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Island Time VR Trophy guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10.
  • Offline trophies: 20 (1 :plat 8 :gold 7 :silver 4 :bronze )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 1 to 2 hours.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: PSVR headset and 2 move controllers needed.



This is a fun little mini-game, where you need to survive on a tiny island.

Eating fish and coconut along the way, so you don't die of starvation.

You need to check your watch for the healthbar.


2S397beb.pngThis might help: Craft your first tool.


Place a rock on a stick.



3S35f94f.pngThe first of many: Die.


 Die for the first time. You will die if you don't eat or set yourself on fire.



4S661b18.pngWhoops!: Die in under 10 seconds.


 As soon as your on the island take the 2 rocks from inside the box on the right.

 Use them to light up the log in the campfire.

 Now take the burning log in your hand and you will die.

 This may take a couple of tries.



5S21e847.pngParticipation Award: Die 20 times.


Repeat the steps for the Whoops trophy, if you still missing this by the end off the game.



6Sddcfab.pngGetting the hang of it: Survive for 5 minutes.


See survivor trophy.



7S0735fb.pngTourist: Survive for 10 minutes.


See survivor trophy.



8Sd8b90e.pngSurvivor: Survive for 20 minutes.


Your goal is basiclly not to die of starvation

So always keep a log on fire, so you can cook the fish.

Place the stuff you don't need left of the campfire, the seagull will go for these items first and                        sometimes get burned by the fire, giving you extra food.

Pick the coconuts from the tree and place theme in the box on the right, so new coconuts can grow.

Every 2 and a half minutes a care package will drift a shore, bringing you new items.

Place logs away from the campfire, so you don't set the island on fire.

Try to catch the flying fish, they give you the most health.



9S0d67cb.pngSay Something: Destroy the boombox.


Throw the radio in the sea.



10Sf1b919.pngA secret blend of herbes and spices: Cook a seagull.


Keep a log on fire in the campfire. Place any item left from the campfire on the rock.

Seagulls go for these items first and set  themself on fire.

If you having trouble, you can put a log on a stick and light it up. Now swing when the seagull attacks.



11S84e73a.png  The gill-free diet: Go 3 minutes witout eating any fish.


Just survive for 3 minutes eating coconuts or seagulls.



12Scbd689.pngBurn it down: Burn the entire island.


Place a log or a half coconut on a stick. Light it up.

Now use it to light up all the grass on the island.



13S5bdb2a.pngDing Ding Ding!: Cook 3 fish at the exact same time.


Use the spear to get 1 fish and then use it again to get 2 fish on the spear.

Now throw them together on the campfire to cook.



14S9576a4.pngSpeed eater: Eat 10 coconuts halves in 10 seconds.


Use the spear to get the coconuts from the tree, place them in the box on the right.

Only 4 will grow from start.

So you need to survive on fish until 2 more grow.

Use both hands to eat the coconut halves.

Throw them away in the sea, so you don't pick up the empty ones again.


15S640c40.pngWhat a tool: Craft all tools.


There are 7 options to craft.

1 Stick + rock

2 Stick + log

3 Stick + whole coconut

4 Stick + coconut halve

5 Stick + crabhand (crab will give you this after you survive for 5 minutes)

6 Stick + skull (This will come in a care package)

7 Stick + monocle (This will sit on the skull eye)


16Sc838b1.pngOut of the park: Scare a seagull away by throwing a rock at it.


When the seagull sits on the rock right of the crab, throw a rock at it.



17S7111fa.pngA bunch of full grown seagulls: Scare a seagull awy by throwing a rubber duck at it.


When the seagull sits on the rock right of the crab, throw the rubber duck at it.

You can get the rubber duck from the care package or from inside coconuts.



18S6641a1.pngBamboozled: Trick a seagull into stealing a poison fish.


Poison fish come after surviving 10 minutes, they have purple stripes. If you cook one the crab will warn you not to eat it.

Place it on the rock left of the campfire and let the seagull take it.


19Sea8058.pngConnaisseur: Eat a star fish.


Starfish will come in a care package after 10 minutes. Just eat it right away, it doesn't gives you much health.


20Se787e0.pngHungry hungry castaway: Eat 100  food items.


Eat 100 fish, coconut, starfish or seagull.

This doesn't need to be in one playthrough.


1S9b3df3.pngNow you o-fish-ally beat the game: Unlock all other trophies.


Congrats on your platinum!!

Guide is ready.

Thx Sefjwm for the header.

Guide is perfect, but the controls suck on this game.


That 20 minute trophy was painful