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The Chantry VR Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13Posted Image, 1Posted Image, 1Posted Image)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 30 minutes
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: PSVR




1S9a91d8.png Physician: Complete the tutorial


Check the door.Move the right, there is a letter by the last window.
Turn the letter around to highlight -the doctor-
now the door is unlocked.
2Sc6dd69.png Gloucestershire: Unlock the breakfast room
Move inside and check the door on the left.
  1. A county map: check painting left of the map, turn it around to highlight it.
  2. Last letter to Bristol: letter is on the box under the painting. 

3S122d6e.png The chantry: Unlock the dining room


In the hallway, check the 2nd door to the right.

  1. To Berkely Castle: turn back to the front door and check the little shield next to the painting.

4S5e6a08.png Smallpox: Unlock the breakfast room shutters


In the breakfast room go straight to the shutter to reveal the list.

Turn to your right to see the door to the graveyard.

  1. Family grave:a little doll on the grave next to the big tree
  2. Scarred Componist: pick up the statue of beethoven in the graveyard.
  3. Monsterous Reflection: on a tree oposite of the beethoven statue.

5Sd80b41.png Experiments: Unlock the library


Go to the end of the hallway and interact with the door to reveal the list.

  1. A fatal temperature: in the dressing room, next to the cabinet.
  2. Bloodletter: on the end of the table in the dining room.
  3. Inflated news: in the middle of the table in the dining room, next to the blood letter.
  4. Medecine chest: in the dressing room, take the drawer of the cabinet.
6S0bfc49.png Ridicule: unlock the dressing room
After completing the graveyard, the 2nd floor unlocks. Go upstairs and then right, check the door to reveal the list.
  1. A burned inquiry: a burned letter in the fireplace.
  2. Postcard mockery: on the table, next to the portable desk.
  3. Confiding letter: a letter on the table, left of the fireplace.

7S01f000.png James Phipps: Unlock the library shutters


In the library, look a the shutters to reveal the list.

  1. Blossom the cow: a painting of a caw on the wall oposite of the shutters.
  2. The diarymaid's hand: a painting of a hand on the wall oposite of the shutters.
  3. A historie cut: on a couch left of the shutters, pick up the scalpel under the had.


8S4af077.png Inoculation: Unlock Dr. Jenner's room


Move back upstairs and look to the door next to the dressing room to reveal the list.

  1. African news: 2nd graveyard, a newspaper next to a grave.
  2. Turkish book: 2nd graveyard, a book next to a grave.
  3. Sinful sermon: 2nd graveyard, a book on a grave oposite of the previous 2.

9S5748e6.png Napoleonics wars: Unlock Captain Jenner's room


Now the door unlocks in front of the stairs on the 2nd floor. Again check to reveal the list.

  1. French madal: a medal on the table next to the little bed.
  2. A map of influence: on the cabinet opposite of the bed.
  3. British duel: the sword on the little bed, turn it so you can look in the handle.

10S920698.png Legacy: Unlock the drawing room


Check the first door on the right in the hallway downstairs to reveal the list.

  1. Cuckoo journal: in the dressing room,on the dressing table.
  2. Migration journal: on a little cabinet in the library.
  3. Self-published inquiry: in the doctor's room, on the bed.
  4. Parliamentary tome: in the doctors room, on a little table under the window.

11S135582.png Entertainer: Unlock the front door


Look at the front door to reveal the list.

  1. The doctor's instrument: the clarinet above the fireplace in the drawing room.
  2. Waxing lyrical: candle on the cabinet in the drawing room.
  3. Poetry book: next to the candle.

12S009f13.png Letters: Find all correspondance


Check the globe in the breakfast room, to reveal the list.

  1. Marie's letter: in the drawer in the dressingroom, needs the key of mary's statue.
  2. Thomas letter: in the drawer of the closet in the doctor's room.
  3. Edward's letter: open the drawer in captain jenner's room.
When you have all the letter's, you have to look to the globe again for the trophy to pop.
13S7143d1.png Vaccinated: Complete the game
Interact with the statue to get the end credits.
14Sf379a6.png Key: Unlock the drawer in the dressing room
Interact with the queen mary statue on the graveyard.
  1. Cooking up immunity: a book on a table in the breakfast room.
Go back to the statue, the key is behind the golden plate.
Now you can unlock the drawer in the dressing room.
15Secc04e.png Fork handles: No, four candles!
In the breakfast room, open the drawer of the table. 4 candles are inside.

thx Sefjwm for the header 

and Smashero for telling me you need to go back to the globe for the trophy to unlock.


My playthrough:

Thanks for the guide!