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Lithium: Inmate 39 Walkthrough

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Lithium: Inmate 39 - 100% Walkthrough


All trophies for this game are story related, so all you are actually doing is finishing each level of the game and then finishing the game as a whole to get each trophy.


Estimated 100% time: 1 - 2 hours


Difficulty does not matter, you can and should play the whole thing on easy to make it faster. On easy there are less traps so it's easier to get through most levels.


Note that there are two possible camera angles, Fixed and Follow. The guide is written from the perspective of using Fixed camera for ease of giving directions. If you want you can switch to Follow in the pause menu if you want. This can be useful during some of the jumping stuff as it can be easier with Follow camera.




If you want you can follow this video walkthrough, though it is played on a higher difficulty so there are a number of traps that aren't there if you play on Easy. He also is slow and cautious in places, so it takes longer than it needs to in a lot of places.



Select New Game, Difficulty Easy, Max Brightness, leave camera as Fixed


Level 1


Move stick to get up, drop down hole


Click :r3 pulls out lantern, it has a recharge timer on how long you can use it, so don't have it out unless you need to.


Go door at top of room


Hold :r1 to sprint, go out left of room


Walk between blood(?) and bed, head to left at end of room


Walk toward camera, slow down once you get right at the camera. Flip switch on wall to turn on light, run past blade


Around the corner sprint through hallway, the floor in the middle drops out. Go through opening at the end


Jump over rope in next area, continue forward


Head to left, you'll pick up lantern oil and be locked in. Turn on light switch to left, run to end of hallway


The camera switches to show you an arm thing. Head foward toward the blood on the ground, you need to goad the arm into walking into it so it blows up.


Once the arm dies run and jump over the blood, grab the floating key. Go down the ladder and grab the other key. Go back down the hallway to the clock.


Press :triangle to wind the clock, you become a skinless monster guy. Press :square as him to punch the boards blocking you in.


Go to the right, yes key to open door. Go to left to pick up another clock wind key, then go the opposite way down the hallway.


Use the next clock. Head left immediately and pick up the heart you couldn't before to increase your time as skinless guy, beat up the arm guy in front of you. Go through the opened area once the arm guy is dead.


Pick up the key in the outdoor area, then go in the left door. Sprint over the white pad, use key on door.


In next room head to the right, crouch under the moving knife. Go into next room.


Once the camera angle changes go towards the camera, crouch under the moving knife. Inch to your right to alert the hand enemy and then move back left so it gets hit by the moving blade. Head through where the hand was standing.


Head up to the right to grab a key, then down to the left. Head around the campfire and turn the crank, then go back and across the boxes that were lifted up.


Go forward then up the stairs, then go into the middle of the room.


I'm not actually sure how this puzzle works. I believe you are supposed to get the bodies swinging in an alternating fashion (Front and back swinging opposite middle). Fiddle around with the a bit and you should get it.


Once all lights are green, head through the door on the left side of the room (camera change so buttons are above), go down the long hallway around the corner. Run over the set of spike pads so the guy starts coming after you, then run back into the room.


Run over to the gramaphone that is in the room in front of the stabbing blade, hit :triangle to activate it. This kills the boss. I Hate When I Cry :silver


Pick up the key from where he died, run back down the hallway all the way to the end, open the door to end the level.


Level 2


Head down the steps, move toward the right, watching the mines on the ground. Crouch then head over to the key beside the broken wall while crouching under the turret fire (You can hold :r1 to move faster while crouching).


Move forward towards the turret, then move towards the corner opposite the lantern pickup, open the door and go through.


Move forward, crouching under the blades. Watching the two mines immediately after on each side of the path. There is a wood bridge just out of sight to the left, go across it.


Go up, then all the way around the area to the right staying away from the arm guy. Once you get around the tower go near the line of mines so that you alert the arm and have it kill itself on the mines. Go up the tower to get the key.


Go back down, then right by the line of mines there is a single wood board across the water/blood. Go across that.


Go directly to the clock in front of you, summon the skinless guy. Pick up the machete and kill the two arm guys on either side of the area. After go all the way to the left and open the gate in the fence.


Run across the stones in the blood, head into the bathroom building. This is linear, just head to the end avoiding the two traps.


Head to the left when outside, hug the building wall to avoid the arm guy, jump across the blood then go to the end and pick up the key. Go back to the corner of the building, then hug the fence and open the gate with the key.


Head to the left, run through the spinning saw blade. Go forward, jump the rope that's around the corner, keep going forward.


When you get to the area with the two paths go to the right. Crouch under the blade hugging the wall and get the arm to die. Pick up the key then go back and go through the gate.


Go forward down the long hallway, stop before you get to the stuff on the ground as there's a trap. When the doors close sprint through.


When you get to the two paths, first go left, get the arm to kill itself on a mine. Then go back and go to the opposite path. Go all the way to the end then go left just past where the gun is. Keep going, jump over the blood. Go to the end and get the clock key.


Go back to the clock, change into skinless guy. When you switch to him go to the left back towards the heart and gun pickups. Use the gun to kill the arm guys in the area (aim and shoot with :l2 :r2)


Once you're back to normal go around the middle round area to the box, push it over to the ladder on the container. Go up, grab key. Now go all the way back to where you were before and open the door.


Go all the way forward crouching under the gunfire. Go past the gun first, down the blade hallway to get the key. Then go back to go through the spinning saw hallway to the door at the end.


Go down the hallway away from the arm guy and pick up the clock key. Go back to the clock and become the skinless guy, grab the pickups then go down the hallway and kill the arm guys. Make sure to be quick as the dog at the end of the hallway has to be killed as well.


Go throught the door, then down the hallway to the boxes with the blades on them. Pull the boxes out of the way, then go foward.


In the next area, go all the way around the outside to activate the boss, then let it kill you. When you respawn, flip the two switches on the control panel then go back over to the boss to get it to follow you.


By the control panel there is a raised stone, jump on it to open the gate, then go through the gate. Run out the opposite side, then jump on the other raised stone to drop the trap and kill the boss. Live and Let Die :silver


Go over near where the boss spawned to pick up a hook, use this on the man hole to end the level.


Level 3


Head left immediately, but don't go right for the key. There's an arm trap behind it, so wait for the arm to pop out then grab it when it goes back in. Then go back right and go through the door.


Go down the hallway, watch the spike trap right at the end. There are two knifes moving in alternating motion, you have to time it to run through them and grab the key, can't crouch under them.


Head down the hallway, but hug the outside wall as there is a mine midway through right where the face torch is.


You'll get to a point where it stops you and shows you a spider thing. Move up to trigger it following you, then run back down the tunnel to have it run over the mine. Continue through the tunnel to the door.


Head across the stone bridge in the middle, watching for the blade at the start. There are mines on the opposite side to avoid. Go through the next tunnel until you get to a point where you see a box in a lower area and blood rising out of the floor.


What you need to do is run down once the blood disappears and jump on the box, then when the blood disappears again run forward to the next box and hop on. Once it goes down again run forward and out of the lower area.


Up the hill there will be a blade trap to avoid. Go down the hill then turn left at the bottom and pick up the key. Go to the right and go through the door.


You'll be shown a long rat looking animal, don't worry about it for now. Go across the board in the middle to get the key, go forward and through the door.


You'll be in a room with a bunch of spinning blade things. Wait for them to drop once then run through the middle of the room, head through hole at top all the way until you go through a door that closes behind you.


Run forward through the first pipe and turn the crank. Go forward more and trigger the crocodile thing to chase you, then run back to the raised rock by the door and wait for the croc to die and the water to go back down.


Go through both pipes, head left at the crossroads. At the next set of paths go through the spinning saw first and grab the key, then go down the other path.


When you go through the door go left immediately to grab another key, then head the other direction. Sprint and jump across the platform above the spikes.


At the next crossroad head down first to pick up a clock winding key, then head up towards the clock. Use the clock to turn into the skinless guy and shoot the two crocks, then go forward and go through the door.


When you go through the door follow the only path forward. When you get to the spot where you can move left or right go left first, pick up another clock key, then go to the right and you'll see another croc up the hallway. Go down to get to the clock, pick up the gun and shoot the croc.


Head down the hallway the croc was in. Continue down this linear path until you get to a hallway where a grate closes behind you.


Head over to the single high box, push it so that it's beside the stacked boxes. Go down the hallway and pull the first lever. Go down the hallway and pull the second lever, then run back and pull the first lever again to block the enemy in the hallway. Go to where you entered and turn the valve, then jump on the boxes. You are so beautiful :silver


Go pick up the key, go through the doors again to the room the yellow girl started in. Go up the stairs and open the door to finish the level.


Level 4
Go up both flights of stairs, go in the door on the left when you get to the top and grab the gas mask. Go down and left through the gas, then down the into the second room to grab a key. Go back to the room at the top of the stairs and go right through the locked door. 
Go straight coming from the door, jump between the two platforms over the pit. Continue down the hallway past the door. Crouch and go to the top of the boxes so that you go by the arm guy, then press the button to kill him. Pick up the key where he was standing and go through the locked door you passed before. Pick up the key in this room then go through the locked door on the opposite side of the hall. 
Pick up the blue key from the door you pass by. Jump over the rope then go to the second door that's on the right. Pick up the red key from inside then go back to the locked door by the rope. Pick up the clock key, then go back and and into the main room. 
Use the clock key on the clock in the large room, then go farther down the hall with the skinless guy and break the boards on the door on the right. Go into that room and pick up the key, then proceed to the end of the hallway through the locked door. 
Go left first, then right to the corner to grab a key. Watch the breakaway floor in the middle of the T. Go back the other way and to the end of the hallway, watching the spot with the blood splatter for arm traps. Go through the locked door at the end. 
Go down the hallway straight away from the door, then turn down right down the next hallway all the way to the end to get a blue key. Go back then continue forward past the mannequins, then enter the locked door on the right. Grab the red key then continue down the hallway, going into the next locked door. Grab the last key then go through the locked door at the end of the hallway. 
This next room has two enemies you have to kill before you can exit. First go away from the door you came through and left to the wall. Hug this and go around the corner to the right, staying away from the guy you can see. Continue hugging this wall to avoid the next guy you can see, grab the clock key. Go back to the first area past the second enemy, then across the opposite side of the room to the clock. 
Use the clock, then as the skinless guy first pick up the heart and the machete. Kill the two enemies, then go into the room where the clock key was and into the corner and destroy the boards over the spike pad. Once they are destroyed go over there with the little guy. 
Interact with the three levers. (Note a button prompt won't always show up, but you can still interact when you're near them) You basically want to have the platforms timed so that you can run across as they go in and out of the wall. You can somewhat cheese it by sprint jumping so it doesn't have to be exact. Once across go to the right first and pick up the yellow key, then go outside. Watch the mine in the middle of the dirt path and go through the door opposite. Go through the locked door in this room. 
This next room has the boss in it. Go through the end over the stone buttons and to the end to trigger the boss. Run back over the first one and wait for the gate to go down again so he continues following, then run across the second and pull the rope. This should trigger the ending and kill the boss. I can see you :silver
Grab the key, then go back along the path and through the locked door to end the level. 
Level 5
Go left first and pick up the clock key from behind the counter, then go to the far opposite side of the room and jump over the electrified blood. Be aware of the hands on the ground shooting guns as they'll kill you. When you get across the puddle go immmediately behind the furniture and head around the room, then go right into the next hallway. Watch the blades on the wall, and when you get past them hug the right wall going around the corner to get to a clock. 
Use the key on the clock to turn into skinless guy, then run to the opposite side of the room and pick up the heart and the machete. Use this to kill the two human enemies and the two arm guys in the room. Once back to normal go into the far corner of the room to pick up a blue key, then head all the way back to the original room and go through the locked door by the one hand on the floor. 
Go through the doorway on the left of the room, then avoid the saw and jump over the rope. Go left into the door. Here you need to jump on top of the boxes, then get off and crouch underneath the moving blade. Go forward and first turn into the hallway with the mannequine at the end. Turn right again and grab the clock key. Turn around then continue down the main hallway. You'll see a spinning saw trap, run through this and continue into the next room. 
In this room immediately go right, hugging the wall. Stick to the wall until you get to the clock and turn into the skinless guy. Quickly run around and grab the heart and machete, then use it to kill the human enemy and the two arm guys in the room. Grab the key then go back out of the room. Go back down the hallway until you see a mannequin stuck to the wall on your left, turn into here and go around the corner and go through the locked door. 
Go down the hall and around the corner. You'll get to a point where the floor has 5 electrified panels, which activate in the order (assuming farthest away is 5 and closest is 1) 3, 5, 4, 2, 1. So to get across what you want to do is wait for the 3rd (middle) panel to be electrified and run to it when it swaps to the 5th panel, then after the 4th then 2nd panels become electrified run to end off the panels. 
Go into the door directly beside you to grab a key. You then have run and jump towards the left onto and then across two collapsing platforms. Enter the door immediately after. 
Go down the hallway to the large room at the end, this is the boss room. What you need to do in here is first pick up the mask floating in front of the stone bodies to scare the boss back into the cage. Then you turn the valve handle to turn the gas on that comes from the pipe. Then run to the opposite side of the pipe and pull the lever to set the boss on fire and kill it. Do it again :silver
Pick up the key and go through the door to end the level. 
Level 6
When the level starts out just head to the left. This level is basically really linear, so just keep going down the path. Be aware the wood bridges are kind of finicky and they can just lead you off the edge of the path and into the water killing you.  
Watch when you get near the torch with the lamp pickup there is a bear trap on the ground. After that keep following the path until you get to the spinning spikes trap. Go through it decently quick as it drops after you step on the pad after about 10 seconds. Keep going down the path and across the thin board. 
Go through the arch and pick up the key as you go. Jump over the rope in front of the guillotine. Go forward more and you'll notice a croc in front on the path. Get close enough to alert it then sprint back and run through the rope on the guillotine to kill the croc. Proceed back along the path through the locked gate. 
Continue down the path. Once you get to the wood structure hit the button on the console so the light turns Red. Climb the ladder then go across the wire. Keep going right and drop down, then keep going. 
You'll go by some more wooden structures and then up some steps. On the left will be a locked fence, so continue right. Pull the lever that you pass to open a gate, then run through quick before it closes again. Pull the lever on the console to turn the light red, then head up the hill and go across the wire to get the key. Go back, going up the ladder to get over the gate, then through the locked gate you saw before. 
Pick up the clock key and continue forward. Once you get to the big open area head left and activate the clock. The pickup in front of the headless mannequin is a gun, and there is a heart on the opposite side of this open area. There are three enemies you need to kill, one in the area where you are, one forward more on the opposite side of the round area, and one up the stairs past the round area. Once you've killed all three go along the path to the bridge that goes up and down. 
To advance here you need to hop on the bridge as it's raising out of the hole and sprint across before it gets all the way up. Continue down the path, carefully over the wood bridge so you don't fall off. Continue right and you'll notice a precariously perched boulder. Go up to it to trigger it, and as soon as it starts to move sprint back down the path, just back to where the fence ends. Once the boulder stops go up the hill where it was and drop down, continue forward. 
There will be another hill you go up, with a set of moving wood platforms going down. You need to go on the top one when it goes out, then carefully drop down to the next level of each as they move out. If you go just on the outside edge of each level you should just drop to the next one once they pull in. Continue all the way right. 
Eventually you'll get to a point where it shows you the boss behind a gate. When you get near it head left first and activate the gramaphone there, then pull the lever to open the gate he is behind. Go into the area he came from and pull the lever on the console. Now run all the way back to where there was a wire before and go across it, though make sure the old guy is following you before you go across as he can get stuck if you run away too fast. Once you activate the console it'll kill him. Let me see your heart :silver
Pick up the key that is dropped, then go to the left and exit the gate. 
Level 7
Last level, almost there.  First section is very linear again, just follow the road, watch for electified puddles. You will eventually get to a turret, crouch under it like before and keep moving forward. You'll reach the end of the chain link fence and be at a crossroad, first head left to the very end and pick up a key, watch on the blood spots for arm traps. Once you have the key head back and go on the opposite path and then through the locked gate. 
Continue forward, there will be another turret to crouch through, pick up the clock key on your way. Ahead when you get to the row of boxes go to their left and activate the clock. As the skinless guy go forward and quickly grab the heart pickup, then kill the first set of human enemies. Go forward more and grab the machete, and kill the next set of enemies. Continue forward and around to the right, there will be another heart pickup and two more human enemies. Foward even more there is an arm enemy. Forward even more is a large openish area. You can see a gun turret in the middle, if you go around the right there is one more heart pickup. If you go to the far end where you can see the key there is one final arm enemy. After you kill him and return to normal run all the way back through, pick up the key, then go through the locked door by the start of this open area. 
Go forward, jump over the rope trap a little bit in front. Go over top of the first set of green sewer grates, then turn right and pick up the key. Turn around and go to the corner and go through the locked door. 
Follow the linear path, watching out for bear traps as you progress.  There will be a guiottine trap you have to jump through after the third camera change. Forward along the path there will be a point where you pass a white building, at this point go left immediately and you will see a key pickup. Go near it to trigger the arm trap then grab it when the arm goes away. Then go left more beside the junk to continue along the path. 
Jump through the guiottine trap, then continue forward. There will be a thing of boxes with a spike trap in the middle you have to climb over. Foward more and you'll pick up a clock key. Go back the way you came and then use the clock just past the guiottine. Go left and there will be a group of three arm enemies to kill. Once back to normal go that way and through the locked door. 
Follow the path forward. You have to jump over top of the green puddle under the dripping archway. Go to your left after this and you should see a moving staircase with a clock key at the top. Wait for the staircase to push all the way out then go get the clock key. Go off the stairs and head right immediately to get to the clock. When you turn into the skinless guy head right and pick up the items, then kill the group of enemies at the end of the area.  GO over and pick up the key, then go through the gate. 
Use the key you pick up on the clock immediately. You are now permanently the skinless guy. Go forward and kill the group of three human enemies, then go over to the gate the guy ran through. Hit the gate for a while, then go through and kill the next group of enemies. Follow along where the guy ran. The worst of me :silver Lithium :gold
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Walkthrough worked great, thanks for writing it out

Guide was perfect, thank you

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thanks for the walktrough :)

Thanks for this perfect walkthrough, Gage.