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The Inner World Trophy Guide

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:) (credits and thanks to maxijodi for this nice banner, it fits the cute art design of the game perfectly) :)

The Inner World Trophy Guide / Platinum Walkthrough

Update: I just completed the PS4 version with this walkthrough and besides the controls, they changed absolutely nothing.

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 24 ( :plat 1 :gold 7 :silver 8 :bronze 8 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3h
    (my final 100% run on steam took 72 minutes, PS4 run took just over 1.5h because of more finicky controls and some crashes)
  • Stacking regions: :eu: and Posted Image
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Glitched trophies: None, but the game tends to crash from time to time, especially when skipping dialogue and cutscenes very fast.
  • Missable trophies: none, if you follow this guide. But watch out for the two trophies below.
(Missable) Trophies to look out for the whole playthrough:


:gold Blabbermouth
Make sure to speak to every character you come across (and exhaust all dialogue, just to be sure)
Update: I can confirm that exhausting ALL dialogue is not necessary, but you often need dialogue triggers to advanced the story anyways, so just bring up every topic at least once to be sure.

:gold Mr Wise-Guy
Complete the game without taking hints from the help system. In other words: don’t press L2.

Legend / General Information:

  • Interactable/Useable items are Bold
  • Characters you have to talk to for :gold Blabbermouth are Bold and green
  • Verbs I use in this guide:
    • "Take" means to pick something up from the screen
    • "Use" means to use something from your inventory with something on the screen (the "+" icon)
    • "Interact" means to use something on its own (the two gears icon)
    • "Combine" means to use items IN your inventory with each other ("+" icon)
  • The game itself is quite inconsistent with the naming of objects, so don't get confused if names of objects you already know change suddenly. If I really did name something wrong in the guide, please let me know!
  • You can safely skip every cutscene and dialogue in the game (i will still mention this in the guide from time to time).
  • Speak to every Character and exhaust ALL of their dialogue. Sometimes you have to talk to people again if a dialogue choice threw you out of the conversation automatically.
  • Since there is a learning curve while following such a walkthrough I will get a less and less specific with everything as we go on.
    While writing the guide it became quickly obvious that there are just a hand full of different screens per chapter and you really can't get lost anyways.
Step 1:[/size]

We'll just quickly get :bronze Casual-Gamer out of the way in this step:
  • Start a new game on a free slot
  • Skip cutscene and some dialogue
  • Deny the game controls tutorial ("I can figure it out on my own")
  • Activate the hint system and click on the current task there ("Try to catch the pigeon") to get the first hint ("Unfortunately you can't reach it[...]").
  • Just switch back and forth between the Task overview and this first hint until you get :bronze Casual-Gamer (It took me around 15 to 20 cycles until it popped)
Step 2:[/size]
  • Simply start a new game in a different save slot and follow the chapter by chapter walkthrough in the following posts


Chapter 1

  • Skip Cutscene
  • Enable or disable hints. I don't think it matters for the trophy, but I disabled them just in case
  • Take Bottle (left, by the drain pipe)
  • Use Bottle (from inventory) with Garbage Dealer ( :silver Schnapps-Dealer)
  • Talk to Garbage Dealer and exhaust all dialogue
  • (You'll have received Conroy Puppet and Bird Feed)
  • Use Bottle in inventory to receive Nodtarine Juice and Cork
  • Use Nodtarine Juice with Worm
  • Take Drunk Worm
  • Take Windsock
  • Take Crutch (against right wall) to receive Broken Crutch
  • Combine Drunken Worm with Broken Crutch to get Slingshot
  • Combine Cork with Slingshot
  • Use Loaded Slingshot on Old Fish (the dead fish, NOT the pigeon)
  • Use Windsock with Pigeon ( :bronze Pigeon-Tunnel )
  • Use Bird Feed in inventory to get Thread
  • Combine Thread with Windsock to get Net
  • Use Net with Pigeon
  • Skip cutscene
  • Take Net/Windsock (the game is quite inconsistent with the names, please watch out for that) from the ground again
  • Go through the passage (Street with Bars)


  • You'll automatically enter a conversation with Asposian, exhaust all dialogue
  • Also "talk" to the Baby (look at and interact with Cradle)
  • Exhaust dialogue of Little Boy/Detze to the right
  • Take Walking Stick from the sculpture to his right
  • Go back a bit and enter the bar (To The Bar)
  • Exhaust everyone's dialogue first: GuestWind MonkSleeping GuestWooloof and Barmaid (you can't actually "talk" to everyone, so simply interact with them)
  • Combine Cork with Lava Streamer (a drink the barmaid gave you)
  • Go outside again and interact with the left alley: To The Wind Fountain Square

Wind Fountain Square:

  • Talk to Arms (prison window) and exhaust dialogue
  • Talk to Guard and exhaust dialogue (i won't mention this any longer from now on. If you talk to someone new, just always exhaust all dialogue options)
  • Talk to Sin-o-Mat to the right (unsure if it counts as a "person" for the trophy)
  • Choose "No Sin" and back out of the conversation
  • Take Mint from Output Compartment
  • Use Mint in inventory to eat it for  :bronze Fresh Breath
  • Repeat those steps above to get another Mint. Keep it this time
  • Exit through the left Entrance
  • Directly to your right is some strange face. It will spit out a Flyer from time to time and you have limited time to grab it. Just wait for the Flyer and quickly grab it
  • Go back down and return to the Bar


  • Use Mint with Bubble Gum Machine to receive Marbles
  • Talk to Wind Monk again (new subjects)
  • Talk to Barmaid again and ask about the two sins for:  :silver King of Sins
  • Now go back outside and to the left area where the Sin-o-Mat was

Wind Fountain Square:

  • Skip cutscene
  • Use Walking Stick with Tailor
  • Talk to Sin-o-Mat and tell it "Ottilie's Sin" for a skippable cutscene
  • Take Needle and Mint from broken Sin-o-Mat
  • Use Needle with Tailor
  • Now backtrack completely to the starting area (where the pigeon was)

Rest of the chapter(there are just too many transitions in this small area, I'm sure you find everything yourself now)

  • Use Flyer with Old Fish
  • Go back to the Bar
  • Use Wrapped Fish with Swivel Chair (Wind Monk at the slot machine)
  • Interact with Loose Thread, skip cutscene, and receive Strawbear Yarn
  • Leave the bar and go back to the tailor/prisoner
  • Use Strawbear Yarn with Tailor
  • Use Hand Puppet with Guard
  • Take Lunchbox
  • Combine Lunchbox and Marbles
  • Go back to the street again and use Lunchbox with Marbles with Detze (little boy in front of bar)
  • Skip cutscene and you'll receive the Knitting Pattern
  • Use Knitting Pattern with Tailor to receive the Onesie after the skippable cutscene
  • Go back to the woman and use Onesie with her to complete this quest

After the cutscene you will be at a theater of some sorts (Mechater) and your goal is to solve a puzzle here without looking at the in-game instructions, by NOT interacting with certain things.

Simply follow this guide exactly and don't interact with the "Screen Play" or the door underneath the control panel and you should be fine.

  • You'll receive a Pigeon Feather
  • Go back one screen to Mechater Hall (lower left hotspot)
  • Interact with Control Panel
  • The scenery dial on the right should be on "green" already (otherwise set it to green)
  • Set lever on the left to 4
  • Set dial on the right to blue (rising sun) and lever to 4
  • Dial to red puppet and lever to 3
  • Dial to orange (dragon) and lever to 3
  • If the trophy doesn't pop here (perhaps you have to make a minimum number of moves) just fiddle around with the settings a bit, but ultimately set it to the above numbers:
  • :bronze Trial and Error
  • Back out and go To The Stage
  • Interact with Thumbs Up (big red puppet, dead center) to open the trapdoor
  • Interact with Secret Passage (trapdoor)
  • Skip cutscenes
  • Try to talk to Laura
  • Use Corked Up Lava Streamer with Burst Sack (lower left)
  • Combine Cork with miracle glue mixture
  • Interact with the mixture to receive: Miracle Glue Powder
  • Interact with Control Desk (control panel directly left)
  • Go back to the stage
  • Use Miracle Glue Powder with Hand
  • Use Net with Hand
  • Go down again
  • Use Control Desk
  • Skip cutscene to end the chapter


End of :gold Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos

Chapter 2:


  • Take Helmet (lower left)
  • Use Pigeon Feather with Strange Animal (will be called Gorf from here on!)
  • Take Conroy Puppet
  • Talk to Gorf
  • Use Funnel Helmet
  • Use Tree (on the left) for  :bronze Brainteaser
  • Use Conroy Puppet with Thorn Bush (tree to the left) to get Thorny Branch
  • Use Thorny Branch with Hollow (tree hole, little left of center screen)
  • Walk towards the traps to the right for a cutscene
  • Take Tumble Mouse
  • Combine Helmet with Tumble Mouse to get Padded Funnel Helmet
  • Use Padded Funnel Helmet in inventory to put it on
  • Use Tree for a cutscene and to receive Tree Fruit
  • Use Tree Fruit with Traps for  :bronze Windfall
  • Use Tree Fruit with Claws (on Gorf ) to receive Tree Fruit With Holes (bowling ball)
  • Use Tree Fruit With Holes with Traps for some cutscenes and dialogues


We're now trapped and will continue playing as


  • (Pillbox received in cutscene)
  • Talk to or interact with Wind Monk and Robert (you can't really talk to the Wind Monk here, just interact to be safe)
  • Talk to Robert again to make the hook drop down
  • Go back Into The Forest
  • Take Hook
  • Talk to Gorf (this will reveal new info and hotspots)
  • Use Hook with Dry Spot (on Gorf's head) for   :bronze Gorf-Scratcher
  • Take Reed (next to the right swamp)
  • Use Reed with Spot In The Swamp (right where you're standing) for  :bronzeMaster of Stirring
  • Combine Hook with Reed in inventory to get Reed With Hook (duh)
  • Use Reed With Hook with Spot In The Swamp to get Glasses
  • Go back up to the tree house
  • Use Glasses with Wind Monk for  :silver Suicide
  • Go back down and then right into the forest
  • Talk to Strange Guys
  • Use Glasses with Screaming Spot (stone, lower left)
  • Use Pillbox with Screaming Ant (glasses)
  • Go back to the Tree House
  • Use Pillbox with Nest (under skeleton)
  • Interact with Arrows to get up to skeleton
  • Interact with skeleton's Bag to get Pointer
  • Take the Hat
  • Take Moss (other side of bridge)
  • Combine Reed With Hook and Pointer for Reed With Pointer And Hook (duuuh..., let's call it Grabbing Device)
  • Return to the three guys in the forest
  • Use Skull with Aerologists (three guys) to get Globe
  • Use Globe in inventory and put the Moss inside it
  • Go back to the swamp
  • Use Globe with Swamp (left one behind Gorf)
  • Use Grabbing Device with Skid Mark (bottom left)
  • Use the "empty" (less filled) Globe with Sand Stream to get Sand
  • Combine both Globe halves in inventory to get Mud
  • Interact with Grabbing Device to disassemble it
  • Go back to the three guys
  • Use Reed with Tank Opening/Fuel Can (by the machine)
  • Use Mud with Fuel Can
  • Interact with Machine so it aims at the "crazy old man"
  • Interact with Trigger for some cutscenes
  • Assemble Grabbing Device again (reed, hook, pointer)
  • Use Grabbing Device with Tumble Mouse (upper left)
  • Go back to tree house
  • Use Tumble Mouse with Ear Trumpet
  • Go back to the swamp
  • Talk to Gorf about the new topic
  • Take Arrow next to the right swamp
  • Go back to the three researchers and talk about new topics
  • Make sure the Machine still aims at the crazy old man
  • Interact with Trigger again
  • Use Arrow with Exhaust Pipe for Arrow With Honey
  • Go back up to tree house
  • Use Arrow With Honey with Flies for Arrow With Flies
  • Go down to the swamp
  • Use Arrow With Flies with Dry Spot (on Gorf's head)
  • Go back right to the machine
  • Interact with Machine twice to aim it at "the strange animal"
  • Interact with Trigger for some cutscenes and to receive Wind Map
  • Take Saddle
  • Go up to tree house
  • Use Saddle with Clothes Line (rope between trees)
  • Skip some cutscenes to get:


:gold Chapter 2 - The Secret Place in the Root Forest


Chapter 3:


  • Talk to Laura
  • Talk to Gorfelina
  • Take Stone Arm
  • Take Rope Ladder to get Rungs
  • Use Petrified Arm with Stone to the right for a cutscene
  • Talk to Laura to ask for help with the stone
  • Use Rungs with Spot Under Rock
  • Interact with Jagged Up Rock to get Petrified Arm back
  • Interact with Rock on Rolls for a cutscene
  • Talk to Gorfelina about the Rock and then "flirt" to get her to move
  • Take Body/Stone Corso
  • Use Body and the Petrified Arm with Remains
  • Use hole 1 and 4 on the flute (Be advised: you have to use the L2 key on the flute from time to time from here on out. It is safe to do so when you're using the flute and won't activate the hint system / negate the "Don't use hints" trophy)
  • Walk through the Gate
  • Talk to Steve (some dialogue choice may transport you to the courtyard, if so: go back after conversation)
  • Take Rolling Pin (on the floor. If it's not there, talk to Steve some more, he will drop it)
  • Take Baking Book (lower left floor)
  • Go to inner courtyard
  • Take Nodtarines (flowers in lower middle)
  • Take Jump Rope, Golden Carpet and Mushrooms (next to fence)
  • Before we continue, go back to the starting area and give the Nodtarines to Gorfelina for
    :silver Casanova Casonostri
  • Use Rolling Pin with the bottom Brick in the wall to push it in
  • Return to Reception
  • Use Rolling Pin with the middle brick first and then the lower brick
  • Go back outside and interact with the middle Brick
  • Use Rolling Pin with top Brick
  • Use Rolling Pin with middle Brick
  • Use Rolling Pin with bottom Brick
  • Interact with FosFos With Color Moths to make it go back to the left
  • Go back to the reception and invite Steve back outside ("guided tour")
  • Talk to Laura to distract Steve ("Steve/Pete Distract" topic)
  • Use Mushrooms with Laura
  • Go back to reception
  • Take Grater (behind counter)
  • Interact with Drawing
  • Take Pins and go back out
  • Take Tassel (under the drawing)
  • Combine Tassel with Pins and Jump Rope to get Handicraft
  • Go outside and use Grater with Gorfelina
  • Make sure the FosFos With Color Moths is underneath the left tree/branch. If it's to the right just interact with it to move it to the left
  • Go back inside and climb the Wall (interact with it)
  • Combine Guest Passes with Handicraft
  • Use Handicraft with FosFos
  • Interact with Handicraft to get the brown passes
  • Go to courtyard and tell Laura to stop distracting Steve
  • Go to reception and use Brown Passes with Steve for  :silver The Royal Toilet
  • Combine Brown Passes with Handicraft
  • Go outside and use Golden Carpet with Branch (the fosfos will move to the right again)
  • Interact with the FosFos to move it back left
  • Go back inside and climb the Wall again
  • Use Handicraft with the FosFos
  • Interact with Handicraft to get Golden Passes
  • Go to the inner courtyard
  • Use Corrosive Grater on Shield
  • Take Rust Flakes
  • Go to reception and get Steve to the yard again (guided tour)
  • Talk to Steve about the Song for a cutscene
  • Take Stone Dust
  • Return to reception and talk to Steve about the Wind Chapel​ (if the "Wind Chapel" option isn't there for you, just use the Golden Passes with Steve to get there)
  • Use Nodtarines with Water Basin
  • Talk to Steve about Song
  • Take Crystal Shards to the right
  • Tell Laura to distract Steve again
  • Go back to reception alone
  • Use Stone Dust, Crytal Shards, Rust Flakes and Nodtarines with Mixing Bowl
  • Interact with Crank
  • Interact with Mixing Bowl
  • Take Case from desk and combine with Mixing Bowl
  • Use the new Key Case with the Oven
  • Look at Poster above the oven
  • Talk to Fire Beetles and "insult" them
  • Use Conroy Puppet with Hot Oven
  • Return to Steve and Laura
  • Talk to Laura to stop diversion
  • Go to back to reception together
  • Go to courtyard
  • Use Baked Key with Big Door and go in
  • Use flute in inventory and play: 1, 2&4, 3, 2&3, 1&3, 1 (you see them in the upper ring, in case they are random. Again: It's safe to use the L2 button here)


:gold Chapter 3 - The Abandoned Dynasty

Chapter 4:


  • Interact with Row of Pictures and take the the poster
  • For your disguise you have to figure out the code of the guard. In my case it was:
    8 Yellow 10.
    In case it's random: The code is always Number-Color-Number and they rhyme with what's written under the pictures. There are even two examples where you can see the code, but the one you need is scratched out. In my case the rhyme was:
    "A wrench was his mate
    A screw was his fellow
    He swallowed his pen," = eight, yellow, ten
  • Talk to Guard
  • Interact with all the stuff around the Guard
  • Use Poster with Guard
  • Tell him your ID code: 8 Yellow 10
  • Take Allen Wrench and Clear Varnish Bucket
  • Use Allen Wrench with Wind-Up Box (under the flag on the left)
  • Interact with it and take the Flag
  • Use Clear Varnish Bucket with Coffee Filter to the right
  • Take Coffee/Black Varnish
  • Exit to the right area
  • Exhaust dialogue with Parakeet
  • Try to interact with the patrolling Guards
  • Interact with Alarm Bell to get Small Hammer
  • Return to the hangar and use the Small Hammer with the guard's knee
  • Take Exclamation Mark near the coffee machine
  • Go back to the right area
  • Use Flag with Cage
  • Combine Coffee and Exclamation Mark
  • Use Black Exclamation Mark with Broken Bridge
    (If there is a guard in the way use your flute and play a tone until the Broken Bridge is clear)
  • Play tone 1 on your flute for a cutscene
  • Go to Entrance on the right
  • Talk to Guard
  • Use Laura's Note with Guard for cutscene
  • Quickly use the Guard Poster with Wanted Poster to the left
  • Interact with the stairs to the right To Upstairs
  • Talk to Fonk (the hedgehog)
  • Interact with Throne to get Spring
  • Interact with Medicine Cabinet to get two bottles
  • Combine Knock Out Drops with Conroy Puppet
  • Use Conroy Puppet with Fonk for  :silver Hedgehog- Anesthesia
  • Take Quill and Conroy Puppet
  • Take Model Basylian (lower screen by the Model)
  • Interact with Piece Of Art to the left
  • Use Conroy Puppet with Powdered Sugar
  • Use Model Basylian with Powdered Sugar
  • Use sugared Conroy Puppet with Fonk
  • Take Diamond
  • Use Powdered Model Basylian with the Painting to the right
  • Use Quill with Notch
  • Go To The Hangar (interact with throne)
  • Interact with the metal door in the background (To The Laboratory)
  • Talk to Reminepo
  • He will get shocked everytime you talk to him, keep doing that for:  :silver Chief of BBQ
  • Take Hand from the left assembly line
  • Combine Hand with Spring
  • Combine Knock Out Drops with Fist With Spring
  • Use Primed Fist With Spring with Lift
  • Interact with Grate on the lower right
  • Try to talk to the Guy swatting flies
  • This person for the Blabbermouth trophy is highly missable. Talk to him before you continue
  • Use Fish Oil with Lift Button
  • Use Diamond with Reminepo for quite some scenes and:


:gold Chapter 4 - The Secret of the Basylians


Chapter 5:


This is the final chapter of the game and it starts out in a familiar area:


  • Take Shield
  • Go to the Wind Chapel
  • Take Peck (pigeon) and Sleeping Fosfos
  • Go to the reception
  • Talk to Steve (not sure if needed, better safe than sorry)
  • Take Gumballs and another Sleeping Fosfos
  • Go outside and take a third Sleeping Fosfos
  • Talk to Gorfelina (not sure)
  • Go back to courtyard
  • Use all three Fosfos with Break Parachute
  • Use your flute and play 1
  • Use Shield with Flowerbed
  • Interact with Shield to turn it towards Wind Chapel
  • Interact with Release Button
  • Go to reception and try to take the Mirror
  • Talk to Steve about Mirror and Pete
  • Go to courtyard and interact with Shield
  • Interact with Release Button to get Basylian Brain
  • Go outside and give Gumballs to Gorfelina
  • She will make a bubble, quickly use Basylian Brain with Bubble
  • Go back inside and use the Sticky Basylian Brain with Shards
  • Go to Wind Chapel
  • "Talk" to the Petrified Dynasty in the upper right
  • Use Mirror Ball with Hook
  • Go to courtyard
  • Take Petrifying Eyes (on the left Basylian)
  • Important: Leave the De-Petrifying Eyes inserted on the right for now for a trophy
  • Interact with Shield twice to face it towards the Wind Chapel
  • Use Old Fish with Release Button
  • Go to Wind Chapel
  • Interact with Peck (pigeon in inventory) for  :silver Just a scratch


  • Now it's time to finish the game, so go to the courtyard again
  • Take Peck
  • Use Petrifying Eyes with De-Petrifying Eyes
  • Go to Wind Chapel 
  • Use Peck again to petrify Conroy
  • After the scenes try to talk to the Petrified Dynasty once again just to be sure and Robert should say "Don't worry, I'll save you all". This should be the last person you had to talk to for: :gold Blabbermouth (the trophy won't pop until the ending scenes / credits)
  • Take FosFos Pendant
  • Use FosFos Pendant with Decoration to the right
  • Go to the courtyard
  • Use De-Petrifying Eyes with Petrifying Eyes
  • Take Peck and Old Fish
  • Interact with Release Button for the final cutscenes and:


:goldChapter 5 - Asposia's Last Hope


:gold Blabbermouth


:gold Mr Wise-Guy


and finally:

:plat Contributor to the Encyclopaedia Asposia  :plat



the guide is basically finished for now. i just got all steam achievements while writing it :)


perhaps i'll make another test run on the steam version and then i'll just have to do some fine tuning and perhaps fix some stuff that's different on the PS4. we'll see soon ;)


according to the EU psn store update the game should be out tomorrow

Mar 28 2017 02:09 PM

Looking good mate! Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward in platting it with the use of this extensive guide  :lol

Looking good mate! Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward in platting it with the use of this extensive guide  :lol

i just did a final 100% achievement speedrun on steam to verify the guide and it worked almost flawlessly. i'm sure there are some unnecessary steps here and there but it's fast enough:


as you can see: i got all achievements in 72 minutes total in-game time, hooray. 

now let's hope they didn't change anything important in the ps4 version and we're looking at a ~2h platinum :)


now the PSN store only has to update and we can finally start this badboy :P

Mar 28 2017 03:52 PM

Wow 2 hours... You brought the 4-8 hours back drastically! Lets hope no glitched trophies or unexpected changes and we should be all good.

Wow 2 hours... You brought the 4-8 hours back drastically! Lets hope no glitched trophies or unexpected changes and we should be all good.


just completed the ps4 version and besides the controls they changed absolutely nothing! the controls take some getting used to, tho'. At least if you could simply click and drag&drop with your mouse before, so my PS4 time is a bit slower than my steam achievement run. ;)

Took me 1h23m for the EU stack: https://psnprofiles....er-world/dernop


Another note: the game crashed on me at least 5 or 6 times in this short duration. Mostly when i was fast-skipping through dialogue or cutscenes. So if someone encounters that too, just let the dialogue or cutscene play out on its own there.

But the game start up and loading times are really fast, so i didn't lose much time.

Mar 29 2017 01:18 PM

Well done on your first of many more guides I hope looks really good and in depth great job. Great to see from a new premium making this much effort :)

Mar 29 2017 06:42 PM

Sweet guide! Just got my plat without issues. Thanks again!


One minor thing:

- In chapter 3: 

  • Return to reception and talk to Steve about the Wind Chapel

I actually had to de-assemble the handicraft to use the gold passes on Steve. But thats quite obvious on it's own though :D

Well done on your first of many more guides I hope looks really good and in depth great job. Great to see from a new premium making this much effort :)


hey, thanks for the kind words. i just used SO many guides from here that i wanted to finally give something back. and such a little adventure game seemed like a good starting point for that. 

this was basically my very first (complete) guide, so it was kinda exciting but also a bit difficult/confusing. i guess it's one of those things where practice makes perfect ;)



Sweet guide! Just got my plat without issues. Thanks again!


One minor thing:

- In chapter 3: 

  • Return to reception and talk to Steve about the Wind Chapel

I actually had to de-assemble the handicraft to use the gold passes on Steve. But thats quite obvious on it's own though :D


thanks and congrats on the plat. hope you also enjoyed the game at least a little bit. really liked the art-style and overall design (which you can also appreciate even if you're 'skipping' through the game... before anyone mentions that) :P


about chapter 3:

admittedly, the steps are a bit stretched out here but seven lines above the one you mentioned i wrote to interact with the handicraft to get the golden tickets. basically right after you made the tickets golden :)


and thanks for the other tips you send me via PM.

you're right, i should mention something about the L2 thing. i even thought about it when i was playing it ("this could be confusing"), really don't know why i didn't add it  :facepalm

Excellet guide. No issues at all.



i did some updates in the first post and replaced the missing header image (guess this had something to do with the recent ban  :whistling ), but the article doesn't seem to reflect those changes. perhaps you have to manually update/sync it?

if someone could do that it would be highly appreciated! :)


Excellet guide. No issues at all.


thanks man, glad to hear that! :)

Apr 04 2017 11:32 AM

excellent guide, thank you

Thanks for the guide dernop, worked perfectly!


Game crushed like 15 times on me! In Chapter 3 I couldn't even proceed since it crushed everytime in the same moment!

What helped? Disabling of the subtitles.

Game crushed like 15 times on me! In Chapter 3 I couldn't even proceed since it crushed everytime in the same moment!

What helped? Disabling of the subtitles.


good to know. i actually read somewhere that someone couldn't even start the game because they got a black screen and disabling the subtitles helped for them too!

i added a quick hint to the guide about that, thanks :)

Apr 06 2017 03:16 PM

Good guide no problems, I ran thru today whilst doing other bits no problems :)

No problems at all with EU version, even with quick skipping of the dialogues and cutscenes.
Thanks again for the guide!
Perfect guide thank you
May 11 2017 04:20 PM

I just wanted to add something in here that might be a good idea to add in , what the buttons are so you have to press square to get the items up before you can pick up or select etc just a thought

thx for the guide,used it for both versions.


The only thing i would change is:

in chapter 3, 

  • Return to reception and talk to Steve about the Wind Chapel

in use golden tickets with steve to go to Wind Chapel

in chapter 3, 

  • Return to reception and talk to Steve about the Wind Chapel

in use golden tickets with steve to go to Wind Chapel


well, if you exhaust the dialogue with steve before that the dialog option about the wind chapel will already be there and you just have to have the golden tickets in your inventory for it.

if you don't have them in your inventory the dialog option will still be there and he will just tell you that you need the tickets.


but if using the golden tickets with him ALWAYS works and forces the dialogue (i personally didn't try it) that would be a good alternative of course.


i guess i will just add it as a note, thanks ;)