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Final Fantasy 8 Trophy Guide Walkthrough

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This is a walkthough for Final Fantasy 8 and will get you all the trophies as you play the game. The trophy list is pretty simple and only a few missable trophies so nothing to worry about.


Anything in Red Text is items that can help you but not needed for platinum


The guide will assume you are using the boosters 3X Speed and God Mode to make the game easier



- Save often, AND USE DIFFERENT SAVE SLOTS. You never know when you might need to go back
- Make sure each character can Junction something to Magic. Higher magic means you can draw more
- If you plan on playing Triple Triad, learn the GF's refine abilities early to help getting early high level magic
- Siren has the Move-Find ability which shows Hidden Draw Points which helps you earn the trophy faster
- Any time your characters get switched around, check your junctions
- You can get infinite money early in the game once Carbuncle learns Recov Med-RF. Any shop that sells Tents buy all you can, then refine those to Mega Potions, then sell back to the shop for profit. (Tonberry Haggle and Sell High Abilitiy makes the gains even greater). When you get access to the Esther Shop, your profit is so high on refining Tent and Cottage its amazing
- If you do not want to go all in the card game, play a little to get some decent cards you will need them for a quest
- DO NOT JUNCTION MAGIC TO ELEMENTAL ATTACK. This will just cause more problems then benefits


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GF Distribution

I had a few people ask me how I distributed the GF's out. Here is how I did it which I think gives each character 3 abilities and well balanced abilities/junctions

1) Quezacotl, Brothers, Cerberus, Tonberry, Alexander
2) Ifrit, Shiva, Diablos, Cactaur, Doomtrain
3) Siren, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Pandemona, Bahamut, Eden


When you gain control, examine your desk
Turn on the power then select tutorial
Quezacotl :bronze
Trophy #1
Shiva :bronze
Trophy #2

Exit Computer, then talk to Quistis
Refuse the girl the tour of the area ( If you are new you can do it to learn the areas)
Talk to the man outside the elevator for 7 Triad cards
*** Make sure to Junction your GF to your party***

Exit to the South and use the draw point  ( 1/100) (Keep drawing everytime you see this and you will get this as you go through the game

Continue south and Quistis will go through the Junction GF Tutorial, once finished exit Balamb
As you fight enemies in the world, you want to draw Magic from them. You want to reach 100 and then Junction them to your stats to increase them.  You can always
I highly recommend going into the menu and changing your Config settings to change the cursor to Memory, this will make battles and drawing much easier
On the World Map, make your way to the East and enter the Fire Cavern.
Fire Cavern
The map is straightforward, make your way to the end and defeat Ifrit. 
If you  have been drawing magic constantly from enemies, you will have your next trophy for drawing from enemies 100 times
Magician :silver
Trophy #3
Once you defeat Ifrit, you will get another trophy
Ifrit :bronze
Trophy #4
You can now exit the area and make your way back to Balamb
When you enter, you can play the Triad Card game against some NPC's with :square , after you finish the game you will earn a trophy for playing.  If you lose the game, and lose your Ifrit card, you will get another trophy.  (make a save and reload if you do this)
Card Player :bronze
Trophy #5
Loser :bronze
Trophy #6
This is not necessary to beat the game, but you can start playing Triple Triad and earning cards.  These cards will make the game easier, and is fun.  It is not necessary to do so but feel free and do it if you want to do some side-quests.  If you are not interested you can skip to the end of the ***** section
Leave Balamb and make your way to the nearby town of Balamb Station
Go to the third screen and find the Queen of Cards and challenge her with :square .  Don't actually play any games, just keep starting then quitting until you get the Trade Rule: Diff .  Once you do, play a game with her and that rule should now spread to the rest of the region.  This will help you gather many more cards faster ( There is a rule called all but that eventually turns into Direct which is awful)
If you did it right, challenge the guy next to her, and if they are using the Direct Method great, go back to Balamb
Go to the cafeteria and beat the Trepie#1 to earn some better cards ( level 1-3 cards). You can also beat Trepie#2 (level 5 cards) to win better cards and a Quistis Card.
If you want to earn level 4 cards, you can earn them by going south 2 screens from the save point in Balamb.  Sometimes there is a guy in a yellowish jacket on the left side and he has level 4 cards
You can also earn a Mog card from the kid running around the middle of Balamb

If you learn the Card Mod Ability, you can earn some serious magic to increase your stats

Every 5 Abyss Worms can be turned into 5 Windmills which can be modified to 100 Tornados using T Mag-RF

Every 5 Snow Lions can be turned into 5 North Winds which can be modified to 100 Blizzagas using I Mag-RF
Every 5 Blitz can be turned into 5 Dynamo Stones which can be modified to 100 Thundagas with T Mag-RF

Every 15 Hexagons can be turned into 5 Red Fangs which can be modified to 100 Firaga with F Mag-RF
Every 5 Mesmerize can be turned into 5 Mesmerize Blades which can be modified to 100 Regen with L Mag-RF
Every 3 Tonberry can be turned into 3 Chef's Knives which can be modified to 90 Death with L Mag-RF
This is not necessary, but you can really beef up your characters stats with this stuff

Now you can make your way to the Dormitory and get changed at your bed
Continue through the events and screens, until you are in the world map area in a car
While in the car, drive over to the nearby town
Balamb Station
Make your way to the north and board the boat, continue the story-line until you reach the Tower
Comm Tower
Keep following the straight-forward path until you reach the save point
Go up the Lift
After the Fight with Biggs and Wedge, you are thrown right into a fight with Elvoret
Make sure to draw Siren
Siren :bronze
Trophy #7

If you want to gain some easy AP, you can fight and destroy the robot several times for 50AP. Since you have infinite Limits, you can spam Squall's attack for easy victories
About this time in the game you should have 100 enemies killed
100 Kills :bronze
Trophy #8

Make sure to enter the Balamb Hotel and grab the first Timber Magazine #1 of 12 it is in the upstairs room
You can enter one of the small houses on the left to meet Zell's Mom, you can challenge her to cards for Zells' Card
Make your way back to Balamb
Once inside talk with Quistis, then wander around until you get announced to go to the 2nd floor
Talk to people upstairs until you officially become a SeeD Member :)
Talk to Cid and get the Battle Meter
When you get back to your room, get changed then talk to Selphie
Continue the story and eventually you will be back in your room
Get changed and meet Quistis by the Training Center
You can go either to the left or right, does not matter, eventually you will reach a save point
Go north for a scene
After the scene exit the Training Area to fight a boss
Around this time you should be getting your first SeeD Salary and a trophy
First Salary :bronze
Trophy #9

Make your way back to your room
Pick up the Weapon Mod Book in your room
Make your way towards the exit for a scene
Talk to Cid Afterwards for the Magical Lamp
Use this item to fight Diabolos
Diablos :bronze
Trophy #10

There are more refinements you can make with the new GF's
Every 10 Gayla can be turned into 10 Mystery Fluid which can be modified to 100 Meltdown with ST Mag-RF.  THIS IS AMAZING AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME
You can find Gayla's with Trepe Groupie #2 in the 2nd floor classroom
Every 3 Gesper can be turned into 3 Black Holes which can be modified to 90 Demi with Time Mag-RF

Go Upstairs and challenge Cid to cards to win the Seifer Card

You can now exit Balamb to the World Map
We can now raise our SeedRank to Max.  Open the in-game menu and go to Tutorial
Click TEST
Here are the answers.  The highest rank you can do is up to Squall's current level


Once you reach Seed Rank 31, you will get another trophy

Top Rank :silver
Trophy #11

Make your way over to Balamb Station
Balamb Station
Save your game if you want to do the Queen Quest
Lose Mini-mog to the Queen and you want her to say see you in Dollet (if she says anywhere else reload your save and try again)

Buy any resources you think you need from the shop
Buy a ticket on the train for 3,000 to Timber
After boarding the train and entering the cabin, you will warp to Laguna, Ward, Kiros
Follow the path and enter the car at the end
Once on the road, head east and enter the Hotel
Go downstairs and tell the waiter " Let's take a Load Off"
Attempt to talk to the girl playing piano (and fail)
Go back and sit down
Follow Julia to her room and the scenes until you are back as the main characters
When you get off the train, answer with "But the Owls are still around"
Follow the guy to another train
Save on the Train in the north, then go back to the first cart and play cards against Watt, you want to spread the Open rule in this region
You can also win the Angelo card from Watts
Go north and talk to the princess
After the scenes, go back south for more scenes
Go through the mission objectives and talk to Watt when you are ready to continue
It is okay if you fail, just keep trying until you succeed
Go North and into Rinoa's room for Pet Pals Vol 2
Go back and speak to Rinoa to go into a boss fight
After the fight, talk to Rinoa then Watts to arrive back in Timber
You can go to the shop and buy Pets Pal Magazine 3 and 4 for more abilities for Rinoa
Go to the right and enter the weapons shop, upgrade anything you can ( if you have been playing the card game, you can mod many cards into the items you need with the Tool Mod Ability)
If you can upgrade any weapon, you will get a trophy
Handyman :bronze
Trophy #12
From the square, go to the right and enter the Timber Maniacs building.  Go into the room in the north and pickup Timber Magazine  #2 of 12

You can also pick up the Girl's next door Magazine as well from the stacks

Exit to the right and go down the stairs and fight 2 soldiers
There is an item shop to the left, you can buy 10 Tents and refine them into  100 Curagas with L Mag-RF
Enter the pub and talk to the guy on the ground
Give him the card you just won from the soldiers
Enter the door he was blocking and make your way to the TV Station
Once you reach the Station, watch the scenes and follow Seifer
After that scene, follow Rinoa to a house
Talk to everyone until you can go downstairs
Once you leave the house, talk to the nearby soldier
Head east for another scene
Head east and follow the path to the train and board it
On the train talk to everyone, until you can leave Zell alone
When you reach the East Academy Station you could get off, but lets stay on the train and get some side stuff done :) .  Stay on the train
You will get off automatically at Dollet Station
Enter the nearby town
Enter the hotel, which is by the fountain
Stay the night and you can grab another Timber Magazine #3 of 12
If you are playing the card game, welcome to the worst rule in the game RANDOM
I will show you how to remove it rather easy, if you moved the Queen here earlier in the game
This also assumes you are carrying rules from Timber (if this does not work you will have to make an extra trip)
Go to the hotel and save your game and close the application
When you load up the game, exit the hotel and re-enter the hotel
Press :square on the girl in green, and say you don't want to play twice, on the third time agree to play then quit out
This should spread OPEN throughout the region
Exit Dollet, and follow the train tracks back to Timber
Play a card game with the guards and refuse anytime he tries to mix the rules, once he accepts to play a normal game play one game and win
Now make your way back to Dollet and save your game in the hotel yet again
Close your game and reload, now exit the hotel and re-enter
Repeat the process with the girl of refusing to play twice and accepting the third time and quitting out
RANDOM should be abolished.  If for some reason SAME spread throughout the region re-load your save and try again
From the hotel exit out and go south west then south to enter the Pub
Go upstairs and pickup another Timber Magazine  #4 of 12
Beat the guy on the left upstairs to go to a private room
Talk to the owner and gain a bunch of free cards
Play cards with him more to win the Siren Card
You can abolish the elemental rule if it annoys you like before, just go back to timber for the rules and come back and challenge the owner to remove the rule
Go back to the Pub, and attempt to challenge the queen to cards and she will mention your Minimog is with her son and another card somewhere else
Also, talk with her and ask about her Artist Father
Exit the Pub and follow the path to the South to find a kid who then runs into his house
Enter the house and challenge him to cards to win back your Mini-mog Card
Check the painting then leave the house
Go to the north towards the fountain and look near the dog for a potion
Go back south to the house with the kid and check the painting again and talk to the kid
Go north one screen and again look at the dog for a phoenix down
Go back to the house and check the painting again
Talk with the dog who is now outside the house for a final prize and scene
You can now make your way back to Timber
Go north one screen and enter the hotel
Stay the night in the hotel and pick up another Timber Magazine #5 of 12
Now you can exit Timber, and make your way north and follow the tracks to East Academy Station
Enter the forest to the west of the station
Once you enter, you will be in the dream world again
I suggest turning on NO Encounters cheat since the enemies don't give alot and get annoying
Just go down the stairs and make your way through the maze (only a few ways to go its not that bad)
Once you find the save point, go north to go through more scenes
Fight through the mandatory battles and you will return back to your team
You can now enter the nearby garden
Galbadia Garden
When you enter, keep going north until you reach a few guys doing pushups
Go up the stairs to the right
Enter the door at the bottom of the screen
Talk to everyone in the room
Go back downstairs for a scene and then south to talk to Quistis
Go south more to learn about your new mission
Enter back into Galbadia Garden
Go to the main hall and save your game
Go to the right and enter the door on the right
The girl here has Level 6 Triple Triad Cards, the reason we saved is to make sure any rules passed here are favorable
Once you are back on the world map, enter the station nearby the Garden
Take the train to Deling City
Deling City
Make your way south for a short scene
Talk to Quistis then head north
Make your way to the right
Enter the hotel and spend the night
Grab the Timber Magazine #6 of 12
Make your way South and check out the shops, you can upgrade more weapons
Across the street from the shops i a guy who is wearing all black, play cards with him to win the Kiros Card.  This card is only here if you did some events with the Queen of Cards
Head down and then to the right to reach the mansion
Talk to the guard on the right and I would buy the indicator for 5,000 which helps to see where you are on the map
Ask the guard to escort you out of town
Exit to the world map, and make your way Northeast to the next dungeon
Tomb of the Unknown King
Make your way south for a short scene
Enter the Tomb, and use the Map with your Touch Pad and make your way around the map
At Spot #1, you will fight a boss
At Spot #2, you can flip a switch
At Spot #3, you can put something on the ground
At Spot #4, you will have another boss fight and you will gain them afterwards
Brothers :bronze
Trophy #13

Make your way down twice, then up one to find the sword, remember the number on the sword (its random)
Go up two more times to exit the area
Make your way to Dollet and save your game before you attempt this
Lose the Sacred Card to the Queen and make sure she goes to Balamb (reload save if she doesn't do this)
Remember the Queen's kid is in Dollet so you can win Sacred Card back
Make your way back to Deling City
Go back to the guard and give him the number on the sword as the answer
Talk to Rinoa and go through the scenes
Make your way back to the Mansion
Exit the mansion and make your way to the gateway to drop off part of your team
Exit and follow the general
Once you are back in control of Quisits, make your way back to the Mansion
When you control Rinoa, enter the sewers
Go all the way west to pickup a Weapon Magazine
Exit the sewer, climb the crates and follow the linear path
Eventually you will be back in control of Quistis
Interact with the glasses on the left, then the statue to leave the room
Follow the path through the sewers, interact with the wheel, then go north
When you get back in control of Squall, follow the same path up the crates like Rinoa
When you fight the boss make sure and DRAW CARBUNCLE
Carbuncle :silver
Trophy #14

After the fight, go south and interact with the trap door on the right
Inspect the gun for more scenes
You will be back in control of Quistis in the sewer
Go up one screen, then open the door to the left and go through it
Go left, up, up, then open the door to the right and go through it
Go right then go over both wheels and go down
Go down the right wheel then down
Go down the right wheel then keep going down until you knock down a ladder
Open the door to the right and go through and keep going right
When you reach the wheel use it then go up and up again
When you reach the save point, go up the ladder all the way to the top and flip the switch
Keep going through the scenes and eventually you will reach the Boss fight with Edea and Seifer
After the scenes, you will be back in control of Laguna
Talk to Ellone, then go outside the house
Enter the house below yours and talk to Kiros
Once you finish talking, exit and keep going south until your patrol is complete
Go back to where you first met Kiros and go upstairs
Talk to the lady then return back to your house
Go upstairs and rest in your bed to end the dream sequence
When you control Zell, keep talking to your party and keep going through the events
Eventually the girls will pretend to be sick and Zell will knock out a guard so you can leave
Go up the stairs and fight the soldiers to get your gear back
Go through the scenes, and eventually you will fight Wedge and Biggs ( Draw Magic, good stuff)
There are some items to get in the prison if you wish to explore
Floor 1 has Combat King 001
Floor 2 has Strength UP
Floor 10 has a Battle Meter upgrade if you beat the guy in cards - GET THIS TO TRACK KILLS LATER IN THE GAME
Floor 11 has a guy who will give items if you beat him in cards ( chance to drop Rosetta Stone which is awesome)
Rosetta Stones can be used to give your GF's AbilityX4 which is very useful
Keep going up to Floor 13 to find Squall
Go through the scenes and the linear story until you are full control of the party
Make your way up to the top floor
As Irvine, make your way down to floor 3
When you are back as squall make your way down and go up the stairs
SAVE HERE (Just in case you die during the scene after the boss fight)
Make your way up to the boss fight
After the fight go right and walk over the bridge
Hold :right when you are hanging on the bridge or you will get a game over
After the scenes, talk to Selphie twice and choose your party
Head west and board the train
Go to Deling City and go to the mansion
Play cards with General Caraway and lose the Ifrit card to him
You can now play him and win the Rinoa Card
We will get the Ifrit Card from someone else later
Lets make our way to the Missile Base (make sure you are in the vehicle) which is towards the west end of the continent
Missile Base
Enter the building on the left once you park the car
Press the flashing white light
Go through the left door
Walk by quietly
Follow the linear path until you reach a save point, hug the left of the stairs to go down a hidden path
Talk to the soldiers on the right
Go north and north through the door and talk to the soldiers and tell them "...To go on ahead"
Go back south twice and talk to the soldiers again on the hidden path
Now go back to the guard you walked quietly past and enter the door
Hit the console and "hit a few buttons here and there" then "just press whatever"
When the guards come, just pick any option that talks your way out of it ( Do not FIGHT)
Make your way back downstairs, and when you pass the door play it cool and help them out

At the console Pick Target
Set Error Ratio to Maximum
Click Data upload, YES
Exit Console
Now you can enter the off-limit area on the right side
Defeat the soldiers
Now check all the panels and talk to your party to find the right console
Now go north to the next room and use the console on the left
I would pick 10 minutes, that is enough time

You can exit through a door to the right and make your way out of the base
Once you are outside you will end with fighting a boss
After the fight, wander around and see you can't escape.....ut oh :)

Back to Squall's team, go north until you meet up with Raijin
If your party is over level 30, Bombs will have Meltdown spell which is nice. They will eventually explode though
Go back south to the entrance and find a guy and fight Bombs
Go Back inside, and make your way into each area on the 1st floor, and clear the traitors

Once you complete the loop, you should see Xu at the elevator

Go up to the 2nd floor and make your way to Xu

Follow her to reach Cid and find out your new mission

Go back to the elevator, and when it gets stuck, go through the bottom door

Follow the linear path to the valve ( might need to turn off 3X speed to do this)

Go back outside and climb down the ladder and follow the path

Once squall climbs the ladder himself, examine the console to the right

Make your way back down and check out the flashing green light

Go down and flip the lever, then fight the boss

Follow the linear path until you reach a console and interact with the middle pedestal twice

Talk to Cid twice and say Yes

Head down to the 2nd floor, and follow the path around until you get another cut-scene

Go back inside for more scenes. 

Go to the main entrance (where the board directory is) and find a guy wandering around called Jack.  This starts the CC Group Quest. If he doesn't appear or you don't see it you have not won enough card games in Balamb

Play cards against Jack and win to start the quest #1 of 7

Go to the training center, and when you go to the right, a man in green sometimes appears

Beat him (Joker) in cards to defeat another member of the CC Group #2 of 7

The man in green has the Leviathan card

Exit the training area and go left one screen

You will find a guy (Club) walking around in a dark green outfit, defeat him in cards #3 of 7

Go left 2 screens to be back at the main entrance

The 2 girls (Princess Diamond) that walk up from the south are your next opponent to defeat in cards #4 of 7

The girls have all the level 7 cards, so play them as much as you want if you want to complete your set

These 4 are all we can do for now, we will come back to this quest later in the game


Go to the elevator to make your way down

Go through the scenes and take down Norg

During the battles, make sure and Draw Leviathan


Leviathan :silver
Trophy #15

After the fight, go to the Infirmary to see Cid and talk to him with all 5 options

Go to the main entrance for a scene

Then go out the 2nd floor balcony for another scene

When you need to find Ellone, she is in the Library


Once you gain control, go to the 2nd floor and talk to the guy on the ground

This is spade and you want to beat him in cards  #5 of 7

You can now leave the Garden via the 2nd floor balcony


Fisherman's Horizon
Make your way to the right and go down the lift at the end

Continue down the path until you can go up or to the right, go right

Go past the save point again and go right

Enter the first door on the left to enter an Inn

Go upstairs and collect a Timber Magazine #7 of 12

Exit the house and head north to the next screen and enter the house

collect a Timber Magazine #8 of 12

Now make your way all the way back left to the first intersection, now go north


When you reach the house, go right and find a man sitting down

You can win back your Ifrit card from this man

Enter the house and go upstairs

Play cards against the Mayor to win the Quezacotl Card

Play cards against Flo to win the Irvine Card (you needed to lose the Sacred Card earlier)

There is a Ultima draw point to the right of the Mayor (this does not recharge)

Exit the house and make your way South

Sit back and relax while the Mayor goes to talk to the enemies, I am sure it will go really well

Follow the Mayor to the east and I guess we can help him out

Defeat the soldiers then the boss

Talk to Rinoa then the Mayor

Make your way back to the Balamb Garden

Make your way over to the Quad and cheer Selphie up and go through many scenes


When you have to pick instruments, you can do whatever you want, but if you want it to sound good pick the following:


Electric Guitar


Bass Guitar

Once you control Squall, make your way back to the Mayor's house

Go to the right to see the naughty magazine

Once you wake up, make your way to the third floor
Talk to Nida to get a tutorial on moving the Garden

Press :triangle to go back into the Garden

Challenge and beat Xu ( Heart) in cards  #6 of 7

You can win the Carbuncle card from Xu

Talk to Nida after you defeat Xu at cards

Go to the infirmary and beat Dr. Kadowaki in a card game

Go back to your room and kick out your party and rest in your bed until Quistis (King) arrives

Win the match to complete the quest


Cards Club Master :silver
Trophy #16

Quistis is on the 3rd floor bridge, you can win the Gilgamesh card from her

Lets travel the Garden to the Centra Ruins (World Map is in the first post of the guide)


Centra Ruins

When you enter the Ruins, make your way to the 2nd screen and you will fight only Tonberry's.  Spam Limit breaks so they do not counter you

When you kill 20 Tonberry's, the King Tonberry appears

Kill the King Tonberry to gain it as a GF


Tonberry :silver
Trophy #17

After the fight i was able to get Zell to 9999 by using the Quezacotl, Brothers and Tonberry GF's and using the HP+20% and HP+40% abilities with 100 Full-Cures junctioned to HP


Maximum HP :bronze
Trophy #18

If you want, you can go back in the ruins and gain Odin.  He has awesome magic you can draw. Just make your way to the top of the tower, and turn on No Encounters to make it easier.

The dungeon is very linear except at the very top where you have red eyes in statues.  Put both red eyes in the statue at the very top to get the code, then take out the eyes and go a few screens south back to the last statue and put them both in and enter the code.


If you want to raise up Tonberry fast, there is a nice place you can go to earn 20AP to 60AP a fight against Cactuars.  Make your way to this screenshot.




As you can see there is where you park the Garden, and there is a small crack in the mountains you can go through.  Make your way over to where I am, and when you go into the in-game menu, it should say Cactuar Island.  Fight to your heart's desire and max out alot of your GF's.


Now that you got that out of the way, look at the first post and find the Shumi Village location and go there


Shumi Village

When you enter on the left, is a very rare Ultima Point.  You can pay 5,000 to use it each time.  The point re-spawns based on the steps you make ( the more you walk the stronger it becomes)

You can easily get 100 spells for each member if you want right now since you can get infinity money easily with the trick in the 1st post.  This is not necessary but this is the earliest you can get this spell

Go north into the elevator

Go left two screens and then enter the first house you see

collect a Timber Magazine #9 of 12

Now enter the left house and talk to the guy in the back to start the Phoenix sidequest

Exit the house and go right one screen and enter the house here

Make your way back to the last screen with the statue and talk to the man here again

Agree to the quest and you need to find 6 stones

Blue Stone - Left of the statue

Wind stone - Go back to the elevator, between the two houses on that same screen

Life Stone - in the middle screen, with only one house, check the roots on the right side

Return the stones to the sculptor

Shadow stone - go up the elevator, and find it where the lines intersect on the right side

Return the stone to the sculptor

Outside the house find a stone by the frog and return it, what that is not it?

Exit and go back outside and into the house to your right

Water Stone - Back left of the house

Return the last stone and finish the quest

Go back to the elder's house to receive the Phoenix Pinion

With this item, you can now Summon Phoenix and also Phoenix has a chance to revive you if you happen to get a Game Over Screen

Exit the village


Enter the circle forest right near Shumi Village


Chocobo Forest

When you enter, talk to the buy and pick you want to capture a chocobo

Pay to listen to his lecture

You can attempt to do the minigame, but you can press :square and have the boy just do it for you for 1,200

Once you do that, you have captured your first chocobo


Chocobo :bronze
Trophy #19

Once you capture it, you can let it go.  Lets return back to Balamb Town


Balamb Town

Enter and talk to the residents, and then the guard.

Back away a little and talk to the guard to enter the town

Enter Zell's house on the right

Go right and talk to his family

Exit and return, and talk to the Rascal twice

He will run off, then talk to his mom

Go right and talk to the guards at the hotel

Go right more and talk to everyone on these two screens to learn more about the captain

Return to the main screen and enter the house north of Zell's house

Talk to the rascal and he will run off again (If he is not there check zell's house again and the harbor)

Go north and talk to the guard and leave the text on the screen, that way Rascal can do his thing

Now when you go back South, rascal can help you leave town if you want

The girl in the house north of Zell's house has the Pandemona card

Go back to Zell's house, and you can now enter his room upstairs

Go to the docks and talk to the guard with the dog

Go back to Zell's house and talk to your mom

Go back to the dog and follow him to the train

Go back to the hotel and fight Rajin

In the next fight with Rajin and Fujin, draw Pandemona


Pandemona :silver
Trophy #20

After the scenes, make your way to Trabia Garden


Trabia Garden

Follow selphie and climb over the wall

Go north and talk to Selphie's friend (play along)

There is a weapon magazine to the south of the draw point (very hard to see)

Head right and listen to Selphie

Exit and re-enter and collect a Timber Magazine #10 of 12

Go back left and left again from the draw point

Go to the right and you will reach a save point

A little past the save, is a console you can activate twice

go back to the left for a scene with Selphie

Talk to the kids and Selphie afterwards, then head left twice to reach the basketball court

Leave the court for a scene

You will go into a flashback, keep following the scenes and talking to everyone to advance

Eventually when its over, you will be back on the world map


If you go back inside, you can challenge Selphie's friend by the fountain and win a Selphie card.  If you have random rules again, you can get rid of this like you did above.  But if you want to just suck it up, there is a save point by the fountain in case you lose


Make your way over to Edea's House, ram into the nearby Garden with your Garden
Prepare for the attack

Prepare our defense

Take care of the junior classmen


Go downstairs and talk to Quistis then after pick your party and use the elevator

Talk to everyone on the 2nd floor so they have their assignments

Go to the 1st floor, and enter the Quad

Talk to Zell for a scene, then Rinoa

Keep going left and eventually you will lose Rinoa

When you do, go to the main hallway of Balamb then south to find Squall

Go to the 2nd floor classroom

Talk to the kids after the fight

Make your way back to the bridge

Go back to the 2nd floor, and find the kid

Once a robot attacks you

Look around for another option, press the emergency exit

Kick and Punch the enemy to win, you can also keep blocking to get a deathblow

Run to the left during the scene

Go left to enter the garden

Go to the right twice, then up and talk to Rajin and Fajin

Go left then enter right door for a key

Go back to the start of the garden with the save point

Go left and unlock the door on the left

Go to the opposite side of the hockey rink and enter the door here

Enter the door on the right and grab another key from the student

Go south twice and you are back at the save point

Go right twice and up the stairs

Go up stairs and follow the path

Keep going south and fight Cerberus

After the fight, you earn him as a GF


Cerberus :silver
Trophy #21


Head left and go through the left door for another card key

When you exit, you can go north to go back to where you just fought Cerebus

Go north and go up the stairs on the right

Go left and enter the elevator

Defeat Seifer

Go back down the elevator

Make your way all the right and face Seifer again

When you fight Edea, draw Alexander



Alexander :silver
Trophy #22


Go to the world map and enter Edea's House


Edea's House

Enter the house

collect a Timber Magazine on the right #11 of 12

Talk to Cid

Leave to the right and talk to Edea

You can challenge Edea in cards and win the Edea Card ( be careful of the random rule)

In the training center, you can find another weapon magazine on the left side

Go to the infirmary to see Rinoa and enter another dream sequence

When you fight the dragon, block with :square and once you block attack with :triangle  (might need to turn off speed booster)

Head back and see Edea to receive a letter

Once you got this, make your way to the White Seed Ship


White Seed Ship

On the ship, go north for a scene

Go up the stairs, and collect the final timber magazine :)


Timber Maniacs :gold
Trophy #23


Talk to zone, and give him the girls magazine you got earlier for free for a Shiva Card

Go right into the cabin and talk to the leader twice for some scenes

Make your way to Fisherman's Horizon

Walk right while carrying Rinoa

After the scenes, talk to Edea

Make your way north to exit the area

Go a little east to enter the blue area


Great Salt Lake

Go north to the next screen

Go on the skeleton and exit east

Keep going north and jump off the cliff when prompted

Go north then left

Go north and fight the boss ( can defeat with healing items or magic)

Head right and examine the glitches on the north cliff

Follow the linear path until you reach another dream sequence


At the start, keep talking to everyone until a scene occurs and the guards leave

Talk to the orange animal, then the man, then the orange animal again for another scene

Defeat the soldiers and go in the elevator

Talk to the doctor several times until you run away

After the scene, go back in and collect the weapon magazine

Go in the elevator to the north and follow the battles and linear path until you reach Ellone

Examine a little to the right of the blue flashing button, it will say UNLOCKED

Go back to the elevator to end the dream sequence


After the scenes you will be in a room with Dr. Odine

Challenge Odine to cards and win the Ward Card (DO NOT MIX THE RULES)

Go south, right, then use the elevator

Go left three times then talk to the people here (if I did not get this right talk to others in town)

now make your way back to the palace and talk to the Aide who will meet you by the east gate

Take a lift in the city to the shopping area, you can make some really nice items

You have access to the Esthar Shop (which now you can also call with Tonberry) and access to the most efficient infinite money trick.  Buying 100 Tents and Cottages and refining to Mega Potions with the Recov Med-RF abilitiy will net you over $300k profit

If you buy 10 Power Wrist, you can turn them into a Hyper Wrist with the GFAbl Med-RF Ability which gives a GF +60% STR ( Once you get Eden GF )

Keep trying to enter Cheryl's Shop and you will eventually get a Rosetta Stone which gives a GF the ability * 4

10 Hypnocrowns can be turned into 100 Aura Stones with Tool-RF which then can be made into 100 Aura with Supt Mag-RF

Once you finish travel back to the city

Go south to exit to the world map

Make your way to Tear's point


Tear's Point

Walk all the way to find Solomon's Ring

To use this ring you need 6 Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+, 6 Steel Pipes


Remedy+ - Easy way to do this is buy 60 Remedy from a shop (Esthar Shop) then refine them with Med Lv UP from Alexander


Steel Pipes - You can earn them by stealing or mugging them from Wendigo's (Forests in the Doller or Timber Regions) or modding Elastoid Cards


Marlboro Tenatacle - You can find Malboro enemies right outside Tear's point and get tentacles from beating them or stealing. You can also get 1 tentacle from modding 4 Marlboro cards but that is not efficient


Once you have 6 of each item, you can use Solomon's Ring to earn Doomtrain GF



Doomtrain :silver
Trophy #24


Now make your way to the Lunar Gate


Lunar Gate

Enter the building and then follow the woman

Make your party and use the elevator chute

Once you control Zell, exit back to the World Map and make your way back to Esthar City

Keep going left until you reach a lift that will take you to Odine's Laboratory

Go south to reach the lab and ask to see the doctor

Go up the elevator and go north to talk to the doctor

Once you exit the lab, the timer will start

Go to the bottom, and then go left twice

Head up and then keep going right until you reach a blue car

Wait until the timer reaches 15:00

Head north and Use Elevator #1 on the left

Keep going north until you reach a scene and return as Squall


Talk to the staff then pickup Rinoa

Save your game once you reach the save point

Challenge Piet on the left to cards and win the Alexander Card. Once you win the card save your game

Enter the north door

After Rinoa Leaves, exit the room

Make your way north and go upstairs and follow the path

Eventually you will reach Ellone

Challenge her to cards and win the Laguna Card.

Talk to Ellone

Keep going north and eventually check the monitor when Ellone and Quistis leave your party

Go south to where you left Rinoa and WTF the bitch has gone crazy

Follow Rinoa and re-check the monitor again after she leaves

Leave the room and go back up the stairs

Enter the room to the right, and put on a spacesuit

Try to follow Rinoa but the door will close, so return back to where you got the suit

Leave the room for a scene
Head back north to the control room and check the console

Talk to Ellone and follow her for another scene

Keep following and talking to Ellone for another scene

After many scenes, you will be controlling a person in space

use :triangle to move faster and keep the person in the middle of your screen

Once you catch the red ship, move up to enter it



Ragnarok :bronze
Trophy #25


press the button on the left

Go north and fight some aliens

Defeat the aliens in pairs by color or they will come back to life


Defeat the purple alien as you come down

Go north through the big door and quickly go left and defeat the other purple enemy

Go back to the right and defeat the red enemy

Go left twice, then south to find the other red enemy

Go north and defeat the green enemy

Go south and go down the stairs

go through the small right door and defeat the other green enemy

Only one pair left now :)

Go back south and upstairs, go south again to find the first yellow enemy

Go north twice and through the left door to find the last enemy


Go up the center lift to reach the cockpit and enjoy the scenes

Go back inside the ship, and go left and through the upper left door for another scene

Exit the room and go up the lift to the cockpit and you can now pilot the ship

Many things in the world have now just opened up to us


Fly to Cactuar Island, and turn no encounters on

When a green cactuar pops up, run into it to fight a Jumbo Cactuar

Defeat it to earn a new GF



Cactuar :silver
Trophy #26


Open up the world map when its full screen and select Esthar Sorceress Memorial.  If you press :cross on the yellow point, it will take you directly there.  SWEET :)


Esthar Sorceress Memoria

Enter the building and follow the linear path

After the scenes you will have Rinoa back

After you are back to the world map, make your way to Edea's House


Once you enter, follow the dog

Speak to the dog then Rinoa for a scene


Travel to Esthar/Airstation

To get back to the palace, go left, then keep going up until you see a save point

Go left then up to enter the palace

Keep going left to meet up with the President.....Laguna

You can play cards against Laguna to win the Squall card (for the love of god do not mix with space rules)

Talk to Laguna and pick the first option and get more info from the doctor

After the doctor finishes, talk to Laguna and say Yes you understand

Once the briefing is over, go to the Deep Sea Research Facility


Deep Sea Research Facility

Enter the building

Approach the core while IT IS NOT FLASHING (might want to turn of boosters)

When you get close enough to the core, you will get some dialogue

"It's not our will to fight"


Pick the blank hidden third option

Now defeat Bahamut to gain as a GF and a trophy



Bahamut :silver
Trophy #27


Save your game, then climb down the tree

Bring Zell with you to make this easier

I highly recommend turning on No-Encounters here. There are fixed battles, but it will make this easier

Talk to your party members to go over to a console and open up the next level

On the next level use 1 unit of steam, level 3 opens (15/20)

On the next level use 1 unit of steam, level 4 opens (14/20)

On the next level use 1 unit of steam, level 5 opens (13/20)

On the next level use 1 unit of steam, level 6 opens (12/20), go down the lift

Go over to the console and say Zell's pretty good with machinery and he will open the door

Save at the save point (it is hidden)

Follow the linear path down, make sure to draw magic from the fixed fights, there is great stuff here

Save at the bottom

Use 10 steam units on the console to the right, Here comes Ultima Weapon

Draw Eden and also draw Ultima Magic as well

Watch out for Pillar of Light, even with boosters, it can insta-kill a party member



Eden :silver
Trophy #28


You can now make your way out of the facility and back to the airship

Make sure no encounters is on for this part so it goes easier

Go to the beach east of Timber for an alien encounter (Mandy Beach)

Go slightly north of where you fought Jumbo Cactuar and land in a desert and find another alien encounter (Esthar - Kashkabald Desert)

Travel to Windhill and wander around the town for another alien encounter


You can buy them from the Esthar Shop!!! with the Tonberry call shop ability

Travel to Trabia Garden, and go due east to find a very small alien

This will be your 4th alien encounter (Trabia - Heath Peninsula)

Make your way very slightly southeast to find an area of all forests.  On top of the forests are some cliffs you can walk on with more forests, land on the northern part of this (Your menu should say Esthar - Grandidi Forest).

If you have trouble finding the right top of the canyon, it is right next to the chocobo Forest

You will fight a UFO, defeat it


Travel back to where Balamb Garden used to be (there is a hole in the ground)

Walk around here to find PuPu

Give the alien 5 elixirs to end the fight and complete the side-quest



UFO :silver
Trophy #29


If you wish to level up at this point in the game, you can travel to the Islands closest to Heaven or Hell.  You can easily gain almost a level a fight, but do not reach Level 100.  This will make the Omega fight harder later in the game.


At this point in the game, I earned drawing at 100 Magic Points.  You can farm this if you wish, but if you were drawing at Magic regularly, you should get this before the end of the game.

If you need to farm this go to a town like Balamb and draw from the point, walk around and come back and draw again.  Draw Points like Balamb Town regenerate on the amount of steps you take




Magic Miner :silver
Trophy #30


Go to the lake near Timber, and go to this spot




Every time the option comes up, keep humming

When asked do me a favor, respond with What is it

Travel to Dollet and go to the nearby forest

When you find the monkey, throw a rock at it and sing to it several times

Travel Back to the lake and go back to the shadow

Hum to the shadow and gets lots of clues, mash the :cross button to go through all of them

Back off a little and go back to the shadow and throw a rock

Keep throwing rocks until it skips many times

Make your way back to the monkey and throw rocks at it until you get the clue URHAEO


Make your way to this small island near Timber




Mash :cross around this spot to find another clue REAIDR


Make your way to Balamb and go to the nearby beach.  Again mash :cross to find rocks

Eventually you will find a rock with the clue STSLRM


Head near Galbadia Garden to this location




Wander around here mashing :cross to find a bird warming an egg, check it out

Defeat the enemies

You will find a rock with another clue EASNPD


Make your way back to the lake

Go back to the shadow and hum

Keep pressing :cross until you show all the rocks


When you read all the clues from top to bottom, right to left it spells Mordred Plains Has Treasure


Travel to Esthar, and go due north to find the Mordred Plains

Once you are in the plains, you can again mash :cross to find many rocks

As an FYI, the red rocks are lying

The White rocks tell the truth, Red Rocks lie so do the opposite

Once you find a red rock say The Treasure is not Here, this is the right spot

Keep searching here for the treasure

Now make your way to Trabia-Eldbeak Peninsula, which is in the below picture




Make your way to the end of the Peninsula to find another clue, Treasure at Minde Isle

You will find the island south of Esthar, at the below picture




Search the island for a scroll and the trophy



Obel Lake Secret :gold
Trophy #31


Now make your way to Cactuar Island to grind out the 1000 enemies, if you have not gotten this trophy.  The reason why I say Cactuar Island is they are easy to defeat and they give a ton of AP while not giving many levels.  Keep doing this until you get the 1000 enemy trophy (at which point you can turn encounters off)


If you Junction Triple to Hit Stat, you should be at 255% and will have no issue hitting the Cactuar's.  Hold down the :cross button to end the battle fast against them


If you got the battle meter upgrades when I told you too, you can see how many kills you have.

Select Tutorial > Information > Information > Character Report


You can add up each Enemies Killed to get your total


If you have a Turbo Controller, you can automate this.  Just turbo :cross and :r1 and have something hold down your directional pad or analog stick. Also, turn off the memory option in the Config memory if you had that turned on.  Now just go to an easy area and let the game run.  I would say on a side note, if you are doing this, make a save so once you get the trophy you can reload your save.  You do not want to be level 100 when you face Omega.



1000 Kills :silver
Trophy #32



At this point in the game, we are going to start the end game, so if there is anything you would like to do go ahead and do that now

Fly to Tear's Point, and Enter the flying fortress

Assuming you are only missing Omega and finishing the game, I would leave No Encounters on the rest of the game


Lunatic Pandora

After the scenes, go down the lift and enter the right door

Go up and defeat Rajin and Fujin

Go up and to the left to have a scene with Wedge and Biggs

Go left through the tube and go down elevator #2

Take elevator #1 back up

Keep going up and defeat the big ass robot

Continue up for another boss fight with Seifer

After the scenes, go down, then right and climb the ladder/stairs

Follow the linear path until you have to fight Adel

After the scenes, start going north and you will fight a bunch of variations of the Sorceress

Just keep defeating them all and eventually you will end up in Edea's House


Edea's House

Go right and up through the door for a scene

Make your way up the chain and finally you will divide into two parties and enter the castle


Ultimecia's Castle

When you enter the castle, all your commands outside of Attack are unlocked.  We will unlock each one by defeating bosses

This first room will be dubbed Main Hall, I will reference this room many times

Go up the stairs and defeat the boss here to unlock Limit Break ( you can pick anything you want, I am just picking what I think is the most useful)

If you missed any GF's I highly suggest you unlock Draw, each upcoming boss will have a GF if you missed them.

Go through the north door and onto the chandelier which drops to the floor

open the hatch infront of you in the floor

You will fight the boss Tri-Point which has Siren GF if you missed it, unlock Magic

Go back upstairs, and go through the left door

Go down the hall and through the right door at the bottom

Go up the stairs and then head right

Walk down the stairs and through the door on the right

then down the stairs again and through the north door

Check out all the paintings in this room ( there are paintings up the stairs) and find the following paintings




Once you have all 3, go downstairs and view the large painting and enter those 3 names in that order a boss appears

You will fight Trauma, You can Draw Leviathan if you missed it.  Unlock Draw

Go north through the door and north again to go down stairs

Take the upper left exit (doorway directly right of where you enter) and grab the key in this room for another boss fight

You will fight Red Giant, you can Draw Pandemona if you missed it. Unlock Item (Cast Meltdown on the boss to lower its defense)

Head out the doorway and go left and enter the green circle, switch to the other party

Walk through the left door and through the hallway

Step on the green circle in this room to depress a lever, Switch to other party

Head upstairs and through the left door

Follow the linear path until you make your way all the way back to the starting hall

Go through the north door and cross the Chandelier that doesnt fall because of the lever

Fight the boss Krysta, you can draw Carbuncle if you missed it. Unlock Save

Go back south to reach the main hall, then go down the stairs and use the left door

Go through the hallway to meet up with your other party

Go north through the next two sets of doors

Go upstairs, and hold :circle to walk and grab the Armory Key (if it falls you will find it on the path below to the boss)

Now go all the way back to the main hall

Go up the stairs and to the right and through the right door

Follow the linear path and keep going north down the stairs

Unlock the door all the way to the right

Fight the boss Vysage, you can draw Cerberus if you missed it. Unlock Resurrection

Go back to the main hall and go down the stairs and through the left door

Make your way back to where the other party is and go north

At the fountain, check around the front left side for a key

Make your way back to the main hall

Go upstairs and through the left door

Follow the path until you reach a really long hallway

Half-way through the long hallway check the left side for a door to go through with the key

There are 4 chests in front of you which we will number #1 to #4 left to right

Open Chest #2

Close Chest #3

Open Chest #4

Open Chest #1

Fight the boss Catoblepas, you can draw Alexander if you missed it. Unlock Command Abilities

Go back to the main hall

Go down the stairs and through the left door to meet up with your party yet again

Go north through both doors and go up the stairs

Go across the bridge and through the door

Save your game

Go up the very long staircase until you reach the pendelum

On the top side of the staircase left side, you can jump to the pendelum and then jump to the door on the right

Here you can fight Tiamat, you can draw Eden if you missed it. Unlock GF

All of the seals are now broken

If you go back over the pendelum, and continue up, you will reach the end of the game

But we need to defeat Omega before we do this

Make your way down the stairs and save at the bottom

make your way south until you reach the fountain



If anyone in your party is a level divisible by 5, I recommend gaining a level or putting 100% death on their status so they do not die from Omega's attack.



Enter the green circle and switch your party

Go back to the main hall

Head upstairs and through the door on the right

Pull the rope at the bottom and switch to your other party with the nearby green circle

Now with your main party, go north and fight Omega Weapon

You should be fine through Omega's attacks with the boosters on except Pillars of Light.  Once this hits, make sure to revive your fallen member

If you keep spamming Limit Breaks, you will be fine

Once you defeat Omega, you will get a trophy



Omega Destroyed :gold
Trophy #33


Go up the stairs and through the door

Make your way all the way up the staircase

Follow the linear path until you reach a save point

Save your game, and then enter the north door to start the final boss fights of the game


You will go through many scenes and boss fights, but there is nothing you cannot handle after defeating Omega.  Once you have done everything you can, you will get your final trophy and the platinum



End of Game :gold
Trophy #34



Lionheart :plat
Trophy #35



I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough :thumbsup


Quiz Data - https://www.rpgsite....d-salary-grades

Tomb Map - Bover_87

World Map - http://shrines.rpgclassics.com

Sep 07 2019 10:03 AM

Hey man... loving your FF8 guide. Are you planning on continuing it? I was 4 hours in without your guide and have started a new game just to be able to follow it as it is very good. Though i'm a bit worried that its not complete yet. will you finish it?

I am still working on it. I am going to be taking a break for the next few days but when I return ill focus on finishing it up
Sep 07 2019 12:19 PM

sorry to ask but how much is a few days? I'm almost caught up and don't really want to wait that long without playing as my time is limited. keep up the great work

Not sure at the moment this is a busy time at work for me so I am not sure how much gaming I will do

I will make sure to focus on completing this as soon as I can. I love this game so I want to finish it
Sep 11 2019 03:27 PM

Thank you for typing up this walkthrough -- I love the guide, and I love this game so much. Looking forward to the updated guide!!

My goal is to have it finished by the end of the weekend

started the guide back up again, I am hoping to have this done by the weekend

Sep 14 2019 09:25 AM
Awesome! Thank you so much

Finally got the ragnarok at the home stretch now :)


Just a little bit left to do to finish this off

Sep 15 2019 09:08 PM

Nice, you're the best!  :lol

guide is finished, please let me know if anyone has any issues with something or if there is anything i can add to make it better