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Focus on You Trophy Guide

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  • Stacking: 3 stacks. JP - AS - WW
  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline: 16 (1 :gold 0 :silver 15 :bronze)
  • Approximate time: 1h-1h30
  • Trophy lists:



This game requires a Playstation VR to be played ! The game is much easier to be played using a Dualshock controller rather than a PS move. All the stacks are fully in english. I suggest to turn off voice recognition when asked at the beginning.


The trophies have been ordered in order you will unlock them so simply follow along the trophy guide to unlock everything. Most of the trophies are unmissable and you can chapter select at the end of the game in case you missed anything. You can pick any dialogue options for the whole game except for the trophy Play-Hard-to-Get Master at the beginning of the game. DLC guide is at the end of the main game guide


Trophy guide / Trophy walkthrough



At the beginning of the game, you will offer YUA a coffee.


1) Offer her the Americano and select the dialogue choice "Do you want something else" after.

2) Select the Cafe Latte


1Sfa6d1c.pngWoof Woof! [You made her a delicious Café Latte.]

3) Quit to the main menu at the dialogue choice and continue the game. Pick the Cafe Machiato this time.

10Sb5bb32.pngCoffee Master [You made all the types of coffee.]


After serving YUA a coffee and taken couple pictures of her very early in the game, she will ask you to be her photographer. Simply refuse the offer twice by picking the 2 options below before agreeing:

2) I'll think about it.
2) Eh, No. I mean, why should I ?

13S2ca2c1.png Play-Hard-to-Get Master [You refused YUA's request two times.]

UNMISSABLE. Will pop right after agreeing to be her photographer
2S0c2032.png A shot of a Lifetime [You made a photoshoot appointment with YUA.]


UNMISSABLE. Will pop while you show her your pictures in the classroom on your PC
3S0b437d.png Practice Like You Play [YUA liked the photo you took as practice.]

You will be back at the Cafe and will have to make a smoothie for YUA. Simply pick the bananas and strawberries as your ingredients (Top left and bottom left ingredients). Quit to the main menu and continue once the trophy pops.

4Sf8e08b.png Sweet and Sour [You discovered the flavor YUA likes most.]

You have to make all kinds of smoothies for the next trophy. You should already have picked the left column ingredients (banana and strawberry) so just pick the 2nd column now. Play until you get to the dialogue choice and quit back to the main menu. Repeat this step and pick the third column now. Finally, repeat the steps one last time and pick the top right and bottom middle items (kiwi and cheese)

11S73829e.pngSmoothie Master [You made all the types of smoothies.]

Shortly after giving her the smoothie, YUA will offer you pink cookies. Simply pick and "eat" 5 cookies (by bringing them to your "mouth" with the controller) for this trophy. You have to be a little fast or the game will move on after you ate one.

14S54f0e1.png Were You Hungry? [You ate 5 cookies.]

UNMISSABLE. Will pop soon after giving her the smoothie after you give her your framed picture
5Sc056b3.png The Man with the Plan [You gave YUA the best present.]

UNMISSABLE. Will pop after the elevator scene
6S33e61f.pngMoment of Phantasmagoria [You endured the moment of tension with YUA.]

This next trophy is simply for taking 100 pictures. I recommend to do it on Molly Island as there is MANY opportunities to take pictures there. Simply check your camera with :r1 once in a while and take 10 pictures anytime you can until it unlocks. Make sure to keep at least 1 picture as you will need it later on in case you want to make some space !
12S4d767e.pngPhoto Master [The number of photos in album is reached to 100.]

After seeing YUA's swimsuit and matching bracelet on Molly Island, she will go near the water and you will have to move next to her. Simply hit :triangle once you are next to her to push in the water (Dualshock) or push her using the PS move. This can be missed if you don't push her fast enough.

7Sd86582.png Don't Try This At Home [You pushed YUA in.]

UNMISSABLE. Will pop after you give her bracelet back

8S8d8d18.png Picked Up on the Way [You found YUA's important bracelet.]

UNMISSABLE. Will pop right before the credits roll. Let the credits roll for an extra scene and to unlock Cafe Iris after the "thank you for playing" screen.

9S318c2a.pngSolo Escape [YUA, only the best for you]

Back at the main menu, select Cafe Iris to unlock this trophy. You have to watch the extra scene post-credit to unlock the cafe. (I had to select a chapter using the book on the left for this trophy to unlock on the JP stack)

15Sb1841c.pngAlone Time [You enjoyed some free time alone at the café.]

Now, select the laptop using the arrows on your controller. Select any chapter and picture and export it to your PS4 for the trophy.

16S2b7f7b.pngLife of the Popular [You used the SNS function.]



Studio Pack DLC


Only 1 dialogue choice matters for this DLC so feel free to select anything when not specified.


From the main menu, select the Smile Studio option.


Pick up your phone and call the 4th contact: Fortune Teller


Call 1st contact: Yua


There is 2 possible scenarios that can happen here. One will get you a trophy while the other won't. I have never gotten the trophy scenario on my first time so I'll assume you did not. If you did just skip this step later on in the guide.


Choose the basket icon and select something to equip in every slot for Yua (including the 6 slots in the diamond icon). Load the level with the right option.


18S839051.pngFull Makeup [The fanciest model is born.]


Pick any location to take a picture (the tree for example). As soon as it is available, hit  :r1 to open your camera and then  :square to activate beauty mode. Take a picture.


22S06abe1.pngPhoto Filter Master  [You took a shot while on beauty mode.] 


Now, talk to Yua and select the last option twice to get back to the studio.

Select the basket again and change the last setting (mountain icon) to a different setting. Load the level and quit as soon as possible (last option). Repeat this one more time with the third and last setting.


23Sdd46bf.pngI hate Winter  [You spent seasons with YUA except winter.


Now select the 2nd option (camera icon) and only change the first setting so Yua has a skirt. See spoiler below for an example of a costume. Load the level.




3) Could you keep on moving

Keep select the following option until the trophy pops (x3-6 times)


2) Let's try some cool jumping shots


20S311be6.pngJump [You tried to make YUA in a skirt jump.] 


Keep selecting the last option to get back to the studio. Pick the same location (camera icon), change the mountain icon setting and load the level. Repeat this step for the last setting.


24Seb42ae.pngNatural Born Model  [YUA matches well with any color.] 


Now select intro on the far right. Call the fortune teller and then call Yua. If you get the sleeping scenario again, you can hit pause and exit to title and repeat the process until you get the other scenario. Once you get through the scenario starting with "Hello" this trophy will pop:


17Sa82edd.pngEnvious brother [YUA had a little brother.] 


Now that you are back at the studio, select exit on the far left. The next choice is the only choice that matters. The trophy will unlock before getting back to the main menu.


2) Hmm....


25Sd12267.pngCell Phone Check [You checked YUA's Cell phone.] 




Easy so far? This is where it gets annoying  :( The last 2 trophies are RNG and can take 2m like they can take 1h. Just keep at it !


If you somehow already got the trophy below skip ahead. Now we will have to keep redoing the intro and calling the Fortune teller. You will always get the same message until you reload the intro so don't bother trying to keep calling.

From the studio, select intro on the right and call the fortune teller. If you get the wrong message you can quit right away to the main menu and try again. The message is "Tomorrow is your lucky day. Try something new". This took me over 30 times on 1 stack and 3 times on another.


19S1b6e0e.pngLucky Day [Tomorrow is your lucky day!] 


For the final trophy, select Smile studio from the main menu and exit with the left option. Keep repeating these 2 steps until Yua starts dancing when you exit. This took me around 15m on 1 stack and almost 1h on another  :turned


21S4b00f3.pngDance Master  [YUA, you were good at dancing...] 



Grats on the 100% ! Go stack it now :thumbsup

Guide is perfect! :thumbsup

There was a few mistakes I'm surprised you didn't run into problems :ermm. All good now.

Perfect guide, thanks!


Just one small mistake:


"Now pick chapter 1 again" - shall be "chapter 2".

for the cookie trophy, you need to hold triangle and bring controller to your mouth.

do this 5 times before you answer how they taste.


guide was perfect for the two other shares.

Thank you for the guide. :)

I've updated the guide and it should now be a good 15-30m faster to 100%

I've updated the guide and it should now be a good 15-30m faster to 100%



wasn't the guide originally 1hour to 1 hour 30 mins?  how long is the game now

It was around 1h15-1h30. Now it's definitely doable in an hour. It's overall a lot better with no need to chapter select anything :). I didn't change the time estimate as it is still pretty accurate but it'll be closer to the lowest time in the bracket.

Guide is perfect, thx

DLC just came out for EU. I wouldn't recommend starting any stack until it is released everywhere and guided.

Dlc guide added

Guide is perfect for the dlc, thx.


You can't start dlc if you havn't completed the game.

And with the dlc you can take up to 30 pictures at a time.