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Demon's Tier+ Trophy Guide

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline: 19 (1 :plat 9 :gold 6 :silver 3 :bronze )
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 5 - 10 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: N/A
  • Does Difficulty levels stack: N/A
  • Missable trophies: None, you can replay each Tier
  • Extra Items for the Game: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats: None

Right Analog - Fire Weapon
:triangle - Item Wheel
:square - Special Ability
:circle - Dodge
Options - Map / Stats


Game Basics


This game is an overhead 2D Dungeon Crawler that has 15 levels. The levels randomly generate but you can hit the options button to see the map (it even shows what you have seen)


Basically to get the platinum you need to Clear Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. You should get the rest of the trophies along the way, but if you do not, check the trophy descriptions.


There are two forms of currency in the game, D-Points and Gold. D-Points are what you need to unlock better characters, items and weapons. Gold is your currency while you go through the Dungeon. Gold is used to update your stats, and you can update them each floor you advance. Use all the gold you can because when you leave the dungeon your stats reset and you have 0 gold.


You have 5 minutes to clear each level that is not a boss fight, if you do not finish in time, a phantom comes to attack you. If it touches you, you will instantly die so finish the level as fast as you can.


There is a learning curve to this game, so if you die in the beginning a few times its okay. You start off with the Knight, but as you play through the game you can unlock more characters with D-Points. The only way you keep your D-Points is by either completing all 15 levels or escaping with a Magic Rope


Game Tips


* - The Item shop does not unlock until you die or complete the game, so if you die early its okay.
* - The Item Shop sells Magic Ropes (escape dungeon instantly), Potions ( fully heal health) and Silver Keys ( unlock prisoners)
* - You can dodge with :circle, you won't use it much but when you do its important especially for boss fights
* - If you feel like you will die, with no potions, use a magic rope to escape and save your D-Points.
* - If you plan on finishing a playthrough, buy at least 3 silver keys so you can unlock each prisoner
* - You start off with 10 Magic Ropes, that should be enough for :plat
* - On the levels I noted have floor traps, pay attention to the floors. They are easy to miss when you go fast and will destroy your life pretty quickly.
* - Try to carry 3 potions with you at all times
* - Try to unlock all the big chests you see on a level, they drop runes which increase your stats in that run
* - You start off as the Knight, but try to unlock the Archer when you can, I found him amazing for Tier 1
* - Once you beat Tier 1, you unlock Valkyrie, use her for Tier 2 ( she can heal with her ability)
* - Once you beat Tier 2, you unlock Warrior, its your choice what you think is better. Warrior is brute strength and Valkyrie is a healer


Character Upgrade Stats


All Stats can go to level 10 (will be less if you have bonuses from runes)


HP - Increases your HP by 4
Defense - Increase your DEF by 1
Attack Distance - Increase your attack distance by 3
Power - Add +2 Damage
Speed - Add +1 Speed
Speed Stamina - Add Stamina
Improve Combo - Add +1 D Token Combo


The Stats you should try and max out to level 10 are HP and Power. These are very important especially if you have Potions. Depending on your character, you might want to drop a few points in Attack Distance if you feel you need it ( Valkyrie and Warrior don't need this)


Once you max the two above stats, I would focus on whatever you can do for Defense


Speed - If you feel your character is too slow, you can drop a few points. If you follow the guide with Warrior, Valkyrie and Archer, speed should not be an issue


Speed Stamina - I ignored this, i found this was not necessary


Improve Combo - So this is interesting early on. This helps you build more D-Points which helps unlock items. When you get half way through the game , you should have all the points you need making this useless


Level Layout
Level 1 - Normal Level
Level 2 - Normal Level (Prisoner)
Level 3 - Boss Fight
Level 4 - Normal Level with Floor Traps
Level 5 - Normal Level with Floor Traps (Prisoner)
Level 6 - Boss Fight
Level 7 - Normal Level with Floor Traps
Level 8 - Boss Fight
Level 9 - Normal Level (Prisoner)
Level 10 - Normal Level with Floor Traps
Level 11 - Boss Fight
Level 12 - Normal Level
Level 13 - Boss Fight
Level 14 - Boss Fight
Level 15 - Boss Fight


The Hero's Tomb :bronze
Die for the first time
At any point, when you die in the dungeon, you will earn this trophy.  In your first playthrough, the item/weapon shops are not unlocked so this would be incredibly hard to do on your first try.
This should be your first trophy
I need more HP :silver
Buy your first potion
Once you unlock the item shop, you can buy a potion from the shop for 3000 D-Points.  You can carry a max of 3 potions (which you should have at all times) so this trophy is easy to get.
Save a prisoner :silver
Save one villager from the clutches of monsters

See Save all prisoners :silver
One less spider :gold
Defeat the spider queen
The Spider Queen is the boss you face on level 6.  The boss is incredibly easy and you should have no issues avoiding any attacks or enemies coming at you. 
There is only one unavoidable attack the boss has, and you can dodge it with the :circle button



First new weapon :silver
Craft a new weapon
During the game, when you defeat a boss, it has a chance to drop a weapon blueprint.  Once you complete that game, die or escape with a magic rope, you can buy that blueprint with D-points in the weapon shop. 

Earthworm :gold
Defeat the cave monster
When you reach to level 3, you have a chance to fight this boss.  The boss can either be Earthworm or the Fly Queen.  At some point, you will fight this monster and it is very easy to beat.  Just dodge the attacks that come at you for an easy victory.

Chest master :bronze
Open at least 100 chests
You will easily get this trophy on your way to the platinum.  You should unlock this trophy on your way to finishing either Tier 1 or Tier 2.  Chests are your best way at earning gold, so you should be opening every one you see.
A creature from inferno :gold
Defeat the ancestral dragon
This is the boss battle at level 8.  This is the first boss that was slight difficulty, but you should not have a problem.  The first part of the battle starts off easy, you just need to avoid balls of light coming at you.
After the boss loses a good amount of health, they start firing all kinds of balls of light at you.  You will likely get hit so make sure to save your :circle dodge when you feel you are in trouble.  Keep an eye on your health and use a potion if you get in trouble.

Save all prisoners :silver
Save three villagers in a single playthrough
To save a prisoner you need a silver key which can only be bought at the item shop ( make sure you have 3).  There are only 3 prisoners in the 15 levels so you must save them all.  The prisoners are always on Level 2, Level 5, and Level 9. The prisoners will also attack with you, so you should be getting them anyway to do more damage.
Not only do prisoners do damage, but they also give you D-Points after each level.  You should be unlocking every prisoner you see in the game even after you get the trophy.
A detestable abomination :gold
Defeat the demonic spawn
This is the boss for level 11. The boss fight is a longer than the rest you faced, but it is still easy.  The boss itself doesn't really attack, but it spawns an annoying enemy that cannot be killed.  As long as you are far away from it, the attacks are easy to dodge.


Not what it seems :gold
Defeat the illusion of Thosgar
This is the boss for level 13. For this boss, the strategy is very simple.  You can attack both his left hand and right hand, focus on one, then once it dies go to the other.  If you are fast enough, once you kill one hand the other hand will spawn.


About half way through the battle, you will not be able to damage the boss anymore.  The only way you can damage it, is by reflecting the balls of light with :circle dodge
I will show the video on how to beat all 3 final bosses in the Final Battle :gold below

Final battle :gold
Destroy king Thosgar's dreams
This is the final boss for level 15.  This boss is very difficult to avoid attacks so I hope you brought a potion along with you.  Do not waste your :circle dodge attacks because you will need to save them to reflect the big light balls back to the boss.
Once the boss has lost about 60-70% of their HP, their hands will disappear and the last part of the fight will begin.  Its more of trying to dodge bullet hell so save a potion just in case.  The boss should go down pretty fast at this point so just try and keep up the damage.


Tier 1 :gold
Finish Tier 1
Once you complete Tier 1, this trophy will pop after the credits. You will also unlock the Valkyrie who is amazing and might be your go to character the rest of the game.

Full party :silver
Get all six base characters from the tavern
There are six base characters in the tavern, one of which is the Knight who you automatically start off with.  With your D-Points, you can use them to unlock the remaining 5 characters in the tavern.
When you unlock all 5, the trophy will pop. I had more than enough D-Points around my Tier 2 Finish to unlock them all

Darn flies :bronze
Defeat the fly queen at least 5 times
This might be the only trophy you don't have after you finish Tier 3.  This boss is one of 2 bosses that can appear on level 3.  You will need to defeat it 5 times to get the trophy.
The boss itself is very easy to defeat.  As long as you keep circling around the boss you will easily defeat it.
If you do not have this trophy after getting the rest, you can easily farm it by getting to level 3 and then either dying on Level 4 or escaping with a magic rope.  Repeat this until you get the trophy
Tier 2 :gold
Finish Tier 2
Once you complete Tier 2, this trophy will pop after the credits. You will also unlock the Warrior who is just as good as the Valkyrie.  Its your choice if you like brute strength or finesse.
Meta-key :silver
Get the meta-key from the shop
When you finish Tier 2, you will unlock the Meta-key from the item shop.  This costs 40,000 D-Points and lets you unlock any big chest without a key for the rest of the game.
By the time you unlock this, D-Points should not be an issue. I think I earned 100,000 D-Points on my Tier 2 run.
Tier 3 :gold
Finish Tier 3
Once you complete Tier 3, this trophy will pop after the credits.
Avoid all the runes in the big chests, they all have negative stats.
Also, buy 3 master keys from the shop.  They let you leave through the exit without doing the objective, so if you are struggling on a map, skip it and move on.  Once you are happy with the stats you have, I find it better to conserve potions and skip levels
At the start of every level, you get a protection circle around you from all damage for 10 seconds, take advantage of this :)


So on my first run I did the Warrior and his brute force is amazing, he wrecks stuff but I died on the final boss ( I did have 1 potion so I should have cleared).


On my second run, I did the Valkyrie and her bump in stats give her amazing Speed and Attack Distance so there is no need to touch these.  You can focus on HP, Power, Defense and Stamina.  I should have never discounted her healing ability.


Once you get Stamina to about rank 4 or 5, your healing charges very fast


Platinum Demon’s Tier+ :plat
Unlock all trophies in Demon’s Tier+
Congrats on your platinum :)

The guide is pretty much finished, I just need to add some videos and it will be complete

I underestimated ranking up Stamina.  Stamina effects your recharge rate of your ability.  So for the Valkyrie, you can spam your healing more the higher you rank it up