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Eekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard Platinum Walkthrough

Eekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard Platinum Walkthrough



The trophies for killing enemies have a possibility to glitch and not unlock on a current save. I believe the reason this can happen is if you go back to the main menu at any time while playing the game. Because of this it is advised to play the game in one sitting and make sure you don't select "Close" in the pause menu as that returns you to the main menu. If they do glitch and don't unlock you need to delete your save and start the game over to have them unlock.




This game is basically a very straightforward action platformer. Most levels are linear and only have a few forks in them normally. The game has no chapter select though so it is highly recommended you try and do all the trophies in one go of the game, as you have to start the game over if you miss anything.

Time to plat: 1 - 2 hours, glitches dependent.
Stacks: NA/EU
Trophies: 1 :plat, 8 :gold, 8 :silver. 6 :bronze

Area specific kill trophies should be earned in the first level of each chapter. If they don't pop you have to delete your save and start over to earn them, as the tracking for them is can be broken. Thankfully the game takes under an hour to run through if you don't need to do everything.


Chapter 1
Level 1
Take left at first fork, large statue is a checkpoint. You can return to it infinite times to replenish health. 
Continue forward, purple head spawns a large amount of Zomblings. 
Forward more, there is a spinning totem with a button on it. Hold :l2  to bring up shield to block laser, hit button twice to drop vines. 
Don't go right to the vines it showed dropping. Backtrack to the first fork and go to the area with the large black crystal. Smack it a few times to destroy it. Dark Shard 1/8
Turn around and look to your right in the water, there will be two grey pads that bounce you in the air. Jump between them until you earn Bounce Connoisseur :bronze
Go to opposite shore, continue across to where you can see the other totem, activate it. 
Go back to the middle area where it showed the vines drop, jump on the wooden raft. Once it gets near the wall jump on the bounce pad to the shore. 
Go forward, watch the trip wire in front of you. Go through swining blade, then directly in front of you there is a large checkpoint statue across two bounce pads. 
When you're on the island near it use this oppurtunity to fall in the water ten times. Become One With the Fishes :bronze
Go back across the bounce pads, then right onto the large dock with the spinning blades. Open the chest at the end. Chest 1/15
Continue forward, killing enemies as you go. If you get low on health you can backtrack to the checkpoint. At this point if you've been killing everything you should get the trophy for 250 Forest Zombling kills. Forest Zombling Slayer :bronze
Continue level, kill boss. Rescue Yum Yum :bronze
Level 2
At the start of the level go left first, watch for traps in the two patches of grass. Open the chest at the end then turn around and go the other way. Chest 2/15
Run across the wood bridge without stopping, after killing enemies take the first crossbridge on your right. Go all the way up and to the end, to the platform with the spinning blades. Kill the enemies then stand on the button to stop the water in the slide, open the chest then go down. Chest 3/15
Open the chest immediately in front of you.  Chest 4/15
Go back onto the main path then turn right, go to the end and disable the turret. Then, go back to the first bridge and disable that turret. Then go to the area it shows with the battery and pick that up. 
Go back up the what slide. At the top just out and to the right you should see an opening in the wall with a purple stone door in it. Change to the big guy and smash this wall, then destroy the Dark Shard inside. Dark Splinter 2/8
Go back out and go right, across the bridge to the end of the level. 
Level 3
Boss fight, run up to the tablet to start it. 
There isn't much to this, just run around and avoid his attacks. You can hold up shield every once and a while to block his swipes and stomps. Best way to avoid damage is probably to run around the outside of the area. There are two groups of health pickups if you need them. 
After a while roots will shoot out of the ground, along with one holding a stone tablet. Smack this tablet to make a purple crystal root appear. Smash this one to deal damage. Repeat 4 times until finished. Release Wood Face :silver Escape The Skyling Forest :silver
Chapter 2
Level 1
Go to the right through the spinning blade area, break the rock in front of you, break the Dark Splinter. Dark Splinter 3/8
Turn around, break the wall with Yum Yum, follow the path. Go to the left at the fork, break the wall to get a checkpoint.


Jump in the lava outside the checkpoint 10 times, then make sure to heal yourself before proceeding. Ouch Lava!  :silver

Turn around and go the opposite direction at the fork, open the chest. Chest 5/15
If you've been killing all large zombies up to this point you will likely earn the trophy for that right around here. Zomber Slayer :silver
The room ahead is a timed survival room. You basically just want to stay alive the duration of the timer. Play as the original character and just hold down :r2 to continually attack. Try to pick up the hearts when they drop. Once it's done open the chest then head through the now open wall. Chest 6/15
Jump across and rocks and open the chest. This damages you but you still have to open it. Chest 7/15
Continue foward in the level. The long hallway moves the camera in front of you and has you running away from a lava wall. Jump down the hole when you get to the end. 
If you've been killing all small zombies you'll likely earn the trophy for killing them right near the end of the level. Lava Zombling Slayer :bronze
Level 2
This first area is timed, just run away from the large guy until time runs out then head through the opening. 
The next room the monster is in the middle shooting fireballs at you. Run around to the other side of the room and stand behind the Dark Splinter and wait for time to run out. Once it does destroy the Splinter and head out of the room. Dark Splinter 4/8
The next room is another timed area, but you're stuck in the middle and have to continually kill enemies until time runs out. Just hold :r2 again. Once you get the new character shoot the pieces of rock that are out in the lava to make a bridge, you can aim by holding :r1. Rescue Nim :bronze
Level 3
Boss level. When you start ring the bell immediately behind you. Wait to make sure the guy is coming over, then go to the other side of the area. Switch to the new magic guy and shoot over top of the lava geyser to solidify them so you can run across them. When you get to the boss change to the large guy and hit the guy in the back. Let yourself fall in the lava to spawn at checkpoint. 
Repeat once more to beat the boss. Release Hammerfist :gold Escape The Lava Lakes

Chapter 3

Level 1

Go forward down the path, open the chest. Chest 8/15

Keep going forward, there's only one path you can take. Once you get to the dead end switch to the magic guy and shoot all the things in the middle of the area to make a bridge, go across.

You'll come to a breakable door. Go left first to get a checkpoint, then right beside the wall to open a chest. Then go through the door. Chest 9/15

There is a ball on a stand in front of you, switch to the magic guy and shoot it, then take the left path first.

Go forward, kill enemies. Open the chest then keep following the path around. Chest 10/15

Just around the corner where the two enemy spawners are is a chest. Also if you look up and to the left on the arch is another ball you have to shoot with the magic character. Chest 11/15

Continue along the path and there will be another ball to shoot. Just past is another chest. Chest 12/15

Continue further and you'll get back to the first area with the hallways. Go left from the hallway you come out of.

Go forward and once you get through the arch turn around and look up, shoot the ball with the magic guy. Continue forward down the main path.

Right in front of the door will be the last ball to shoot. Go through the door, kill the guys. Once they're dead head to the right and open the chest. Chest 13/15

Now go all the way to the left of the area and there will be the Splinter for the area. Dark Splinter 5/8

At this point in the level if you have killed every and didn't get the enemy kill trophy you should start the level over to kill more enemies. This is the only level in this chapter with the enemies. Ice Zombling Slayer :silver

If you got the kill trophy go through the small hole in the wall to end the level.

Level 2

There isn't really anything to this level. Run forward to the round area and you'll have three Yetis drop on you. Kill them then go to the next room. Do not jump on the thing in the middle yet. Go around to the back and destroy the Dark Splinter, then go on the elevator in the middle. Dark Splinter 6/8

Level 3

Boss fight. This one you basically just run into the Yetis crotch and beat on him until he dies. If you're running low on health pause and go into the shop and buy more health if you have crystal money. Once he's out of health you'll be done with the level. Rescue DBot :silver Defeat Harry The Yeti :gold Escape The Frozen Fortress :gold

Chapter 4

Level 1

This isn't really part of the level but I'll include it here. Start of the room there are three items in a circle. Zap the console with DBot, Smack the tablet with Yum Yum, and shoot the ball with Nim. Smack the thing that comes out of the middle to open the stairs down.

Once you start the actual level go around behind the pillar and destroy the Splinter. Dark Splinter 7/8

Follow the main path. Open the chest on your left. Chest 14/15

Keep following the main path. You'll get to a large open area, shoot the bridge pieces to bring them forward. Continue on.

After this the game tells you that you're supposed to follow a lantern. This section is fairly long and annoying, and you basically just have to go through following the lantern killing everything as you go. If you die it starts you back at the start, but it doesn't respawn enemies so don't worry if you do. Once you get to the end go up the stairs and then jump down the hole.

Assuming you were killing all enemies during the lantern section you should earn both trophies for the enemy types in this level during it. Cave Zombling Slayer :silver One Eyed Foe :silver

Level 2

Go forward and left, there is a checkpoint there you can run back to for more health. Go right and kill all enemies, go through the purple door.

Go forward then left, in the green lit room is the last chest. Chest 15/15 Treasure Hunter :gold

Go forward and to the right, through the crystal gate thing.

Go forward through the middle, then into the right building with the gong. Hit the gong, you want the tall skinny guy to come out, then try and crawl into the building. When he doesn't hit the gong again and it will drop the door on him. Go out the back to the left to find the last Dark Splinter. Dark Splinter 8/8 Splinter Eradicator :gold

Go back near the entrance, you want to lure the skinny guy near the tall structure near the front. Once he is near hit the switch inside and it will hurt him again.

Go into the other building with the large ballista in it. Hit the ballista to turn it around. Go out opposite and hit the scarecrow to stand it up. Lure the guy over and hit the ballista when he's in front of the door to damage him the last time. Escape Li Pha :gold

The door at the end of the area will open, run forward through it, jump over the guys, and pick up the heart at the end. Escape The Dark Cave :gold

Time to plat: 1 - 2 hours, glitches dependent.


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Oh and thank you so much ggamer!!!

Thats a very nice looking walkthrough. Thanks for the hard work!

One of the guys on PST who earned the plat said he never actually went back to the main menu or anything, so I don't know what the issue is. I do think best bet is still likely do it in one sitting without exiting the game. 


If anyone has different experiences let me know. 

 I think your first level walkthrough is a little off


The bounce pads are not where it mentions it, but you cannot miss them as you need to go through them as you progress later

Thank you for the guide Ggamer.


Just to add you are also missing the ice trophy for killing those little guys on World 3 level 1. 

Yea this game is utter trash... I finally found a game worse than Orc Slayer... Not fun at all... I did find that if you got close to the end and you didn't have a kill trophy then just click rewind and start the level over so you can get your kill trophy.

I think your first level walkthrough is a little off

The bounce pads are not where it mentions it, but you cannot miss them as you need to go through them as you progress later

Thank you for the guide Ggamer.

Just to add you are also missing the ice trophy for killing those little guys on World 3 level 1.

There's shortcut ones right by the checkpoint that are the first ones you can find. But you're right there's ones required to progress.

Ice guys I think I forgot as that was the last trophy I had and the trophy popped right on the last guys at the end of the level.

Yea this game is utter trash... I finally found a game worse than Orc Slayer... Not fun at all... I did find that if you got close to the end and you didn't have a kill trophy then just click rewind and start the level over so you can get your kill trophy.

Did it pop fine for you restarting the level? I was worried about doing that just because of the game fucking up.

Made a note about restarting the level at the end of that one.

There's still worse things around than this. ;)

I will have to look for that shortcut when I do the EU version, I looked everywhere and did not see it.

At Stage 4-1 there is a checkpoint right after the bridge you have to form with the magic user.  Its on the left hand wall and its very easy to miss as it almost blends in.  There is a hole you can go through that leads to a checkpoint.

Perfect Guide! :plat  Thank's alot for the Help ggamer15! :sinister

Perfect Guide! :plat  Thank's alot for the Help ggamer15! :sinister

Perfect Guide! :plat  Thank's alot for the Help ggamer15! :sinister

P.S: Thank's alot again! ;) First Time i Plat: 3 Hours and 41 Minutes; Second Time i Plat: 1 Hour and 27 Minutes. (The European Version Dont Have for me the Glitch Trophie and The First Time i play with The American Version i have to play the Ice Level two Times for Unlock the Trophie Ice Zombling Slayer!


Thanks for the guide, worked great!

This game is a biggest piece of shit I have ever played on PS4!

Orc Slayer is a piece of art in compare to this one.

Glitched trophies for the "kills", impossible to continue in chapter 3 level 2 after killing 3 Yetis...


(but the guide is great :D ).




Yep, you HAVE TO complete the game in one sitting, without going to the main menu.