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  • Stacking: Only 1 PS4 stack. Only available on the Chinese store at the moment of writing this guide
  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline: 24 (1 :plat 8 :gold 2 :silver 13 :bronze)
  • Approximate time: 1-1h30
  • Trophy list: https://psnprofiles....on-walled-city/
Button Config
- Open Inventory
:l2 - Run
:cross - Interact
:triangle - Skip cutscenes


Start a new game



  • Walk to the right
  • Pick up the matchbox
  • Use it on the old man and get a medallion
  • Use the medallion on the door on the right and enter

Trophy 1 City Runner


Chapter 1

  • Go down the stairs at the bottom of the square
  • Enter the door at the bottom right and go up the stairs
  • Pick up the cheese at the altar
  • Go back out and use the cheese on the mouse trap, then move slightly away so the mouse activates the trap
  • Pick up the triangle key
  • Enter the new unlocked door 
  • Open the drawer next to the man and pick up the fuse
  • Leave the house ad go back to the altar. Interact with the door to the right of it
  • Interact with the pins in this order (top to bottom): 3-4-1-2-5. Enter the door
  • Pick up the duct tape on the dresser
  • Go right to the balcony
  • Use the triangle key on the box there
  • Interact with the box, put the fuse in and turn all switches on

Trophy 2 Apprentice Electrician

  • Return to the other room and pick up the pliers in the bottom left now
  • Go out and interact to the gate next to the altar
  • First row: Moon, Circle with a dot, Moon, Moon
  • 2nd row: Circle with a dot, Circle, Dot, Dot
  • 3rd row: Moon, Moon, Circle, Circle with a dot
  • 4th row: Dot, Circle with a dot, Circle, Moon
  • Enter
  • Pick up the medallion in there
  • Go back tot he initial square and up the top right stairs
  • Start by rotating the middle wheel until you get to the correct positon (red arrow)
  • Turn the smallest circle to the correct positon
  • Finally turn the outer ring until the door unlocks
  • Open the cabinet on the right and pick up the watch
  • Use the pliers on the keychain and go through the door
  • Go up the red stairs
  • Talk to the man twice and then give up the duct tape. Enter the arcade
  • Give the watch to the chubby kid with a white shirt. Pick up the movie ticket he drops
  • Interact with the arcade machine above him
  • Do the puzzle 


BACKUP YOUR SAVE (Old memory on main menu to load it)

  • Interact with the arcade machine
  • You need to group blocks in groups of at least 3 to make em disappear. You need to make all blocks disappear in less than 2 minutes for a trophy


  • Use the blue ball you got with the boss to get money

BACKUP YOUR SAVE (last time I swear)

  • Interact with the bottom right machine
  • Pick up the Mickey Mouse doll in the middle. This is extremely easy but you need to do it on your first try

TROPHY 4 First Try

Trophy 5 Rising Star

  • Talk to the boss again and leave the arcade
  • Interact with the antenna on the left
  • Interact with all 4 parts ONCE
  • Go back into the arcade
  • Open the soda machine and pick up a soda
  • Go back to the tattoo shop
  • Give the Mickey doll to the tattooer
  • Give the soda to the guy getting a tattoo
  • Wait until he falls asleep and take his gun
  • Go back to the square and give the money to the guy in a red shirt
  • Go back to the house where you picked up the fuse and give the movie ticket to the guy there
  • Talk to him until he leaves and pick up the bullets
  • Go back to the red shirt guy and give him the gun and bullets
  • Pick the the red valve the granny threw
  • Go to the toilet (left right under granny)
  • Interact with the bathroom stall 4 times


  • Pick up the red bucket
  • Go back to the square
  • Use the valve on the water pipe behind the red shirt guy
  • Use the bucket and turn the valve to get water
  • Go down the stairs and give the water to the noodle shop guy, wait to get the noodles
  • Go into the bottom right house and enter the right door
  • Give the noodles to the woman there and talk to the boy next to her. Pick up the lever

TROPHY 7 Food for the Needy

  • Go back to the stairs to the arcade and use the lever there
  • Use the 2nd medallion on the screen there and enter the lift

TROPHY 8 Sky Tour


Chapter 2

  • Pick up the ladder piece right behind you and use it on the ladder
  • Go up the stairs on the right and pick up the paint brush
  • Go up the previous ladder
  • Go down the stairs to the chicken square
  • Scare the 5 chicks and then leave through any exit and come back
  • Repeat until you scares 100 chicks

TROPHY 9 Chicken Chaser

  • Pick up the hook on the fence and tongs on the bottom left
  • Enter the door 
  • Take the rope from the flour bag
  • Leave the shop and go down the bottom stairs
  • Give the brush the to guy there
  • Interact with the paint cans
  • Mix these colors
  • Red + Yellow
  • Red + White
  • Red + Blue
  • Blue + Yellow
  • Blue + White
  • Yellow + White
  • Go past him and enter the room on the right
  • Interact with the right door
  • Red tiles: 3+3, 2+2
  • Green tiles: 1+2, 3+4
  • Give the rope and hook to the guy in there
  • Interact with the box in the bottom left corner
  • Upper left: Down
  • Lower left: Upper right
  • Upper Right: Down
  • Take the lever in there
  • Go back to the chicken square
  • Go up the right stairs
  • Interact with the box on the floor
  • Reconstruct this very easily puzzle and pick up the picture
  • Go up the next set of stairs
  • Pick up the hair
  • Enter the barber shop
  • Give the postcard to the barber to get scissors
  • Pick up the lighter on the couch
  • Interact with the box at the bottom of the room
  • Put the lever in it and crank it
  • Go all the way back to where you picked up the paint brush (near the start of the level)
  • Go through the door
  • Interact with the box near the entrance
  • First wheel: North-West, Middle wheel: Down, Right wheel: Just a click right of north. Get the glove. Here's another solution if that doesnt work: "1st wheel: West (Left), 2nd wheel: South-West (Down/Left), 3rd wheel: North-East (Up/Right)"
  • Interact with a piece of meat 20 times

Trophy 10 Meat Lover

  • Use the scissors on the piece of meat with flies and pick it up
  • Give it to the dog outside of the room and get the stick
  • Go back to the chicken square
  • Interact with the bottles on the right
  • Use the stick
  • From left to right: 4-1-4-2-3-4-5-4

Trophy 11 Musician

  • A pigeon will appear, go near it
  • Pick up the ticket that falls
  • Interact with the box next to the shop
  • Use the glove to shut the power off

Trophy 12 Work Hard

  • Enter the shop and interact with the baker until he gives you a pastry order
  • Open the third oven and use the lighter
  • Open it again and use the tongs to get the water medallion
  • Go back out and down the stairs all the way right
  • Give the hair to the guy in there to get a beard
  • Go left and give the beard to the man on the stage to get tickets
  • Go back to the chicken square and right
  • Give the tickets to the man there to get a key

Trophy 13 Reconciled Lovers

  • Go back all the way to the meat room
  • Give the baker's order to the man there
  • Use the key on the door
  • Use the water medallion on the screen
  • Use the ticket on the bus driver


Trophy 14 Last Train


Chapter 3

  • Walk right into the barber shop
  • Pick up the pencil
  • Go right
  • Enter the door next to you 
  • Pick up the bamboo rod next to the TV
  • Take the prescription on the table next to the granny
  • Leave and go downstairs twice
  • Enter the left shop
  • Pick up the yellow tape and the glasses
  • Go out and up the stairs. Enter the right door
  • Give the tape to the woman and talk to her to get a plate of dumplings
  • Pick up the ginseng in the bottom right
  • Go out and all the way down the stairs
  • Give the dumplings to the homeless dude there to get a blue book
  • Go back up 2 sets of stairs and into the door with the red lanterns
  • Give the prescription and ginseng to the shop owner and pick up the meds he gives you
  • Give the blue book to the guy in the bottom left to get another book
  • Go back to the dumpling lady and give the kid the book you just got. Pick up the card he drops

Trophy 15 Enter the Dojo

  • Go back to the grandma's house
  • Use the medicine on the boiler on the right
  • Wait until its ready then pick it up and give it to the grandma
  • Keep talking to her or waiting until she finally falls asleep

Trophy 16 Much Needed Rest

  • Go up the stairs in the back
  • Interact with the notebook
  • Use the pencil on it
  • Back out
  • Interact with the wardrobe
  • Input 1993 and pick up the ticket
  • Go back to the barber shop (left of granny's house) and give the lady the ticket to get a badge

Trophy 17 Severed Love

  • Go left again until you see a boy with a stuck toy plane
  • Use the bambo to get the plane unstuck and get the earth medallion
  • Go back right down two sets of stairs and use the card from the boy on the old man on the rocking chair
  • Interact with the clock in there and pick up the broken one
  • Get out and enter the repair shop (right next to it)
  • Give the man the glasses and then the broken gear
  • Talk to him and give up the badge from the lady after
  • Interact with the box on the top right
  • Use the right button until you are 1 notch left of the starting position and use the left button
  • Keep doing that but always stop 1 notch sooner until all notches are green
  • You should get a repaired gear
  • Go put it back in the clock and solve a very easy puzzle

Trophy 18 Craftman's Spirit

  • Set the time to 3:55 (try 5:55 if it doesn't work)
  • The lady will leave and we can access the green screen
  • Use the earth medallion on it
  • Go in the elevator

Trophy 19 Next Level


Chapter 4

  • Go all the way right past the dentist shop
  • Interact with the box up the stepladder


Trophy 20 New Electrician

  • Go back to the dentist shop and take the flashlight on his seat
  • Go right and down the stairs
  • Pick up the mirror
  • Enter the left room
  • Open the drawer on the left and pick up the music sheet
  • Pick up the stick on the right side of the room
  • Go right to the girl crying and down the stairs
  • Give the music sheet to the musician and pick up the coin

Trophy 21 Magnus Opus

  • Enter the shop next to him
  • Use the coin on the bubblegum machine to get a lollipop (wtf)
  • Interact with the right shelf
  • You simply need to move stuff around so they respect the numbers on the labels (2 means 1 product on both sides and 1 means a product on one of the 2 sides. They turn green when they are correct. Trivial puzzle)
  • Get the can of pineapples
  • Go to the crying girl and give her the lolly to get a key
  • Go to the dentist office and use the key on the glass cabinet to get a magnet
  • Go right and all the way down the stairs as much as you can to a temple
  • Use the incense in the box there and interact with the paper in the dirt twice after
  • Talk to the priest to get an elixir
  • Give him the magnet and talk to him again to get a dragon head
  • Go back to the sleeping/sick girl's room (room 103 1 floor under dentist shop)
  • Use the elixir on the dead flower

Trophy 22 Healing Hands

  • Use the pineapples on the girl to get her doll
  • Go all the way up the stairs and ring the bell
  • Trade the doll and the dragon face to the pawn shop guy
  • Go down and all the way left to a boy with a remote controlled car (left of the dentist shop)
  • Give him your remote control and get the last medallion
  • Go all the way to the priest and interact with the door next to him


  • Put the flashlight in the slot on the right
  • Put the mirror in the bottom shelf
  • Put the dragon bones in the altar 
  • Put all medallions on the altar
  • Interact with the flashlight slot

Trophy 23 Brother from the walled city

Trophy 24 A Pumpkin's Dream


Well, I was just as surprised as you to figure out this whole game is about getting our own pet dragon  :ermm Grats on the plat !




Mostly https://www.3dmgame....gl/3794911.html

With https://www.youtube....h?v=8Gfs0AQ_1d8 for a couple things

this game was a pretty cool lil point & click, thanks for the guide  :)

The Clock time should be set for 3:55



Everything else is perfect though thank you

The Clock time should be set for 3:55
Everything else is perfect though thank you

Strange. Sorry about that. Fixed

I wonder if the time can vary

Thanks for the guide! :)
Clock was 03:55 for me.

Nice job on this David.  Bravo.


Thanks for the help

Clock was 4:55 for me. Thanks for the perfect walkthrough.

Guide is very good, thanks, but to make it more idiot-proof: 


"Interact with the clock in there and pick up the broken one" better would be

"Enter the room next to him, interact with the clock in there and pick up the broken gear"


This one, the middle wheel was different for me...


"First wheel: North-West, Middle wheel: Down, Right wheel: Just a click right of north. Get the glove"

"1st wheel: West (Left), 2nd wheel: South-West (Down/Left), 3rd wheel: North-East (Up/Right)"


"Do the puzzle (it was so easy I forgot to take notes, just align the 4 rows correctly)"

It was stupid :P, so catch the screenshot :D.




Guide worked perfect! Thanks