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Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline: 23 (1 :plat 7 :gold 7 :silver 8 :bronze )
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 8 - 11 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: N/A
  • Does Difficulty levels stack: N/A
  • Missable trophies:
  • Chapter 1 - The Hard Way :gold
  • Chapter 2 - Man of Shadows :bronze With a little help :bronze
  • Chapter 3 - Grinding it Out :gold
  • Chapter 4 - None
  • Chapter 5 - Sneaky Sneaky :silver
  • Extra Items for the Game: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats: None


If you get stuck anywhere in the first four chapters, check out this guide.




Chapter 1 - Ogden's Story


While playing through this chapter, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM WEAPON OR ARMOR SHOPS. There is a trophy for not buying anything from these shops. You can equip weapons/armor you find, also you can buy items from the shop to assist you. You can also recruit monsters as well so this trophy is not as hard as it seems.

Make sure to read every book case you come across in the 5 towns for another trophy as well

This chapter should take you 3-4 hours to finish

You can earn the following trophies in this chapter


High-tech Weaponry :bronze
Good Habits :bronze
Thirsty Much? :silver
Gotta Catch a Few :bronze
Well Educated :silver
Odgen's Story :gold
The Hard Way :gold


Chapter 2 - Ander's Story


In the beginning, make sure to buy some herbs because Anders is very weak. If you can make it to the end of the first dungeon, there is a great spot to level up. A hole in the wall at the end leads to a fire which heals you fully and you can save. This is a great spot to initially level up

Once you leave the first dungeon, make sure to immediately go earn the Man of Shadows trophy. You need to do this right away, and if you talk to the Queen first, you will lose Chest.

This chapter should only take about 1-2 hours to finish

You can earn the following trophies in this chapter

Man of Shadows :bronze
With a little help :bronze
Ander's Story :gold

Chapter 3 - Jerald's Story


The goal of this chapter is to raise 20,000 gold which is exactly what you will get when you finish all 3 quests from the Thieves Guild. The catch is, you cannot finish them all for a trophy. You need to skip the Emerald in the Northwest if you want to do everything in one playthrough

Once you get Ramona, I highly suggest going east of town into the dungeon and capturing a Wolf.

Everything else you will get as you play the chapter (assuming you still do the bandit cave)

Once you get the 20,000 gold, make a seperate save point. After you get the trophy for Grinding it Out :gold , you will want to return back to the save and get the other treasure to have more than 25,000 gold. If you deposit that in the bank you get another trophy

This chapter should only take 2-3 hours

You can earn the following trophies
Fund Raising :bronze
Treasure Hunter :silver
Romancing the Orb :silver
Practically Rich :silver
Jerald's Story :gold
Grinding it out :gold


Chapter 4 - Intermission M


This chapter is very simple since it is only one dungeon and one boss to beat. Make sure to recruit some good monsters like Enderman, Pigman, Blaze or Ghast to make the boss fight a joke.

This chapter should take about 1 hour to finish


You can earn the following trophies
Making a better future :bronze
Ooh, So Crafty :silver
Intermission M :gold


Chapter 5 - Intermission R


This is a brand new part of the game. This is the quickest chapter of the game, but it also has the most difficult trophy.


The only trophy that is missable is Sneaky Sneaky. You have to finish the chapter unseen which can be hard to do, I have upload videos to guide you.


This chapter can be finished under an hour


You can earn the following trophies
With All Due Respect :bronze
Sneaky Sneaky :silver
Intermission R :gold
The Fantastical Dragon! :plat


Chapter 1 - Ogden's Story
High-tech Weaponry :bronze
Receive the Woodsman's Finest Pokin' Stick
This is a storyline trophy and you will receive this automatically.  This will be your first trophy in the game and you will receive this when you get your first weapon after going through the portal
Good Habits :bronze
Make a Deposit into the Muteki International Bank
When you reach the town of Wester, there is a building in the northwest that has 3 vendors. The right vendor allows you to deposit money.  If you have 1000G on you, you can make a deposit in the bank and pop the trophy.
Since you cannot buy weapons or armor on this playthrough, this should be very easy to do
Thirsty Much? :silver
Retrieve the Pirate's "Soda"
This is a storyline trophy and you will receive this automatically.  Once you speak to the pirate captain, he will want you to retrieve his hidden treasure.  Take the boat back to Wester, and exit the town.
Once you leave the town, go east where you see a small mountain range.  Inside the range, there is one dark mountain. Go directly south of it to find the buried treasure.


Gotta Catch a Few :bronze
Have Woodsy Capture 4 Unique Monster Types
If you catch 3 monsters with the Capture Net or Deluxe Capture net, you will get the trophy.  I captured the Wolfman, The Cheap Thief and Lt. Dicey
To capture an enemy, you need to reduce their health.  When you do it enough, you will see the enemies name (beat up). Make sure to save before you capture just in case you fail.
Well Educated :silver
Read 30 Different Books in Ogden's Story.
There are 5 towns in Ogden's Story and you will find the 30 you need inside these 5 towns.  If you did not get the trophy, you can use a Wyvern Powder to travel to any town you have been too.
There are no bookcases outside of these towns.
Ogden's Story :gold
Complete Chapter 1: Dragon Fantasy
This is a storyline trophy and you will receive this automatically. You will receive this on the completion of Chapter 1
The Hard Way :gold
Complete Ogden's Story Without Buying Any Weapons or Armor


You receive this trophy by not buying any weapons or armor from the store.  As long as you level properly and recruit monsters here and there you will have no issues.  Also, make sure to search towns and dungeons for items ( You can also buy items from the store).
You can recruit monsters in Chapter 1 and I highly recommend you to do this, the first three monsters I recruited were Wolfman, The Cheap Thief and Lt. Dicey.  When you recruit them early on, they will help your party out significantly.  In Wester, you can add and drop monsters
Once you reach Crescent Cove, I replaced The Cheap Thief for The Really Gross Tentacle and Wolfman for The Skeleton Captain ( in the dungeon to the north).  The Skeleton Captain does have healing abilities and good attack strength.


Before you leave Crescent Cove to go east to the final dungeon, make sure to go to the Item Shop and buy many Turboherbs and Potato Juice


In the final dungeon, I replaced Lt. Dicey with Sgt. Killface.  You can also replace the Gross Tentacle with the upgraded Seriously Icky Tentacle if you wish

Chapter 2 - Ander's Story
Man of Shadows :bronze
See How the Cave Troll Acquires the Rusty Helmet
Once you exit the first dungeon and kill the rat boss, do not advance in the story.  Leave the town and head to the town in the east Lakehaven.  You will be going to the ruins to the north and going to the spot where you fought the boss in Ogden's Story.
Once you reach the spot where you killed the troll, you will watch a scene and earn the trophy
With a little help... :bronze
As Anders, Recruit Punchy, Casty, and Serps at the Same Time
Once you speak to the Queen, you can leave the castle and recruit Punchy and Casty by visiting the vendor that allows you to drop/add characters.  Once they are in the party, you will make the way to Lakehaven
Once you are near Lakehaven, go southwest and go through the cave.  The enemies here are very easy so just make your way through the cave to the other side.  Once you exit the cave, enter the town to your East (this was the starting point of Chapter 1)
Go into the Inn and recruit Serps for your last character and the trophy
Ander's Story :gold
Complete Chapter 2: The Heir Unapparent
This is a storyline trophy and you will receive this automatically.  This is the shortest and easiest chapter to complete. There is nothing difficult about this and in the final dungeon ( Ice Caverns) there are multiple save points which also restore your health.
Although you do receive capture nets in this chapter, i did not use any since you have a full party of human characters.

Chapter 3 - Jerald's Story
NOTE: Do not get the emerald treasure. This is in the Oasis, northwest from the town. You can clear the dungeon, just don't get the prize. You need to enter the other two areas for trophies

Fund Raising :bronze
Have Jerald Pick-pocket 25 People
Once you get control of Jerald, you can pick-pocket people by sneaking behind them and pressing :cross .  You can only pick-pocket people once, but if you enter a building and exit, you can steal from the same NPC again.
Since you can steal from the same person, you can get this trophy in this first town you arrive in

Treasure Hunter :silver
Find the Bandit Treasure Room in the Bandit Cave
The Bandit Cave is directly west from the town. If you make your way through the cave, you will get this trophy automatically.
Make your way through the cave until you reach this point.


Take the west path and climb down the ladder for the trophy





Romancing the Orb :silver

Find the Orb Atop The Mountain



This orb is in the dungeon to the northeast of town.  Once you climb to the top of the mountain, you will get the orb and the trophy.  Make sure to bring plenty of herbs because the monsters pack a punch in this area.





Grinding it Out :gold

Complete Jerald's Story Without Completing All the Thieve's Guild Missions


To get this trophy, you have to not complete all the guild missions.  There are three in total, so you can skip one and still get the trophy.  You need to skip the Oasis treasure (emerald) because its the only one that is not related to a trophy.  It also gives you $5,000 gold which you do not need if you do not spend a crazy amount of money.


The treasure in Bandit Cave gives you $5,000 (plus the side treasures can be sold to the guy outside the Inn for $1,800)

The orb treasure in the Northeast gives you $10,000


If you collect all the treasure in the Bandit Cave and Northeast area, you will have no issues raising $20,000.  I was upgrading equipment for Jerald and Ramona and I had $23,000 at the end.  I upgraded any equipment for either character that cost $500 or less.


BEFORE YOU GET THE TROPHY, Make a separate save point so you can come back and get another trophy.


Once you raise $20,000 gold, you can go to the castle and enter the room to the right to get the trophy





Jerald's Story :gold

Complete Chapter 3: Operation Desert Plunder


This is a storyline trophy and you will receive this automatically. You will receive this on the completion of Chapter 3. 



I highly recommend having at least 20 herbs on you at all times because its your only way to heal.  You will find 2 capture nets from the start and searching in the main town.  If you go to the east of town, you can find nice enemies to capture like the rock and the wolf.



There is nothing too hard in this chapter so you should not have any issues completing.  Once you have over $20,000 in gold, you can go to the castle to start the end of the chapter





Practically Rich :silver

Deposit 25,000 Gold into the Bank



Load the save back up for Chapter 3 and you should have the $20,000 gold and missing one treasure to the west.  Go and get that treasure and bring it the guild, you should now have over $25,000 gold


Directly to the west of where you turned in the treasure, is a banker.  Deposit the $25,000 gold with him for the trophy

Chapter 4 - Intermission M
Making a Better Future :bronze
Craft an Item in Intermission M


See Ooh, So Crafty :silver




Ooh, So Crafty :silver

Craft 20 Items in Intermission M


In one of the buildings, you will find someone that is selling Stones and Wooden Sticks, buy 40 wooden sticks and 60 stones


To the right of this shop, you will find a crafting location. Make 20 axes for two trophies




Intermission M :gold

Complete Intermission M: A Minecraft Story


This story is pretty straightforward, just complete the cave and you will get this trophy.  The first enemy I decided to capture was an Enderman since it has high attack and high HP. The next enemy I captured was the Zombie Pigman.


As you go through the cave, you will find colored spots in the wall.  You can mine these materials with the axe to craft items.  This will help you craft better equipment back at town


Once you near the end, you can swap out the Enderman with a Magma Cube or Blaze to really beef up your party.  Your monsters can equip the Diamond, Iron and gold equipment so make sure to give them nice swords


With this party, you should have no problems beating the dragon boss.

Chapter 5 - Intermission R

Chapter 5 is completely new to the Dragon Fantasy series

With All Due Respect :bronze
Pay your respects to MAC

Once you exit the boat, talk to MAC just to the right. Once you finish talking to him, you get the trophy

Sneaky Sneaky :silver
Complete Intermission R without being seen more than necessary.

You get this trophy for remaining unseen for the boat ride and the warehouse. Here is a video guide to help you with getting through the boat

Once you finish this section, you just need to go around and do some quick story items in the town to gain access to the warehouse. Once you are ready to enter the warehosue, SAVE AND QUIT. Back up your save on Cloud or USB so if you fail you can quickly restart. This section is not easy as the timing is very specific

Once you exit the warehouse, the trophy will unlock

Intermission R :gold
Complete Intermission R: Ramona's Sneaky Summer

You will receive this trophy once you finish the boat ride and then collect the gear and stone from the warehouse. If you do this right, you will only have a few battles so this is a very easy chapter.

The Fantastical Dragon! :plat
Unlock All Trophies

Congrats :)

okay pictures and videos have been uploaded, enjoy the guide everyone :)