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Sniper Trophy Guide

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Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated Completion Time: 20 min - 1 hour
Trophy Breakdown: 6 ( 2 :gold , 3 :silver , 1 :bronze )
Difficulty Effect Trophies: No, play on easy
Do Trophies Stack: US & EU versions
Trophy Lists: US (Sniper Trophies • PSNProfiles.com)
EU (Sniper Trophies • PSNProfiles.com)


Welcome to Sniper, the newest game to challenge Sniper Elite for the top spot in it's genre :rolleyes
In all seriousness, this is as basic and simple as gameplay can get for this kind of game. The controls are clunky and the graphics are blocky. Enemies don't even pay attention to dead bodies laying around. You can snipe an enemy next to another one and he won't even react. There is no in game menu so if you want to restart like I had to do when suddenly my character was stuck in a corner and wouldn't move, you'll have to hold the PS button and quit out that way.


The entire game takes place in a very small, town like area and is played by rounds, where each round you have a certain amount of time and certain number of enemies you need to locate and snipe. Each round the number of enemies increase. You also have a pistol on you but I've found no reason for it. Although I did notice that the pistol will shoot enemies from just as far a distance then the rifle does. Even more strange is when you get the slow motion kill cam, you will notice that your pistol is shooting rifle ammo :confused . Your two ways of failing is either running out of time or being spotted.


From what should be expected from a tiny little game like this, I found it to actually be kind of fun. The slow motion kill cam is pretty cool. The price of $9.99 is a little high for only six trophies and no platinum though. Although it can be pretty difficult sometimes to find the last couple enemies in each round before the timer runs out, it's still very doable. I think it just comes down to how lucky you get with the game either deciding to put the enemies in the open area or in and around the the taller buildings.




* There is a red arrow on the top of your screen that points you in the general direction of all the enemies. Although be careful about relying on this because sometimes there can be enemies a lot closer and off to the side of where the arrow is pointing. For the most part though, they will be bunched up in a single area but sometimes there's some drifters.


* There are mountains on most edges of the map. You can climb up on these and have a huge view advantage to spot the enemies. Most of the time, it's almost impossible to find them when your on ground level with them. You can also use houses in the area to climb to a second or third floor but I found my field of vision to be obstructed most of the time.


* Always reload your rifle when you have the chance. Too many times I would finally spot an enemy and try to take a shot and instead have to reload.


* When trying to locate where the enemies are, I found the best strategy is to look in the general direction, not in scope mode, very close to my tv. Since nothing in the game moves at all except the enemies, if you concentrate closely to your screen, a lot of times you can make out there movement.


Mar 03 2021 12:08 PM

*All Trophies Are In The Order Of When You Will Earn Them, With The Exception Of The First Two Which Could Happen At Anytime*




1S6ebd2a.png  Times Out   :silver

Run out of time


Pretty self explanatory. You start each round from anywhere between 5-6 minutes to locate and snipe the required amount of enemies. If you fail to eliminate all the enemies in this time limit, you fail. But hey, you earn a silver trophy for it.



3S1e20c1.png  Die   :bronze



Now that's a great trophy description lol. Simple enough. If you get spotted by any enemy, you'll be shot and receive this trophy. You'll know your caught when you can't even move your controller. The game doesn't give you any chance to fight back.



3S1e20c1.png  Assassin   :silver

Kill one enemy


This ones pretty obvious. Simply kill your first enemy for this trophy. See the trophy "Ultimate Assassin" below and the Tips section above for more info on killing your enemies.



3S1e20c1.png War zone   :silver

Complete first wave


You'll earn this trophy after sniping the first 5 enemies and completing the first wave. See the trophy "Ultimate war zone" below for more info on the waves.



3S1e20c1.png  Ultimate Assassin  :gold

Kill 10 Enemies


You will earn this trophy during your second wave if you don't die in the meantime. Like I mentioned above in the Tips section.


*Use the red red arrow to point you in the general direction of where the enemies will be.


*Always make sure to reload your rifle whenever you have the chance. The game doesn't reload your weapon for you when your clip runs out. Instead next time you try to shoot and your clips out, then it will reload. Use the square button to manually reload. Sometimes you can barely see an enemy and need to take that shot at that moment and this can screw you up big time.


*The absolute most important tip I can give you is to use the mountains that are on the outer boarders of the map to be able to spot enemies a lot easier. With these you'll be able to have a down view of most of the area. When your on ground level it makes it extremely difficult to see the them because of all the debris laying everywhere.



4Se7c72a.png  Ultimate war zone   :gold

Complete wave 5


This trophy is the only reason why this game is not a 1/10, as sometimes it becomes difficult to spot the last one or two enemies before the timer runs out on you. If you fail at any time, you'll have to start back at round 1. Each round you have between 5-6 minutes to eliminate the set number of enemies. Here is the breakdown:


Round 1 = 5 enemies

Round 2 = 6 enemies

Round 3 = 7 enemies

Round 4 = 8 enemies

Round 5 = 9 enemies


This trophy is kind of luck based in my opinion. This is because it is random on where the enemies on the map will spawn. They can either spawn in big, wide open areas or around the taller house section which makes it tough at times to be able to spot them. Also you can snipe enemies while there moving by leading them but it seems to be almost impossible. I have hit a couple of them while they were moving but I had plenty of bullets go right through there bodies as well. You also cannot shoot through many things, including trees.


As long as you use the mountains around the outer edge of the map and view the entire area while not in scope mode, really close to your tv, this game will still be pretty easy and fun as well.

Mar 03 2021 10:30 PM

Trophy guide is finished. Hope it helps with this masterpiece of a game :laugh

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Looks Great Pun!  :thumbsup

Excellent guide 👍

works perfectly! Thanks

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Thank you for all the kind words everyone. Happy to be of service :thumbsup

Guide is great thank you

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Guide is great thank you


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