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New Super Lucky's Tale Sliding Block Puzzle Solutions

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Foreman Flint has a bunch of sliding block puzzles that need to be completed. You need to move each of the fox statues to the green + sign positions. The problem is each time you push a statue it moves all the way down the line. There are also cat statues in the way. The puzzles aren't numbered or named so to use this guide just find the image that matches the puzzle you need help with. Then follow the instructions below the image. Each number corresponds to a position in the puzzle, go to that position and push the statue in the direction indicated. Feel free to reset the puzzle if you get something out of order or the statue goes the wrong way (this sometimes can happen).

Sky Castle:


Wrestful Retreat:


Gilly Island:



I have double and triple checked this with multiple people but if there is a mistake anywhere or anything that isn't clear please post.

Nice job sef.