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MechaNika walkthrough

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Thanks to IBadDriverI for all his vidéo guide ( all crédits for him for the Text walkthrough as i use his vidéo)


When i said nothing, choose the first dialogue option
Never use hint and don t spend money


Start => You are in Nika classroom
choose your typo
take the paper on your desk
open your inventory, take the paper and give it to your teacher
go out
Run to the left and talk to the boy with sunglasses
skip all dialogues
Try to go out ( electric fence )
Run right and open the door (right of Agatha)
open the leftmost door
use the toilets ( clean it )
Open the right door ( rascal inscription on it)
open your inventory and select spray paint
tag the right door
Go out of the toilets


Nika's house :
Take tools ( on the wall behind the desk )
take mirror piece ( on the right on the floor)
take Tesla poster ( on the wall just left of the computer)
take the black poster (on the left of the bedroom)
go out
run to the right and enter the door with a D and a controller
talk to Nika's brother
=> Maybe if I talk to him about his favourite game
=> Maybe if i continue
Go back to Nika's bedroom ( door with N )
Use the computer
=> I've got robot podcast
=> Gipsy Danger
=> I can play a trick on Dennis
=> Exit
Go out and write to Dennis bedroom
Take webcam ( top of the computer)
take socks ( left, on the floor)
go out
run left and go down the stairs
look the sofa X 2
open your inventory and use the remote on the TV
=> Gossip show
Go left to the kitchen
Open your inventory and use tools on microwave
go out to the left
Open inventory use socks with cat ( behind the wall )
Quit and reload the game ( so you have sock in your inventory)
Go to the left
take the blowtorch ( left on the right side of the table)
talk to your father ( the welder )
go back to the house and in the street ( keep going right )


Run to the right
Use the button on the pedestrian light to cross the road (after just says cross the road)
go right to the yellow bike
open inventory and use tools on it
keep going right at the end there is big trash can
Enter in the right green trash can
Take pieces of glass and go back to the street
Enter in the Knife butcher shop
Go right and talk to Agatha
=> Maybe I can help her with broken machine
use the keyboard
=> 1 1 2 3 5 8
Try to take the circular saw
Talk to Agatha
=> I m going to ask her for the circular saw
go out ( left x 2 ) to the street
run to the left
cross the road
Enter in the shop (first door)
open inventory and give the blowtorch to the seller
Go back to the street
Left cross the road
left until you see people on terrace
open your inventory and give the black poster to the man (middle with cap )
Talk to the guy
=> i'm sure they will be able to help me with my project
=>choice 1
=> i 'd like to know if you guys have any ideas for a new world
=> project silcharde
Enter in the first left door
open handbag on the armchair
talk to grand-mother
go to the door ( with red open curtain)
open the left door
open the top cabinet door
take grand-mother clothes
going back to the living room
talk to grand mother ( 2 times)
=> she's got big eyes
=> choice 1
=> choice 1
=> choice 1
=> last choice ( let's get back to our mission)
go back in the street
run right and cross the road ( 2 times)
Go to knife butcher shop
go through right door
open inventory and give dolls to agatha
take dolls head on the floor behind agatha
go back in the street
run left and cross the road
enter in the last house before the pedestrian light ( flower on the window)


Nika's house
go upstairs
first left door
talk to grand father
use switch ( left of the door)
Take the poster (under 101)
use the safe
Take magazine
go back in the corridor
enter in the 3rd door ( between N and D door)
open your inventory
take socks and but them in the laundry basket ( right of the screen)
exit the house and go back to the street


go left
cross the road
enter in your grand mother house ( left of the terrace )
Go left and cross the road
talk to the man who listen music
go left and talk to the worker (the one facing away from you with his butt crack showing)
go left and talk to the homeless man
=> Maybe you ve got something interesting in that trolley
=> inflatable bed with a pump
=> first choice till end of dialogues
Go right and cross the road 3 times
open inventory and use grand mother cloth with photobooth
go left and cross the road
open inventory and use TJ card with bus sign


Take red jerrycan and to the left green hose
use hose on the hole in the airplane wing
use jerrycan on the hose
take jerrycan
go right and talk to the man with long hair
said yes when he ask for quiz
=> RED
look the warning fence on the right and exit with the portal


Go right and cross the road
enter in the photobooth
go left and cross the road
go back to Nika's house ( right of the pedestrian sign and flower in front of the window)


Nika's house
take the parcel
Go all the way left
talk to your father
use the motorcycle
take the blowtorch ( top of the shelf, left of the ladder)
exit right and go upper in your bedroom


in inventory choose items and use triangle to use it as the good component (numbered like a phone panel)
blowtorch => 2 torch
doll heads => 1 ammo
piece of glass => 3
bike chain => 10
microwave transmitter => 9
TV => 8
jerrycan => 4
webcam => 5
circular saw => 7
blue air pump => 12
pieces of mirror => 6
chewing gum => 11


TROPHY 15 => 26 one for each combination


Use green button on the wall
take network cable and put them on the left machine
exit and use nika's computer
=> Initiate assembly
go to your secret base use yellow button and use yellow hole in the left machine


END TROPHY 28 - 29 - 30 and platinum


If you see mistake or language error please ask me ^^

Did you want this in premium only area or can this be moved to public?

Did you want this in premium only area or can this be moved to public?

It s Good you can moved in public

Nice guide. Might pick it up today, only $6 USD.

Nov 23 2019 09:47 PM

thanks for the guide

Guide work perfectly, except there's a small typo right before trophy 27 that can be misleading. You said the button is in the hall, not on the wall.

Thanks for the guide

Excellent job !