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Eve: Rebirth Terror (イヴ リバーステラー) Trophy Guide

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 34 (1 :plat 5 :gold 12 :silver 16 :bronze )
Approximate time: 1 hour
Stacking available?: Yes (PS4 and Vita)
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: None


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:square - Menu
:circle - Confirm/Advance
:cross - Cancel
:rvita - Skip Play
:lvita - Auto Play
:start - Toggle Hint system





- We're playing with Hint system on, where the game tells you what to do. When a choice pulsates/blinks, select it to advance. When there's no blinking, go through all choices repeatedly until they're either blacked out or a blinking choice appears.
- On Maps, the correct area will also blink. If you're sent to the Map and the area you're currently in is blinking, or there are no blinking areas, return to the choices ( :cross), then continue going through the rest.
- On choice screens, the 2nd choice with a picture of a boot is typically used to switch areas. This may sometimes loop areas, so focus on other choices if this happens.


Left option when starting up. Wait for save, then :circle.

Select 小次郎編 (left)

TROPHY #1 小次郎編:12月1日クリア: Clear Ch. 1 with Kojiroh

On the first choice screen after this trophy, repeatedly select 話す → 焚き火してる人 (a blinking choice will appear but ignore it until the trophy pops)

TROPHY #2 へっへっへ
TROPHY #3 小次郎編:12月2日クリア: Clear Ch. 2 with Kojiroh

On the first choice screen after this trophy, repeatedly select the following:

話す → 海に向かって立つ男
話す → 海を眺める女

TROPHY #4 自然乾燥
TROPHY #5 ヤンデレラ

At the area with a pool, repeatedly select 泳ぐ

TROPHY #6 スイマーよ

At the area with an office with a blue ceiling and red floor, repeatedly select the following:

見る・調べる → 絵
話す → 誰か

TROPHY #7 伝統芸
TROPHY #8 小次郎さまぁ
TROPHY #9 いやいや
TROPHY #10 小次郎編:12月3日クリア: Clear Ch. 3 with Kojiroh

On the first choice screen after the Ch.3 trophy, repeatedly select the first choice until it blacks out. Then open menu and select "S.Change", left option.

At the area with a hotel lobby with red floor & stairs on right, repeatedly select 話す → 旅行客

TROPHY #11 やるべきことがあるのです

The second choice is blinking now. Select it and pick the first choice (not blinking). Now repeatedly select 見る・調べる → 客

TROPHY #12 ぶぅ
TROPHY #13 まりな編:12月1日クリア: Clear Ch. 1 with Marina

Sometime after this trophy, you'll see two woman on the choice screen, one in a blue shirt and the other wearing a red dress + white coat. The second choice will loop areas, so go through other choices first. This will happen a few times throughout the game, so keep it in mind.

TROPHY #14 まりな編:12月2日クリア: Clear Ch. 2 with Marina

At the area with a woman in a blue shirt and a nurse in the background, repeatedly select 見る・調べる → 患者の様子

TROPHY #15 高血圧上昇中

At the area with a blue building and a big tree on right, go through the choices until the blinking choice appears. Select it. After the scene, it will still be blinking. Don't select it. Repeatedly select 見る・調べる → こっちを見てる人

TROPHY #16 まいっちんぐ

On the screen with warehouses on left and ocean on right, repeatedly select 追い詰められる

TROPHY #17 サスペンス劇場
TROPHY #18 まりな編:12月3日クリア: Clear Ch. 3 with Marina

At the area with a big bedroom in the background. Go through the choices and get stalled, then open menu and select "S.Change"

TROPHY #19 小次郎編:12月4日クリア: Clear Ch. 4 with Kojiroh

At the area with a hotel lobby with red floor & stairs on right, repeatedly select 見る・調べる → 掃除のおばちゃん

TROPHY #20 おいきさま

On the Map, your current area is Princess Hotel. You'll then move to El International Highschool which is blinking. After the scene you'll return to the Map. Go back to the Hotel. Second choice → first choice → second choice → first choice. Continue with the blinking choices after #21 pops.

TROPHY #21 おやくそく
TROPHY #22 小次郎編:12月5日クリア: Clear Ch. 5 with Kojiroh

When you get stalled after going through all choices, open menu and select "S.Change"

A little after, the woman in a red dress + white coat will be on the choice screen. Eventually the second choice will loop areas, so move onto other choices.

TROPHY #23 まりな編:12月4日クリア: Clear Ch. 4 with Marina

At the area with buildings and a jagged statue on right and telephone booth on left, repeatedly select 話す → 近くのホテルマン

TROPHY #24 ゴリラウーマン

Immediately in the next area with a big building, repeatedly select こっそり忍び込む

TROPHY #25 しりかべ
TROPHY #26 まりな編:12月5日クリア: Clear Ch. 5 with Marina

When the dialogue stalls, open menu and select "S.Change"

At the area with an office-like room, the last choice eventually gives you a list of 10 items to select, Select 3 at a time, repeat until you go through the whole list (the last item will be left over, just select the two above it).

When the game stalls with two black-haired characters, open menu and select "S.Change"

TROPHY #27 まりな編:12月6日クリア: Clear Ch. 6 with Marina

Game will automatically switch over, resume skipping. The game will eventually pause again, simply resume skipping.

TROPHY #28 「美ノ神みなと」の正体
TROPHY #29 小次郎編:12月6日クリア: Clear Ch. 6 with Kojiroh

Save with left option.

Select 氷室編 (bottom middle)

Nothing to look out for, just go through the choices repeatedly and wait for blinking choices.

TROPHY #30 氷室編クリア

Select versus terror

TROPHY #31 versus terror編クリア

Select rebirth terror

TROPHY #32 rebirth terror編クリア
TROPHY #33 リバーステラー事件解決
TROPHY #34 全てのトロフィー入手

Congrats! Let me know if there are any mistakes in the guide.

Guide is complete.

https://www.youtube....h?v=uNFHOnTfBxo - General tips

Hi Sage,

Thanks for the guide, great job. I am pretty sure none of the choices matter, just exhaust every option until it goes blue before selecting boot option. Maybe Trophy 21 could be missed. Bottom right of screen tells you when to change character as well.


Hope you have been well, keep up the good work. 

TROPHY #17 サスペンス劇場

When the game stalls after going through all the choices, open menu and select "S.Change"

TROPHY #18 まりな編:12月3日クリア: Clear Ch. 3 with Marina


You dont change to Marina here, you do this after trophy 18, which is in the guide.


You can verify this yourself, as the last 3 trophies are for Marina.

Fixed, thanks for noticing that (:
PERFECT guide. Thanks
Worked perfect for the PS Vita version! Thanks Sage!