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Desert Racing GST! ROOOOAD MAP!

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline: 27 (1 :plat 6 :gold 10 :silver 10 :bronze)
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: I do not think you wanna know that on this stage, but if you do
  • Does difficulty affect Trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty levels stack: N/A
  • Missable trophies: None if you follow the guide ("Guide", heh ;) ).
  • Extra items for the Game: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats: None


TBH I have no clue how to start this... Let's call it "guide": first shall be my thoughts about the game or shall I go straight to the "roadmap"?

First fair warning: you do not want, believe me, you really do not want to start this game, to see it, hear it, play it, know it! You have been warned, you will thank me for that later...

...After you will finish it :P

Ok, so you have started it: BUM! Intro! Bum!.... Options?... Where are they?... English language?... Missing...

Hm.... Soo we we have 5 exciting tracks to choose from - great, so everything is available from beginning! The left-most side is the "easiest" while the right-most side is the "hardest" one. Choose one of them, whichever.

Let's get you some fancy wheels. 10 cars! 10 cars with absolutely no difference between them (except that one looks more handicapped than the other). Statistics - all the same. No! Wait! One is 40 mph faster than the others! Go for it!

Right option to start the game, quick loading and here we are! Red, yellow, green, go! :r2 to the max and you are almost ahead of the pack! :r1 and NITRO and they are waaaay behind you. Now depending on the chosen track finish 2 or 3 (game is now v. 1.01 - all tracks have) 3 laps and get 200 points for 1st place. Surprise! Despite the chosen track you will always get 200 if you win. No clue for 2nd or 3rd - never reach those positions, however I assume that it will be less ;). (7th gives you zero points).

So you won your first race! Congratulations! The 200 points shown will increase after each 1st place showing you total gathered amount.

Wanna check the other 4 tracks? Go ahead if you want, since after (or even already) you will have to stuck with one... Almost... Forever...

So checked all five? Gratz! You have 1000 points now (assuming that you won all 5) and you wanna get another 1000 to get your first trophy for collecting 2000 points. Which means that you need to win 5 times more. First track can be done in ~1:40 and it is the most brainless one. Done? Gratz on your first trophy! You know the remaining ones already? Yeah! You will get another one for collecting another 1000, then another, then another...

Quotes of famous people:

"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... ... Crazy."
~Paulo Co... No, no, no!
~Vaas ("Far Cry 3")

So your main and actually only goal is to reach 27000 points, divided by 200 points per 1st place = you have to play this game from start to finish (and win!) at least 135 times (you already did 10, YAY!). One Hundred Thirty Five times.

No, I think you didn't catch it yet: it means that you will have to repeat this nightmare 100 and 30 and then 5 more times in total...
Protip from @Walter-kun! Thanks for that! 

After winning the race simply choose left option to play it again. (Again and again and again)... I played the first one (sequence changed as per v. 1.01) eight-shaped one , since it doesn't require so much attention and in the meanwhile I was watching some tv shows.
Too keep me sane...

A bit of serious writing:
That's clearly, for sure, 100% THE WORST game EVER made for PS4. "Orc Slayer"? Such a beauty! "Eekemo"? Such an adventure! O! "Little adventure on the Prairie"? MASTERSHIP!
Holy crap, I forgot about "Black Tiger"... Ok, let's say that above paragraph is about games with platinum ;).
("BT" is still better than this... thing...).
Similar games looked better on PSX!

Sound: there is... So engine humming and super-duper bit during first... 15 seconds of the game? Turn of the speakers, please!
Graphics: 5 textures, cars drawn by 6-yo with shadow "sticked" to them and wheels not even attached. All have same behavior, same speed, same glitches.


First track - go right, right, right, drive under a bridge then, right and left and jump over the bridge! Ow... You hit the textureless wall and reset? Welcome to Desert Racing World! It will almost always happen, since the track is simply broken. Too bad if you will be too fast or too slow, you will either hit the sky and reset UNDER the bridge or you will land directly UNDER the bridge. If it will happen during 1st lap - simply restart the game. During 2nd... You do not want to waste time, right? But you are confused since you do not know if you are going now into the right direction. Do not look at the progress bar: sometimes when you are going into opposite direction it is still moving towards finish line.
Since I have actually played other tracks only once will not write anything more about them, except that completion time is "almost" similar, but you have to do more "actual driving".

- Sometimes opponents magically appears in front of you and from 1/7 you are at 7/7, they are falling from the sky, jumping out of the walls, drawing backwards. Pandemonium and chaos.

- Every now and then your car becomes untouchable so you can just run through the opponents.

- Camel is not an obstacle :P.

- You touched the wall? Reset. Or not! Now you can drive to the top of the mountain, why not?

This game is senseless, ugly, no FUN obviously, no proper physics, missing graphics, almost no sound...
It is the most expensive piece of @#$% EVER!
(Despite the rather easy, but boring, boring, super-turbo-boring grind to plat).

I tried to find some shortcuts or glitches which would allow me to reach the finish line quicker, but I gave up after couple of tries when my car was usually stuck between wall and bridge.

So after 3-4h of painful agony... I mean "some driving with random events" and getting 27k points you will get your platinum.


I hope you are still with us?...
P.S. If somebody will find a better method for this terrible grind, of course please share with us to reduce the amount of pain...
P.S.2. Edited - huge help from and thanks to @Walter-kun!

Ready to rumble :P
Aug 29 2018 02:10 AM
10/10 would read guide again.

This went from a 3-4 minute 100% to a 3-4 hour plat? 😩

They didn't even use a new color for the Plat haha. 

Wow and a header even already!

Thanks :D.


10/10 would read guide again.

This went from a 3-4 minute 100% to a 3-4 hour plat?


Thanks Mindy! :).


Hah, yep it seems.


When I saw the trophy list for the very first time I assumed that the only thing you will need to do will be sth like a drift for 27k, so you could get the plat in seconds.


Oh, how wrong I was :(




Aug 29 2018 08:25 AM

well, at least it is a straight forward platinum grind. fantastic guide which can compete with the korean corpse party guide

Found a neat little trick that shave the times on the races down from about 2 minutes to just over 1 minute, shaving the time to plat in about half.

On the first track, you can just turn right into the bridge when you're supposed to pass over it. This will soon warp your progress marker to towards the end of the lap, at which point you can press :triangle to reset your car so that it will just pass under the bridge, effectively skipping half of the track.

I have made a video as reference for this trick.

EDIT: There is a chance that the progress counter will not move, but if this is the case, just reset your car as normal, but turn to the left immediately after. The progress bar should jump properly before you even complete the turn and you can reset again and continue as normal. Even if this happens in both laps, you'll only lose about a second or two per lap. Along with tapping the Nitro button the whole time, you can do the track in about 1:05, which makes things that much better.

EDIT2: Found out a couple more things. You can actually just do one reset since the progress bar jump upon making the left happens so quickly that it's piss-easy to just re-center yourself without having to do a second reset. Also, you don't have to actually go into the bridge to trigger the spawn area. Just being towards the right of the bridge while close to it is enough to spawn it. Overall, this makes sub-1 minute times incredibly easy to do, and I managed a 55.28 as shown in this video (most runs were around 56-58 seconds).

One of the best guides on the site just got a huge upgrade :)
Was this game updated? All 5 races are now 3 laps, not 2, and is not at that track

Was this game updated? All 5 races are now 3 laps, not 2, and is not at that track

Yep, it is version 1.01 now, just got an info from Barrie that all tracks are 3 laps now, but anyway Walter's method from second vid still works (thanks to Barrie).

Race 5 (Curves Race) is the quickest one to finish now that they are all 3 laps - can be done consistently under 1:15 if you have a clean race. Quickest that I managed to do it was 1:11.

Sep 29 2018 03:39 PM

Lovely guide smash. Had a blast re-re-reading it :D. Thanks Walt, for the awesome glitch find. 

Lovely guide smash. Had a blast re-re-reading it :D.

Dziekuje Barrie! I really appreciate that! Tried to do my best despite my ENG language issues :P.


Still HUGE THX to @Walt for finding shortcut!