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The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13 :bronze, 1 :silver, 1 :gold)
  • Online trophies:0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, there is chapter select
  • Glitched trophies: 2, Open All Doors, Magic World special, Patch 1.04 fixes another glitch with Berries and Open All Doors not unlocking. There are reports that Bedroom Story sometimes doesn't unlock
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: NA, EU
  • Requires VR, Move Controllers


The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets is an adorable kids game. Your grandpa is narrating different events you and your sister went through as children. Each event is presented as a themed world with puzzles to solve and a bunch of missing pets to find.


Road Map:


Play through each world and find all the pets as you go. You don't have to but they aren't very difficult to find and you are going to need to find them all at some point anyway. I would grab any coins you see but not worry about them too much as you can easily go back post game and collect any you missed. Most of the miscellaneous side tasks you will probably end up doing without even realizing they are trophies and all can be done post game as well. Just relax and enjoy this low stress game and clean up any missing trophies after.


Trophy Guide:

Summer House - :bronze
Find all the animals at the summer house
There are 3 animals to find in the Summer House
Dog - Poke at the bushes next to the dog house and he will jump out.
Rabbit - Push the 3 gray buttons to unlock the chest the rabbit is hiding in. There is a button on the tree, on the back of the house, and on a rock near the bottom of the world.
Cat - Shake the brown leaves above the cup to drop some into it. Hold the teapot over the candle's flame until it's heated up and whistling. Now pour the heated water into the cup. Hit the stopwatch to steep the tea. This brings out a submarine which has the cat inside.
Winter Vacation World - :bronze
Find all the animals in the winter vacation world
There are 5 animals to find in Winter Vacation
Seal - Open the lantern.
Mammoth - Break the large icicles above the frozen mammoth. They will fall and break the ice around him.
Penguin - Use the snow shaker on the machine at the top of the ramp to make snowballs. Grab three snowballs, one at a time, and place them on the platform with the snowman sign to make a snowman. Stop the train with the gate at the upper tunnel. Push the train car with the blue button into the train. Open the top gate and close the bottom gate to stop the train in front of the hair dryer. Press the blue button to make the hammer shatter the ice surrounding the hair dryer. Use the hair dryer on the snowman to free the penguin.
Squirrel - Use the hair dryer to melt the snow covering the acorn. Place the acorn on the tree trunk to bring out the squirrel.
Polar bear - Use the hair dryer to melt the snow above the lower red train tunnel to reveal a switch. Switch the tracks to make the train go through the red tunnel to pick up a new car. Press the red button on the new train car to reveal the polar bear.
Aquarium World - :bronze
Find all the animals in the aquarium world
There are 5 animals to find in the Aquarium

Seahorse - Pull the lever on the shower to flood the world. Next to the oyster is a circle of small rocks. With the world flooded the oyster will be open. Put a rock into the oyster and it will turn it into a pearl. Take a pearl and put it into the eye socket of the skull on a treasure chest. The seahorse is inside.
Octopus - With the world flooded, grab the bobber at the bottom of the world and attach it to the rope at the back of the shiprwreck. The bobber will rise and pop open the back of the shipwreck to reveal the octopus and a message in a bottle. Go ahead and turn off the shower as it's not needed anymore.
Turtle - Move the switches on the diving helmet to point to the symbols in the bottle (triangle, star, square) to unlock it. Open the front to reveal the turtle.
Seagull - Poke the submarine and it will move to a set location. Keep moving it until it scares an eel out of hiding. Take the key out of the eel's mouth and open the sardine can on boat. The fish will attract a seagull.
Hermit crab - Knock the starfish off the bottom part of the island near the diving helmet to reveal a shell. Place the shell in the circle near the crab to coax him out of the can.

Prehistoric World - :bronze
Find all the animals in the prehistoric world
There are 5 animals to find in the Prehistoric World
Pterodactyl - Make the  waterfall fall onto the flower bud down below to get an egg. To redirect the water start with the two lightly colored rocks and press the left one, then the one by the lava, then the rock down below by the plant, and then the left one again. Once the flower is grown take the egg and place it in the nest to hatch the pterodactyl.
Sabertooth tiger - There are two round rocks with holes in the middle. Place them on the two wooden poles next to the waterwheel. We need to manipulate the water flow again to turn the waterwheel. Start with the light colored rock near the lava, then the one by the waterwheel, and then the right side one of the two that are together. The water will turn the wheel and bring up the sabertooth on the platform below.
Dodo - Grab the brush and sweep away the dirt next to the broken bridge that is hanging down. Once the dirt is cleared you will find a bone. Give the bone to the meat eating plant to be able to open the dodo's cage.
Triceratops - Behind the giant watermelon is a door with a picture of a triceratops on it. Open the door to let the triceratops out.
T-rex - Take the giant watermelon and put it in the volcano to cause an eruption. Turn the world so that an unlit torch is directly in front of you. Put a small watermelon into the volcano and it will launch a fireball to light the torch. Repeat for all three torches and then once more for the campfire. Next to the campfire is a door with 4 fire symbols on it (they should now all be lit). Press the center button to open the door and release the t-rex.
Magic World - :bronze
Find all the animals in the magic world
There are 5 animals to find in Showtime (Magic World)
Tiger - Open the top of the front tower and grab the magic wand from within. Tap the three cups with it to make them float and reveal the tiger.

Dove - Tap the deck of cards to get a card. Use the wand on the stage curtains to open them. Put the card on the swing on the stage. Close the curtains with the wand and then open them up again. The card has turned into a dove.
Rabbit - Tap the hat with the wand and pull out the rabbit.
Mouse - Keep pulling items out of the hat until you get a key. Use it on the tower with a keyhole to reveal a rocket. Use the wand on the rocket's fuse to blast off to the moon and reveal the mouse.
Unicorn - Tap the tower with the shapes and fancy balcony until the shapes are lined up. Keep pulling items out of the hat until you get the star. Place it on the tower open the door to let the unicorn (horse with fake horn) out.
Swing Spot- :bronze
Poke the swing while dog is on it
In the Summer House level, after you find the dog, he will jump onto the swing. Just poke him on the swing for the trophy. The dog is hiding in the bushes by his house.
Open all doors - :bronze
Open all doors in all worlds


The doors are potentially buggy. I opened them multiple times and eventually the trophy popped. From what I can tell you have to open every door in a level for that level to count. You can return to levels to get ones you missed, but make sure to open every door in that level just in case. The doors don't stay open and you don't have to have them all open at the same time. Just open them at some point during the level.


There is nothing in game to track these but there are: 
5 doors in Summer House
4 doors in Winter Vacation
3 doors in Aquarium
0 doors in Prehistoric
7 doors in Showtime


For exact locations see the collectible guide - http://ps3imports.or...lectible-guide/
Pearl Jam - :bronze
Create pearls of all rocks in a single round
In the Aquarium World you have to create a pearl in order to unlock the chest with the seahorse in it. First, turn on the shower to flood the world. Then, take one of the stones near the oyster and put it into the oyster. The oyster will close and turn the stone into a pearl. Do this with all 5 stones for the trophy.


Meat eater goes vegan - :bronze
Let the meat eating plant eat watermelon
In the Prehistoric World hold a small watermelon near the meat eating plant and he will eat it. If you have already given him the bone you have to put the watermelon in his mouth and he will still eat it.

Magic World special - :bronze
Pick up all unique objects from the hat
After summoning the rabbit you can reach into the magic hat and pull out multiple different objects. The objects seem to be random and you may pull duplicates. You get 5 items every time you start the level. This trophy is buggy because I kept pulling the same items and it finally popped after I pulled a duplicate item. Just keep reloading the level, pulling items, and reloading the level until it pops.


Items that can be pulled:





Rubber Duck



Fort Knox - :bronze
Collect all the coins
There are 42 coins in the game. They aren't too hard to find and have sparkles showing where they are. You can keep track in the level by looking at the coin jar next to the alarm clock. A larger jar in the bedroom tracks your total progress. You are allowed to go back into levels and collect any coins you have missed. For exact locations see the collectible guide - http://ps3imports.or...lectible-guide/
True Ending - :gold
Get the true ending by finding all the animals in all worlds
If you have all the of the animals found this will unlock after completing the Magic World once you are looking at the mirror in your bedroom.
Bedroom story - :silver
Complete the story
As you finish the Magic World this will unlock as the narrator continues the story.


There are reports that this trophy sometimes glitches and doesn't unlock. The only thing that seems to work is replay the end until it does.
Marauder - :bronze
Throw a snowball at the train in the Winter Vacation World
Grab the snow shaker and pour snow into the machine at the top of the ramp to create snowballs. Grab a snowball and throw or drop it on the train. You can stop the train with one of the gates to make it easier to hit.
Berries - :bronze
Pick all the berries in all levels
Only the first three levels have berries and not all are actually berries. Just keep poking at bushes/trees until they all fall off.
Summer House - Blueberry bushes
Winter Vacation Wold - Red berry bushes
Aquarium World - Coconut trees

Nice job sef

Thx, for the guide.


Bedroom story didn't unlock in my 1st playthrough.

I had to use the magic wand on the stage again.

THanks for the guide.


Thx, for the guide.


Bedroom story didn't unlock in my 1st playthrough.

I had to use the magic wand on the stage again.

I had to do this too. For anyone else - Try not to exit the Frozen Word too quickly, as you wi need to go back to the stage for the trophy.

Thanks for the guide Sef! Had my kid reading it to me while I found everything :D