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Deliriant 100% Walkthrough/Speedrun

At the white screen at the start turn to the right and enter the door ahead.

When you enter turn right facing the sitting room/area. At the back of this on the left is a cabinet with some alcohol bottles on it, pick one up.

Continue on to the right past the dining area into the kitchen. In the corner is a shelf, on the bottom are 2 cook books. Pick up both and to the right of that is a can of soup. Again pick this up.

Go to the right out of the kitchen and up the stairs. As you get to the top go into the first door on your right (a children's room).

Exit and go into next room (a bathroom), pick up make up by sink.

Exit and go into next room (an office) and walk behind the desk. Pick up the beer can (not sure if needed).

Exit to the final room (a bedroom with an on suite).Straight ahead on a cabinet is a set of rings, pick these up. Turn right and beside the bed on the floor is some handcuffs pick these up. Turn around to the right and go through. By the sink pick up 1 or more of the make up products there.

Exit this final room and go back down the stairs. Straight ahead of you on the wall is a big black hole. Go through this and follow the path down to the bottom and enter the door ahead of you.

Congratulations, 100%! :thumbsup


LOL Speed run indeed :)

whoa, that was fast, thank you very much! :)

Damn, 100% in 5 mins... Thanks for this awesome walkthrough :D.

I was expecting trophy after:
"Exit and go into next room (a bathroom), pick up make up by sink."
And I lost some time there ;).
So no trophy will pop up after picking and putting back the red bottle - just proceed further.

Thanks again!

Yeah I didn't put when trophies were going to pop because you tend to look.wait for them. Instead just follow it word for word not worrying about what trophies are popping because by the end you will have them all.

Congrats on your first guide dave :)

thx for the guide.


i had to pick both items in the 2nd bathroom, to get the "his and hers trophy".

May 25 2017 06:34 AM

Thanks for the guide.

Right stick for turning right/left.

Left stick for moving forward.

X button to select stuffs.

The above is all that is needed, just need to note sometimes need to change position a tiny bit in order to open doors.

May 25 2017 01:23 PM
Took me 5 minutes and 53 seconds on my main account and 3 minutes and 7 seconds on my U.K. Account which is spykeralbersfauk

Thanks for the guide. Worked a treat :)

thanks for the guide lol

May 26 2017 05:03 PM

Great guide Dave, thanks!

perfect guide :thumbsup

Just wanted to say thanks for the guide. Quick and easy.


I prefer text walkthroughs over Video when available, so this was aces! :thumbsup