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Moss (PSVR) Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 32 (17 :bronze, 8 :silver, 6 :gold, 1 :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to plat: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 Protector of the Realm
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: NA and EU lists stack
  • Requires VR


Moss is a lovely VR adventure game where you are immersed in a story book fantasy world. You control Quill and simultaneously play the role of a silent guardian, The Reader, to help her in her journey. It's an interesting mix of hack and slash platforming and VR based world manipulation.

Road Map:

The Moss platinum can be done in one playthrough but, as always, I recommend playing it first to enjoy the story and then a second time for the no death run. There are 2 types of collectibles. Try and keep an eye out for scrolls that aren't too hard to find and break everything (pots, boxes, barrels, chairs, and pews) for dust collection. There is nothing but a counter keeping track of your collectibles but nothing is overly difficult to find if you need to do trophy cleanup later.

There is a chapter select but the no death trophy has to be done from a New Game. Luckily, if you want to do this in one playthrough just remember to always immediately pause the game and quit as soon as you are about to die. As long as you quit before the death animation plays and you respawn you should be ok. See Protector of the Realm for more information.


The game isn't very long, so multiple playthroughs is no big deal. If you decide to do it in multiple runs makes sure to get What Remains of Power and The Author's Plan before starting a New Game as it will reset your collectible counters.


Trophy Guide:



Together We're Twofold -  :plat

Collect all other Moss Trophies



A Fragment of Fate :bronze

Discover your first forgotten fragment.


See The Author's Plan



The Author's Plan :gold

Collect all of the forgotten fragments.


The fragments are actually scrolls you find littered in the world.  Most are just laying in view (remember this is VR so you can move around and look under things) with a couple hidden away in secret caves.  Nothing is too bad.  Every area has at most one scroll so if you've found one then move on to the next area.  There are 31 in total.  The game keeps count of these on the pause menu but there is no indication of which areas still have them (an update patch has since added in how many you are missing on the chapter select screen).  There is chapter select in case any are missed, just make sure to find all of them before starting a New Game or they will reset.


See this guide for text locations and screenshots - http://ps3imports.or...lectible-guide/




Dust Collector I :bronze

Collect a small amount of Relic Dust.


See What Remains of Power



Dust Collector II -  :silver

Collect a large amount of Relic Dust.


See What Remains of Power



What Remains of Power -  :gold

Collect all of the Relic Dust. Gold


Dust is the colored sparkles that appear after you break objects with your sword.  The objects will reset but won't give off the colored sparkles if you've already received credit for getting the dust from that object.  There are 375 pieces of dust to find and while that seems like a lot it's not too bad.  Just break everything you come across.  All pots, boxes, crates, chairs, and pews (benches in the church).  You can break things with Quill or even your Reader powers.  An update patch has since added in how many you are missing on the chapter select screen.



The First Trial -  :bronze

Defeat the Screechers first encountered in the Mire.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this after your first battle with Screecher in the Mire.



Battle for Control -  :silver

Take control over many Forged enemies.


You will most likely get this naturally as you play.  I didn't keep track of how much is "many" but as you play you will control enemies to progress through levels and to help in battles.  If you some how don't get this play a later chapter and grab every enemy you can until it unlocks.



Tools of the Enemy -  :bronze

Use a Screecher to unlock the path forward.


Story related and cannot be missed.  Grab a Screecher and put it on a button.  This happens early on and again multiple times as you use Screechers to trigger buttons to proceed through a level.



I'm not scared! -  :bronze

Startle Quill from behind.


To do this face Quill away from you then loom over her in VR.  She will become startled and the trophy will unlock.



Nice work, friend! -  :bronze

Give Quill a high five.


At a couple points in the game Quill will look to you for a high five.  Give her one by moving your cursor to her hand.


1 - In the Mire Temple after solving the puzzle with the large rotating column.  When Quill walks out of the rotating column she will look to you for a high five.

2 - In the Last Respite after you ride up an elevator in the mines.  Quill will exit the elevator and look to you for a high five.


In the Twilight Garden DLC there are multiple additional times where Quill will high five you. Almost every puzzle and fight will give a chance for a high five.



Don't Pet the Animals -  :bronze

Annoy Quill by delaying the adventure.


Place your blue cursor and hold the trigger with it on Quill's head she will get annoyed and the trophy will unlock.



Idiurus Macrotis -  :bronze

Destroy a Forged enemy with an aerial attack.


In any area with enemies where you can get to a level above them get the finishing blow with a jumping attack.  You can use your Reader powers to hold the enemy in place if needed as well.  This may not trigger the first time so try it again on a new enemy if it doesn't.



Creative Cliffhanger -  :silver

Find a low-hanging path to the town pub.


In the town area through the right chained door is a rail yard section. At the back of this area is the entrance to the pub.  In order to trigger this trophy you must ride the cart as it moves under the over hanging ledge.  To do this hang from the top edge of the cart.  Then use the Scorcher to shoot the target that moves the cart.  As you pass the ledge the trophy should unlock.



Clever Shooting -  :silver

Destroy a Forged enemy with a controlled Scorcher.


There are multiple times when Scorchers attack in groups or with other enemies.  In any of these fights take control of a Scorcher and have it shoot and kill any other enemy.



A Forged Maestro -  :gold

Destroy two or more Screecher enemies with a controlled Ticker.


If you grab and hold a ticker for a few seconds then release it, it will puff up and then explode.  There are a couple good places to do this, I found the 2nd area easier.  You will need to hit 2 Screechers 3 times.  Then grab a ticker and pull it to where the Screechers are to have it explode and kill them.  Often Quill will die trying to do this but that won't void the trophy (just be careful if you are doing this with your no death run).


1. In the first area of the mines you are attacked by multiple enemies.

2. After you complete the pub and the church you shut down the sentry at the back of the town.  Multiple enemies will attack once you go through the door at the back of the town.  



Protector of the Realm -  :gold

Rescue Argus without a single death.



You have to beat the entire game without dying and cannot use chapter select.  If you don't do this in your first run make sure to get all the collectibles before starting a new game or it will reset your progress on those.  Fortunately a death doesn't count immediately.  As soon as you die hit pause and then use the PS button to quit out of the game.  When you load the game you will be right back where you started and the death will not have counted.  It's not very hard with a little practice.  Just make sure to pause and quit the game before the screen reloads.


Other Tips

- Quill can take 3 hits from most enemies. 

- Healing Quill will make it so she can't move for a second so be careful to keep her out of harms way when healing.

- Enemies can be grabbed and moved, but only one at a time. 

- You can control enemies as the Reader and control Quill at the same time.  

- You can fall off ledges and these don't have death animations so pause as soon as you fall.

- In some areas you can be crushed.  The death animation for this is short so pause as soon as it happens.

- Sentries and Sarffog can kill in one hit so pause as soon as you get hit.


-The Twilight Garden DLC is optional and adds more chances to die so it may be better to skip it when doing the no death run.



Thank you. -  :bronze

Use your power as a Reader to heal Quill for the first time.


I don't think you technically ever have to heal Quill but this is basically unmissable.  Early on she'll fall and take damage.  Hold the trigger with your cursor over her to heal her.



Pub Smash! -  :bronze

Break everything within the town pub that can be broken.


Late in the game you will enter a pub from a train yard area.  Break everything in the pub.  If the trophy doesn't unlock then you've missed something.  There is a balcony above and a pot hidden behind the fireplace.  Nothing is hard to see.



An Unlikely Hero -  :gold

Defeat the serpent Sarffog.


Story related and can't be missed.  You get this once you kill the giant snake boss.



Ghostface Crushah -  :silver

Use your power as a Reader to break many objects.


I'm not sure exactly how many items is needed but it seemed to be 20 or so.  Just press the trigger on the boxes, barrels, pots, etc until this trophy unlocks.  You will still get credit for any dust released and you can also do this on any items that respawn.



Hedge Knight -  :silver

Use Quill's sword to cut down a lot of grass.


Throughout the game you will see tall grass.  Just keep cutting it whenever you see it to unlock this trophy.  There's plenty of it so don't worry about missing any.



Thorn in Our Side -  :silver

Guide Quill to destroy multiple thorn patches.


This will almost certainly come through normal play.  Just have Quill slash any thorns she sees.



A Sacred Oath :silver

Light the torches of the Knights of the Sun.


In the Mire Temple you will enter a room with a large door down the end of a hallway.  There are 4 torches you can light using your Reader powers.  Two are in the front area on both sides of the path and two are on both sides of the door.







An Arcane Key -  :bronze

Unlock the path to the Mire Temple's altar room.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you open the door and enter the altar room.



The Clearing -  :bronze

Enter the Clearing alongside Quill.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you enter the Clearing.



The Impassable Mire -  :bronze

Follow the Starthing and Quill into the impassable Mire.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you enter the Mire.



The Mire Temple -  :bronze

Enter the Mire Temple alongside Quill.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you enter the Mire Temple.



Namelhook Mining Co. -  :bronze

Enter the Namelhook Mining cave alongside Quill.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you reach the mines.



The Abandoned City -  :bronze

Enter the Abandoned City alongside Quill.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you reach the Abandoned City.



The Ascent -  :bronze

Climb to the castle bridge alongside Quill.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this once you reach the castle bridge.



A Promising Beginning -  :gold

Finish the first book of Moss.


Story related and cannot be missed.  You get this after defeating Sarffog and freeing your uncle.

Perfect guide for a stunning game :thumbsup

Guide is perfect, thank you

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