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Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet Video Guide Walkthrough

Check out @Roughdawg4 Trophy Guide and Walkthrough for Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet, A lighthearted short visual novel. Can be completed in 5 Minutes on PS4, 15 Minutes on PSVita.



If you Prefer a Text guide please check out our link :- http://ps3imports.or...de-walkthrough/


Official Game Info:-


Game Description


In a magical town there lives a candy alchemist, Syrup, who one day discovers a candy golem in her basement.


Where did she come from? Who could've made her? Go find out!
Featuring a memorable cast of colorful characters and 10 unique endings.
Your choices affect the story! Will Syrup achieve her dream of making the Ultimate Sweet, or will she meet a much more tragic fate...?


good one thanks

Love this game.  Thanks for the info.