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Rain City ~ Trophy Walkthrough

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BE CAREFUL when using the manual saves! You overwrite a previous save with TRIANGLE and load a previous save with X.


Videos walkthroughs of this are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked


Sister's Apartment
Talk to apartment manager x10 – Curious! :bronze unlocked
Give money to apartment manager (L2 for inventory)
Pick up key
Go up two flights of stairs
Interact with the locked gate
Go down two flights
Talk to apartment manager
Go up one flight of stairs
Click on left door
Use key with right door and enter
Push square stool left and pick up valve wheel
Push square stool right and pick up headphones
Exit via red door
Hop over the left side of the balcony
Look at left pipe
Use valve wheel with slot
Cross over to and enter the green door
Talk to alpaca, then give them the headphones
Pick up rabbit ear muffs and use them with yourself
Exit via brown door, then go up one flight of stairs
Talk to rabbit, then enter door


Use red arcade game – just hold down X and avoid enemy fire to get through it, including the boss fight – get rabbit coin
Use rabbit coin with vending machine
Pick up cigarettes
Give cigarettes to the bunny sitting alone, then pick up the lighter at his table
Click on the drums on stage
Keep playing this minigame until you hit 100 points. You can start hitting the button just before the disc makes contact with the drum; you'll pick up the timing pretty quickly. You don't have to be flawless, but you need to be close; there are 104 notes total – Drum Expert :bronze and Drum Master :bronze unlocked – you will also get a bucket
Use bucket with side of vending machine
Climb on bucket and pick up toilet paper
Climb off bucket and pick it back up
Use toilet paper with left door
Enter the bathroom and pick up the toilet paper
Look at toilet
Use bucket with middle of room, then add toilet paper and lighter
Exit to hallway and go down one flight of stairs and into the left room
Talk to alpaca – get rent money
Exit to hallway and go down one flight of stairs
Use rent money with apartment manager, then pick up key
Go up two flights of stairs, use key with gate, and go up one more stairs and onto the roof


Enter the yellow dome
Talk to dog – get core part (1/7)
Open drawer by monkey bobble and pick up core part (2/7)
Go outside and enter the green door
Click the red console and solve the puzzle:
Row 1: X X – X -
Row 2: - - - X X
Row 3: X X X X X
Row 4: - X X X -
Row 5: - - - - X
Pick up core part (3/7)
Pick up lever from workbench
Pick up ladder next to door
Go outside, all the way left, and pick up core part (4/7)
Enter the blue door
Use console on right
Top row: right x4
Middle row: right x7
Bottom row: right x4
Press X to start the crane – Crane Expert :silver and Crane Beginner :bronze unlocked
Use ladder with thing in center
Climb ladder, pick up core part (5/7), jump down and pick up ladder
Go outside and enter the apartment again
Look at fuse box
Use lever with slot, then go back outside
Look at thing in middle of screen, and pick up core part (6/7)
Enter yellow dome
Use ladder with cabinet left of dog, climb it, pick up core part (7/7), jump off, and pick up ladder
Click trapdoor in middle of room


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Talk to dog
Go back into the apartment building
Use ladder with boxes, pick up fan blade, jump off, then pick up ladder
Go outside and use fan blade with broken propeller
Go back into yellow dome and talk to dog
Go outside and down to the street


Enter building
Go up the stairs and walk into the mouse, then back down the stairs and wait for the mouse to come back
Repeat x10 – Jumpy :bronze unlocked
Push the small table all the way left
Get on table, pick up hook on rope
Go downstairs, look at grating on floor, and use hook on rope with object – get key
Use key with big red console, and pick up magnet
Push the small table all the way right and jump on it
Wait for the mouse to come out of the hole and go left, then jump off the table and look at the mouse hole (if it doesn't come out after about 10-15 seconds of being on the table, get off of the table and walk to the bottom right corner of this top floor and it should then)
Pick up antenna
Go downstairs and use antenna with mole
Pick up fishing pole
In inventory, use fishing pole with hook and rope, then add the magnet to it
Go upstairs, jump on the table, and look out the window
Use magnetic fishing pole with thing the statue is holding – get switch lever
Go inside and downstairs, use switch lever with small red console, and click it
Go outside and down into the sewer


Go down the ladder and pick up all five loose tiles
Look at the open drain (top left corner of the tiled floor) and use the magnetic fishing pole to get the valve wheel
Go back outside (you'll have to push the box away from the ladder; it's okay if it falls down to the bottom level)
Use tiles with water, then use the tiles to cross to the statue
Pick up connection pipes, cross back and go down into the sewer
Push the box down to the lower level and as far right as you can
Use valve with slot on pipe
Jump on box and use (TRIANGLE) valve
Click when prompted and you will place a connector pipe
Move the box as far left as you can
Hop off the box and click on the valve wheel ONCE
Jump on the box
Slowly move right until you reach the first interaction point, then click to place a pipe
Slowly move right to the next interaction point and click to place a pipe
Go all the way left, jump off the box, and click the valve wheel ONCE
Go all the way right and click the interaction point (you will pass three on your way)
Go all the way left, jump off the box, and click the valve wheel twice
Go down the ladder and click the interaction point behind the box to place the final pipe
Move the box all the way right
Jump on box, pick up valve wheel, jump off and climb ladder
Use valve wheel with pipe on right, then click it
Go outside, right, and exit via stairs on the right
Pass both buildings, up the stairs and exit right up more stairs
Click on the locked gate, talk to the dog, go back down the stairs, and enter the big apartment building


Apartment Complex
Enter blue door on the bottom floor
Talk to goat, then leave and enter the brown door
Talk to rat – get glass jar
Go back to the hallway and up one flight of stairs
Enter the room on the right
Walk into the green area
On the new screen with the giant mushrooms, MAKE A MANUAL SAVE.
Enter the door, and keep going back and forth through that door until you're back in the green room, then enter the maze again
You need to do this 10 times total for Lost Kitten :bronze
RELOAD SAVE (highlight the save you made, then press X. Triangle will OVERWRITE the save, which you don't want here!)
Walk left to the first room of the maze
Enter the doors in order: D / L / U / L / D / L / U / R / U / R – Guide to Life :gold unlocked
Use the glass jar with the green mushroom
Go back to the hallway, downstairs, and enter the left door
Use mushroom with rat – get compound
Click the table with the beakers and mice on it
Select the middle beaker on the top row, and the left and right beaker on the bottom row – get compound
Give compound to rat
Go back to hallway and enter blue door
Talk to goat – get key
Go back to hallway, use key with well, and enter well


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Go down ladder

Try to exit left and right, then talk to rat

Go all the way left, get on the elevator, and go up

Drag the mine cart onto the elevator

Take the elevator down, push the mine cart off of it, get back on the elevator and go back up

Pick up the can of tea

Exit outside (look for a red square; that's where the door is), enter the apartment building, and go down into the mines

Go down and left and push the mine cart left into a new area

Use tea with rat

Move the cart as far left as you can

Pick up shovel and use it with the rocks

Push the cart right, just past the elevator

Go back into the apartment, outside, into the mining office and take the elevator down

Push the mine cart onto the elevator and take it back up

Push the cart all the way right, jump on it, and pick up the board

Push the cart back onto the elevator

Go down on the elevator and push the cart right onto the next screen

Leave the mine cart under the console, then keep walking right

Use board with broken track, then keep going right

Go down the ladder and get on the machine

Press Square to turn the light on, then move the machine as far left as you can

Get off the machine and pick up the hook on the left

Go up the ladder, left across the board, and onto the screen with the mine cart

Use the chain with the spot under the console to attach it – if it doesn't automatically pick up the mine cart, you'll need to adjust the cart's position

Use the console and send the mine cart all the way right

Go right a few screens, down the ladder and get on the machine

Back up the machine , line the crane up with the hanging mine cart, use the D-Pad to point the light at the mine cart (you won't be able to grab it otherwise) and press X to grab the mine cart. Adjust as needed.

Take the machine left until a cutscene

Get out of the machine and enter the apartment building

Go up one flight of stairs and enter the left door (not the stairs door)

Talk to rat – get key

Go back into the mines, as far right as you can (pick up the board once you've crossed it again), use the key with the door, and enter the new area

Use the board below the broken ladder

Climb the ladder and go right


Factory B1

Go down at the first opportunity

Look at the sink

Keep turning the knob right until it falls off, then back out

Look at toilet, then use knob with pass to pick it up

Look at sink and use pass with the water



Look at the right locker

Move each lock piece right once, then keep pressing X until Winner at Losing :bronze  unlocks


Look at right locker

Move the lock pieces so from top to bottom: traffic light (Rx4) / bird (Rx1) / circle with spooky face (Rx6), then press X – Lucky Cat :silver  unlocked

Pick up RC car

Use RC car with middle of screen, then use controller to steer it

Steer the RC car to exit via lower right – look for the red square on the ground)

Climb up into the pipes again and go down at the junction

In the new room, use the RC car to pick up (X) the lever (the dogs can't see the car) and exit via the left-most door (if you enter the other door, you can access the car again by going right at that intersection from before)

Pick up the car – get car and lever

Put the car down and drive it under the sink

Go up into the pipes and right at the intersection

Use the car to pick up the end loop of the chain, and drive back through the hole in the left wall

Go back to the bathroom, and pick up the car

Pick up the chain and pull it as far left as it will go

Go back into the pipes and right at the intersection

Drop down via the boxes

Pick up the plank, then go back into the bathroom

Use the plank with the left side of the lockers, then cross it and pick up the screwdriver

Go back into the pipes and right at the intersection

Drop down via the boxes and push the boxes all the way right

Use screwdriver with hatch above boxes

Climb the boxes, go left and pick up crowbar

Go down the boxes, push them all the way left, and go back into the bathroom

At the intersection, go down

Look at control panel, use the lever with it, and pull it down

Move so you're standing above the top left door

Use the crowbar with each of the buckets of tar coming out of the left of the machine – eventually you'll dump one on the dog. Once you have, go back into the bathroom

Open the left locker and pick up the clothes

Use clothes with self, exit via bottom right, then exit via bottom left

Press the red button and get on the elevator – choose B2


Factory B2

Use the car and drive it into the right-most cell

Look at the person in the bed

Drive the car into the left-most cell

Pick up the thing under the bed, then drive back to yourself

Pick up the car – get car and snacks

Get back on the elevator – choose 1


Factory 1F

Go upstairs

Pick up apple then go back downstairs

Use snacks with grating

Use security guard pass with left door and exit

Use security guard pass with door at the end of the walkway

Use snacks with top of walkway (near right door)

Go through the left door and use the apple with the ground

Wait for the rat to notice the snacks and enter the factory, then follow him inside

Wait for the rat to go upstairs and the cutscene to finish, then go upstairs

Use the part of the console that's directly behind the rat

Go downstairs, get on the elevator, and go to B2

Enter the far right cell and look at the person in bed



Enter the digger

Click the locker – enter 168B

Open locker and pick up the diving helmet

Give snacks to girl – get UV light

Exit digger and walk right to new screen

Use diving helmet with self and enter the water

Swim right to a new area, then exit right into a new mining area

Enter the bottom middle machine

Use UV light with darkness

Pick up tool box, then exit

Stand behind each of the digging machines when they're as forward as they can get. When they start moving backwards, your character will automatically move – Safety First :bronze  unlocked once you've done this with both

Put the tool box behind one of the digging machines when it's as forward as it can get

The machine will crush it open

Pick up iron wrench

Exit top left

Use iron wrench with lever – get lever

Exit right three times (cutscene in the middle of this)

Use lever with pump

Use diving helmet with self, enter the water, pick up the key at the bottom of the pit, then exit the water

Keep going left until a cutscene, then exit right

Use key with car, get in the car, and drive to the goat

Follow the goat on foot, then talk to him

After the cutscene, go through the top door

Pick up the core. Exit right x2, then bottom left, into the water, out the other side, and back into the digger machine

Use core with broken core and click it

Climb the ladder, then talk to the goat


Get into the robot


The game is now a platformer, and you can jump at will with X. Move up a few platforms and the final boss will show up. Just stand there and let him kill you x10 – Are you doing something wrong? :bronze  unlocked


RELOAD SAVE – you may have to actually close out of the game, choose to continue, then reload the save from there


Now you need to do this fight flawlessly. This means not ever taking damage, never mind dying. What you want to do is jump up the platforms, avoiding the boss and his projectiles. Don't get too close to the top of the screen until you know what's scrolling on. Only the STRIPED platforms will block the projectiles! When you come across a barrel, walk into it and you'll pick it up. Use Circle to drop it onto the boss to take away one of his health bars. You must drop the barrel on the actual boss, not part of his machine/blades. You can let go of the barrel while standing on a platform; you don't need to maneuver it in the space between platforms or anything like that. This needs to be done five times to kill him. Reload save if necessary. When done flawlessly, you will unlock 100% synced with the robot! :silver .

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Hope it helps!

You do such a great job with text walkthrough mind.  



guide is perfect thank you