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Meow Motors

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Overview :

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: ( 1 :plat 26 Posted Image, 8 Posted Image, 4 Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No can be played on easy
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: No




Welcome to Meow Motors a delightful family friendly pussy kart racing adventure.


Featuring a career spanning 10 series you will get your circuit, drift and strike skills put to the test. Unlock your cars and load in your pussy of choice as you experience a vast array of tracks from old arid wrinkly deserts to the supple moist mountainous mounds of the jungle. Avoid mines, ghosts and smelly giant fish all while you dodge and weave backdoor attacks to your racing pussy. Fun for everyone, seasoned pussy racing experts or tall story novices alike. Are you ready to take control of your Puss and become the King with the shiny new Platinum Bling ?


Step 1


Play Career earning 3 stars on each race to unlock further events. It is advisable to look at the Weapon Pickup based trophies to work on as you go. Remember to change car and character as new ones unlock.



trophy_bronze.png Best Start    


Keep the best RPM


Keep the acceleration gauge in the green zone pre start to achieve a perrrrfect start



trophy_bronze.png First Step    


Complete the training mission


Complete the 1st race (1 lap)



trophy_bronze.png With Bare Hands  


Eliminate an opponent by hit his car (career mode only)


Hit another players car to destroy them. Easily achieved in Career Race 2 Desert Heat Strike by rear ending a car at start with Perfect Start.


trophy_bronze.png Powerslide   


Win a Drift race and don't touch the mines ( career mode only )


Easily achieved on West Canyon Drift - Skull Island Event #4


trophy_bronze.png Last Ounce of Strength   


Win a Circuit Race on a damaged car


Simply hit the obstacles or get taken out by other races then avoid the green mechanic pickups. You will know your car is damaged when it randomly bounces and shoots orange sparks from exhaust.


trophy_bronze.png Unstopable Cowboy   


Complete all races of West Fest


Complete the 3 West Fest events.


1. West Canyon Race ( 1lap )

2. Desert Heart Strike ( 3 takedowns )

3. West Canyon Race ( 2 laps )



trophy_bronze.png Treasure Hunter   


Complete all races of Skull Island event


Complete the 4 Skull Island Events


1. Sea Treasure ( 2 laps )

2. Sea Treasure ( Drift - 750m )

3. Ships Cemetery ( 3 takedowns )

4. West Canyon ( Drift - 750m )



trophy_bronze.png It's only stars above


Complete all races of The Tree House event


1. Sky Way ( 2 laps )

2. Sky Way ( drift 750m )

3. Desert Heat ( 3 takesdowns )

4. Sea Treasure ( 2 laps )

5. Above the Cloud ( 3 takedowns )



trophy_bronze.png Santa's elf


Complete all races of The Frozen Way Event


1. Snowy Road ( 2 laps )

2. Christmas Story ( 4 takedowns )

3. Skyway ( Drift 1000m )

4. Snowy Road ( 1 lap )

5. Snowy Road ( Drift 2000m )

6. Ships Cemetery ( 4 takedowns )



trophy_bronze.png Unsinkable


Complete all races of The Sea Battle Event


1. The Cruel Sea ( 2 laps )

2. Above the Cloud ( 5 take downs )

3. The Cruel Islands ( Drift 2000m )

4. West Canyon ( 1 lap )

5. Snowy Road ( Drift 2000m )

6. The Cruel Islands ( 2 laps )

7. Iron Sea ( 5 take downs )



trophy_bronze.png Swift as the wind


Complete all races of Golden Season Event


1. Autumn Trail ( 2 laps )

2. Autumn Trail ( Drift 2200m ) 

3. Iron Sea ( 5 take downs )

4. Sea Treasure ( Drift 2200m )

5. Snowy Road ( 1 lap )

6. Autumn Holiday ( 5 takedowns )

7. Skyway ( 2 laps )

8. Christmas Story ( 6 takedowns )



trophy_bronze.png The proud of vikings


Complete all races of Waterfall Hills Event


1. The North Loop ( 2 laps )

2. Autumn Trail ( Drift 2200m )

3. Village of Warriors ( 6 takedowns )

4. The Cruel Islands ( 1 lap )

5. The North Loop ( Drift 2200m )

6. Sky Way ( 1 lap )

7. Iron Sea ( 5 takedowns )

8. Sea Treasure ( 2 laps )

9. West Canyon ( Drift 2200m )



trophy_bronze.png Ghostbuster


Complete all races of Pumpkin Tour Event


1. Witch's Giggle ( 2 laps )

2. The North Loop ( 1 lap )

3. Horrorsville ( 6 take downs )

4. Witch's Giggle ( Drift 1500m )

5. Village of Warriors ( 6 Take downs )

6.  Autumn Trail ( 2 laps )

7. The North Loop ( Drift 2500m )

8. Witch's Giggle ( 1 lap )

9. Witch's Giggle ( Drift 1500m )


trophy_bronze.png Fire tamer


Complete all races of Revenge of Fire Event


1. The Lost Way ( 3 laps )

2. The Lost Way ( Drift 3000m )

3. Witch's Giggle ( 1 lap )

4. The North Loop ( 2 laps )

5. Stone Kingdom ( 7 takedowns ) 

6. Autumn Trail ( 2 laps )

7. The Lost Way ( Drift 3000m )

8. Horrorsville ( 7 takedowns )

9. Stone Kingdom ( 7 takedowns )

10. The Cruel Islands ( Drift 3000m )



trophy_silver.png Just one on one 


Defeat the main villian


1. The Lost Way ( 5 laps )

Weapon Pickup Trophies
Trophies are listed in order that the pickups are unlocked. 
trophy_bronze.png Not today 
Defend of Shark by using Shield ( career mode only )

Once you have unlocked the Shield powerup (early on) simply wait for it to charge then press X a few seconds after you see the red warning missile symbol tracking you at bottom of the screen. 

trophy_bronze.png At the last moment 

Fix your car when the only one health point remains

Strike race will prove the easiest discipline to acquire this trophy. Simply hit obstructions and take enemy fire until 1 health bar remains then hit a green mechanic pickup

trophy_bronze.png Day of Fishing 

Hit 3 opponents by Shark during one race ( career mode only )

In a strike race use the shark pickup and successfully hit 3 enemies. The shark pickup (missile) acts as a homing missile making it very easy to hit an enemy infront.

trophy_bronze.png Let's fly 
Use Booster right on a ramp  ( career mode only )
Simply find a Booster pickup ( green arrow ) and then press X while on any ramp.
trophy_bronze.png The pulse wave
Shock three opponents by one Impulse career mode only )

Pickup the Pulse Wave pickup then wait till you are in a cluster of opponents then Press X

trophy_bronze.png Blizzard 

Freeze twenty opponents by using Freeze Ray ( career mode only )

Pickuip Freeze Ray pickup ( blue snowflake ) and successful freeze 20 opponents.

trophy_bronze.png Bull's-eye ! 

Hit 50 opponents by nuts ( career mode only )

Pickup Nuts pickup ( Yellow 3 small triangles ). Nuts acts as a machine gun so spray your Nut around liberally for the money shot to take out 50 opponents.

trophy_bronze.png Minefield 

Hit 50 opponents by Destroyer ( career mode only )

Pickup Destroyer pickup ( Red Mine ). You can look in reverse by pressing up. Just keep dropping mines it will pop eventually. On the hip of corners or narrow runoffs are a good place to pick up easy hits.

trophy_bronze.png So sticky! 

Hit 10 opponents by Gum Gum ( career mode only )

This pickup doesn't unlock till later in game ( Waterfall Hills ). Pickup Gum Gum ( Orange Orange ), it is a bubblegum gun that shots forwards and sideways. Simply shoot your gummy wad over 10 opponents.

trophy_bronze.png On the count of three ....! 

Hypnotise 20 opponents  ( career mode only )
This pickup doesn't unlock till later in game ( Pumpkin Event ). Pickup the Hypnotiser ( Pink sphere ), it is a hypnotic gun that shots forward rays. Simply shoot your mind spunk over 20 opponents.
trophy_bronze.png Can't fight fate  
Hit 3 opponents by Shampoo during one race  ( career mode only )
This is the final pickup to unlock ( Revenge of Fire Event ). Pickup the Shampooze( blue circle with arrow ), it is a Shampooze gun that shots forward white sprays forth white globs of ...... mmmmm. Simply hit 3 opponents in one race. 
Challenge Trophies
These trophies can be achieved at any stage in their respective race. Find tips below if needed.

trophy_silver.png Maximum angle 

Get 10x multiplier at Drift race ( career mode only )

Drift via the circle button. You can use the zig - zag method to link corners / drifts. Beaware the counter resets back to the X number it is on for each turn of direction. If struggling you can tap boost (Square button) to assist in linking turns and maintaining drift combo.

trophy_gold.png Drift Master 
Earn 15000 points for one drift race ( career mode only )
This trophy may be easily combined with Maximum Angle (10x boost multiplier). The later drift events give more time if needed. I found the North Loop Event #7 of the Halloween Events to be the easiest. You will have 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It is advisable to use the zig-zag method to maintain multiplier. You only need to tap the circle button to initiate a drift and can use the turbo ( square button ) if needed to sustain it.
trophy_gold.png Locomotive 
Destroy 15 cars of your opponent by hit his car ( career mode only )

Takeout 15 opponents in one race. Missile, Freeze ray, Pulse and Nuts are all good pickups for destroying opponents. Ramming other racers with one health bar is also effective. This is easily achievable in the middle events when the time limit increases to 2 minutes.

Natural Progression Trophies


trophy_bronze.png Burn It! 


Earn 25 stars of Drift Races


Will pop after Sea Treasure , #4 Golden Season Event if you have achieved 3 stars in all Drift races to this point.


trophy_silver.png Drift Icon 


Win all Drift races on 3 stars


Will pop after The Cruel Island Race #10th event of Revenge of Fire Events if you have achieved 3 stars in each event to this point.


trophy_bronze.png I came, I saw, I won  


Earn 30 stars for Circuit races


Will pop after The Cruel Island Race #6th event of Sea Battle Events if you have achieved 3 stars in each event to this point


trophy_silver.png Circuit race champion ! 


Win all Circuit races on 3 stars


Will pop after The Lost Way, Matter of Honor event #1 if you have achieved 3 stars in each event to this point.



trophy_bronze.png Bully 


 Earn 25 stars for Strike races


Will pop after Iron Sea Strike, #3 Golden Season Event if you have achieved 3 stars in all Strike races to this point.


trophy_silver.png Get out the way !


Win all Strike races on 3 stars


After completing The Lost Way, Matter of Honor Event this trophy will pop if you have achieved 3 stars in all Circuit races to this point


trophy_gold.png Meow Motors champion !


Earn all stars of all events


After completing The Lost Way, Matter of Honor Event this trophy will pop if you have achieved 3 stars in all events to this point.


trophy_gold.png All for one and one for ..... 
Win a race by playing for each character ( career mode only )
New cars and characters will unlock as you progress through the events. It is advised to switch to a new car / racer as they become available. The final car and racer become available after completing the final career boss race. Then simply load up any race in career ( the 1st race is the quick ) and complete 1 race to unlock trophy.
List of Characters
Master duke 
trophy_silver.png Just beyond reach  
Win a race by driving each car ( career mode only )
See above
List of Cars
Fire Claw
:plat I am a cat !
Obtain all trophies
You have conquered all before you, truly the pussy master.
guide is perfect thank you

Guide was perfect, thanks :)