c-bed3-5b047513c4b7.jpgSilver Rings trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 6

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the third unicorn quest – this time, you'll be running a longer race, and must only collect silver rings. You only need to collect seven to pass, but there's nearly triple that on the course, so don't worry if you accidentally collect the wrong ones while racing.

bab26240-bc11-4cf6-9cab-56a37da6c441.jpgCarver trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 7

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 7 involves riding from the chapel to the hut, picking up a wooden unicorn carving, then bringing it back to Karl the priest. The trophy will unlock soon after handing it over.

049d8a41-0161-41a6-8a52-8ff1c7d65955.jpgHelmeted trophy_bronze.png
Find the helmet

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the fourth unicorn quest – like with the shield, you'll be searching for a specific item; in this case, a helmet. The correct one will be sparkling. When you've picked the correct helmet, take it to the drop-off point to unlock this trophy.

If the placement is not randomized, the helmet is located next to a house just above the “Village” text on your map. The house itself is right next to the bend in the river.

a1eca840-bc3c-47a8-bcb5-1e69f1ad7e5c.jpgTrash Collector trophy_bronze.png
Clean up the village

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the ninth mission of the game, and requires you to ride through 50(!) piles of trash to pick them up. They will all be marked on your map and everything's quite close to each other, so it's not too bad.

7c0a31f3-c8b4-4b1d-aa90-4f052d2f9b1b.jpgGolden Rider trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 10

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the fifth unicorn mission, and your last chance to unlock It Happens. Like with the other races, you only want to collect specific rings – gold ones this time. You only need to get seven, but nearly all of the rings in this race are gold, which makes this one difficult to fail unless done deliberately.

c1e9330b-e309-44b3-90f7-be3a01dc406e.jpgHoofing It! trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 11

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 11 has you gathering recipe ingredients from all over the map and taking them back to Mark in the village. The trophy unlocks when you hand the ingredients over.

40b0c954-a25b-4273-b5fd-3b8705881d6a.jpgSword Master trophy_bronze.png
Find the sword

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the sixth unicorn mission, and you should be familiar with how you know if you have the correct item.

If the placement is not randomized, the sword is on the far right border of the map/search area. You should see two curved icons (they represent large rock formations). Ride up the hill to them and you'll see the sword by a smaller rock.

46c050cf-6d31-4e33-8790-991998ace8ed.jpgYummy Soda trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 13

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 13 is a cart driving mission, from the village to the waterfall. You can't go very fast in the cart. Just follow the direct road. You will then need to drive the cart back to the village, because of course you do.

dc129d5d-9bf5-4ff9-9dfc-cbdc587cb9c9.jpgCross-Country Rider trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 14

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the seventh unicorn mission, and is the longest race you've had so far. There are no rings to worry about; instead, just make sure you jump over all the obstacles that are between the flags. Some of the obstacles are low enough that the game will let you just run through them; however, this will not check off that obstacle, which will result in you having to go all the way back to whatever you missed, so just make sure to jump whenever something is between the flags, and make sure the flags you're about to go through have an arrow above them indicating that's the next flag in the race.

After this trophy is the point of no return – the game will even warn you of this. Make sure you clean up the rest of the list before continuing with the story.

Jan 04 2020 05:12 AM

36c2b70a-f4c3-4d5b-9e66-6351b39156b5.jpgNoble Knight trophy_bronze.png
Complete Mission 15

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Before starting this mission, make sure you've unlocked Unicorn Collector, Rich Finn and Rich Ramona.  If you make a save at any point during this mission (including when you're with the unicorn), you'll start at the beginning of this mission, so you have something to go back to to clean up those trophies if you haven't already.

You will need to find the sword, shield, and helmet again.  The search area is roughly half of the map.  If the placements are not randomized:

Sword – Homestead (the one that was the riding stables in modern day) – not actually at this homestead; that's just the closest map marking.  From that homestead, ride around the top loop of the lake (the loop that has a bit of land in the middle of it) and you'll see a really steep hill you can ride up.   The sword is there, among a circle of large rocks.

Shield – Village – top right corner of the search area – go past the white circle that is the center of the village and keep riding up to run into it

Helmet – Waterfall – top left corner of the search area – behind one of the houses

When you have all three, go back to the campsite and give them to the knight.

c1521c39-9781-4440-883c-dd30d97b9b55.jpgDream Dancer trophy_bronze.png
Win the entire game

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Unlocks just after Noble Knight.

b56cbfe2-b697-45a2-aeab-3252be45aa8a.jpgUnicorn Collector trophy_bronze.png
Find all unicorn miniatures


This is a bit misleading, because you need to do more for this trophy than just find all unicorn miniatures.  You need to find them in the world, then you need to take them to Penny and trade them in (she also is supposed to give you three rewards, but it's not money, so I don't know what it is).  Once you've done that, then the trophy will unlock.

There are 30 unicorn miniatures spread throughout the game.  However, they won't spawn until you return Carrot the rabbit to Penny during Mission 2.  Once you've done that, then you can break from the main quest and collect the miniatures.  They are all located in the real world; none of them are in the unicorn's world.  To collect them, you need to pull up next to them and press :square: to pick them up; you can't just ride into them.

YouTuber Dwaggienite has put together a video showing the location of all 30 statues.  It's not in the most efficient order if you're just getting the collectibles in a single go, but it's good to help you pin down locations:

He's also compiled a map of the locations (originally posted on TrueAchievements; the numbers and corresponding timestamps in the above video are reproduced below).


Collectible List: Left page
#1: 1:19
#2: 6:50
#3: 1:29
#4: 4:33
#5: 1:39
#6: 6:12
#7: 0:00
#8: 2:57
#9: 1:48
#10: 2:00
#11: 4:02
#12: 2:31
#13: 4:51
#14: 5:48
#15: 5:18

Collectible List: Right page
#16: 5:06
#17: 5:33
#18: 3:38
#19: 7:16
#20: 2:18
#21: 4:15
#22: 3:14
#23: 0:34
#24: 0:45
#25: 0:57
#26: 3:50
#27: 3:28
#28: 0:19
#29: 2:45
#30: 6:25

a181fd37-4db6-4b7d-8cd5-c238a85cc028.jpgIt Happens trophy_bronze.png
Fail a mission


There are only three missions you can actually fail.  When you get to a racing mission (where you need to collect rings), finish the mission without collecting all the required rings, and you'll get this trophy.

The earliest point you can do this is your first mission with the unicorn (Mission 2) – just finish the race without getting all seven bronze rings.  The bronze race is also the shortest one by far.

dee3de2c-687d-4123-8e38-93ae7521c801.jpgRich Finn trophy_bronze.png
Buy all horse accessories


After finishing Mission 14, you will have around $23,000 banked.  The game will warn you that you're about to enter the final mission; before doing the final mission, ride into the village and buy all the accessories from Finn (the horse guy).

When in Finn's shop, click on the arrow above the check button to access the actual accessories for sale.  Buying all accessories will cost around $1200.  You DO NOT need to buy all the barn upgrades and horses from him; just the bridles, saddles, and blankets.

f99ce33a-0cc8-4857-a49b-0508719feb49.jpgRich Ramona trophy_bronze.png
Buy all clothes and hair dyes


After finishing Mission 14, you will have around $23,000 banked.  The game will warn you that you're about to enter the final mission; before doing the final mission, ride into the village and buy everything from Ramona's shop, which will be fully stocked at this point.

Make sure you also click on the arrow above the check arrow, because that will take you to the medieval clothes menu and there's a few things to buy there as well.

Buying all clothes, hair dyes, and shoes will cost around $1500.

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