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Noir Chronicles: City of Crime ~ Trophy Walkthrough

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Not a lot of notes for this. If you've played any other Artifex Mundi game, you know what to expect here:


Hold Posted Image to skip cutscenes


Avoid D-Pad Up like the plague


Most importantly: you will only visit most game screens once. Make collecting the hand/foot print your first priority on every new screen you reach.


Nov 18 2018 12:25 PM

Front Yard
Look at left bushes
Click on bushes until you pick up scarf
Pick up plank (against gate)
Use plank with lantern – get lantern
In inventory, zoom on lantern ( Triangle18x18.png ) and click on it until you can't anymore, then use scarf with it
Pick up key and door token
Use key with gate

Print (1/33) – on left tree trunk – Collector trophy_silver.png unlocked

Zoom on front door
Click on broken knocker – get door knocker
Exit back right to Back Yard

Back Yard

Print (2/33) – on bag of leaves against back fence

Look at table on right
Interact with wallet x2 – get door token
Use door knocker with vice
Click on door knocker and pick up garden shears
Back out
Exit back to Outside House

Outside House
Look at back right bushes – just left of the statue
Use garden shears with bush
Pick up umbrella
Exit to Back Yard

Back Yard
In inventory, interact with umbrella – get umbrella hilt
Look at table
Use umbrella hilt with table
Click on door knocker/vice x2
Pick up umbrella hilt (now a screwdriver)
Zoom on door
Use screwdriver with door
Walk up to door
Solve HO scene – get crowbar – Sharp Eye trophy_silver.png unlocked
Zoom on left house
Click on bushes x2
Use crowbar with cat face
Interact with cat face
Pick up map and door key
Exit back to Front Yard

Front Yard

Quit to main menu and back up your save. You want to unlock Three in Three trophy_silver.png and Under Pressure trophy_silver.png here. Bonus if you also unlock Steady Hand trophy_silver.png, but as that one just requires you to take your time, you can go for that on any of the other HO scenes in the game. Reload your save as needed.




Walk up to left tree trunk
Solve HO scene – get door token
Walk up to front door
Use door tokens with slot

This looks a lot more complicated than it is. Moving from left to right, move each token into the slot with the symbol on it – once it's there, it will lock in place.

Use door key with keyhole
Exit to Barbara's House

Barbara's House

Print (3/33) – on the cabinet under the telephone

Zoom on red shoes
Click on necklace – get pendant
Click on pocket – get pocketwatch
Zoom on phone
Pick up kitten figurine
Click on phone
Click on flowers – get vase of water
Zoom on fireplace
Use vase of water with fire
Grab poker and use it with embers
Pick up kitten figurine
In inventory, combine both kitten figurines and pick up the winding crowns
In inventory, combine winding crowns and pocketwatch
Top left / bottom right / bottom left / top right
Open watch – get box code
Back out
Zoom on box on right chair
Use box code with box – 21354
Pick up everything in the box (dictaphone, press credentials, book)

Easy searching puzzle. The symbols you're looking for are on the left page and oneed to find them in the pictures on the right. Just click around like crazy – it's like a pop-up book. There are 3 rounds of this.

Pick up pendant piece
In inventory, combine pendant and pendant piece
Zoom on fireplace
Use repaired pendant with slot
Middle / left / right
Pick up journal

Combat time! Use L1/R1 to repeat the sequence shown on screen, then X when the center option appears to actually attack. There are three rounds – first is 4, second is 5, and third is 6 that you need to repeat. You will likely unlock Hurry Up! trophy_silver.png here, but don't worry if you don't.

Lie detector: 1 (“Barbara asked me for help”) / 2 (“At home, I slept in my own bed”) / 3 (“We used to date”) / 1 (“she knew she was in danger”) / 2 (“in a pool of blood next to her”) - Proving Innocence trophy_silver.png unlocked

Barbara's Desk

Print (4/33) – on the back of the chair

Talk to man
Use press pass with man
Pick up desk key from man
Zoom on trash can
Pick up pencil
Click on papers until you pick up pieces of paper
Zoom on left side of desk
Click papers until you pick up utility knife
Use blunt pencil with sharpener – get pencil
Zoom on right side of desk
Use key with hole
Click papers until you pick up play button and knife blade
In inventory, combine knife blade with utility knife
In inventory, use play button with dictophone, then open the tape casing, then back out
Zoom on typewriter
Click on paper until you can't anymore
Use utility knife with paper, then pick it up
In inventory, combine sharpened pencil with paper, then click on the code

Look at the below solution before starting the puzzle – if you didn't unlock Hurry Up! trophy_silver.png during the combat before, you're going to do it here.

Walk up to cabinet on right (the man was blocking it)
Use code with puzzle to start it
8+5 / 9-1 / 7x3 / 6/2 – High Five trophy_silver.png unlocked
Pick up box and duct tape
In inventory, combine duct tape and pieces of paper (you'll need to put the pieces together first)
Click on the paper x2

Joe's Cafe

Print (5/33) – on the floor, under the coat rack

Talk to man next to coat rack
Walk up to bar
Solve HO scene – get bottle opener magnet – Clueless trophy_silver.png unlocked
Exit right to Gambling Room

Gambling Room

Print (6/33) – on floor, right of the pool cue

Zoom on slot machine
Pick up rag
Pick up key
Pick up screws (in winnings area)
Back out
Pick up broken ladder (next to slot machine)
Pick up pool cue
Zoom on lamp above pool table
Use rag with bulb – get florescent tube
Zoom on dartboard
Click on darts until you get one
In inventory, combine screws and broken ladder (you need to click the screws a few times)
Exit back to Joe's Cafe, then left to Hallway

Interact with light switch on wall
Use ladder with light
Use florescent tube with light

Print (7/33) – above the light switch on wall

Zoom on window
Use pool cue with thing on top of the window – get slot reel
Use rag with broken glass – get glass shard
Zoom on left wall
Click on wall paper, then click the tiles until you can pick up the key and the slot token
Exit back to Joe's Cafe

Joe's Cafe
Click on coat rack
Click on coat until you reveal the chip, then use the dart with it – get slot token
Use glass shard with string – get string
In inventory, combine string with magnet
Zoom on jukebox
Click on glass, then click on ice until you get slot chip
Use magnet and string with token – get billiard chip
Exit right to Gambling Room

Gambling Room
Zoom on pool table
Use billiard chip with slot
Click on red button
Walk up to spilled stuff
Solve HO scene – get slot handle
Zoom on slot machine
Use slot reel with machine
Use slot handle with machine
Use all slot tokens with machine, pulling the lever each time
Pick up money
Exit back to Joe's Cafe

Joe's Cafe
Zoom on man at bar
Use money with man
Pick up key
Exit to Hallway

Zoom on door at the end of the hallway
Use key with slot
Enter door

Combat again! This time, you're the one setting the pattern that needs to be repeated. This is a weird one and I'm not entirely sure how you're supposed to do this other than trial and error.

If it's not random: R1 / X / L1 / X / L1 / R1 / L1 / X / R1 – Vigilante trophy_silver.png unlocked

Exit back to Joe's Cafe

Joe's Cafe
Walk up to man at bar
Click on man to start puzzle
Interact with, in order: paper on his chest / watch band / handprint next to your right hand

Nov 18 2018 12:25 PM

Mortimer's Apartment

Print (8/33) – on lower right window (above the flower patch)

Zoom on door
Click on button
Zoom on side of house (where the hose is)
Pick up hoe
Back out
Zoom on dream catcher of the left apartment
Use hoe with dream catcher – get key
Zoom on suitcase
Use all three keys with suitcase, and click on each
Pick up bottle and knife
Zoom on side of house
Use knife with hose
Pick up hose
Zoom on motorcycle
Click on gas tank to open it, then use hose with it
Use empty bottle with hose – get oil
Zoom on flower bed
Use oil with latch, then click on it
Walk up to flower patch
Solve HO scene – get stinky fish
Use stinky fish with woman

Mortimer's Room

Print (9/33) – on left wall, next to the reel to reel thing

Zoom on desk
Pick up camera and tweezers
Zoom on pictures above the right reel to reel thing
Pick up picture
Zoom on couch
Click stuff until you pick up box ring
Keep clicking until you have a close up of fibers
Use tweezer with fibers – get key
Zoom on back wall
Pick up locked box from top shelf
Back out
In inventory, combine box ring and locked box

Keep swapping between the two largest rings until they line up – it's a picture of a sitting cat. Make sure the head is on the left side of the box. Once those two are aligned, you can move the middle one without worrying about the other two.

Pick up film roll and combination
Walk up to floor safe/elf shoes
Use combination with safe
R2 to 2 / L2 to 7 / L2 to 0 / R2 to 4 / L2 to 9
Open safe, move the coins, and pick up the key
Zoom on closet
Use both keys with keyholes
Move the clothes and pick up the camera

Solve the chess puzzle. Remember that the knight moves in an L pattern. I think you always start in the top right corner, so just keep moving the knight clockwise.

Walk up to closet
Solve HO scene – get camera
Zoom on back wall
Use camera layout picture with shelves
Use the three cameras in your inventory where they are pictured in the picture.
Pick up tape and box code
In inventory, combine box code and wooden box (you may have to remove the note and look at the box first)
Open the wooden box
Pick up tape
In inventory, combine tapes with dictophone and click on it

Prison Cell

Print (10/33) – on back wall, between manacle and sink

Talk to man
Pick up matches from man
Zoom on bed
Move sheets to reveal wax
Pick up pillow
Back out
Pick up towel from end of bed
Zoom on sink
Pick up bedpan
Use towel with broken mirror – get glass shard
In inventory, combine glass shard and pillow, then pick up straw
Back out
Zoom on floor where pillow was
Use bedpan with floor, then straw, then matches
Click on the fire, then pick up the spoon
Zoom on sink
Use spoon with wall next to the sink – get screwdriver
Zoom on back wall
Use screwdriver with screws – get handle
Zoom on floor (the different-colored squares)
Use handle with tiles
Pick up pencil and paper from man
Use pencil and paper with man's back

Click on the tattoos in order: star / pink flower / unicorn / ace of spades / two hearts / hand / number 2 / clover / two dice - get map directions

Exit to Underground


Print (11/33) - at the base of the rock that the chest is on

Zoom on chest
Pick up valve
Back out
Zoom on ceiling pipe
Use valve with pipe, then click on it
Pick up bone
Zoom on back left of area
Use bone with rocks
Pick up chest piece, rag, and torch
Zoom on chest
Use chest piece with slot
Pick up ethanol
In inventory, combine rag and torch, then add the ethanol
Use torch with candle
Use torch with back wall
Use directions with map
Ux5 / Rx5 / D / L / Dx2 / Rx5 / Ux2 / Rx4 / Ux2

Front of Casino
Cell Break trophy_silver.png unlocked

Print (12/33) – left of the manhole cover

Talk to casino guard
Click on the area between the shutter and the car
Pick up socket wrench
Back out
Zoom on red vending machine
Use socket wrench with panel
Pick up wire
Back out
Zoom on car
Use wire with car battery
Zoom on area between shutter and car
Connect both wires (they're at the very bottom of the subwindow)
Walk up to shutter
Solve HO scene – get doughnut coupon
Zoom on vending machine
Use doughnut coupon with donut slot
Pick up donut
Talk to woman
Use donut with woman
Pick up casino pass and pizza cutter
In inventory, combine pizza cutter and casino pass to cut it out
Use casino pass with guard
Exit to Casino


Print (13/33) - on the back carpet, directly under the ceiling fan (cowboy hat guy)

Talk to man
Pick up card box from man
Zoom on bar
Pick up keys
Back out
Zoom on rumpled carpet
Click on carpet – 42513 to open
Walk up to trapdoor
Solve HO scene – get trophy
Talk to guys at the back right table – get token
In inventory, examine keys. Pair them off until you're just left with one
Zoom on trophy cabinet
Use key with lock
Zoom on trophy cabinet
Pick up ice pick
Use trophy with shelf
Pick up token
Zoom on bar
Use ice pick with red (middle) circle – get token
In inventory, combine tokens with card box
Use cardbox with the gamblers
Walk up to gamblers
Three rounds of card matching. Make sure you're putting your cards directly under the same cards on the top row as well – Full House trophy_silver.png unlocked

Ace of Clubs

Print (14/33) – on the Ace of Clubs sign

Zoom on barrel below left window
Pick up baseball and wrench
Click on barrel
Solve the knot puzzle – all of the ropes need to be white – this is trial and error – get rope
Exit to Back Alley

Back Alley

Print (15/33) – on the dumpster

Zoom on shrubbery on back wall
Back out
Exit back to Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs
Walk up to apothecary
Solve HO scene – get pesticide
Exit to Back Alley

Back Alley
Use pesticide with back wall
Move the rungs to climb the ladder, then use the baseball with the hook at the top
Click when the crosshair turns green
Pick up hook
In inventory, combine rope and hook
Zoom on dumpster
Use rope/hook with top of garbage pile – click when crosshair is green
Pick up jack
Exit back to Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs
Zoom on hot dog cart
Pick up gear
Use jack with bolt
Use wrench with jack
Click on jack
Pick up trash can lid
Exit to Back Alley

Back Alley
Zoom on trash can
Use trash can lid with trash can
Walk up to door
Use gear with dog

Use the left gears on the left side pegs, except for the tiniest gear. Use the right gears on the right side pegs, and add in that tiniest gear from the left side to complete it. The big brown gears will be the lowest-peg gear on both sides.

Enter the door

Nov 18 2018 12:25 PM

Victor's House

Print (16/33) – on the sidewalk just above the manhole cover

Zoom on mailbox next to barrel fire
Do the light minigame to open mailbox
Pick up magnet, note, and valve base
Zoom on fire hydrant
Pick up chain
Back out
In inventory, combine magnet and chain
Click on manhole cover to open it, then zoom on manhole
Use magnet/chain with valve
Pick up valve
Zoom on fire hydrant
Use valve with bolt
Use valve base with valve
Click on valve
Walk up to mannequin
Solve HO scene – get golf stick
Zoom on house door
Use golf stick with door
Enter house

Inside Victor's House

Print (17/33) – on the floor under the radiator, next to the chair

Pick up big weight (among the weights on the ground)
Zoom on table
Pick up knife
Grab rake and use it on the zen garden
Pick up small weight
Zoom on framed picture above chair
Use knife with picture
Pick up gramophone handle
Back out
Zoom on gramophone
Use handle with slot
Pick up key
Zoom on closet
Use key with hole
Walk up to closet
Use both weights with other weights
If this isn't randomized, all you should have to do is swap 15 and 1.
Otherwise, the left side should have 1 (x2), 5, 8, and 15.
Pick up safe piece
Zoom on wall safe
Use safe piece with safe
Pick up roll of film, both tapes, and journal

Warehouse Entrance

Print (18/33) – on the ground on the left, between the pallet and the puddle

Talk to man
Zoom on the smaller right puddle
Pick up can and crowbar
Zoom on shuttered area on the left
Use crowbar with shutter
Walk up to junk you just revealed
Solve HO scene – get slingshot
Zoom on barrels in the back left corner
In inventory, look at can and click on it until you get a pull tab
Use pull tab with bag
Click on stuff in the bag until you get spraypaint and paper
Use spraypaint with the combination on the wall
Use paper with spraypaint on wall – get safe combination
Click on door just right of the barrels
Exit to Boiler Room

Boiler Room

Print (19/33) – on the cylinder left of the control panel

Zoom on machinery in back
Pick up small square on left – get button
Back out
Look at panel on right wall (just right of the barrel and gauge)
Pick up rag
Use 3 button with slot – 3824
Pick up hex nut and wrench
In inventory, combine hex nut and slingshot
Use slingshot with valve wheel sitting on top of the machinery in the background
Pick up valve
Zoom on valve wheel on right wall
Use valve with slot, then click on it
Pick up clamp
Zoom on area above the safe on the left
Pick up oil can cap
Use rag with oil to move it
Use oil cap with oil can
Pick up oil can
Zoom on machinery in background
Use clamp with pipe
Use oil can with clamp
Use wrench with clamp
Pick up green valve wheel
Walk up to safe
Use green valve wheel with safe
Use combination with safe – notice that the numbers are actually backwards, so it's counting down instead of up if you're going clockwise
R20 / L70 / L0 / R40 / L90
Click on all three wheels
Exit back to Warehouse Entrance

Warehouse Entrance
Talk to man
Pick up key from man
Use key with right-most door
Exit to Warehouse


Print (20/33) – between the two barrels in the back right corner

Click on man
Grab the ladder from the back left corner and put it in the back right corner
Zoom on machine in back left
Pick up fan button and screwdriver
Back out
Zoom on top right corner
Use fan button with slot, then click it
Use screwdriver with left fan
Pick up pouch
In inventory, click on pouch until you get a coin
Back out
Zoom on machine in back left
Use coin with slot
Zoom on panel – 528
Pick up pliers
Back out
Zoom on fans in top right
Use pliers with right fan
Pick up handle
Zoom on machine in back left
Use handle with slot, then pull it
Pick up peppermint
Use peppermint with man – Savior trophy_silver.png unlocked
Walk up to man and solve another knot puzzle

Mortimer's Studio

Print (21/33) – on the chair on the photo shoot set, just behind the man

Talk to man
Use film with man
Exit back left door to Dressing Room

Dressing Room

Print (22/33) – on the back wall mirror

Zoom on rack of clothes
Pick up glove
Move clothes until you pick up umbrella
Zoom on open cabinet
Pick up small saw
Click on lamp until you get lightbulb
Back out
Zoom on small picture between the mirrors
Pick up picture
Zoom on treasure chest next to clothes rack
Use picture with chest
Move the legs and arms (two interaction points on each) to match the picture
Click the shoe and pick up the lens
Exit back to Mortimer's Studio

Mortimer's Studio
Zoom on fan on right
Click button to turn it off
Use small saw with fan
Pick up handle
Exit to Dressing Room

Dressing Room
Zoom on open cabinet
Use handle with drawer
Click on drawer
Pick up tape
Exit back to Mortimer's Studio

Mortimer's Studio
Zoom on spotlight
Use glove with broken bulb
Use lightbulb with slot
Zoom on outlet in back right
Use tape with plug
Click on plug to plug it in
Use umbrella with fixed spotlight
Zoom on boxes right of door to the Dressing Room
Use lens with slot
Set the lenses to match the combination on the umbrella.
Walk up to boxes
Solve HO scene – get dictaphone
In inventory, combine tapes with dictaphone and play it
Talk to man
Pick up photos from man

In the Street

Print (23/33) – in the street right in front of the yellow car's bumper

Zoom on dumpster behind bus stop
Pick up wheel and walking stick
Exit to Construction Area

Construction Area

Print (24/33) – on the ground in front of the orange and white barrel

Zoom on back fence
Use walking stick with toolbox
Pick up toolbox
In inventory, open toolbox and pick up lug wrench and nut
Zoom on broken cart on right
Use wheel with bolt
Use nut with wheel
Use lug wrench with wheel
Pick up cart
Exit back to In the Street

In the Street
Use cart with trashbags
Walk up to moved trash bags
Solve HO scene – get cup
Exit to Construction Area

Construction Area
Talk to man
Use cup with man
Win three rounds of the cup and balls game
Pick up dollar from man
Exit back to In the Street

In the Street
Zoom on machine next to the yellow car
Use bill with slot
Pick up coins
Zoom on phonebooth
Use coin with slot
Click on phone keypad

Nov 18 2018 12:26 PM

Fox's Apartment

Print (25/33) – in the bottom right corner of the center rug

Zoom on center rug
Pick up shoehorn
Back out
Zoom on back window
Use shoehorn with dirt
Pick up key
Zoom on cabinet with hammer in it
Use key with lock
Pick up hammer
Zoom on center rug
Use hammer with nails
Walk up to center rug
Solve HO scene – get lock pick set
Zoom on right door
Click on tag until you access the inside of the lock
Use lock picks with lock
Just move each lock until the open space is at the 12:00 position
Click on door
Talk to man
Use photo clue with man
Pick up book
You've done this before. Find the hidden symbols. There are three rounds.
Read the note at the end – Revelation trophy_silver.png unlocked
Talk to man
Pick up gun

Front of the Bank

Print (26/33) – on the wall above the cylindar thing on the right

Exit right to Back of the Bank

Back of the Bank

Print (27/33) – on the barrier on the bottom right of the screen, right of the bicycle

Pick up guidepost (against barrier, right of bicycle)
Pick up guidepost (against bicycle)
Pick up guidepost (above posters)
Click on posters to move them
Walk up to keypad
Pick up poster piece
Back out
Exit back to Front of the Bank

Front of the Bank
Walk up to crosswalk panel
Pick up pencil
Back out
Zoom on guidepost pole
Use all three guideposts with slots
Use piece of poster and pencil with guideposts – get code
Exit to Back of the Bank

Back of the Bank
Walk up to keypad
Use code with keypad and put in the code
Start on the right side and align the picture. Once something goes out of alignment, work from left to right to realign things before moving on. It's a picture of two hands shaking.
Pick up spike and round tile
Exit back to Front of the Bank

Front of the Bank
Walk up to crosswalk panel
Use round tile with slot

Solve the puzzle. The solution is already given to you. But you can only move things that are either the same color as something next to it (including diagonally) or is the same vehicle but a different color. Work on one row at a time.

Pick up spike
Exit to Back of the Bank

Back of the Bank
Walk up to back right wall
Use both spikes with wall
If this is not random: right / left / middle

Mission Impossible trophy_gold.png unlocked

Print (28/33) – on the carpet, near the newspapers

Zoom on desk drawers
Pick up notebook
In inventory, click on notebook until you get code and fully-opened paperclip
Use paperclip with desk lock
Pick up tape
Zoom on shelf above radiator
Use tape with glass
Pick up fingerprint
Zoom on safe on desk
Use fingerprint with safe
Use code with safe and enter it
Pick up passcard
Use passcard with door

Rx2 / Ux3 / L / R / Lx2 (key) / R / U / D / U / D / Ux3 / R / Lx2

Janitor's Room

Print (29/33) – on the wall left of the door

Walk up to broom
Solve another knot puzzle
Pick up broom
Zoom above door
Use broom with handle – get fuse box handle
Zoom on fuse box (left of the light)
Use handle with slot
Pick up both wrenches
Zoom on closet
Use both wrenches with lock
Walk up to closet
Solve HO scene – get janitor suit
Use janitor suit with door


Print (30/33) – on left wall, under the light

Exit to Downstairs


Print (31/33) – on the floor in front of the trashcan

Zoom on thing on right wall
Pick up wrapped bundle
In inventory, click on wrapped bundle until you get a guard figurine
Exit back to Hallway

Zoom on model behind right plant
Use guard figurine with model
Pick up key
Exit Downstairs

Zoom on box on wall
Use key with hole
Pick up guard figurine
Exit back to Hallway

Zoom on model
Use guard figurine with model
Pick up panel code
Exit to Downstairs

Walk up to panel above trashcan
Use panel code with panel
It's picross! Just make the picture.
Pick up pliers
Exit back to Hallway

Zoom on lamp on left
Use pliers with wire – get wire
Exit to Downstairs

Zoom on opened wall box
Use wire with slot
Exit back to Hallway

Zoom on panel behind left plant
Click on elevator button
Exit to Elevator


Print (32/33) – just above the elevator panel on the right

Walk up to elevator control panel
Click on panel to open it

If this is not random:
the top row should be Green / blank / blank / Purple
the bottom row should be Light Blue / blank / blank / Dark Blue / Yellow
Red goes in the slot above Light Blue


Print (33/33) – on the floor, in the sun design – Seeker trophy_gold.png unlocked

Zoom on ladder
Pick up utility knife
Back out
Zoom on ceiling above ladder
Use knife with rope
Walk up to ladder
Solve HO scene – get magnet – Master Searcher trophy_gold.png unlocked
Zoom on grating under window
Use magnet with grating – get handle
Zoom on panel above trashcan
Use handle with slot
Pick up key
Back out
Zoom on ladder
Use key with hole
Pick up fuses
Zoom on panel above trashcan
Click on fuses to remove them
Use fuses with slots
Exit to Elevator

Use gun with man
Combat sequence. Just repeat the pattern. Two rounds
When both crosshairs are green, click to shoot
Smarty-pants trophy_gold.png, Case Closed trophy_gold.png, Expert Player trophy_gold.png and Platinum platinum.png unlocked during ending cutscenes

Nov 18 2018 12:26 PM

Hope it helps!

Perfect guide, thank you

Walk up to broom
Solve another knot puzzle
Pick up knot ( This should be pickup broom)

Guide is perfect thank you

Perfect guide, thanks!!

Walk up to broom
Solve another knot puzzle
Pick up knot ( This should be pickup broom)

Guide is perfect thank you

with this small change, guide is perfect. thank you

Guide is perfect, thx.

Dec 07 2018 05:02 AM

thanks for the guide