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Fujii - Trophy Guide

Fujii Trophy Guide

VR Required.


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Guide by EssTee, Banner by Sef



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10
  • Offline trophies: 5. ( :gold 3 :silver 1 :bronze 1 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 45 minutes.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: All.
  • Glitched trophies: *There has been some reports of trophies not unlocking if you don't get everything the first time you visit each area. If this happens they will unlock if you do a 2nd playthrough.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No. There is only one difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. EU & NA.
  • Additional peripherals required?: Yes. VR is Required. And 2 move controllers are required.


Fujii is a quite lovely VR game, that sends the player on a serene, and mystical journey to explore its 3 unique and magical biomes. Watering, touching, and interacting in musical ways with plants and creatures throughout each biome restores its lifeforce, spreading light so you can progress further through the game.

Trophy wise just explore the areas and find the required objects before exiting on the boat. The game will mostly guide you from seed to seed. It is a very simple game you shouldn't have any trouble finding anything (except maybe the 4 small eggs, see the guide for the locations).

The game also offers creative gardening, you are welcomed to cultivate the exotic seeds you have collected, and create your own personally customized bountiful garden. Though this feature is not necessary for any of the trophies.


Useful Link:

Full Game & 100% Trophy Guide Video (49 mins):


Basic Walkthrough:

If you are the kind of player that enjoys discovering things for yourself, here are the basic things you need to know that are required to be done in each biome. It is recommended to get everything done the first time you visit each biome, as revisiting biomes seemed to interfere with trophies unlocking. If you get stuck at any point please see the trophy guide below or use the linked Video Walkthrough above (timestamps can be found in the video description).


*Do not leave each area until you have found the following:

  • Seed 1 - Tutorial area right in front of you.
  • Seed 2 - In the Hub Garden area.

In the First Biome to find are:
  • 6 Seeds.
  • 3 Eggs.
  • The Windchime.

In the Second Biome to find are:
  • 8 Seeds.
  • 1 Egg.
  • The Theremin plant.

In the Third Biome to find are:
  • 3 Seeds.
  • Touch the Serpent at the end.


Trophy Guide




1S161b0f.png   :bronze Chime Collector


You will find this Windchime in the first biome. Pick it up for the trophy to unlock.


When you are on the raised up leafy platforms, on the left hand side high up you will see a grassy verge. Walk along this grassy verge and it will bring you to this windchime.






2Se17243.png   :silver Cave Conductor


You will find this Theremin plant in the second biome. Once you have picked up the Theremin Seed next to it the trophy will unlock.


On the beach next to the sea you will see a stone gateway. Open this gateway with the orbs and this plant and the seed will be inside this cave.






3S38eb54.png   :gold Egg Hunter


The trophy tile suggests there are 3 eggs to find, however I have found 4 eggs throughout the game so pick up all 4 for good measure! Carry the eggs with you in your inventory and when you find the 4th egg the trophy will unlock. After the trophy you can discard the eggs as they are no longer needed.


Egg 1 - First biome. Follow the lily pads, on the shore on the right hand side you will find this small egg.


Egg 2 (maybe unnecessary but we'll grab it anyway!) - First biome. Right next to the last egg, you will find this egg floating on a leaf on the edge of the water.




Egg 3 - First biome. Tricky to find, so keep your eyes on the right hand side of the wall by a little bit of water. There is a very small and sneaky crevice that leads down a small cave where you find this bright egg at the end. A creature marks the entrance. 




Egg 4 - Second biome. On the beach directly in front of the stone gateway to the Theremin plant, you will find a crab, this crab is sitting on the last egg. Pick up the crab to move it and then pick up the egg. 






4Sfe934e.png   :gold Serpent Friend


In the third and final biome. At the very end of the game the purple serpent will be slowly coming straight towards you. Simply touch its head when it is close enough to end the game and unlock this trophy.






5S0a7d37.png   :gold Seed Collector


This trophy will not unlock when you pick up the last seed in the third biome, it will unlock when you have returned back to the hub area after completing the game.


There are 19 seeds in total to collect. 


There is 1 seed in the tutorial type section right infront of you.


There is 1 seed in the hub garden area.


There are 6 seeds to find in the first biome.


There are 8 seeds to find in the second biome.


There are 3 seeds to find in the third and final biome.


I recommend you don't leave each area until you have found all of its seeds. Only mild exploration of the biomes is needed, for the most part the game guides you from seed to seed. You should find them all easily, but if you are having any difficulty in locating any of them then refer to the video walkthrough which will show you how to find them all.

Guide complete  :)