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My Riding Stables: Life With Horses ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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(note: banner is not at all indicative of what this game is. Banner suggests something more exiting)



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 29 (14( :bronze ), 8( :silver ), 6( :gold ), 1( :plat ))
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-8 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: US/EU have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A


My Riding Stables: Life With Horses is a shoddy 2018 port of a better-looking 2014 PC game developed by Sproing and published by Anikids. It's a sort of simulation/management game, wherein you not only train, breed, and race horses, but also upgrade and run different facets of a large stable.


Trophy-wise, you will get most of the game's trophies relatively early, but there's a bit of a grind to get to the final few trophies. In Second Home I list a week-by-week walkthrough of the game to get the platinum time down to around the 6-8 hour mark; I believe this is the fastest the game can be completed.


There's no actual way to fail this game. You can take it at your own pace if you'd like, or you can get the grind done early to speed through the platinum near the end of the game.




Step 1: Day 1 - Get some knowledge


You start the game outside the main house, with $300 in your pocket. Go into the house and enter the left room. Boot up the computer and buy all the level 1 books you can – it will take about half of your money. Then turn around and go to the bookshelf and read all the books on it – you will now start earning more money for the various things you need to do in this game.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Bookworm (B)
Legally competent (B)


Step 2: Day 1 - Get your horse


From the main house, run forward. In between the white building with green roof (which will eventually be the riding hall) and the stables is the entrance to the paddock. Here you can get your horse. Take him to the stables and groom him. Press L1 to see the tasks that need to be done – you should be able to do all of them except for “build riding hall” by the end of the first day (the carrots are growing next to the main house).


Once you've groomed the horse, take it out to the practice fields and keep practicing the straw bale race until you can't anymore, then wait for the clock to run out on Day 1.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Hoof care (B)


Step 3: Day 2 – Start expansion


At the beginning of Day 2, you'll have enough money to buy the riding hall, so go outside and do that. Get your horse from the paddock, put it in the stables, and feed it. Then groom it like you did the day before, and take it outside to train it in the hay bale practice race – its skill meter will very likely be maxed out before the day is through.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


First Steps (B)
Enjoy your meal (B)
My pride and joy (B)


Step 4: Lots of horse massages until the weekend


The bulk of this game is doing the same tasks over and over until your horse is trained enough to win races, and you earn enough money to expand the business. So each morning, feed your horse (I highly recommend the pellets + supplements combo), and ride it in a practice race a few times if the skill bar has dipped below the red line. If you press R1 when the horse is with you, you can see its stats – try to keep the meters as high as possible. Spend the rest of the day earning money however you have available to you (foal training, horse massage, etc).


Between doing these things, you'll also want to spend time foal training at the riding hall until you make enough money to access the massage area, then ditch foal training (it's awful) and make money giving horse massages. Every few massages, press L1 to make sure the game doesn't want you to pay attention to your horse, and keep earning money to work towards the L1 star objectives.


If you're keeping an eye on the L1 tasks, you may see one that requires you to buy another horse to fulfill it. Don't do that yet; you want to make as much money as you can now while you only have one horse to worry about/spend time and money on. Take care of all the other 2-star tasks first.


On Saturday, do everything you can to max out your horse's meters; you'll need it in as best shape as possible for the race, and you don't want to spend too much time on Sunday taking care of your horse.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


Pinpoint (B)


Step 5: Racing Day


Every Sunday, you can race for real. Before doing anything, as soon as your character wakes up on Sunday, quit the game and back up your save. If you don't win the race during this Sunday, you'll have to wait another week, and that's super boring.


Once you've got your horse's stats as high as you can get them, take it to where you were practicing and race it for real. Each track has its own time to beat; see each race trophy for more details. There are three race groups, with three races in each group. Beating a given group of three races will always be one of the star tasks.


For the first three races, just repeat what you've been doing so far during the down time – feed your horse, then give horse massages. It's tedious, but it will save you a ton of time on this platinum.


By the end of this step, you will have earned:


The Straw Bales race (B)


Step 6: Rinse and repeat


By the time you've moved on to the second group of races, you should have around $20,000 banked. Use it to buy and upgrade the rest of the buildings. If you don't have enough, keep giving horse massages until you do, plus an additional $3000-$4000 for food/supplement/temporarily buying other horses expenses.


See Second Home for more or less a walkthrough of the entire game. It was the quickest way I found to obtain the platinum.


By the end of this step, you will have unlocked the rest of the game's trophies.


Aug 29 2018 12:10 AM

1Sa95417.png Horse Expert (P)
Collect all trophies!

I swear, I bought the game for my daughter!

2S8eded1.png First Steps (B)
Complete the first task.

See Dutiful.


3Sbaab65.png Excellent (S)
Fulfil all 3-star conditions.

See Dutiful.

4Sfa3fe1.png Dutiful (G)
Complete all tasks.

Half of the game involves doing tasks to take care of your horses and expand your stables. At any point, press L1 to bring up your star tasks. Two of the tasks will be race-related, at least one will be related to expansion (buying/upgrading buildings or doing whatever task is performed in said buildings), and one will be a golden hoof challenge, which is tied to massage/grooming.


Early on in the game, these tasks will probably take you a few days. Around week 4-5, you can usually get all but the “win all races” done the first day they show up.


Second Home has what I found to be the most efficient way to get through the game and earn this trophy, which will likely be the second-to-last non-platinum trophy you earn in the game (the other being Second home).

5Sc1ac9d.png Settling in (S)
Spend a week on the horse farm.

See Second home.

6S916d45.png Second home (G)
Spend 12 weeks on the horse farm.

A day on the horse farm runs from 8am – 6pm (08:00 – 18:00). There's no great real-time conversion ratio for this, because each activity will take a set amount of time off of the clock, and it's different with each activity. You are free to do whatever you want during each week, but Sundays are important – if you want to actually progress with the game, you need to win the competitive race. As you only get one chance a week, I HIGHLY recommend making a back up save every Sunday, so you have something to go back to just in case you fail (the races are generally pretty easy, but much better safe than sorry). You can try the race a few times on Sundays, depending on your horse's stamina/race skill.


Here is the quickest way I found to get through all of the game's objectives:



Week 1: Only keep one horse. Buy and read all 1-star books. Train foals until you can buy the massage area. Do all 1-star and 2-star tasks (except for the 2x1 gold hoof challenge). Unless you need to take care of your horse, spend all your time giving horse massages to bank a bunch of money. Use your banked money to max out all food/supplements/general vaccine items in your inventory. Every morning, feed your horse pellets (middle bin) + supplements. Groom/train him when needed. Don't buy any of the other buildings. Win the first Field Race.



Week 2: Buy the breeding stables. Breed your own horse with the one you already have. It doesn't matter what stallion you rent (I think I picked the second-most expensive one), so pick a color that you like. You will have a foal in 3 days, and it will appear in the small paddock attached to the breeding stable. You do not have to worry about feeding or cleaning the foal. Train the foal once per day. Spend your time giving more horse massages to earn money in the meantime (likely unlocking Pots of Money). Take care of your horse, but remember to train your new foal (you can only train it once a day). Win the second Field Race.



Week 3: Continue training the foal. Once it enters adulthood (you will be notified the morning it does – it should take 5-6 foal training sessions), put it in your stable (you need to bring it in from the big paddock next to the stables) and use it to complete the 2x1 gold hoof challenge. This foal will now be your primary racehorse, as its stamina will be much better than your starter horse. If you have around $17,000-$20,000 banked (and you should by now), you can start just ending the day from the options menu after taking care of your horses. Win the third and final Field Race.



Weeks 4-6: You should have earned enough money during Week 1-3 that you can buy all building upgrades and still have a good deal left over (you want around $3000-$4000 banked). Buy and read the level 2 books so you'll start earning more money from massages (helpful if you're not at that $3000-$4000 level). You should have either enough or almost enough to buy the remaining building (guest house) and buy the rest of the guest house and stable upgrades (Construction maniac). You can now start ending days prematurely by pressing the Options button, then End Day. Don't just skip days without at least feeding your horses and grooming them every few days, or they'll get ill, which takes several days to fix.


So to sum: for the rest of the game, once you get your star tasks done except for “win races,” your days can consist of feeding the horses pellets + supplements, cleaning/training if needed, then ending the day.


Remember that you still need to buy food and such for your horses, so if you need money, give horse massages. Work on 3-star challenges as you can. Once Thursday/Friday rolls around, spend the days getting your horse ready for the Sunday race. Rinse and repeat for all three Woods races.


You should only keep two horses: your starter and your bred foal. For any star challenges that require more than two horses, buy cheap ones from the office store, grab it from the paddock and put it in the stable, do whatever needs to be done, and sell the horse (you'll get whatever you paid for it back).



Weeks 7-9: Assuming you unlocked Construction maniac in weeks 6-8, the only star task you need to work towards is the 6x3 golden hooves one. You have two horses that should already have 3 hooves (your starter and your bred horse), so buy four cheap horses from the office computer. The first day you have them, take them all to the massage parlor to get that hoof, and put them in the stable. If you have time, pick their hooves as well. They won't get dirty for another day or two, so don't try to groom them. You can just feed them hay or oats, no supplements. Once you've completed the 6x3 task, sell the horses you bought as well as your starter horse, and keep only the horse you bred.


Buy and read all of the level 3 books from the office computer.


Feed your horse pellets + supplements, groom/train if needed, and get ready for the race around Friday/Saturday. The skill level seems to drop quicker for these races and it's likely there will be a Sunday race where you won't be at the required level to start it. To raise it quickly, enter a practice race and run it until you get over the required skill line, then quit the race. You'll keep the skill level. Win the Sunday race. Rinse and repeat for all three Mountain races. You should finally unlock Dutiful after the race results screen.


Week 10-12: If you've followed this guide, the only trophy left should be Second home. If this is the case, you can now neglect your horse. As soon as you get up in the morning, choose to end the day until you reach the beginning of Week 13.

Aug 29 2018 12:13 AM

7S88230e.pngRenovation (B)
Repair all buildings on the horse farm.

See Construction maniac.

8S89d839.pngConstruction maniac (S)
Completely renovate all buildings on the horse farm.

When you start the game, you'll have the main house and the stables unlocked. You will eventually need to buy the foal training building, the guest house, and the breeding building (you'll need to repair a bridge to get to it). Additionally, the stables and the guest house have a few upgrades that need to be purchased when you have the money to do so. There are 12 repairs/upgrades in total.


These all need to be done as part of Dutiful.

8S89d839.pngMoney saver (S)
Have 5,000 credits in the account.

See Pots of money.

10S584486.pngPots of money (G)
Have 10,000 credits in the account.

At the very beginning of the game, money will be tight. Thankfully, until you start making some money, the game will give you a bit to spend at the beginning of each new day. You will earn money by either training foals, giving horse massages, breeding horses, or winning competition races (Sundays only).


For a little while, the only way to make money is by training foals. Suffer through that minigame until you can repair the bridge and buy the horse massage parlor, then only do that as your income source. It takes far less real-world time and is much less annoying than foal training.


The most efficient way to platinum this game involves doing nothing but giving horse massages for an entire week, so this should come during that week. Note that it's not a cumulative amount, but a banked amount.

11S15a2b1.pngBookworm (B)
Read a book.

See Walking Encyclopedia.

12S6d9890.pngWalking Encyclopedia (S)
Read all the books.

In the main house, you can interact with the bookshelf to read books. You start the game with one, and the rest you'll need to buy from the office shop (Legally competent) at various star levels. There are 16 in total, and they're all listed on the bookshelf – they're just locked until you meet their requirements/buy them.


To actually read a book, pick a title from the bookshelf and flip through the pages with R1. You will get bonus points upon finishing the book and a checkmark to indicate that it was successfully read.

13Sd3fe63.pngLegally competent (B)
Buy something in the online shop.

In the main house, there's a computer you can interact with. There are two different types of currency: money, which you earn from performing tasks and such, and bonus points, which you get from reading books (special items are all cosmetic; ignore them).


You'll get this pretty early on, as this shop is how you get necessities for your horses.

13Sd3fe63.pngHost (B)
Accommodate a guest in the guesthouse.

The guesthouse is the building with flowers on it next to the main house. Before you can start taking in guests, you need to bank $1000 and buy the building. After that, keep an eye on the outside of the main house – people will sometimes wander in and stand in front of the house. Simply walk up to the guest (you can't have a horse with you) and check them in – you'll make a bit of money at the end of the day and unlock this trophy.


Once you've checked in a guest, you don't have to do anything else, despite what the game's text might tell you. Also, don't check in any more guests after you've unlocked this trophy, or you'll run the risk of a guest booking your horse to use for a while, and you don't want to risk that on race day!

13Sd3fe63.pngThe Straw Bales race (B)
Beat the best time in the Straw Bales race.

The Straw Bales race is the first race in the game, and the first of the three Fields races. The time to beat is 1:31. You have to actually beat the time. Tieing results in a race failure.


There's not much strategy here, but ironically, I thought this was the most difficult race in the game. At the start, tap X three times to get a good pace going, and you should be able to maintain that pace for most of the race. I recommend pressing Circle once or twice on the long bumpy parts, as those seem to lower the horse's stamina (the size of the heart on screen) a little more quickly.


For reference, the long bumpy part after the second time you need to turn the controller, which has a jump at the end, should be cleared before or at 1 minute into the race. If it's any later, it's quite likely you won't hit 1:30 or less on this track.


If you need to quickly refill the stamina heart, press Circle until the horse stops completely, and let one or two seconds go by, and the heart will be almost full again. Then press X three times to get a quick pace going.


You have enough time to try this (and all) races more than once before the day is over. However, I recommend taking care of your horse to raise its status bars between each attempt.


13Sd3fe63.pngThe Windmill race (B)
Beat the best time in the Windmill race.

The Windmill is the second of the Field races. The time to beat is 3:09.


This is easily done in about 2:00. Simply press X at the start to gain max speed, then when the stamina heart is nearly done (or the horse noticeably slows down), press Circle until the horse stops, wait 1-2 seconds for the stamina to recharge, then go full-speed again. Hopefully you've practiced this one a few times in the preceding week. It's longer than the straw bale race, but a lot easier.


Generally, I found I was hitting the first river jump at :45-:50 and the second river jump at 1:10-1:15. This got me across the finish line around 2:00-2:15.

Aug 29 2018 12:16 AM

17S212930.png The Oak Tree race (B)
Beat the best time in the Oak Tree race.

The Oak Tree race is the third and final of the Field races. The time to beat is 1:22.


If you've been following the roadmap, you should be running this race with the foal you bred and trained, as it will have better stamina than the horse you used to beat the first two races.


Use the same full speed – stop – full speed strategy detailed in earlier races. As long as you hit the stone hill (after a series of turns) at around :35-:40, you'll easilly finish this race in 1:00-1:15.

19Sdd1d32.png The Stone Circle race (S)
Beat the best time in the Stone Circle race.

The Stone Circle race is the first of the three Woods races. The Woods races are accessed via the gate behind the breeding building, and you must spend $500 to unlock it.


The time to beat is 1:15.


Same full speed – stop – full speed strategy, using the horse you bred. As long as you're hitting the stonehenge area and jump by :40 - :45 , you'll hit the goal around the 1:00 mark.

19Sdd1d32.png The Scary Tree race (S)
Beat the best time in the Scary Tree race.

The Scary Tree is the second of the three Woods races. The time to beat is 1:06.


Same full speed – stop – full speed strategy, using the horse you bred. As long as you hit the second controller turn at :40, you'll hit the goal around 1:00.

19Sdd1d32.png The Waterfall race (S)
Beat the best time in the Waterfall race.

The Waterfall race is the third and final Woods race. The time to beat is 2:04.


Same full speed – stop – full speed strategy, using the horse you bred. As long as you hit the second controller turn around :55 – 1:00 (which leads to the series of quick controller turns), you'll hit the goal around 1:20-1:30.

23S1bd008.png The Boat House race (G)
Beat the best time in the Boat House race.

The Boat House is the first of the three Mountain races. You'll need to purchase the Mountains – it's the gate behind the foal training house, and it costs $1000.


The time to beat is 1:22.


Use the same strategy with your bred horse that you've been using for the entire game. If you hit the back of the house (with the controller turning) by :45-:50, you'll hit the goal around 1:00.

23S1bd008.png The Water Rapids race (G)
Beat the best time in the Water Rapids race.

The Water Rapids race is the second of the three Mountain races. The time to beat is 1:13.


Use the same strategy with your bred horse that you've been using for the entire game. If you hit the stone archway just after the base of the waterfall around :45, you'll hit the goal around 1:00.

23S1bd008.png The Willow Tree race (G)
Beat the best time in the Willow Tree race.

The Water Rapids race is the third and final Mountain race, as well as the final race of the game. The time to beat is 1:11.


Use the same strategy with your bred horse that you've been using for the entire game. It's a relatively straight shot, and should take you about 1:00 to clear.

17S212930.png My pride and joy (B)
Successfully train a foal.

One of the first things the game tasks you to do is to renovate the riding hall – it's the white building with green ceiling between the main house and the stables. It costs $250 to do so. Once you have, you can start taking foal training jobs by interacting with the riding hall – this is one of the ways to earn money in the game.


Before interacting with the riding hall to take a training job, make sure you pick 9 carrots from the patch next to the main house.


To train a foal, you need to use the on-screen radar to find a checkpoint. You only have a certain amount of time to do so. There are three rings the checkpoint can be in. Run the horse in one direction while pressing down/up (depending on where the marker is), get the horse to stand on the square, and pull the stick in the opposite direction of which it was running to get it to stop on the square. Adjust its position if needed.


Press Triangle to give the horse a carrot if it's misbehaving (the meter under the radar needs to be yellow for the carrot option to activate). Remember: you only have 9 per foal. Your supply can always be replenished from the carrot patch after the training session.


This is one of the most poorly designed minigames I've ever played. Just keep at it until you can start earning money at the massage building. You'll eventually get the hang of it.

17S212930.png Pinpoint (B)
Free a horse from its tension.

To access the horse massage minigame, you first must fix the bridge ($100) and buy the massage building (I forgot to note the price but it's less than $500). Once done, you can start taking jobs.


To massage a horse, hold X on any part of the horse. Look at the orange circle at the top of the screen – there are four tiny arrows at each corner. If one of them turns black, move in that direction. You want to find the spot that lights up all four green arrows, then hold down X until all the orange in that circle disappears.


This is a considerably easier and less real time-consuming way to make money than the foal training, AND it pays a lot more, so try to upgrade the massage building as soon as you can. I think it takes a bit more in-game time than foal training, but the trade off is more than worth it.


For any of the (X horses) x (X number of gold horseshoes) tasks, make this your first horseshoe. Just take one of your horses there and give it a massage.

17S212930.png Spotless (B)
Clean a horse with the hose.

The hose station must be purchased at the office computer – it's under the saddle tab and costs $150. Once you've purchased it, go to the left alcove of the stables and install it. When a horse is in the stables, you can choose to either brush it or hose it down – when you hose it down, the grooming goes a lot quicker. Do not move the water above about midway up the horse's neck, or you will lose quite a bit of the horse's trust!


Note that cleaning a horse with the hose will not get you a gold horseshoe ranking. You can only earn those by manually brushing the horse.

17S212930.png Hoof care (B)
Clean the hooves of a horse.

All hooves, no matter which horse, will have the exact same pattern of stones and dirt. Start with the pick end of the hoof pick and click on all the stones on the edge of the hoof. Then flip the pick over and run the cursor in circles around the bottom of the hoof until the game deems it clean. Repeat four times and you'll have cleaned a horse's hoof and earned this trophy – and probably a gold horseshoe ranking.


As long as you keep the horse out of the paddock (meaning: put the horse in the stable whenever you're done with it), you will never have to clean its hooves again after the initial cleaning.


For any of the (X horses) x (X number of gold horseshoes) tasks, make this your second horseshoe. Any horse you buy will automatically have hooves that need cleaning, so you can get this pretty easily.

17S212930.png Promoting young talent (B)
Breed a horse.

This is a bit misleading – the trophy won't unlock when you breed a horse for yourself; you must breed a client horse.


Interact with the breeding building, select your horse, and flip through the available stallions for rent. Choose the one with the highest percentage (shown on the bottom of the right page of the breeding menu), and choose to breed. As long as the breed percentage is above 50%, the breed will succeed (i.e. the client will pay for it) and you will unlock this trophy.


Breeding gives more money than massaging. Breed horses until you come across a combination you can't succesfully sell, then quit horse breeding and go back to massage to make your money.

17S212930.png Enjoy your meal (B)
Feed a horse.


There are three types of food you can feed your horse: hay, oats, and pellets. They are all bought from the office computer, though you start with a few of each in the feed bins in the stable.


Ultimately, when you start making money, you will want to feed your horse nothing but pellets + supplements (this will end up costing $30 per meal per horse). This will keep their meters fairly high throughout the week, as well as stave off health problems, making horse maintenance quick and easy.

Aug 29 2018 12:16 AM

Hope this helps!

I noticed the time difference went down from 10-12 hours to 6-8 hours. What has changed, is there something that is easier to do?
Sep 22 2018 01:47 AM

I noticed the time difference went down from 10-12 hours to 6-8 hours. What has changed, is there something that is easier to do?

Just bad assumptions. It took me a bit to get a good strategy down for the game, and when I finished it, the fastest achiever in the game (according to PSNP) had taken 10 hours, and given the grind of the game, I figured that's what it was.

Then I actually played through it again using my strategy, in one sitting (SO BORING), and it took me just under 5 hours. That's knowing exactly how the game works, so I estimate for people who have never played it before, 6-8 hours (I tend to give pretty generous time estimates).