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Kill It With Fire Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 21 (21 :bronze)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, chapter select
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A

Many people absolutely hate spiders and now there's a game where you can murder them with reckless abandon. Each level is a location around town and there are spiders hiding everywhere. Use their chittering noises or your trusty tracker to locate them. Once scared to the open you can use one of many different weapons to smash, shoot, burn or explode them into oblivion.


Kill it with Fire is a first person spider murdering game. None of the trophies are missable and there's chapter select to go back and find anything missed. Just play through each level and try to complete all objectives. Also make sure to look everywhere and find everything you can before exiting. In the post game you can get an upgrade that lets you see when a collectible is nearby making cleanup even easier. Don't worry about the Arachno-Gauntlets until after you get a few more weapons, especially the energy drink. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations and tips for completing objectives and Arachno-Gauntlets.


Trophy Guide:


Tiny Game Hunter - :bronze
Kill every type of spider
You have to kill every spider to get all the other trophies but here's a list of the spiders needed:
Spider - black common spider
Jumping - orange/red spider that jumps at you
Web - yellow spider that spits web at you
Spiderling - tiny white spider that can appear naturally or be birthed from a queen
Exploding - red spider that explodes when killed
Radioactive - glowing green spider that creates zombies
Zombie - green/black spider that was dead but has been brought back by a radioactive spider
Queen - black/red spider that bursts into multiple spiders when killed
Invisible - camouflaged spider that glows blue when spotted


High Voltage - :bronze
Find every Battery
Batteries are used to power your tracker upgrades and starting with Close Encounters every level will have a handful of them. They aren't usually very hard to find and can be inside drawers, in trash cans, behind and under things. Unfortunately explosions and spiders can knock them around so you may have to come back later and find what you missed. Post game you can get an upgrade that makes the tracker show when you are close to one. There's a counter on the level select screen and in the top left of your screen while you are in each level so you can keep track of them. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations.
Batteries - 67
First Contact - 0
Close Encounters - 7
Domestic Duties - 8
Major Inconvenience - 9
Garden of Evil - 8
Barnstormer - 9
Paper Trail - 8
Contingency Omega - 9
Consequences - 9

Ultimate Exterminator - :bronze
Find all Equipment
Every level has at least one piece of equipment and you carry all equipment with fresh ammo into every level thereafter. Most are in obvious locations or inside locked containers that you need to complete objectives to open. There's a counter on the level select screen and you can view all your equipment from the main menu. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations.
Equipment - 21
First Contact - Clipboard, Tracker, Hairspray, and Revolver
Close Encounters - Shotgun, C4
Domestic Duties - Frying Pan, Molotov
Major Inconvenience - Energy Drink, Silenced Pistol, Gasoline
Garden of Evil - Trimmer, Shuriken
Barnstormer - Balloons, Flash Bang, Assault Rifle
Paper Trail - Fire Extinguisher, RPG
Contingency Omega - Flare Gun, Flamethrower
Consequences - Saw Launcher

Smarter, Not Harder - :bronze
Find every Upgrade
Upgrades are bonus skills and abilities you can turn on for your character. They look like presents in game and share a counter on the level select screen with tracker upgrades. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations.
Upgrades - 10
First Contact - Protein Shake
Close Encounters - Cargo Shorts
Domestic Duties - Gel Insoles
Major Inconvenience - Kerosene Soaked Bullets
Garden of Evil - Giant Magnet
Barnstormer - Reflex Sight
Paper Trail - Flashlight
Contingency Omega - None
Consequences - Goose Mode, Tiny Mode, Cargo Pants

Knowledge is Power - :bronze
Find every Tracker Upgrade
Tracker upgrades are bonus abilities you can equip to your tracker if you have enough batteries. They look like circuit boards in game and share a counter on the level select screen with the other upgrades. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations.
Tracker Upgrades - 9
First Contact - None
Close Encounters - S.P.I.D.A.R.
Domestic Duties - Sigma Module
Major Inconvenience - D-Cells
Garden of Evil - Arachnodex
Barnstormer - Holster
Paper Trail - Laser
Contingency Omega - None
Consequences - Nuclear Generator, Arachnoscope, Secret Sniffer

Line of Succession - :bronze
Transform a Spiderling hatched from a Queen into a Queen
Queens are the black and red spiders that burst into multiple other spiders when killed. I did this in the Barnstormer level but any level with Queens will work. Kill one and then use the Royal Grape flavored cheese puffs (purple ones) on the small white Hatchlings. They will turn into Queens when they eat one.

Unintended Consequences - :bronze
Get the secret ending
After completing all of the Arachno-Gauntlets head back to the Consequences level and hit the button outside. This will start the Face the Music gauntlet to kill 40 spiders in 1 minute. At this point you should have the unlimited ammo upgrade and can just use the RPG every few seconds in the four corners of the blue tarp. Once you complete this gauntlet a new mission appears. Step into the light to get the secret ending.

Spick and Span - :bronze
Destroy EVERY dish
This trophy is only counting the dishes in the Domestic Duties level. You can break dishes by throwing them or using weapons on them. Be careful when using weapons or throwing them into each other as they can get launched around and not break. I recommend grabbing them on at a time and throwing them somewhere where they won't hit other dishes. Dishes can be found in the following locations:
- 2 cabinets above the sink
- in and around the sink
- in the dishwasher
- on the BBQ outside the window in the laundry room (shoot it)

Extreme Landscaping - :bronze
Decimate the hedge maze (destroy grass, hedges)
In the Garden of Evil level you need to burn down most of the hedge walls and grass throughout the level. You can possibly do this the first time you play this level but it is much easier after you get more fire based weapons like the flamethrower and the laser. Just ignite all the hedge walls and let them burn to only sticks remaining. At ~90% of everything burnt the trophy should unlock.

That's all folks - :bronze
Kill a spider by dropping an anvil on it
In the Barnstormer level there is an anvil next to some balloons.  The easiest way to do this is to attach 2 balloons to the anvil so it is floating in the air and toss some cheese puffs under the anvil. Now rustle up some spiders and when one goes to eat the cheese puffs shoot a balloon causing the anvil to drop onto the spider. You don't have to use the cheese puffs but it's much harder trying to hit a moving spider.

Eclectic Tastes - :bronze
Find every Flavor
Flavors are the different colored chip bags you find in most levels. Each flavor can turn spiders into other types and the Royal Grape flavor is required for Line of Succession :bronze. They are pretty easy to find. After that you can switch flavors with :square when the cheese puffs are in hand. See the Collectibles and Level Guide section for more detailed locations.
Flavors - 6
First Contact - None
Close Encounters - Classic Cheddar
Domestic Duties - Invisible Ranch, Bouncy Chocolate
Major Inconvenience - Spice Explosion
Garden of Evil - None
Barnstormer - Sticky Lemon
Paper Trail - Royal Grape
Contingency Omega - None
Consequences - None

The Only Way To Be Sure - :bronze
Beat the game
You will get this naturally when completing the Contingency Omega level.


Blind Justice - :bronze
Kill a spider while Webbed
Starting with the Garden of Evil level you will run into yellow spiders that spit web at you. Wait until the web is covering your view and kill any spider. It's not hard but if you are struggling you can always use a splash damage weapon like the RPG to kill a spider.

Lilliputian Commando - :bronze
Complete a level in Tiny Mode
The Tiny Mode upgrade is found in the Consequences level in a sewer grate to the left of the music button. It costs 10 points and can be turned on from the main menu. Equip it and finish any level to unlock this trophy.

MLG Pro -  :bronze
360 no-scope a spider with the Assault Rifle
There is some disagreement as to what unlocks this trophy but I got it by spinning and shooting a spider with the assault rifle while the energy drink effect was active. I did not need to jump and I shot many spiders without the energy drink and it did not count. This is easiest on a stationary spider that does not run away when you look at it or shoot at it. In the Paper Trail level head through the cubicle area and then through the break room. Follow the hall to the right of the exit and there is always 1 or 2 radioactive spiders on the white board. Drink an energy drink and point the assault rifle at the right height. Push left or right on the stick to spin in a circle. It may take a couple tries but if you time it right you will hit the spider and unlock the trophy. See video if you need help.


Ragtime - :bronze
Smack the piano
In the First Contact level is a piano. You will likely do this naturally but if not just hit it with a melee weapon like your clipboard.

Sending a Message - :bronze
Burn the money in the safe
In the Close Contact level is a secret room behind a bookshelf in the study. Pull the blue and yellow book on the second shelf from the top to open the room and then burn the money in the safe to unlock this trophy.

Oil Boom - :bronze
Destroy the gas station
The Major Inconvenience level takes place inside a convenience store. Eventually you will make your way outside. Head over to the gas pumps and ignite or explode them. BOOOOM.

Jam This - :bronze
Fire the RPG at the printer
In the Paper Trail level there is a printer in the cubicle area. Take out your RPG (also found in this level) and BOOOOM.

Sub-Par - :bronze
Get the golf ball in the hole
In the Contingency Omega level there is a putting green right at the beginning. Simply pick up the golf ball and drop it in the hole.

Out of Business - :bronze
Knock all of the letters off KIWF HQ
In the Consequences level (post game) when you head outside turn around and look up. Shoot all the letters off. Using explosive weapons like the RPG makes it go much faster.

Collectibles and Level Guide:
Nothing is all that difficult but it's even easier to come back and do everything after you get all the weapons and upgrades. For collectibles just looking everywhere will find almost everything. Post game you can get an upgrade that signals when a collectible is close. Keep in mind that they can sometimes get moved around by spiders and explosions so resetting the level can help reset their positions.
For Arachno-Gauntlets it's best to do them on a second attempt at the level. The gauntlets spawn spiders but it helps to have all of the normal spawning spiders around as well. The energy drink slows down time and makes things easier. Just make sure to drink it after you start the gauntlet. Infinite ammo is great but you have to beat almost all of the gauntlets before you get that upgrade. Until then plan ahead. Dump gas everywhere and set C4 before starting to quickly get a lot of kills in ones that need that. Once you get infinite ammo just spam the RPG. Don't go too crazy though, the game likes to lag and crash when too much is going on.
First Contact
Equipment - 4
1) Clipboard - right after you open the first door
2) Tracker - on the shelves in the closet
3) Hairspray - on the bathroom counter
4) Revolver - in the top drawer in the living room
Flavors - 0 
Objectives - 5
1) First Blood - Kill a spider
2) Get the tracker - Take the spider tracker from the closet
3) Find more firepower - Get the hairspray from the bathroom
4) Get warmed up - Burn 20 objects
5) Throw the book at 'em - Kill a spider with a book (this can be a pain, come back later with the energy drink if needed)
Batteries - 0
Upgrades - 1
1) Protein Shake - left side of TV cabinet
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 5 spiders without reloading the revolver in 1 minute.
You get 6 shots to kill 5 spiders so you can only miss once. Drinking an energy drink slows down time and makes it much easier to shoot the moving targets.
Close Encounters
Equipment - 2
1) Shotgun - in wardrobe in the closet in  the master bedroom
2) C4 - in the safe in the secret room in the study
Flavors - 1
1) Classic cheddar - on the dresser in the bedroom
Objectives - 6
1) Spawn of Evil - Kill 10 spiderlings
2) Erase the past - Shatter 10 picture frames
3) Check for skeletons - Open the closet door - top drawer of nightstand in bedroom
4) Double trouble - Kill two spiders with one shotgun blast (shoot a queen, then immediately shoot the spiders that spawn or use cheese puffs to gather multiple spiders together)
5) Suburban secret - Discover a hidden room (pull the blue and yellow book on the second shelf from the top in the study)
6) Power up - Find 5 batteries
Batteries - 7
1) second drawer, left of the bed in master bedroom
2) top right drawer of dresser in bedroom
3/4) left of the computer desk in the study
5) in the garbage can right of the desk in the study
6) under the pillow on the chair in the study
7) bottom shelf in the secret room, in the study
Upgrades - 2
1) S.P.I.D.A.R - Under the bed
2) Cargo Shorts - bottom shelf in the secret room, in the study
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 10 spiders with the shotgun in 1 minute.
If you are having trouble come back with the energy drink and it should be easy.
Domestic Duties
Equipment - 2
1) Molotov - in the cabinet in the garage
2) Frying Pan - in the oven
Flavors - 2
1) Invisible Ranch
2) Bouncy Chocolate- both of these are found in the pantry area of the laundry room
Objectives - 6
1) Make new friends - kill 6 jumping spiders
2) Do the dishes - smash 20 dishes
3) Clean the fridge - remove all items from the fridge
4) Provide snacks - feed cheese puffs to 3 spiders
5) Clean the garage - take care of the 3 barrels in the garage
6) Organize tools - return tools to the pegboard (all are in the garage but can be moved around by spiders and explosions)
Batteries - 8
1) on the chair, under the pizza
2) bottom right drawer, in the credenza, in the kitchen
3) in the microwave
4) in the pot in the cabinet to the right of the oven
5) inside the washing machine
7) on the ground to the right of the dryer
8/9) in the toolbox on the workbench in the garage
Upgrades - 2
1) Gel Insoles - in the dryer
2) Sigma Module - in the garbage can in the garage
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 10 spiders with fire in 1 minute.
Fire takes time to kill a spider but fire spreads and spiders can ignite each other. The energy drink can still help but it delays how long it takes for them to die as well. I waited until I had multiple fire weapons like gasoline and the flamethrower and then came back to do this one. Reset the level so all the normal spawns are there, dump gasoline everywhere and then run around lighting it with the flamethrower.
Major Inconvenience
Equipment - 3
1) Energy Drink - in the drink fridge on the back wall
2) Silenced Pistol - in the area through the orange container
3) Gasoline - by the turquoise car 
Flavors - 1
1) Spice Explosion - in the yellow shipping container
Objectives - 6
1) Blown away - kill 8 exploding spiders
2) Shopping spree - scan items worth $100 (you want the following things from the freezers in the back: green pizzas, blue/yellow pizzas, purple pizzas)
3) Have a blast - detonate the propane tank
4) Take out the trash - put 5 trash bags in the dumpster
5) Fight spider with spider - kill a spider with an exploding spider (by the propane tank is an exploding spider near multiple others or use cheese puffs to gather them together)
6) Back in business - fix 3 electrical problems
Batteries - 9
Note: there are a lot of things exploding in this level so the batteries may get knocked around
1) bottom shelf of right cabinet behind counter
2) in garbage can to the right of the front door
3) behind the yellow container by the water tower
4) behind the front right tire of the box truck
5) in the left dumpster
6) in the tent through the orange container
7) behind the left portable toilet
8) in the sewer grate by the gas pumps
9) on the wheelchair
Upgrades - 2
1) Kerosene Soaked Bullets - in the right portable toilet
2) D-Cells - in the sewer grate to the right of the exit
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 5 spiders in 15 seconds
Reset the level before trying this so that all the regular spiders are around. You can prep the area with gas and C4 if you want but the energy drink should be enough to kill 5 spiders. If you have the RPG it's pretty easy as well.
Garden of Evil
Equipment - 2
1) Trimmer - on the other side of the Zen gate
2) Shuriken - in the shrine at the center of the garden
Flavors - 0
Objectives - 6
1) Sticky situation - kill 5 web spiders
2) Beacons bright- solve the riddle (light the 3 braziers)
3) Life imitates art - solve the riddle (match the 3 small pink trees with the large pink trees)
4) Reveal the hidden paths - solve the riddle (burn the bushes behind the cat in the first area and
on the wall that the cats face when on the pedestals)
5) Herd the cats - solve the riddle (put cats from smallest to largest on the pedestals)
6) Strike swiftly - solve the riddle (kill a spider with a shuriken, use an energy drink if needed)
Batteries - 8
1) under a stone pagoda statue right at the beginning of the level
2/3) behind the first brazier to your left as you enter the first area
4) behind the rock right after the Zen gate
5) in the corner behind the first pink tree
6) under the stone pagoda statue to the left of the Blossom gate
7) on the back railing of the shrine, above the cat pedestals
8) coming down the stares of the shrine, behind a rock to your left
Upgrades - 2
1) Arachnodex - just behind the Blossom gate door
2) Giant Magnet - in the shrine
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 7 spiders with the shuriken in 1 minute.
The shuriken have awful hit boxes and a slight delay when you throw so lead your targets. The energy drink slows down time and makes it much easier to hit spiders. Make sure to have the giant magnet upgrade equipped to make picking up thrown shuriken easier. Just push :square to pick them all up at once. It's a little glitchy and make sure to not throw your last one as that will auto switch to another weapon and not let you go back unless you manually pick up a shuriken. Lastly, since these are the web shooting spiders, dodge their shots to prevent the web blocking your view.
Equipment - 3
1) Balloon - in the shed with anvil
2) Flashbang - on the tool table next to the tractor
3) Assault Rifle - behind hay bales to the right of the portable toilets
Flavors - 1 
1) Sticky lemon - in the right portable toilet
Objectives - 5
1) Regicide - kill 3 queen spiders
2) Master gardener - shatter 20 pots (and vases)
3) Slash and burn - burn 15 hay bales
4) The 'ol classic - drop the anvil on a spider (see That's all folks :bronze)
5) Bountiful harvest - pick 23 vegetables
Batteries - 9 
1) under the sacks under the VEGES sign to your left at the beginning of the level
2) between the hay bales past the food stalls on your left
3) in a box under the VEGES sign on the greenhouse
4) behind the hay bales in the shed with the anvil
5) behind the seat lid in the left portable toilet
6) back left corner of the greenhouse
7) under the table with pots
8) in the tray on the shelf under the tool table next to tractor
9) right of exit, behind the round hay bales
Upgrades - 2
1) Holster - in the chest by the flower vases
2) Reflex Sight - in the cabinet in the barn
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 5 spiders without reloading the Assault Rifle in 1 minute.
Like in Close Encounters you cannot reload but the Assault Rifle has 30 shots instead of 6. It's less accurate but this is still easy enough with the energy drink.
Paper Trail
Equipment - 2
1) Fire Extinguisher - under the sink in the break room
2) RPG - in a case in the conference room
Flavors - 1 
1) Royal Grape- in the break room you can smash the vending machine and get this flavor
Objectives - 6
1) Not natural - kill 5 radioactive spiders
2) Erase hard drives - burn 8 computers (using gasoline makes it easier)
3) Hack the mainframe - insert 8 USB drives (behind the pizza guy picture, on the chair, on the computer, behind the picture of the lady with cat, in garbage can, on the shelves, on the cart to the right of the desk, behind the monitor)
4) Make a wish - blow out the candle (use the Fire Extinguisher)
5) Shattered thrones - destroy 6 toilets
6) Dead is better - kill 10 zombie spiders (let radioactive spiders run around a bit to create the zombies)
Batteries - 8
1) top left drawer of reception desk
2) on the table between the chair and couch
3) to your right when you enter the cubicle room, second shelf from bottom, behind the paper
4) far left cubicle, behind the monitor
5) behind the picture of the lady in white in the IT room
6) in the left urinal
7) in the microwave in the break room
8) on the conference room table above the upgrade
Upgrades - 2
1) Laser - next to the right stall in the men's bathroom
2) Flashlight - under the head of the table in the conference room
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 10 spiders using different methods in 1 minute.
You will want to let the radioactive spiders create a bunch of zombies before starting this and try to target zombies before you kill the radioactive ones so that they continue to create more. I set up my weapon bar with all the guns and single target type weapons (skip the shuriken). Each gun counts separately. Start the gauntlet and drink an energy drink to slow time (always have a drink active). Watch the counter to make sure your kills are counted and once you got through your guns open the inventory and switch them out for easy to use weapon that are left: C4, flamethrower, hairspray, weed whacker, RPG, etc. Then use the fire to ignite a bunch and then finish off the rest with the explosives. Keep an eye on the counter and don't forget that your clipboard and tracker laser also count. It may take a couple tries but it's not as bad as it seems.
Contingency Omega
Equipment - 2
1) Flare Gun - bottom left drawer of the desk
2) Flamethrower - on the wall behind the blue arming key
Flavors - 0
Objectives - 5
1) Sight Unseen - kill 3 invisible spiders
2) Corporate Secrets - discover a hidden passageway (button in the bathroom)
3) Codebreaker - open the vault (code is 6174)
4) Arm Contingency Omega - insert arming keys
5) Arms Race - get the flamethrower
Batteries - 9
1) top left drawer of the desk
2) in the garbage in the bathroom
3) on the ground next to the drink case in the hall
4) behind the control panel next to the power cord
5) in the break room under the table with the red arming key
6/7/8) on the table by the blue arming key
9) under the tablet on the desk just inside the door of the room with the yellow arming key
Upgrades - 0
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 30 spiders in 1 minute.
This is the same button you use to arm Contingency Omega. You will want to reset the level before doing this one. That way all the normal spiders are still everywhere and you can grab ammo for the RPG. The radioactive spiders will probably run around and make a lot of zombies as well. To prep for this I dumped gasoline in the main room and in the 3 arming key rooms. Then I set C4 in each. When you press the button wait for the nuke to drop down and the music to start. Then down an energy drink and set off the C4. This should get a lot of kills on the normal spawns. Then I used the flamethrower to quickly run around and light any gasoline that needs it. Chug more energy drink when it runs out and finish off the rest of the spiders with occasional RPG shots in the main room.
Equipment - 1
Saw Launcher - in the downstairs office (you need to complete 6 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
Flavors - 0
Objectives - 4
Parting Gifts - open your partner's old office (complete 4 Arachno-Gauntlets to open the door)
Treasure Trove - open the downstairs office (complete 6 Arachno-Gauntlets to open the door)
The Last Dance - face the music (complete all Arachno-Gauntlets including this one)
No Time to Explain - step into the light (complete The Last Dance to trigger this)
Batteries - 9
1) outside the partner's office on the floor behind the boxes
2/3) on the desk in the partner's office (you need to complete 4 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
4) in the bottom drawer in the hallway outside the office
5/6) on the shelves in the downstairs office (you need to complete 6 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
7) next to the button for The Last Dance
8) on the ground between the front of the van and the building
9) on the ground between the back of the van and the building
Upgrades - 6
1) Goose Mode - in the partner's office (you need to complete 4 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
2) Nuclear Generator - in the partner's office (you need to complete 4 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
3) Cargo Pants - in the downstairs office (you need to complete 6 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
4) Arachnoscope - in the downstairs office (you need to complete 6 Arachno-Gauntlets to open this door)
5) Tiny Mode - in a sewer grate behind and to the left of the speakers
6) Secret Sniffer - under the van outside
Arachno-Gauntlet - Kill 40 spiders in 1 minute.
You can use the same technique as in Contingency Omega but at this point you will likely already have infinite ammo. Just spamming RPG shots every few seconds in the four corners of the blue tarp should easily get enough in time.

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Looks super fun game!

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Looks super fun game!


I think she's being a smartass. We all know how much she loves spiders :D


Guide looks great Sef! A lot of info. Good job.