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FLOWERS 秋篇 (Aki-hen) Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: You'll be home in time for dinner/10
  • Offline: 26 (1 :plat 8 :gold 3 :silver 14 :bronze )
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 12-30 Minutes.
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: ... It's a visual novel.
  • Missable trophies: None if you follow my guide.
  • Extra Items for the Game: None.
  • Glitched trophies: To be determined.
  • Cheats: No debug consoles left in by accident for us. :rolleyes


Relevant Controls:


:cross - Cancel Button (Skip Movies and Credits)
:circle - Action Button
:triangle - In-game Menu
:square - Backlog
:rvita - Skip (If properly setup in config you don't have to hold)
:Leftstick - Tilt to the left to go back, tilt to the right to jump ahead to next choice. (2nd Playthrough+)
:vita This game supports the Vita's touch-screen, but I didn't bother to use or configure the options for it.


"Config" Please configure these pages exactly as presented.








We've gotta get the True End out of the way first, so let's do that!




★ Chapter 1:
1) 君以外に特別は作らないよ
1) 実は花を育てるのが趣味なんだ
2) 苺君のような子がタイプかな
2) パンケーキかな
1) 考崎君の意見に乗ってみる
2) 羨ましくはある
1) 今まで好きに為った人はいますか?
2) それよりも苺君の衣装が気になるな

*Trophy #1*


★ Chapter 2:
1) やはり犬かな
2) 花菱君が迫るのはどうだろう
2) オズの魔法使いは……
2) 考崎君をからかってみよう
1) 芥川龍之介の小説で読んだな
2) ミミックらしく噛みつくのさ

*Trophy #2*
2) 誰かを陥れようとした狂言
*Make Save #1*
2) 恋敵が憎くなり破いた

*Trophy #3*


★ Chapter 3
1) 蘇芳君とがいい
1) 昨日、髪型を変えているのを見ただろう……
1) 読書かな
2) 僕から甘い香りがしたらおかしいだろ

*Trophy #4*


★ Chapter 4
1) 蘇芳君には嘘がつけなさそうだな
2) 蘇芳君の歌声を聞いて
2) 心配してくれてありがとう
2) 方喰寮長か
2) 歌手本人になったつもりで?
2) 頬を赤らめている林檎君へ質問

*Trophy #5*
4) ズダ袋に残された野菜のくず
3) ズダ袋に残された沁み
1) 再利用
*Make Save #2*
1) 真実を知っている

*Trophy #6*


★ Chapter 5
2) 認める
2) 苺君も距離を置きだした?
2) 一緒にいて落ち着けるところ
2) あまり喋りたくはない

*Trophy #7*
2) 日記帳に姿見を見ていたと書かれていた
*Make Save #3*
1) 聖堂前の消された足跡
2) 林檎の靴底が左右とも泥に塗れていたから
*Make Save #4*
3) 沙沙貴苺

*Trophy #8*


★ Chapter 6
2) 一緒にお風呂に入る約束だね?
1) 押し倒した所為かもしれない
⇒True End

*Trophy #9*




Make sure you've done the above, don't skip ahead!




Start a new game and Skip the Prologue with: プロローグを見ない


★ Chapter 1


At this point you may start skipping to the next choice with the :Leftstick (Controls explained Above.)
Or Keep using :rvita to skip, that's what I did.


2) 面白い後輩が多くてよりどりみどりだね
2) 多くの趣味の一つさ
1) なぜ女の人なんだ……
1) 正直特に好きな食べ物はない
2) バンドもいいかもね
1) 基督教的には赦されないだろうね
2) 女性同士の恋愛についてどう思いますか?
1) なるべく面倒でないのを選ぶよ
*Trophy #10*


★ Chapter 2
2) 鳥なんかはどうだろう
1) バースディカードでも送ったらどうだい
1) 国語辞典はどうだい?
1) ウンチクで煙に巻く
2) 自転車で聞いたことがあるな
1) 素直に教える

*Trophy #11*
2) 誰かを陥れようとした狂言
2) 恋敵が憎くなり破いた


★ Chapter 3
2) ネリーとなら食べ歩きだな
2) 料理部目当てのデザートが売り切れたからさ
2) 食べ歩きかな
1) 確かに好まない
*Trophy #12*


★ Chapter 4
2) 美人二人に囲まれて熱が出ているだけさ
1) 素直に答える
1) 一緒に入ってくれるのかい?
1) バスキア教諭?
1) フレーズに対する?
1) 萎れている苺君へ質問

*Trophy #13*
4) ズダ袋に残された野菜のくず
3) ズダ袋に残された沁み
1) 再利用
1) 真実を知っている


★ Chapter 5
1) シラを切る
1) バスキア教諭が問題にした?
1) 僕を好きなところだよ
1) 父かな、頼りになる人だった
*Trophy #14*
2) 日記帳に姿見を見ていたと書かれていた
1) 聖堂前の消された足跡
2) 林檎の靴底が左右とも泥に塗れていたから
3) 沙沙貴苺
*Make Save #5*
2) 譲葉のことを想う


★ Chapter 6
1) 何のことか分からないね
2) 林檎のことかもね……
*Make Save #6*
2) 小御門ネリネを選ぶ
*Trophy #15*




With the two main routes complete, from here we've just gotta load our saves to clean up the rest!




*Load Save #6*
1) 沙沙貴林檎を選ぶ
*Trophy #16*


*Load Save #5*
1) 苺のことを想う

*Trophy #17*


*Load Save #1*
1) シェイプシフターに驚いたから
*Trophy #18*


*Load Save #2*
2) バスキア教諭が犯人である
*Trophy #19*


*Load Save #3*
2) 同室のアミティエの証言
*Trophy #20*


*Load Save #4*
1) 方喰たまき

*Trophy #21*


From the Main Menu:


:rvita to skip, there are no choices but we need this for extra CG's.
*Trophy #22*




Now let's pay a visit to all those collectibles and get that plat!




From the Main Menu:


Page Over ⇒ Graphic *Trophy #23*
Page Over ⇒ Music *Trophy #24*
Page Over ⇒ Endlist *Trophy #25* and *Platinum!*


Posted Image

:plat コンプリート :plat



  • My own completion time is not a proper indication of time to plat. As I played the game I also wrote the guide and did other things.
  • All relevant menu options are translated above. For save/load prompts. はい = yes いいえ = No.
  • As usual, feel free to leave comments and feedback. Let me know if I've done anything wrong.



  • PS3Imports for being awesome. 
  • Tenshi@PS3imports (Obviously)
  • http://seiya-saiga.com (NSFW but... Best Japanese Galge guides on the net!)

2) 沙沙貴苺 -----> This is 3
*Make Save #5*
2) 譲葉のことを想う




Great guide Tenshi :)

Fixed. Good spotting RD.

Just realized this was still in pending area, I will move now :)

First of all:


Guide is perfect! Thank you! very fast got my plat!


But a few hints:



    Estimated trophy difficulty: You'll be home in time for dinner/10

    non speaking english people or new members maybe won*'t be able to understand this. Please just write 0/10


    Does Difficulty affect Trophies: ... It's a visual novel.

    Same here: if someone never played a VN before and read this he'll (or she'll) maybe not understand it..... Not as we, who did much NV's. So Id'd just cahnge it to "no". And btw: there ARE VN's where the difficulty does affect.... e.g. Virtual Last Reward


    (If properly setup in config you don't have to hold)

    not need to be mentioned

  • At last: you have put the ingame-options-picture within the game-options-spoiler. It's wrong there in my opinion. Better make a new Spoiler for inGame options picture.


But this are very litlle hints which does not mention much.

VERY good guide as I said. Got plat veryx very fast and would have got faster if I didn't forget to makle Save #5  ;)

Oh JoJo, this is why people say Germans are no fun LOL. :lol


I'll grant you the estimated difficulty one, it's a reference not everyone might get.


Flowers Aki-hen is the 3rd of a series with no puzzles, and thus no difficulty. VLR and it's ilk are a rarity among the PlayStation family of consoles and aren't classified as strictly VN's to start, not even in Japan. I can't imagine people are buying these VN's in droves and are not also intelligent enough to research things beforehand, what they're getting into. Have some faith lol.


I think a lot of people skip the overview anyway. Lord knows how many dumb questions I've skimmed over in previous Trophy guides... Questions which were answered in the Overview or near it.


I think I'll keep my :rvita hint as well. It just serves as an extra reminder to configure your game EXACTLY as I have done. Can never have enough reminders it seems.

Nov 30 2016 07:22 PM

Thanks for the guide; looking forward to flowers winter and flowers spring :D

Dec 04 2016 07:11 AM

Perfect guide, Tenshi and thank you.

12 minute plat !!!! Fuck yeah!

Perfect guide, Tenshi and thank you.

12 minute plat !!!! Fuck yeah!


12 minutes flat. I said "damn." :lol


Fastest time among any imports members right now. :thumbsup

Perfect guide thank you  :thumbsup

Perfect guide 11min 56 seconds :)

Jan 06 2017 08:46 AM

Thanks for the guide Tenshi!

Guide was Perfect, Thank you very much :)

Perfect guide 11min 56 seconds :)


I'm always glad when imports members are able to get top leaderboard spots. :D

Perfect guide

Perfect guide thank you
Jan 23 2017 01:25 PM

great guide

Perfect Guide! :plat  Thank's alot for the Help Tenshi! :sinister

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great perfect guide :) thank you!
Great guide. Thank you :)

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