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STAB! STAB! STAB! Trophy Guide.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 26 ( 1 :plat 7Posted Image, 6Posted Image, 12Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 to 2 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, trophy for 10 VS wins pops after 100 wins.
  • Do trophies stack?: No.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: 2nd DS4 is helpful, but not mandatory


Stab! Stab! STAB!


This is a bit weird party-type game where players control a "bird" and you have to "stab" other birds with your beak to kill them. Typical "brawler" or whatever, so few different levels, some powerups (called mutators) and... Standard crap. No online trophies and everything can be done solo, but second controller is advised in order to make some things easier. Some trophies have to be grinded, but it is actually an "idle" grind. Platinum can be obtained in less than two hours.



HgXjdCC.png Winner

Win a versus match

DyBJbvF.png Champion

Win 10 versus matches

QNHnvSs.png Unstoppable

Win 100 versus matches

Start a 2-player versus match and change the settings to:
Time Limit: None.
Kill Limit: 1.
Regeneration: Off.
Continuous Play: On.
Choose the scene #7 - Meat Grinder. Now simply commit a suicide with second player by falling into the grinder on the bottom or walk into those on the sides. You will win 1:0, then simply start next match with  :cross  (can be easily turboed).

"Champion" is glitched and it will pop after "Unstoppable" - you have to play ~15 extra matches.

IJMmUso.png Met Your Match

Finish 20 versus matches in a draw

Start a 2-player versus match and change the settings as mentioned above.
Choose the scene #7 with grinders.  Now simply commit suicide with both players by falling into the grinder on the bottom or walk into those on the sides of the screen at the same time.
Even if "WINNER" will appear above one player, second one will be still crushed and the match will finish with draw.


u6oYB76.png Least Concern

Watch 10 fleshbirds pop

zWBSoT1.png Near Threatened

Watch 100 fleshbirds pop

3MdeJnw.png Vulnerable


Watch 200 fleshbirds pop

14lEZnA.png  Endangered

Watch 500 fleshbirds pop

wOSpWV9.png Critically Endangered

Watch 1000 fleshbirds pop

For those you have to see ANY fleshbird popping (exploding while dying) which means every "pop" which will appear on the screen counts - can be frag gotten by you, suicide or frag achieved by CPU, etc.
Simply start 8-players game, (1 player and 7 CPU - you do not have to change the CPU skill), change the settings to
Lives: Unlimited.
Powerups: None
Time Limit: None
Kill Limit: None
Regeneration: Off
Choose the scene #7 - Meat Grinder and... sit down and wait. You can block your  :Leftstick  to also commit suicide with your character and speed up the process a bit or try to work on mutator trophies.
Birds will almost constantly fall into "grinders" popping while dying.


qG7Qy4f.png Survivor

Clear 10 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode

BlnCvpX.png  Hunter

Clear 20 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode

C75Xicu.png Exterminator

Clear 50 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode

Choose Survivor mode and change settings to:
Lives: Unlimited.
Powerups: Very Frequent
Regeneration: Supernatural

Mutator duration: Permanent or very long


Start 8-players game (1 player and 7 CPU - set up CPU skill to max). Select area #1 - Hypodermic Hill.  Your goal is to survive 50 waves of enemies (there is like... 2-7 per round). Since you have unlimited lives, very frequent mutators (permanent or very long) CPU can actually do the whole thing for you. You can sit back and wait until wave 50 or get some kills by yourself while working on the MUTATORS trophies in the same time.


For all the below mentioned trophies, simply start 2-players VS game and select the right level:

HzFFaDT.png Tenderised

Die to a swinging hammer

Select scene #3 - Cave Ruins with the swinging hammer and get killed by it.

zby6IR0.png Fresh Mince

Fall into a meat grinder

Select scene #7 - Meat Grinder and walk into one of them.

tfD8VUx.png  Rolling pin

Get popped by a rolling spike ball

Select scene #9 - Teleport Tunnel and get killed by rolling spike ball.

eBTKp1V.png Beam Me Up!

Jump through a teleporter

Same scene as above -  there is a teleport in the bottom left corner of the level, just get into it and die.

68wx2sH.png Tetanus

Die to the needles in the hypodermic stage

Select scene #1 - Hypodermic Hill and get killed by the moving spikes in the middle.


LKV2Hzo.png How Did You Get Up There?

Die to ceiling Spikes

Same scene as above - get the "FLY" mutator or be airborned by popped enemy and hit the spikes on the ceiling. Stay on them until you are dead.

AwbNMED.png Shoulda Looked Up

Get squashed by a holo-cube

Select scene #8 - Danger Room and get squashed by falling cube.

6SmfRj9.png Cooperation makes it happen

Defeat a cronenbird in VS mode

Select scene #11 or #12. In the center there are cronebirds, same enemies which you have to kill in "Survival" mode.
Simply kill them all.




Mutators are powerups in this game. They look like shiny orbs and seems to be totally random. They give you an additional abilities (flying, shooting, extra speed, multi spike, etc.).


Set the rules:
Mutation Duration: Permanent
Powerups: Very frequent
Everything can be obtained in 2-players versus mode. Probably you got some of them already during Survival.


I think the "easiest" scene to catch a lot of mutators while not being disturbed by the "environment" is level #1 - Hypodermic Hill, but feel free to select another one if you feel more comfortable.

LSYWwgy.png Mutated

Pick up any powerup

As simple as that ;).

ZQK9r1L.png Attack helicopter

Pick up the wings and beak gun powerup at the same time

A bit of luck is needed to have those same two mutators ("FLY" and "BEAK GUN") at the same time, but with rule "Permanent Mutation" every mutation will stay, so just keep getting the powerups until you will combine those two.

6ByufJ3.png Centipede

Pick up multiple legs powerups at once

With "permanent" rule you will keep all the mutations, so continue to collecting them until you will pick up

"MORE LEGS" mutator three times.

83lNSPw.png Danger ball

Get a kill while you have no legs

The only "tricky" one. Mutator "NO LEGS" or "SITTING DUCKS" has to be collected by SECOND player, which will remove the "legs" of Player 1. You can not move then with Player 1, so walk quickly with P2 to P1 and got stabbed to death before your legs will reappear (those mutators are not affected by "permanent" setting).

rcQouMp.png What doesn't kill you

Block a spike with a tumor

Simply pick up "TUMOR" mutator and let enemy/2nd player stab you.

:plat  PLATINUM! :]  :plat

Cool plat guide Smash

Guide was perfect! Thanks

Guide is perfect, thank you :)

Just a side note, your 2nd controller doesn't actually earn any trophies on that profile ( trophy list doesn't even sync)


If you earn any trophy with either player 1 or player 2, I think it pops on your main account