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Dead Secret Trophy Guide

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Estimated Time to 100%: < 1 hour



  • The game can be played in VR or regularly. I recommend VR...cuz its creepy and fun.
  • The walkthrough is HIGHLY expedited. I will skip over all notes and extras. I will be giving you the answers to all of the puzzles. If you want to do those yourself I suggest not using the guide. The game itself is easy to figure out.
  • With this walkthrough you can get all endings in less than an hour.
  • There are two stacks: NA and EU.
  • 54 minutes: https://psnprofiles....ret/tuffimports


Entryway/Crime Scene:

  • Start the game.  Press :cross to walk up to the table and then immediately turn around and attempt to leave.  The game will tell you that you can't leave yet but keep trying.   After the fourth dialogue box or so it will allow you to leave and you'll unlock Ending C :gold
  • Continue game from Main menu.
  • Walk up to table and open the left most drawer.  Pick up the key from the drawer you opened.
  • Head to the left towards the crime scene and open the door with the small key.
  • To the right of the TV in the room a white door will open. Walk over and open the door to the right of the one opened and click on the book.
  • Obtain camera lens.
  • Walk to the desk.  Open the top right drawer to find another lens.
  • Open the top left drawer to find a piece of paper.
  • Open the bottom left drawer to find a pair of scissors.
  • Exit this room and go back to the parcel in the front entryway.  Access your inventory with :square.  Open the parcel with the scissors. Obtain the old book.
  • Head back into the door you opened with the small key.
  • Place the old book in the open spot of the top shelf on the bookshelf left of the globe.  Keep pressing :cross until the book is flush with the others and you obtain a wooden wedge.
  • Click on the globe until you see a flashing hexagon shape.  Click the shape and the globe will open.  Obtain the puzzle box.
  • Game will automatically throw it onto the desk. Choose the wooden wedge from your inventory and add it to the box.  
  • To open the box click the bottom symbol, then the top and finally the left.   (South, North, West)
  • Obtain the mask.
  • With the mask on turn around and face the sofa.  Look at the painting until it gives you a sheet of paper and new objectives.  
  • Leave back towards the entrance.  You'll be asked to review your notes so far.  Make the following choices:  Bobby Sawyer, His Secret Research, Woodcutter
  • Take the door to the left leading upstairs.
  • At the top of the stairs go right.                          

Right Upstairs Room:


  • Turn immediately to the right once entering the room and to the left of the pile of wood is a circular dial.   Pick it up.  
  • Turn around. Leave room and head across hall to room on the left.


Left Upstairs Room:

  • Walk over to chest.  
  • Press :square to open inventory and use circular dial with chest.  Click on chest to start puzzle. Solution:

Outer ring:  3 times

2nd from outer: 3 times

3rd from outer:  1 time


  • Click chest.  Pick up small wooden knob.  Exit the room.  
  • When you exit the room Woodcutter will be coming up the stairs.  Get caught to unlock :gold Ending D

Outside/Snowy Area:

  • ​Continue Game.  Exit the room the chest was in and immediately enter the room across the hall.  Escape out window.  
  • Go forward.
  • Keep going in the direction of a rectangular light.  That's the window to the door you need to enter. 
  • Continue forward until you enter that door and then a green hallway.  Just keep moving forward until you're back outside of the house.
  • Enter the house through the window to the right.  It's behind you.

Inside House:


  • Click on contraption in middle of room. Pick up paper underneath contraption. 
  • Walk towards piles of wood in room in the distance.
  • Look at fireplace.  Pick up fireplace poker.
  • There are three floorboards that are clickable along the wall directly behind you.  Open inventory to use fireplace poker with floorboards.  Click the box to pull it out and then click it again to get to the lock view.  The combination is:  star, circle, square.  Open the box and take the key, the paper and the safe combination.
  • Exit through double doors in room with contraption.



  • Walk towards the back of the room, pantry area.
  • At pantry shelves take Bottle with Letter D on it off the left lower shelf.
  • Use the old key to unlock the door on your left.


  • Open the cabinet and on the right pick up the bottle with the letter A.
  • Pick up flashlight from the sink.
  • Exit through the door and you'll be back at the crime scene.  Proceed through to entryway and open your inventory to add the small knob to the middle drawer of the entryway table.  Get bottle with letter E on it.  Head upstairs to room on the right.

Upstairs Rooms:

  • Head over to safe and put in combination:  L20, R50, L10.  The safe mechanics are weird.  With the analog look at it and make sure the arrow is moving to the left and the with :cross click til you get to 50.  Then move off of it with the analog stick and back on it until the arrow is moving right etc.  
  • Take all of the papers from the safe and open the small drawers on the left inside the safe until you find the last bottle.
  • Now let's across the way to check out the wardrobe.  Exit room and go across the hall into the left upstairs room.
  • Go to wardrobe and open doors.  Click on left side of inner wardrobe and a secret passage will be revealed.  Go inside and go right.  When you get to the end with the bed and candles pick up the battery off the floor.  Head back.  
  • Go downstairs and through crime scene room until you're back in the bathroom.



  • Go over to tub and choose the bottles from your inventory.  Use with leeches to get bottles filled with leeches.  Exit to device room through kitchen.


Device Room:


  • Go over to the scale on the table.  Use bottles with scale. We need to order the bottles from heaviest to lightest.  Order is C, E, A, D. 
  • Now use bottles with device.
  • Get the Lunar Dream Apparatus Calibator.
  • Click the same area you got the above on the device and it will auto place the batteries into your flashlight.  Head back into kitchen and through the door to the right of the stove.  Get inside of their quickly.


  • Go down the stairs and head to the left.  At the end of this hall take another left and then look left at the end and you'll see the light switch on the wall.  Click it.
  • Keep going towards the water heater and take a left.  You'll see a washer and dryer.  To the right on the shelving are chemical cans.  Pick those up.
  • Head left passed the staircase.  On the shelf in the hall here pick up a bottle of lemon juice.  Its under the shelf with all the paint cans. Go left.  You'll see a crank on the wall, click it and then take it.
  • Head towards water heater and on the right wall is a place for the crank.  Use crank with slot.  The game will tell you its rusted shut.  Go to walk away and as you do a can on the shelf will fall.  Pick up the box of matches that fall out.
  • Turn around and head towards chemical station.  Look at the poster.  Turn on bunsen burner and light it with matches.  Now test each unknown chemical can until you uncover one that is Borax.
  • Now add the borax to the bowl and then the lemon juice.   Get solution to remove rust!
  • Head to crank near water heater and use rust remover with crank.  Use crank.
  • As you enter this secret passage a notes review will occur.  Answers are:  Money, He is the Woodcutter, Somebody named James Lowry.  Now move through passage until you're inside the garage.


  • Go up to blue machine.  Get new objective.
  • Turn right and head up stairs.  Take hacksaw blade from cage. Go back downstairs.  
  • Open inventory and use Lunar Apparatus with top right of blue machine.  We need to power it.
  • Walk around the large green canister and pick up hacksaw from the floor.  Obtain working hacksaw.
  • Use working hacksaw with chain on doors below blue machine.  Power on machine.
  • Now look at blue machine.  There are four small levers on lower part of machine.  From left to right they are 1, 2, 3, 4.  Pull #2 first, then #3, then #1 and lastly #4.  Finally pull large red lever.
  • Turn around and move towards back of green tube.  Woodcutter is back.  Hide inside of green tube.
  • You'll be in a hallway now. Go forward and take a right.  Once you do this ..this hallway never ends.  Go forward once more and then turn around and go back through the door.  You'll be in front of a chalkboard with the suspects.  Pick up the weird object on the ground and turn around.

Dark Unknown Room:

  • Walk past the barred door and on top of some barrels will be a crank. Pick it up.  Head right. 
  • In the middle of the room is a table.  Take the empty jug from the table.  From the table turn right a bit and head towards a barrel with a lever.  Turn it and use empty jar with alcohol.  Take the jar and turn around.
  • Head towards other side of room.  You'll see a contraption.  Use jar with contraption and use crank with contraption.
  • Turn right of the generator and use the switch to open the gate.   Exit through gate.  Walk past body and up the stairs.


  • Walk past well and towards door with board against it.  Remove the board and enter the door.  More questions to answer:  Graham Wellington, He is an imposter, James Lowry.


  • Head through bathroom into crime scene room.  
  • Head to the opposite side of room (near globe) and place weird statute next to other weird statue.  Get key.  Now let's head back to the basement.  (through bathroom and take a right in kitchen etc)
  • Once in basement head left to the freezer door.  Enter freezer.
  • Look at handprint on shelf.  Turn around.  We're back in this hallway.  Move forward until you go through the door at the end.
  • Keep moving forward through the dark hallway and down dark stairs, this path is linear.  Eventually you'll get to a wooden door and then your last three ending options will be presented.

End Game:

  • Choose anyone EXCEPT Josie Herrera.  Head through door. Unlock Ending B :gold
  • Continue at Main Menu.
  • Choose Josie Herrera.  Go through door and follow the linear path out of the house.  You'll see her underneath some boards right before the exit.  Do not save her.  Unlock Ending A  :silver
  • Continue at Main Menu.
  • Choose Josie Herrera.  Go through door and follow the linear path out of the house.  You'll see her underneath some boards right before the exit.  Choose to save her.  Unlock Ending S  :gold

This is done and can be moved.  

guide looks great Tuff, thanks for writing I have been waiting for one for ages :)

Guide is perfect thank you

Thanks guys!  I really enjoyed doing this one. 

Thx for the guide, Perfect!

The guide is perfect! Thanks Tuff!

Perfect guide, thank you

Thanks for the guide!


Small remarks :P




  • Click on the globe until you see a flashing hexagon shape.  Click the shape and the globe will open.  Obtain the puzzle box.

You have to actually click on the map on the wall to discover that "X" is marking Japan.

  • Head over to safe and put in combination:  L20, R50, L10.  The safe mechanics are weird.  With the analog look at it and make sure the arrow is moving to the left and the with  :cross click til you get to 50. - shall be 20. Then move off of it with the analog stick and back on it until the arrow is moving right etc.  
  • Head towards water heater and on the right wall behind wooden piece is a place for the crank. 
Jan 21 2019 09:22 PM

Great guide; thank you!

Cleared NA Stack! Thanks Tuff!

Guide is perfect!