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Jigsaw Zen ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
Offline trophies: (12) 11 :gold, 1 :plat
Online trophies: 0
Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-3 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs: 25 Puzzles
Number of missable trophies: 0
Glitched trophies: 0
Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play on Normal for the whole thing
Do trophies stack?: No
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
Additional peripherals required?: No





Open piece inventory with :triangle and select a piece with :cross
Rotate a piece with :l1 or :r1
Place a piece with :cross




Step 1: Play through a 28-pc level with Rotation On, Hints Off, and Background set to "none"


The recommended image for this is Spring Ascent (shown on the Jigsaw Master trophy in the guide below). This picture has clear color blocks of the pink in the lower left section, green on the right, stone in the middle, and then the sky. For this reason, it'll be easier to complete both the smaller and the larger sizes of this puzzle. You can use the image provided for the Jigsaw Master trophy below as well as a reference since you have no hints or anything on this puzzle. Aim for your fastest time, but don't worry about getting under 2 minutes as you'll undoubtedly get that during step 2. After you complete this first level, you will earn:


:goldJigsaw Novice
:goldNo Clues
:goldIn the Dark


Step 2: Complete that same 28-pc level 22 more times but turn Rotation Off, Hints On, and Outline On


You main goal on this step will be getting the majority of the runs complete for Jigsaw Pro. Using the same picture as Step 1 (Spring Ascent), you'll want to aim to get faster each time and really pay attention to the patterns and colors on the picture itself. Eventually it'll start to become a bit of second nature and your completion time will get close to about 1-2/minute. Make sure one of your runs is under 2 minutes during this step (will most likely happy naturally). With the hints and outlines on, this will go much quicker. After this step, you will earn:


:gold Jigsaw Amateur
:gold Quick Jig


Step 3: Complete the 60 pc, 112 pc, and 252 pc time sensitive trophies


Now that you've played this puzzle a multitude of times, you should have a pretty firm idea of what all the image entails, which will make this step much easier. Make sure Rotation is turned Off, Hints turned On, and Outline turned On. With these 3 (and with the previous 22 puzzle completions), you'll easily be able to complete the 3 time-related challenges involving these trophies. If you're having any trouble or need a few more pointers, please see Jigsaw Master. If you complete all 3 time-sensitive tasks, after this step, you will earn:


:gold Jigsaw Expert
:gold Jigsaw Pro
:gold Jigsaw Master
:gold Fast Jig
:gold Speedy Buddha
:plat True Zen



True Zen  :plat

Complete all Jigsaw Zen Trophies


You are the puzzle master. Or... are you?




Jigsaw Novice  :gold 

Complete 1st Puzzle


See Jigsaw Pro.




Jigsaw Amateur  :gold 

Complete 3rd Puzzle


See Jigsaw Pro.




Jigsaw Expert  :gold 

Complete a 252-piece Puzzle


See Jigsaw Master.




Jigsaw Pro  :gold 

Complete 25 Puzzles


You can do this with 25 different puzzles or even with the same puzzle 25 times (the recommended method). No specific difficulty is required, so the recommended picture is Spring Ascent (located in the "Normal" category, actual image shown in the trophy just below) with Rotation turned off, Hints turned on, and Outline turned on. Keep doing the 28-piece version of this puzzle and you'll eventually get to the point where it becomes second nature and you'll be averaging 1-2 puzzles complete per minute. After you have completed the 25th puzzle, the trophy will unlock.




Jigsaw Master  :gold 

Complete a 252-piece Puzzle in under 1 hour


As mentioned before, the recommended picture you use is Spring Ascent (found in the Normal category):





As you're looking at it, make a note of the color blocks throughout the image: the block of pink the bottom left corner, the green on the right, the details of the stones, and then of course, the sky. The pieces in this puzzle (with the exception of 1 or 2) are very clear in regards to where they go. I don't recommend turning on the background for the puzzle as it makes the pieces a tad more difficult to see. Instead, make sure the OUTLINE is turned on, hints are turned on, and Rotation is turned off. As long as you're referencing the image above and are near the correction location the current piece should be placed, the "hint" feature will cause you controller to vibrate, letting you know you're in the spot the piece belongs. 


Alternatively, if you don't want to use the image... you can hold down  :left or  :right across each row until that same "hints" feature vibrates, they place the piece down. If you do this for every piece, you will still be able to complete the puzzle well within the 1 hour mark. As soon as you complete the puzzle, this trophy and Jigsaw Expert (if not already earned) will unlock.




Quick Jig  :gold 

Complete a 28-piece Puzzle in under 2 minutes


If you're playing the same puzzle for Jigsaw Pro, then you will undoubtedly get this naturally. The recommended picture of choice is the same one mentioned (and shown) above (Spring Ascent). Make sure Hints and Outline are turned on and that Rotation is turned off. This will make it incredibly easy to complete either the recommended puzzle or any puzzle really. Complete a 28 piece puzzle within the 2 minute limit and this trophy will unlock.




Twister   :gold 

Complete a puzzle with rotation On


When you select the image you want to use for your puzzle (a 28 piece puzzle is recommended), you'll come to the options menu. Make sure the Rotation option is set to "ON" and then complete the puzzle to get the trophy. 


This option will cause the puzzle pieces to not be in their correct alignment. To rotate the pieces, use  :r1  or  :l1 and then place the piece down in the appropriate spot. You can also turn on Hints and Outline to make completing the puzzle easier. 




No Clues  :gold 

Complete a puzzle with Hints OFF


When you select the image you want to use for your puzzle (a 28 piece puzzle is recommended), you'll come to the options menu. Make sure the Hints option is set to "Off" and then complete the puzzle to get the trophy. 


This option leave you on your own. There will be no controller vibration to work off of so if you're using the recommended picture throughout this guide (Spring Ascent), then please reference the image provided for Jigsaw Master so you know where your pieces should be going. You can also turn on Hints and turn off Rotation to make completing the puzzle easier. 




In the Dark  :gold 

Complete a puzzle with Background OFF


When you select the image you want to use for your puzzle (a 28 piece puzzle is recommended), you'll come to the options menu. Make sure the Background option is set to "OFF" and then complete the puzzle to get the trophy. 


Normally, you'd have either a blank slate, the puzzle piece outline, or the complete image set as the background while you work on your puzzle. With this option turned Off, you won't be able to see the image... BUT! You can still set the Outline setting to 'On". Be sure to also turn Hints On and Rotation Off, then just complete whatever puzzle you. As soon as you do, the trophy will unlock.




Fast Jig  :gold 

Complete a 60-piece puzzle in under 4 minutes


See Jigsaw Master.




Speedy Buddah  :gold 

Complete a 112-piece puzzle in under 10 minutes


See Jigsaw Master.

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