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The Idolm@ster Must Songs Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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Thanks to TwilightStar for the banners and headers

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Red only or both versions) or 7/10 (Blue only)
  • Offline trophies: 40 (23 :bronze, 13 :silver, 3 :gold, 1 :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 of each concert + many other repeat concerts for fan grinding | 50 individual songs (likely much more due to the existence of both 12 Oni clears and 50 overall Full Combos)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: 5 Trophies (all [Difficulty] DE Diadem 12 trophies and The Reverse Music Way)
  • Do trophies stack?: No, Red Board and Blue Board share a list (see note below for details)
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A
NOTE: Though there are two games for this, Red Board and Blue Board, the two versions share a list, so unless you really want both versions, just get one version. If getting one version, get Red Board instead of Blue Board as while Blue Board has easier Oni charts for clearing 12 Oni charts, Red Board has not only much easier Inner Oni charts for clearing an Inner Oni chart, but it has a far easier song to get a 600 combo on than Blue Board does, so definitely get Red Board if you can only get one. The 12 Oni clears are not even terribly difficult on Red either, so that is nowhere near as much of a concern as the 600 Combo and the Inner Oni chart.


It is also worth noting that if you do get both versions, they also share progress, including fans, money, concert unlocks, producer/idol ranks, and pretty much everything aside from your concert/song clear records, which are only counted for the version you are currently playing (for example, if you get 25 Full Combos on each version, this will not count for the 50 Full Combo trophy as each version will just show 25, but if you get 150,000 Money on each version, that will count for the 300K Money trophy as this carries over between versions). While not terribly useful for anything, it can at least make the grind at the end go by less painfully.


Trophies will be marked by whether progress is shared between versions or if it is separate.


Introduction: This is a crossover between The Idolm@ster and Taiko no Tatsujin that utilizes the gameplay of the latter with the songs from the former as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Idolm@ster. The game was sold not as a single unit, but in two halves, with Red Board covering the main series (The Idolm@ster (Original) and Live for You for example) and Blue Board covering the 2nd Vision series (The Idolm@ster 2 and One for All, for example).


The platinum for this game is mostly easy, though it does have some daunting tasks that could make the platinum difficult for those inexperienced with rhythm games even using the easier Red Board. That said, the game is not terribly difficult (at least not relatively to how difficult it could have been), so many people should be able to do it with some perseverance.


Step 1: Dabble in Freeplay: For this step, you will want to do some songs in Freeplay to not only build up a surplus of money for concerts, but also to get some of the Freeplay trophies out of the way early. During this step, you should at least be going for 12 clears on the first three difficulties and at least getting some of the 50 Full Combos required for Full Comaster to reduce cleanup later. If you can get all 50 of them now, that will work out even better, though there will be some replaying of songs anyway later on when you can get alternate vocal tracks, so don't worry about it too much. You will also likely get a few miscellaneous trophies along the way.


Trophies You Should Earn In This Step


First Produce :bronze
Easy DE Diadem 12 :bronze
Normal DE Diadem 12 :bronze
Hard DE Diadem 12 :bronze
First Full Combo :bronze
Combo 100 :bronze
Oni Barrage :bronze
Idol Professor :bronze
Major Company Pro :bronze
Messenger :bronze
Full Combeginner :bronze :secret
Full Comcollector :silver :secret


Step 2: Do All the Concerts: Now that you should have a surplus of money from all of those songs you have done, you should start going through the concerts. Your first concern should be maxing out your glowsticks ASAP as you will need them all maxed out for Prism Color MAX. You will not be able to do every upgrade all at once, so it is important that you do them quickly to allow yourself to unlock the next upgrades sooner rather than later. In addition to this, you should also purchase at least one drum sound, three alternate vocal tracks, and one Inner Oni chart. You may also want to purchase every extra song as well to widen your choices for the rest of your 50 Full Combos if still needed and, more importantly, your 12 Oni clears that you will have to do in the next step. In any case, you will have to spend at least 300,000 Money for a trophy, so you will have to purchase items anyway to reach this amount.


As for the concerts themselves, you should aim to cheer at least once during every concert (preferably as much as possible to help with grinding for Sparkling Idol 13) while also using the Ultra Orange sticks in your cheers to work towards I Am Light and Bushfire. In addition, you should try to get Full Combos on concerts, playing on easier difficulties if needed so that you can get 10 M@ster Live ranks for Master Angel. Playing on lower difficulties for concerts has no bearing on fan acquisition or progress, so feel free to drop down to a lower difficulty if need be to get this out of the way. You will also want to play some concerts on multiple difficulties anyway as you will need 40 unique concert clears even though there are only 26 per version (alternatively, this statistic carries over for trophy purposes between Red and Blue, but it is not terribly hard to just clear concerts on Easy and Normal to get this done later). As such, do not be afraid to do a concert multiple times, especially since you will likely have to at some point due to the amounts of fans needed to unlock more concerts.


Trophies You Should Earn In This Step


Live Debut! :bronze
Master Angel :silver
Guest Mania :bronze
Beginning of the Path of the Idol :bronze
Record of the Overrank :gold
Light Rookie :bronze
Light Veteran :bronze
Bushfire :bronze
Prism Color MAX :silver
Everyone's Producer :silver
Live Love :bronze :secret
Local Idol :bronze :secret
Prefecture Idol :silver :secret
Idol Path Without End :gold :secret
Strongest Clerk :silver :secret


Step 3: Freeplay Cleanup: Now that you have done all of the concerts, you should take a break from concerts and do the rest of the Freeplay trophies that you have left. This is undoubtedly the hardest part of the game as you will have to do the 12 Oni clears, an Inner Oni chart, and a 600 Combo, none of which are easy tasks, especially if you decided to only get Blue Board. Oni represents a huge step up in difficulty compared to Hard and especially Easy and Normal, requiring quick reflexes and a mastery of alternating button presses on all but a select few of the songs that go below a 6 Star rank. You may be able to transitiion well enough into it if you had little to no issue with Hard, but if you still struggle on Hard, you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to get into this difficulty. Do not be afraid to just do the miscellaneous trophies that you could not do before and come back to this after you are done with every other step.


Speaking of the miscellaneous trophies, you will also want to clear at least three songs with an alternate voice track, clear any ten songs (repeats allowed) using a different drum sound than the default taiko drum sound, and clean up the rest of the 50 Full Combos if need be. You should also go for a Full Combo with all Good hits at this point if you have not managed it already. This should be easy enough to pull off on Easy difficulty with a tiny amount of practice.


Trophies You Should Earn In This Step


Oni DE Diadem 12 :silver
Dondafuru Combo :bronze
The Reverse Music Way :bronze
P Who Understands Alters :silver
Master of Tone Color :bronze
Full Comaster :gold :secret
Combo 300 :bronze :secret
Combo 600 :silver :secret


Step 4: The Concert Grind (It's Musical): Now that you have gotten done with Freeplay for good or otherwise put the harder parts off for later, you will want to move on to the grindiest part of the game: the concert grind. Specifically, your biggest grind here will be getting to 100 million fans so that you can get a reward of 10,000,000 Money that will get you all that you need for Celebrity Pro. Along the way, you will also want to cheer at every opportunity that you get to work towards Sparkling Idol 13 and do some more unique concerts to get 40 concert clears, whether this is accomplished through replaying concerts on different difficulties or just splitting it between the two versions. After you have done all of this, then assuming you have done everything in Freeplay, the platinum is yours. If you still have anything to do in Freeplay, go back to Step 3 and do whatever it is that you missed or put off.


Trophies You Should Earn In This Step


I Am Light :silver
Sparkling Idol 13 :silver
Live Oni :silver :secret
Celeb Pro :silver :secret


Thanks to vampko for the translations.




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貴方はこのゲームのすべてのトロフィーを獲得した。 おめでとう


[Platinum Must Songs]
[You've acquired all this game's trophies. congratulations]


Posted Imageはじめてのプロデュース :bronze
演奏プロデュースで はじめてノルマクリア成功


[First Produce]
[Succeed in a normal clear of a musical performance]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for clearing any song for the first time in Freeplay. This will likely be the first trophy you get in the game.


Posted ImageかんたんDE王冠12 :bronze
演奏プロデュースを 難易度かんたんで12曲クリア


[Easy DE Diadem 12]
[Within a Musical Performance, clear 12 songs on easy (かんたん)]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for clearing 12 songs on Easy. Nothing here should give you much challenge and it is recommended that you go for Full Combos on these songs as you go (indicated by a gold crown) so you can decrease the grind for 50 Full Combos later on. Also keep in mind that these trophies do not stack, so you specifically need charts on Easy difficulty for this.


Posted ImageふつうDE王冠12 :bronze
演奏プロデュースを 難易度ふつうで12曲クリア


[Normal DE Diadem 12]
[Clear 12 songs on Normal (ふつう)]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for clearing 12 songs on Normal. While this is a touch harder than Easy, the charts here are still not that bad, so it is recommended that you go for Full Combos on these songs as you go (indicated by a gold crown) so you can decrease the grind for 50 Full Combos later on. Also keep in mind that these trophies do not stack, so you specifically need charts on Normal difficulty for this.


Posted ImageむずかしいDE王冠12 :bronze
演奏プロデュースを 難易度むずかしいで12曲クリア


[Hard DE Diadem 12]
[Clear 12 songs on Hard (むずかしい)]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for clearing 12 charts on Hard. This is where the difficulty of the charts will start to ramp up, though they still aren't terribly difficult yet, especially sticking to the easier songs. Also keep in mind that these trophies do not stack, so you specifically need charts on Hard difficulty for this.


Posted ImageおにDE王冠12 :silver
演奏プロデュースを 難易度おにで12曲クリア


[Oni DE Diadem 12]
[Clear 12 songs on Oni (おに)]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for clearing 12 charts on Oni difficulty. This will likely give newcomers plenty of grief as this is not only the hardest difficulty in the game, but also a massive difficulty spike compared to the jumps between Easy, Normal, and Hard. Unless you are really good at music games already, you will definitely want to stick to the easier songs for this. To sort by difficulty to make this easier, press :triangle and set the second option to 難易度順 to order the songs by difficulty level.


If you still have grief after all is said done, you can always activate score change mode from the song selection screen by pressing :triangle, scrolling down to the third option, and shifting it an option over. This will turn on Score Change mode, where points are graded based on accuracy instead of combo. More importantly, you can clear a song in both Normal mode and Score Change mode and get two clears for the same chart, reducing the amount of charts you have to clear to 6. Doing it this way, there should be much less issue as you will be able to stick solely to the 4-6 Star charts regardless of the version.


It is also worth noting that Inner Oni charts count for this as well, so if you are willing to wait until you can purchase the charts, you can combine this with the trophy for clearing an Inner Oni chart to make your life easier, especially if you are playing Red Board where one of the Inner Oni charts is rated at 6 stars.


Posted Imageはじめてのフルコンボ :bronze
演奏プロデュースで 金の王冠を1個ゲット


[First Full Combo]
[Get 1 gold Diadem (王冠)]


Single Version


See [Full Comaster].


Posted Imageコンボ100 :bronze
演奏プロデュースで最大コンボ数が 100回をこえて演奏終了


[Combo 100]
[Surpass 100 Greatest Combo at the end of a performance]


Single Version


See [Combo 600].


Posted Image連打のオニ :bronze
演奏プロデュースで 連打数が100回をこえて演奏終了


[Oni Barrage]
[Surpass 100 Barrages (連打) at the end of a performance]


Single Version


For this trophy, you will have to get a combined total of 100 hits on drumrolls during a song. Drumrolls are indicated by a yellow note that resembles a hold note from other rhythm games. During this note, you have to spam the buttons as much as possible to build up hits for points, though ignoring them entirely is viable if not going for points as they do not add to your combo in any way. Getting 100 hits on drumrolls in a song should not be difficult at all, especially if you find a song with plenty of drumrolls. My suggestion is to rotate the d-pad while mashing the face buttons and alternating between :lvita and :rvita at the same time for maximum hits. Doing this, you should manage over 100 hits easily and will likely get close to it if not over it on most individual drumrolls anyway.


Posted Imageドンだフルコンボ :bronze
演奏プロデュースで 良100%で演奏終了


[Dondafuru Combo]
[100% Good (良) at the end of a performance]


Single Version


For this trophy, you have to clear any one song with only Good hits and a Full Combo. You can tell when you have a good hit because the kanji that comes up afterwards is orange instead of white. Getting a good hit entails not only hitting the note, but doing so very accurately.


As such, the best way to get this is to load up a song on Easy that has a 1 Star ranking as such songs generally do not have many if any notes outside of the normal beats and are thus incredibly easy to keep a good rhythm on. You should also ignore anything that isn't a note (i.e. drum rolls and balloon notes) as not only will these not add to your combo or break it, but trying to spam hits on them is likely to bring you off rhythm and ruin your run.


Posted Image裏譜面の道 :bronze
演奏プロデュースで 裏譜面を1曲クリアした


[The Reverse Music Way]
[Clear one song on Inner Oni (裏譜面)]


Single Version


For this trophy, you will want to clear any Inner Oni chart. These will be purchasable from the store in the fourth tab after making progress in concerts. If playing Red Board, the best one to get is the second chart as this is rated at 6 Star difficulty, so it should be relatively easy. If playing Blue Board, your easiest options are the third and fourth charts, which are both 8 Star charts (and on the hard edge of 8 Star charts at that) and will thus be much more annoying to do.


Posted Image違いの分かるP :silver
演奏プロデュースで 別歌唱バージョンの曲を3曲クリアした


[P Who Understands Alters]
[Cleared 3 Alternate version songs]


Single Version


For this trophy, you simply have to clear any three songs with an alternate vocal track. You will need to buy these from the shop after they are unlocked partway into the campaign before you can play them. Once you have them unlocked, just go to songs with a white circle that says "Ver" on it and select the bottom option when prompted to play with the alternate vocal track. This trophy will unlock after doing this for three songs.


Posted Imageアイドル博士 :bronze
演奏プロデュースで 3つの出典ジャンルをすべてクリア


[Idol Professor]
[Clear 3 full genres]


Single Version


For this trophy, you will have to clear songs from all three genres in the game. While the game is not terribly clear on genres of songs (the only sorting options are by song debut, difficulty, and two variations on whether it was cleared or not), you should get this naturally going for the various Freeplay trophies as you will have to play many different songs for the 12 Oni clears and the 50 Full Combos.


Posted Imageライブデビュー! :bronze
ライブフェスティバルで はじめてライブをクリアした


[Live Debut!]
[Cleared first Live at Live Festival]


Shared Progress


See Live Oni.


Posted Imageマスターエンジェル :silver
M@STER LIVEを10個達成した


[Master Angel]
[Achieve 10 M@ster lives]


Single Version


For this trophy, you will have to clear any ten concerts with a M@STER LIVE grade, which requires a full combo of the entire concert. While this seems daunting at first glance due to having to pull off consecutive full combos, there are several two-song concerts that this can be done easily on, and if you can do them on Normal as well as Easy, you can get the trophy off of these alone. That said, if you play on Easy, even the 3-song concerts should not be much trouble to full combo as long as you can keep your focus, so this is not terribly difficult to do.


Posted Imageゲストマニア :bronze
特別なゲストが参加する ライブをクリアした


[Guest Mania]
[Cleared special guest live]


Single Version


This requires clearing any concert in which someone other than the 13 main idols participates. For example, Kotori and Awakened Miki are the two guest characters that show up in Red Board. If you are playing Red Board, you will not be able to get this until you unlock the B Rank concerts, at which point you can play the last one where Kotori is a guest, but if you are playing Blue Board, you will be able to unlock this as early as the F Rank concerts since the third F Rank concert has the three Jupiter idols (Touma Amagase, Shouta Mitarai, and Hokuto Ijuuin) as guest stars.


Posted Imageアイドル道の始まり :bronze


[Beginning of the Path of the Idol]
[Acquired a fan]


Shared Progress


See Celeb Pro.


Posted Imageオーバーランクの証 :gold
難易度を問わず、 ランク外~ランクSの すべてのライブをクリアした


[Record of the Overrank]
[Regardless of the difficulty, clear all the Rank S lives]


Single Version


Despite the trophy description specifying S Rank concerts, you will actually have to clear every concert from every rank for this one. You will likely not have to backtrack if you have just been using concerts and whatever fan rewards have popped up, but if you have gotten significant levels of fans from other sources, you may have to backtrack and do a couple of concerts you may have missed to get this one.


Posted Image大手プロ :bronze
今までに貯めたマニーが 30万以上になった


[Major Company Pro]
[Saved more than 300,000 money]


Shared Progress


See Celeb Pro.


Posted Imageライトルーキー :bronze
ライブ中、コンサートライトを使って アイドルたちを応援した


[Light Rookie]
[Assisted the idols with the concert light during a live]


Shared Progress


See I Am Light.


Posted Imageライトベテラン :bronze
20ライブ以上、コンサートライトで 応援してクリアした (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Light Veteran]
[Cleared not less than 20 lives assisting idols with the lights]


Shared Progress


See I Am Light.


Posted Imageアイ・アム・ライト :silver
40ライブ以上、コンサートライトで 応援してクリアした (赤盤・青盤合計)


[I Am Light]
[Cleared not less than 40 lives assisting idols with the lights]


Shared Progress


For this trophy, you will want to clear 40 concerts while also cheering with concert lights at least once. You will be doing this naturally between going for Bushfire and Sparkling Idol 13, so this isn't something to worry about as it will unlock around when you get the latter trophy depending on the lengths of the concerts that you play.


Posted Imageブッシュファイア :bronze
10ライブ以上、ウルトラオレンジで 応援してクリアした (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Cleared not less than 10 lives while assisting with an ultra orange]


Shared Progress


For this trophy, you will want to clear any 10 concerts after using at least one Ultra Orange glowstick during the concert and cheering. You will have to purchase these glowsticks individually unlike the other glowsticks, but they are only 100 Money per stick, so they will hardly drain your wallet. After getting the glowsticks, once you are in a concert, use the touch screen to bring up the glowsticks and press the icon that is the furthest to the right to use an Ultra Orange glowstick. You can use up to four of these at once, so feel free to use four. After you are satisfied, press the touch screen outside of the glowstick icons to confirm your choice. Keep in mind that these will reset after each song, so if you want to use them on each song, you will have to do this for every song.


As for cheering, you will do this by just pressing any button while a song is not playing. Do this with an Ultra Orange glowstick equipped in ten concerts and the trophy will be yours.


Posted ImageプリズムカラーMAX :silver
ライブをウルトラオレンジ以外の すべての色のコンサートライトを LV3で使用してクリアした


[Prism Color MAX]
[Cleared a live while utilizing level 3 concert lights of every color, excepting ultra orange]


Shared Progress (glowstick purchases carry over, though the actual task only needs to be done once)


For this trophy, you will want to upgrade every glowstick to Level 3 and then play a concert with all three of them on. Having them on isn't an issue since they are all on by default and will automatically switch to the upgraded glowstick upon purchase (you select the level of the glowstick in your inventory by pressing :start on the main menu to bring up your player card and selecting them). The only issue is purchasing them as while every glowstick is available from the start, the upgrades unlock through doing concerts after purchasing the current version of the glowstick. That said, the upgrades will unlock fairly early on, so this still shouldn't pose much issue as long as you are prioritizing them.


Posted Imageキラキラアイドル13 :silver
765プロのアイドルたちを コンサートライトでたくさん応援した (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Sparkling Idol 13]
[Assisted the 765 Pro idols with the concert light many times]


Shared Progress


You will get this trophy after cheering a set amount of times at concerts. In order to cheer at a concert, simply press a button when a song isn't playing and the audience will cheer. My recommendation is to wait for the current cheer to end before pressing a button again so that the cheers are distinct. In addition, I recommend using 4 Ultra Orange glowsticks for each song (see Bushfire for details on this) just in case this is connected to the trophy requirement. They are incredibly cheap at 100 Money per glowstick, so they aren't a big deal to keep a good stock of.


Posted Imageメッセンジャー :bronze
はじめてアイドルから 届いたメッセージを読んだ


[Read your first message from an idol]


Shared Progress


See Everyone's Producer.


Posted Imageみんなのプロデューサー :silver
アイドルから届いたメッセージを 40以上読んだ (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Everyone's Producer]
[Read not less than 40 messages from idols]


Shared Progress


You will get messages from the idols as you play through the game, indicated by a message screen popping up after you finish a song. You will get more than 40 of these naturally just going for all of the trophy requirements, so there is no reason to worry about this; I had 62 of them by the time that I just had grinding out 100 million fans left. Just open them up and you will get your trophy after seeing the 40th one and exiting to the main menu.


If you have never visited this menu when prompted to and need to find it, it is the second option from the right on the main menu. From this menu, switch over to the right tab to see your messages.


Posted Image音色の達人 :bronze
太鼓以外の音色で演奏かライブを 10回以上クリア (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Master of Tone Color]
[Clear 10 lives using a tone other than taiko drum]


Shared Progress


To get this trophy, you will have to play 10 songs using a drum sound other than the default. First, you will have to buy a drum sound from the shop, which should be possible very early on in the game. After this, while picking songs, press :triangle and shift the first option as this will affect the drum sound. Now that you have changed the drum sound, just play any 10 songs with the sound and the trophy will pop.


Posted Imageフルコンビギナー :bronze :secret
演奏プロデュースで 金の王冠を5個ゲット


[Full Combeginner]
[Get 5 Gold Diadems]


Single Version


See [Full Comaster].


Posted Imageフルコンコレクター :silver :secret
演奏プロデュースで 金の王冠を20個ゲット


[Full Comcollector]
[Get 20 Gold Diadems]


Single Version


See [Full Comaster].


Posted Imageフルコンマスター :gold :secret
演奏プロデュースで 金の王冠を50個ゲット


[Full Comaster]
[Get 50 Gold Diadems]


Single Version


You will get this trophy for getting any 50 Full Combos (indicated by a gold crown). This trophy is far less daunting than it seems since you can get Full Combos with ease on Easy and Normal, which makes this trophy more of a grind than anything else. In case you are still struggling or you just really want to do a song some more because you enjoyed it, you can use the Score Change trick described under [Oni DE Diadem 12] to be able to get two crowns for the same notechart.


Posted Imageコンボ300 :bronze :secret
演奏プロデュースで最大コンボ数が 300回をこえて演奏終了


[Combo 300]
[At the end of a performance have a greatest combo of at least 300]


Single Version


See [Combo 600].


Posted Imageコンボ600 :silver :secret
演奏プロデュースで最大コンボ数が 600回をこえて演奏終了


[Combo 600]
[At the end of a performance have a greatest combo of at least 600]


Single Version


This is by far the hardest trophy in the game as it requires you to get a 600 combo on any individual song (concerts do not count for this), which is only possible on Oni. While both versions of the game have easier songs to get this one, Red Board has the easier of the two songs by a longshot as the only troubles in it are triplet barrages and four Red-Red-Blue triplets, which are presented in two pairs, the first at the end of the first chorus and the second at the end of the final chorus. By comparison, the song for Blue has not only several triplets with both note types, but also some complex drumming that will likely trip you up many times before you finally master it. Below, I will be going over the songs for each version in detail to break down how to get the 600 Combo.


Red Board 「いっぱいいっぱい」
Compared to the Blue Board song, this one is not terribly difficult to get a 600 combo on, though you will have to get a full combo as the notechart consists of exactly 600 notes.


The main skills you will need for this one are a basic understanding of how to pull off Red-Red-Blue triplets and endurance for the barrages of triplets within the song's three choruses. You will also need to be able to switch between red and blue notes quickly as most of the song will have you switching between triplets and single notes for different note colors and the second chorus in particular has an annoying section where you are constantly switching between playing 1-2 reds and a blue triplet, which can trip you up if you are not expecting it.


If you need to practice your Red-Red-Blue triplets, you can always load up Next Life on Hard difficulty as it has plenty of these that have to be hit with alternating hands due to the speed of them, much like the RRB triplets in 「いっぱいいっぱい」. This will give you an environment to practice this type of triplet as presented in the target song without the pressure of the 600 Combo looming over you. In addition, most of the harder songs on Hard have these types of triplets as well as other kinds in a more spaced out fashion, so you can practice by trying to hit these notes with alternating hands instead of moving your dominant finger for every note.


For reference, here is a video of a full combo of the song as performed via the game's auto-FC bot (does not add to statistics, so don't even try to cheese it that way)



Thanks to ​talo_ game​ for recording the video​​​


Blue Board 「何度も言えるよ」
Compared to the Red Board song, which was a fairly friendly song that didn't have much going on, this one is much closer to how most Oni songs are, so expect to struggle greatly going for the 600 Combo here. On the bright side, there are 627 notes, so you don't need to get a Full Combo, though it still doesn't give you much leeway since the song doesn't really bare its fangs until well over 27 notes have passed anyway and the song doesn't reach 600 notes until the hard parts are over anyway.


Just about every type of special triplet will be on display here as well as a few other annoying techniques such as the quintet that ends with a different note than the other four before it and putting different kinds of triplets right next to one another. Unless you are already acquainted with the tricks of Oni difficulty, this is going to be a song you will struggle to keep your combo on.


Due to the variety of tricks here, the only suggestion I can give as far as practicing for the song is to try other 6 and 7 Star Oni songs or try to play on Hard with alternating hands to get used to mixing up the different triplet types together properly.


For reference, here is a video of a full combo of the song as performed via the game's auto-FC bot (does not add to statistics, so don't even try to cheese it that way)



Thanks to ​talo_ game​ for recording the video​​​


Posted ImageライブLOVE :bronze :secret
ライブを20回クリアした (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Live Love]
[Clear 20 Lives]


Shared Progress


See Live Oni.


Posted Imageライブの鬼 :silver :secret
ライブを40回クリアした (赤盤・青盤合計)


[Live Oni]
[Clear 40 Lives]


Shared Progress


You will get this trophy after clearing any 40 unique concerts. You will have to do this over multiple difficulties if you have one version as there are only 26 concerts per version, but this should not give you much grief anyway since the concerts are easy to pass on the lower difficulties.


Posted Imageご当地アイドル :bronze :secret


[Local Idol]
[Surpass 25000 fans]


Shared Progress


See Celeb Pro.


Posted Image都道府県アイドル :silver :secret


[Prefecture Idol]
[Surpass 200,000 fans]


Shared Progress


See Celeb Pro.


Posted Image終わりなきアイドル道 :gold :secret
アイドルランクがSになり、 一応のエンディングをむかえた


[Idol Path Without End]
[Receive the ending from an idol becoming Rank S]


Shared Progress


You will get this trophy for reaching S Rank, which requires 10 Million fans. This may seem like a ridiculous grind at first, but the amount of fans per concert goes up quickly for higher concerts between higher base fans per concert and a multiplier to the amount of fans that you get per concert, so this will not take nearly as long as it seems, especially if you do every concert as you go. If you can play on Oni well enough, 25 Oni clears and 40 Oni clears will also get you 500,000 and 1,000,000 fans respectively to help make this grind shorter, though it isn't worth going for if you aren't already confident in your ability to tackle Oni since it will take less time to just get fans through concerts if you are struggling with 7 Star and 8 Star charts, and after a certain point, doing concerts will just always be faster than doing Oni clears even if you can get them all on your first try.


Posted Imageセレブプロ :silver :secret
今までに貯めたマニーが 1000万以上になった


[Celeb Pro]
[Saved up 10 million]


Shared Progress (applies both to money count and fan count)


This is the grind that makes the game take 20-25 hours to platinum instead of around 10-15. 10,000,000 Money is a ridiculously large amount of money, and for the most part, the awards that you get from playing are no match for this insane amount of money, not to mention you don't get a terribly large amount of money for playing songs. Thankfully, there is one award that you can get that will give you exactly 10,000,000 Money: the 100,000,000 Fan award.


Getting to 100 million fans may seem ridiculous at first glance, but once you unlock the S Rank concerts which give out anywhere from 700,000-840,000 fans per song depending on performance, the grind for this becomes a fair amount shorter. While you will still be spending a ridiculous amount of time grinding, it is at least not as ridiculous as it would have been had you needed to grind out 10,000,000 money from just playing songs. I personally recommend playing on Easy as this will make it easier to get a M@ster Live rank (Full Combo), which gives a roughly 20% bonus to your fan gains (thus the range from 700k to 840k). Difficulty, however, has no impact on how many fans you obtain, so trying to make it go faster by playing on Hard or Oni is pointless.


If you are using Blue Board, the last concert is especially good for this as a Full Combo for the concert can net you anywhere from 900,000-950,000 per song, which will make the grind go by a fair amount more quickly, especially since the concert has four songs, reducing the amount of money you pay per song and thus reducing your likelihood of having to go back and do songs in Freeplay to get more money. Unfortunately, every Red Board S Rank concert is at the normal S Rank rate of 820-840k per song with a Full Combo, so there is no reason to focus on a specific concert if you only have Red Board.


Also try to refrain from going beyond your comfort zone while grinding this out. If you finish a concert with less than a max bar while still passing, you will get a Good Live rank and take a significant hit to your fan profit, and of course, failing it outright will see you getting a small fraction of the fans that would have gotten otherwise. That said, do feel free to bump the difficulty up to something more fun every once in a while just to take the edge off of the grind as potentially missing the 20% bonus for a Full Combo is not a major loss if it doesn't happen much.


Posted Image最強の事務員 :silver :secret
今までにショップで 30万マニー以上の買い物をした


[Strongest Clerk]
[Spent a total of 300,000 in shops]


Single Version


This is incredibly easy to get as you will be making plenty of money between playing songs and getting rewards from getting trophies, so while it will dry up well before you reach the 10,000,000 needed for Celebrity Pro, the money that you get just from playing the game normally will be far more than enough to spend 300,000 Money in the store.


Note that while this trophy is not marked as sharing progress between Red and Blue Board and thus the money must be spent on one version, this is not missable as you will have plenty to spend money on no matter what. If all else fails, there is an outfit worth 7,650,000 Money that you can get easily after doing the grinding for Celeb Pro that will put you far over the amount needed for the trophy, so do not stress about this.


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Sounds good and I like rhythm games but when you write 5/10 it's more like 7 or 8/10 :D