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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (VR) - Trophy Guide

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality - VR Required!


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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10
  • Offline trophies: 48 [1 :plat 4 :gold 2 :silver 41 :bronze ]
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 2 - 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Additional peripherals required?: PSVR required. 2 move controllers highly recommended.


*Firstly i really want someone to test this guide and let me know how quick this is to plat! Because it took me 4 and a half hours when i didn't know what the heck i was supposed to do for all the trophies so surely this guide will half that time! :)




Your wait is over! Surgeon Simulator has now brought VR to the ER! Which is exactly how this game was made to be played. Now with your move controllers you are able to move around all angles with ease, finally making this platinum very fun and very easy to complete! Unlike that headache of the original!


Surgeon Simulator ER is a funny game, and the experience is as crazy as you would imagine; get your hands bloody while you perform 5 different surgeries, over 3 different settings.... including space.... yes space. Our patient Bob's life is in your hands....poor Bob.



Useful Links:


Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality trophy videos playlist LINK.
(Video credit to Spork The Boat, thank you for permission to share your vids!)



Menu Navigation:


I'm adding this small segment for your ease as I wasted some time in figuring out how to start levels up!


Changing Surgeries - When in reception, look down at the document on your desk. At the top of the document will be 5 small circles with a picture of heart, kidneys, brain, eyes, teeth. Run your finger over these circles to start up new levels.


Space levels - When you have played through all the Hospital and Ambulance levels, a floppy disc with "????" will appear back in reception on the left hand side. When you have played the floppy disc in your computer you will now have access to the space levels.





Step 1 - Get A++ ratings and all time trophies for the Hospital levels.


Firstly, watch this 8 minute video so you know how all the 5 surgeries can be performed with A++ :



Now that you have this knowledge, you're basically set for the whole game.


I recommend for all surgeries to jab Bob with the green syringe every now and then. The green syringe reduces blood loss, keeping him alive for a little longer.


This stage you get:


:bronze I Think I Got This
:bronze Kali Mah!
:bronze Don't In-Test My Patience
:bronze How Long Can You Live Without A Brain?
:bronze Blink And You'll Miss It
:bronze You May Feel A Light Tapping
:bronze I Should Never Have Doubted Myself



Step 2 - Get A++ Ratings and all time trophies for the Ambulance levels.


Very very similar to the hospital surgeries, if you would still like video examples of all A++ ambulance levels they are available here. LINK.


This stage you get:


:bronze Nine Nine Nine!
:bronze Life's Too Short
:bronze A Surgeon's Merit Is Based On Speed
:bronze Brainstorm
:bronze I Can See For Miles... Per Hour
:bronze Not The Time Or Place For Precision



Step 3 - Get A++ ratings and all blood trophies for the Space levels.


Just keep constantly using the green syringe and you will get these blood loss related trophies very easily. You can take your time and be careful if you like.


Again if you would still like to have a video reference, all A++ space levels can be found here. LINK.


This stage you get:


:bronze Spaaaaaaaaace
:bronze In Space, No One Can Hear You Bleed
:bronze It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It
:bronze The Surgery Of The Future
:bronze Precision Instrument Time
:bronze Expert Space Stalker
:bronze Maintained Healthy Gums At Least
:bronze Practically Licensed
:gold Best Surgeon In The World



Step 4 - Miscellaneous trophies cleanup.


Here's the fun part as the game has plenty of wacky things it would like you to do before you can have its platinum, but they are mainly just fun, (my personal favourites are the doctor who trophy and the intestine scarf lol), and for example the trophy that will probably take you the most minutes and tries is :bronze Bin Longdon for just throwing something in a bin so that tells you that you don't need to worry about difficulties.


See the trophy descriptions below to know everything you need to do.


All remaining misc trophies are:


:bronze I Immediately Regret This Decision
:silver And They Said It Was Impossible!
:bronze What Have I Done??
:bronze Hammer Time
:bronze What A Load Of Bull
:bronze The Goggles Do Nothing
:bronze Lumberjack
:bronze Heterochromia
:gold You Can't Handle The Tooth!
:bronze Keyhole Surgery
:bronze Like A Wet Paper Towel
:bronze I'm Sure He'll Live
:bronze Vworrrp Vworrrp
:bronze The Beat Of Your Heart
:bronze Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News
:bronze Nigel The Secretary
:silver About As Politically Correct As Fur
:bronze It's In! It's In I Tell You!
:gold Nothing But Skull
:gold Let's See That Sick Filth Again
:bronze Call Trisha
:bronze Bin There, Done That
:bronze Mass Ejection
:bronze Smash TV
:bronze Bin Longdon


This operation was a success! Congratulations! Here is your reward:


:plat There Is Nothing More To Teach...


Trophies Guide:



1S54b799.png  There Is Nothing More To Teach...  :plat

Completed every Trophy. Now go save lives!
2S69f323.png  I Think I Got This  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant.
Complete your first surgery, with any grade.
It is much easier to be shown where and what to cut via video so please follow the links in each trophy description.  Each level/video only takes a couple of minutes or less.
See Kali Mah!
3Sd6ce90.png  Kali Mah!  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant in under 1 minute 50 seconds.
If you have watched the 8 minute playlist as recommended to show you how to perform all surgeries, (surgery playlist HERE) all you have to do differently for speed is smash through the ribcage with a hammer. Then go about the surgery as you usually would.
Get this time trophy, then replay the level taking a little more care to get the A++ rating.
Video example of how to perform a fast heart transplant:
As you can see from the video you can be pretty brutal and it'll still get the job done! It's part of what makes this game kinda fun.
4Sd51889.png  Don't In-Test My Patience  :bronze
Perform a double kidney transplant in under 3 minutes.
3 minutes is LOADS of time so this trophy is ezpz. You will most likely finish it in under a minute. Remember you can get any bad grade as long as bob stays alive! You'll only need a scalpel to remove the organs and detach the kidneys then you're done. 
Get this time trophy then replay the level a little more carefully to get the A++ rating ready for  :gold Best Surgeon In The World.
Video example of how to perform a fast double kidney transplant - LINK.
5S48a003.png  How Long Can You Live Without A Brain?  :bronze
Perform a brain transplant in under 30 seconds.
30 seconds is not long, but there isn't much to do.  Grab a hammer and wildly bash Bob's skull to reveal the brain, slap it out and detach the brain by cutting the stem with any knife, and your surgery is done.
Remember to replay the level after your time trophy has popped, and this time more carefully cut through the skull with the electric circular saw to achieve an A++ rating.
Video example of how to perform a fast brain transplant - LINK.
6Sc63712.png  Blink And You'll Miss It  :bronze
Perform an eye transplant in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Plenty of time again here, the more difficult part (but still not too difficult) is getting an A++ rating in this level. Sometimes it would seem to take a lot of time to cut through the eyes and Bob would lose a lot of blood. Keep using the green syringe, and I recommend a sawing motion with your scalpel to try and detach the eyes quickly.
Video example of how to perform a fast eye transplant - LINK.
7Sfdf41f.png  You May Feel A Light Tapping  :bronze
Perform a teeth transplant in under 45 seconds.
Another easy operation, just bash some teeth out with the hammer then pick up the new teeth with the tweezers and insert them and you're done.
I prefer to use the power drill for teeth operations, even though these videos use a hammer. Use whichever method you prefer.
Replay the level once this time trophy has popped, to get the A++ rating. Take care and this time use the power drill for slower extra precision and go for just the rotten teeth and get the :gold You Can't Handle The Tooth! trophy while you're here.
Video example of how to perform a fast teeth transplant - LINK.
8S1bea8e.png  Nine Nine Nine!  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance.
See Life's Too Short.
9S695c90.png  Life's Too Short  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute 40 seconds.
Nothing to worry about here, as you've already had the practice in the Hospital heart transplant level and this operation is exactly the same.
Remember that once you get the time trophy, to replay the level to grab an A++ rating ready for :gold Best Surgeon In The World.
Video example - LINK.
10S3c3259.png  A Surgeon's Merit Is Based On Speed  :bronze
Perform a double kidney transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes.
You have a minute less time but it is still more than enough time to finish this easy operation.
Again don't forget to replay the level for the A++ rating after you got the time trophy, if you haven't got A++ already.
Video example - LINK.
11S43b805.png  Brainstorm  :bronze
Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance in under 30 seconds.
Exactly the same time limit and procedure as the Hospital.
Use the hammer for the speed trophy, then the electrical circular saw for the A++ run.
Video example - LINK.
12Sfea01d.png  I Can See For Miles... Per Hour  :bronze
Perform an eye transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
Use the hammer to smash the goggles off, which will also get you the :bronze The Goggles Do Nothing trophy, pull the eyes out the normal way with a scalpel, then try using the surgical axe to remove the eyes quickly, which will also earn you the :bronze Lumberjack trophy.
Replay till you get a good run where the eyes detach quickly and without much blood loss for the A++, this is the only operation that I had to have a couple of tries for before I got A++ but it still won't take you too long.
Video example - LINK.
13S728cb7.png  Not The Time Or Place For Precision  :bronze
Perform a teeth transplant in an ambulance in under 45 seconds.
Another easy operation that's nothing to worry about.
You may very well of got an A++ rating at the same time as the time trophy, but if you haven't then remember to replay the level and grab an A++ rating while your here before you move on.
Video example - LINK.
14S591e35.png  In Space, No One Can Hear You Bleed  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant in space.
See It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It.
15S4b6fe3.png  It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It  :bronze
Perform a heart transplant in space losing less than 1300ml of blood.
Astronauts need surgery too it seems!
In space, all your tools will be floating in the zero gravity. However all your tools will all respawn in the same floating spot when the level starts, so once you have spotted where they are, you will know where to grab. 
In space do your 'best' operations, the same ways as you've done the previous A++ operations, just add in using the green syringe every now and then and you probably will not have to replay these space operations, you should get A++ and not much blood loss trophies at the same time.
Video example - LINK.

16S90f2b4.png  The Surgery Of The Future  :bronze
Perform a double kidney transplant in space losing less than 1500ml of blood.
You know what to do, use your scalpel to an A++ standard while using your green syringe a lot and you'll get this first go.
Video example - LINK.
17S1eddc9.png  Precision Instrument Time  :bronze
Perform a brain transplant in space losing less than 2300ml of blood.
The operations should be easy by now as its your third time around doing them; use the electric circular saw and the green syringe and you'll succeed very easily.
Video example - LINK.
18S1fbeb1.png  Expert Space Stalker  :bronze
Perform an eye transplant in space losing less than 1000ml of blood.
This is the level that you will also want to grab the :bronze Mass Ejection trophy while you're here.
Perform this as you would the other 2 previous A++ ways while continuing to use the green syringe to keep the blood loss under control.
Video example - LINK.
19Se8aad5.png  Maintained Healthy Gums At Least  :bronze
Perform a teeth transplant in space losing less than 800ml of blood.
Be careful enough to get an A++ rating while using the green syringe and you will probably get this trophy on your first attempt.
Video example - LINK.
20Se86b85.png  I Immediately Regret This Decision  :bronze
Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time.
See And They Said It Was Impossible!
21S3ae9ab.png  And They Said It Was Impossible!  :silver
Complete a procedure after being drugged and electrocuted. (Must be afflicted within 20 secs)
Start the Hospital Brain Surgery level, as I think its the easiest.
Inject the green syringe into your own hand, then put the scissors into the plug socket which is on the left hand side of you.
The controls for pick up and let go will now be a bit squiff (inverted), but you only need to handle 2 tools so it'll be fine.
Put your headlamp on, get the hammer out of the drawer and remove the skull. Get a scalpel and detach the brain at the stem. 
Now, if the game has let you let go of your tools, great, just pick up the new brain and pop it in. Done. If the game has NOT let you let go of your tools, no problem, just knock the new brain onto the table in front of you, and with a scooping motion with your palms together facing up, gently scoop the brain up and along Bob's body until it fits into place.
22S439d9e.png  What Have I Done??  :bronze
Lose the patient within 15 seconds.
Start the Ambulance brain surgery. On your left will be the power drill.  If you immediately grab the power drill and just scramble his brain with it, he will die in 12 seconds.
If for some reason you are having difficulty, the blue syringe speeds up blood loss. So you could also inject him repeatedly with that with your other hand if necessary.  
23S583130.png  Hammer Time  :bronze
Lose 50,000ml of blood using the hammer.
This trophy is cumulative, so save it till the end.
If by the end it hasn't popped, just replay any surgery and just repeatedly batter poor Bob with the hammer and your trophy will soon unlock.
24Sb7420e.png  What A Load Of Bull  :bronze  :secret
Listen to the surgeon rap.
Start a hospital heart transplant.
Pick up the radio so you can hear the music,  you may need to bash it or mess with it if the radio needs to change track for this right rap to play to unlock the trophy.
25Sc454fa.png  The Goggles Do Nothing  :bronze
Completely smash up the goggles.
In the Ambulance eye transplant level, use the hammer to remove the goggles from Bob's face.
26Sf95194.png  Lumberjack  :bronze
Cut out the eyes using the surgical axe.
In the Ambulance eye transplant level, pull the eyes out the usual way with the scalpel, then when they are dangling use the surgical axe to finish the job in cutting them out.
27S6544aa.png  Heterochromia  :bronze
Give the patient heterochromia.
Heterochromia means one eye one colour, and the other eye a different colour.
Start eye transplant levels, and just empty the eyeball jars onto your table and select 2 different ones. (I don't know if the 8 ball eyes and the smiley face eyes count because my trophy unlocked naturally when I didn't notice). 
28Se65993.png  You Can't Handle The Tooth!  :gold
Complete the tooth transplant only removing the rotten teeth.
The rotten teeth are of course the black teeth.
For this trophy I feel I get best precision by using the power drill to remove the individual teeth by going in slowly towards it. You can do it with a small hammer if you'd prefer.
If good teeth come out by accident just hit restart; it won't take you long till you get it.
29Scf8f11.png  Keyhole Surgery  :bronze
Completely remove the rib cage.
Start a heart transplant level.
Use the electric circular saw around the edges of the ribs, detaching the ribcage as one piece, not breaking it up. When you pick up and remove the rib cage as one whole piece your trophy should unlock.
30S705e2c.png  Practically Licensed  :bronze
Complete all procedures.
See Best Surgeon In The World.
31S245742.png  I Should Never Have Doubted Myself  :bronze
Get an A++ rating on a procedure.
See Best Surgeon In the World.
32Sf69a11.png  Best Surgeon In The World  :gold
Get an A++ rating on all procedures.
Video playlist on how to A++ all surgeries! - LINK.
33S8c12cc.png  Like A Wet Paper Towel  :bronze
Throw the new heart away in the surgery.
Start a heart transplant.
Open the container and just drop the new heart on the floor, or throw it against the wall.



34Sc8d03a.png  I'm Sure He'll Live  :bronze
Complete a procedure with less than 10ml of blood remaining.
Start a heart transplant level and get to the point where you are finished and ready with the new heart in your hand, ready to insert.  Now cause poor old Bob some damage with any weapon of choice.  
Look over to the monitor on the right hand side and you will see the numbers of how much blood is being lost.
When it starts getting low, give Bob a few jabs with the green syringe to slow the blood loss down. Make sure it's not going too fast near the end, just keep injecting him with that green syringe.
Now with your eyes on the monitor simply time it right to drop the new heart in when the numbers hit 9.
35S5fc90f.png  Vworrrp Vworrrp  :bronze
Create a Time Lord.
For those who don't watch Doctor Who: a Time Lord has two hearts. 
Start a heart transplant.  Remove the ribcage and other organs, but LEAVE the original heart still attached and beating. Now open the container and drop the new heart in there as well so he has 2 working hearts.
36S963fca.png  The Beat Of Your Heart  :bronze
Replace the heart with something else.
Perform a normal heart transplant, but put the radio in there instead of the new heart.
37Sb4ebfc.png  Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News  :bronze
Answer the phone.
The phone is in reception. Pick it up when it rings!
38Se1ab04.png  Nigel The Secretary  :bronze
Go about your secretarial duties.
In reception, pick up a pen and write on the notepad next to you until the trophy unlocks.
39S24a5fa.png  Spaaaaaaaaace  :bronze
Go where no surgeon has gone before.
Start a space level.  
You have to complete the Hospital and Ambulance levels before you can enter space.  Once you have completed them, a floppy disc with "????" on it will appear back in reception; you need to play this floppy disc in your computer on the left hand side. NOW you have access to space.
Select the third circular icon at the top of your document on the desk to begin.
40S83a998.png  About As Politically Correct As Fur  :silver
Give the patient a... scarf.
Start a kidney level.
When you have removed the large intestine, wrap it around Bob's neck!
41S8dd4f5.png  It's In! It's In I Tell You!  :bronze
...and it was going so well.
You need to put the heart in wrong, while Bob dies.
Start a heart transplant and complete it as you normally would, until it comes to placing the new heart in. Drop it in upside down, so that it doesn't register as completing the level, then... kill Bob. Murderer.
42S33ee99.png  Nothing But Skull  :gold
Complete a brain transplant by throwing it in.
You don't have to throw the brain from far at all; my trophy unlocked when I thought I had just placed the brain in normally.
43S8fadcc.png  Let's See That Sick Filth Again  :gold  :secret
Perform a 180° spoon flip.
180 is a half spin.
There are spoons all over, but might as well use the spoon in reception. Hold from the handle and catch the spoon end, or vice versa. Do a gentle flick of the wrist and you should get this trophy no problem.
44S8d8b10.png  Call Trisha  :bronze
Now where did you leave her number...
There are clues giving you segments of the number very well hidden all over the entire game, but to save you the hard work...
In reception, pick up the phone receiver and dial 099326071850.  Remember to press the green call button!
45S4a1cc9.png  Bin there, done that  :bronze
Throw any object into any bin in reception
The close bin is just the other side of your desk, it won't take you long to throw a pen or anything you can find on your desk in there.  If you run out of throwable items you can press reset reception, which will bring everything back.
46Sd51be4.png  Mass ejection  :bronze
Eject all the tools into space
Start the space eye transplant level. You need to do it on this level as this level has all the tools in it.
To your right is a blue button - this will open the hatch behind Bob, and suck things outside for a second or two. It will keep sucking things outside if you keep pressing it.
To your left is a up/down gravity lever - this is useful if you cant see any more tools but the trophy has not popped yet, if you hold the lever up it will bring things back into your view by them hitting the ceiling.
Simply get tools near the hatch with your own hands or the gravity lever, when things are close enough to the hatch keep on pressing the blue button, and you should get this trophy no problem.
Have a good look around the floor and the gaps around where Bob is sitting to make sure you haven't missed anything.
47S6cb9d3.png  Smash TV  :bronze
Make the TV in the ambulance fall off
In the ambulance just slap the TV with your hand or whatever you feel like and you'll get the trophy.
48S863135.png  Bin Longden  :bronze
Throw any object into the furthest bin in reception
There are two bins in reception. One is just the other side of your desk, but this trophy needs the bin that is against the back wall near the table under the painting.
This trophy actually took me the longest! (about 15 minutes) and actually it unlocked when a pen just hit the front of it and bounced off, so the trophy might be a bit forgiving for you.
Use all the items on your desk that you can pick up, when they run out hit reset reception to get them all back and try again till you get it.

oof seemed like a long guide but thats only because there was 48 trophies i had to tell you how to get!


Guide complete :)


it really is a fun and easy silly game! if you have VR u should play it :D 

Very good work Ess