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Knightin'+ Video Guide

Check out our Guide for Knightin'+, A fun 2D Puzzle Dungeon Adventure!



Official Game Info:-
https://twitter.com/RatalaikaGames J


Join brave Sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little adventure. Explore and fight your way through the four dangerous dungeons filled with dangerous traps, devious puzzles and magical artifacts.


Survive all four dungeons by unlocking new abilities and items that can help Sir Lootalot conquer his enemies.


Knightin'+ is a classic adventure game inspired by many of the amazing masterpieces from 90s.


Pause the game for these codes, every time you change a floor the codes need to be re-entered.

God Mode:

:right :square :right :left :left :right :triangle :right :left :square :triangle

999 Coins
:down :triangle :Up: :square :left :down :Up: :right

Enemies reduced to 1 HP
:Up: :Up: :down :down :left :right :left :right :square :triangle

16 mins!  :shoe:  


the only REAL guide video for this game showing the CORRECT path!!! amazing! 

thank you RD ! 

perfect guide i win a lot of time with this thaks a lot!

Thank you very much.

Amazing Guide! Thank you RD :-)

After playing this a couple times, I rather enjoyed it.  

Thanks again.

Mar 21 2020 05:28 AM

thanks for the guide boss.


weird bug on my eu vita stack; went down to 2-5 and realise i cannot open the first door.

turns out i do not have a key and i ended up digging the whole place before realising i have opened every chest.

went back to the world map as well and realise it is noted that i have 6/6 keys for dungeon 2.


no idea where the missing key went, but it destroyed my final speed run, making it my longest run as i needed to restart from scratch the whole game. :x