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Darkestville Castle ~ Trophy Walkthrough

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The interactions in this game are context-based, like Full Throttle – click on something to bring up arms (usually “grab”), eyes (usually “look”), and a mouth (usually “talk”).


The game says “grab” but by habit, I've written “pick up” throughout the walkthrough.


Lots of back and forth in this one. Sorry.






New game – NORMAL


Press :Up:Wimp :bronze unlocked
Pick up cane (by door)
Exit to Hall


Search drawers – get empty multi bit screwdriver
Walk left until you're standing in front of a door
Look at Domingo (fish) (1/13)
Pick up old coat
Look at and pick up painting (you can't) (1/3)
Exit to Yard


Talk to Dan – exhaust conversation – you will get a key and unlock 147 times :bronze
Exit to Hall


Use key with basement door – either use :l1 / :r1 to cycle through your inventory, or go into the inventory chest (or press :triangle and select the item, then drag it out onto the screen)
Exit to Basement


Walk left
Pick up key and screwdriver bit
Exit to Hallway


Walk down
Pick up bicycle chain
In inventory, combine empty multi bit screwdriver and screwdriver bit
Use screwdriver with bicycle horn – get bicycle horn
Exit to Bedroom


Walk left
Use screwdriver with old clock
Pick up cogs
Use key with Bathroom door, then exit to Bathroom


Pick up nonabrasive soap
Use bicycle chain with bathtub – get lubed chain
Exit to Bedroom, then Hall, then Basement


Use cogs, then lubed chain, with broken trap door mechanism – Repair guy :bronze unlocked
Exit to Hall


Use trap door lever (the lever left of the Yard door)




Exit to Basement


Look at Dan AND Waldo the Skeleton (2/13) (I think it's just Dan that counts, but just in case)
Exit to Hall, then Yard


Pick up trash cans – get iron rod and biology book (1/5)
In inventory, examine biology book and flip through all of the pages – Honorary Biologist :bronze unlocked
Exit down to World Map – Town Center


Town Center
Walk down and right
Look at Some Guy (Martin the Tourist) (3/13)
Talk to Some Guy (Martin the Tourist)
I notice you haven't touched your drink!
I have other matters to attend to!
Walk left
Pick up garbage can outside of tavern (2/5)
Exit to Tavern


Pick up trash can next to door (3/5)
Walk left a bit so you can see all four people
Look at all four people (7/13)
Talk to Big Guy (Walrus) – exhaust all conversation – the dialogue options don't disappear once you've chosen them, so be careful you're not just repeating the same thing over and over
Pick up peanuts from far left table
Exit to Town Center, then World Map – Town Alley


Town Alley
Look at Ruffo (eyes) (8/13)
Use cane, then iron rod, with door above Ruffo's eyes
Pick up medium-sized trash can – you may have to do this twice (4/5)
Walk right
Pick up wooden trash can – get giant chicken leg – Old habits :bronze unlocked
Walk right
Look at horses and Pedro (9/13) (again, just in case; I think it's just Pedro that's needed)
Talk to Pedro
Pedro! How's business going?
Can you give me some of that ink sauce?
Use old coat with Pedro – get clam ink
Exit to World Map – Mayor House


Mayor House
Walk left
Look at Mrs Johnson (10/13)
Use bicycle horn with Mrs Johnson
Pick up mayor's agenda
Look at and pick up left-most painting (man and dragon) (2/3)
Look at and pick up the other painting on the left – Secrets fan :bronze unlocked
Search liquor cabinet – get whiskey
Exit to World Map – Town Square


Town Square
Look at pigeon
Walk left
Look at Jeffrey (11/13) – Sid's personal friends club :silver might unlock early for you here, but don't worry if it doesn't yet; there's still a few more confirmed people that count towards it that we've yet to meet.
Use whiskey with Jeffrey – get glue solvent
Use peanuts with suspicious bench
Pick up feather
In inventory, combine feather and clam ink – get ink and quill
In inventory, combine ink and quill and mayor's agenda – get modified mayor's agenda
Exit to World Map – Castle


Go all the way up to the Bedroom, then Bathroom


Use glue solvent with medicine cabinet
Open medicine cabinet
Pick up toilet paper and sleeping pills
Exit all the way back to World Map – Town Center


Town Center
Walk down and right
Use toilet paper with Martin the Tourist – get cup
Exit to World Map – Castle


Go all the way up to Bedroom, then Bathroom


Use cup with tap – get cup of water
In inventory, combine cup of water and sleeping pill – get cup with solved sleeping pills
Exit to World Map – Town Center, then Tavern


Use cup with solved sleeping pills with Walrus
Pick up Walrus – get key and rabbit's foot – Lullaby for Walrus :bronze unlocked
Exit to World Map – Graveyard


There are seven tombstones you need to look at here – four in a square on the left and three in a line on the right – Death is fun :silver unlocked
Use nonabrasive soap with wooden ramp
Use giant chicken leg with mud puddle
Look at Weird Little Guy (Mongoose) (12/13)
Talk to Weird Little Guy (Mongoose)
How did you recognize me...? Because I'm totally Dan Teapot!
What are you doing in the middle of the night at the cemetery?
Hurry, I just saw the Big Pie Raptor, look at his footprints!
Pick up Mongoose's wallet – get key - Big Pie Raptor :bronze unlocked
Exit to World Map – Mayor House


Mayor House
Walk left
Use modified mayor's agenda with Mrs Johnson
Talk to Mrs Johnson
I have an appointment with the mayor right now!
Look at Foxy (13/13) – Sid's personal friends club :silver should unlock here if it didn't before
Talk to Foxy
How did you reach the obvious conclusion that I'm Dan Teapot?There's Something About Dan :silver unlocked
You look pretty!Pickupartist :bronze unlocked
I have other matters to attend to, talk to you later!
Use rabbit foot and Mongoose's wallet with Foxy
Search Foxy's backpack (it's at the very bottom of the screen, between the trophy and the demon chest) – Hell gate Keymaster :silver unlocked
Use all Romero keys with demon chest
Cutscene – exhaust all dialogue




Use screwdriver with metal plate (top of cage)
Pick up (repair) complicated mechanism
Use hidden lever (on wall)
Pick up cable
In inventory, combine cane and cable
Use cable/hook with hole (hotspot just right of broken mechanism)
Exit via Hole – Freedom! :bronze unlocked


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Look at all three demons on the right (3/11)

Talk to any of them

What is that “good stuff” you are talking about?Gismo! :silver  unlocked

I have to leave now!

Exit to World Map – Graveyard



Look at Giant Vegetable Monster (Mr Rodriguez) (4/11)

Talk to Mr Rodriguez

What are you doing in this cemetery?

Do you have any plans to resist?

What do you think if we take the castle?

What if we start implementing guerrilla tactics to save the oppressed vegetables?

What if we start sending freed vegetables to the North? – make sure this one is the LAST of those three options that you choose, or you'll lock yourself out of a trophy!

So the people of this town seem to be eating a lot of vegetables

Why do you think I'm a turnip-man?

Goodbye! I'll go scout for wounded lettuces to save! – get Timmy the tomato – Nam Flashbacks :bronze  unlocked

Pick up pile of bones – get bone

Exit to Crypt



Walk right

Pick up box – get party horn and fertilizer

Exit to Graveyard, then World Map -Town Alley


Town Alley

Walk right

Look at Pedro (5/11)

Talk to Pedro

Have you already had any new customers?

How does the refer a friend system work?

May I have a hot dog card?

I have other matters to attend to! – get hot dog card

Pick up sugar cubes

Exit to World Map – Castle



Walk left

Use fertilizer with mushroom garden

Pick up mushroom garden – get spores

Walk right

Use hot dog card with any of the demons

Exit to World Map – Town Alley


Town Alley

Walk right to the red mailbox

Pick up piece of bread

Keep going right

Talk to Pedro

I have other matters to attend to! – get sausage

Exit to World Map – Town Center


Town Center

Walk down and right

Look at ugly female fly (6/11)

Talk to ugly female fly (Betsy) – exhaust all conversation

Use spores with Betsy

Talk to Betsy – exhaust all conversation – get worm souffle – Language barrier :silver  unlocked

Pick up Betsy – get fly hair

Walk right until you're in front of the bridge

Talk to the bubbles (“something fishy”) - get piranha scales

Walk left

Look at werewolf (7/11)

Use bone with werewolf

Pick up green lizard tail

Talk to werewolf – exhaust conversation – Know your rights :silver  unlocked

Exit to Tavern



Look at both demons (9/11)

Use sausage with Classy Demon – get dice

Use sugar cubes with table – get sausage and a lot of money – Cheater :bronze  unlocked

Walk left

Use a lot of money with Giovanny – get a few gold coins

Exit to World Map – Mayor House


Mayor House

Look at giant pig (Mr Piglenton) (10/11)

Talk to Mr Piglenton – exhaust conversation; pay attention, because while none of the options disappear once chosen, some new ones replace where the old ones were – Bureaucrat :bronze  unlocked

Walk left and exit to Mayor Office


Mayor Office

Look at Mayor (just in case)

Use green lizard tail with barrel of ink – get purple lizard tail

Pick up llama tongue

In inventory, combine llama tongue and bread – get tongue sandwich

Talk to Mayor

Look, I can demonstrate to you that this town is being invaded by demons!

I have other matters to attend to

Pick up anti gullibility pills

Exit to World Map – Town Square


Town Square

Look at sailor demon (Bob) – Demonologist  :gold  unlocked

Talk to Bob

What makes you think the paper boat you are holding is an origami motorcycle?

Can you show me how you made it? – get paper boat – Imagination :bronze  unlocked

Just forget it.


Exit to World Map – Town Center, then Tavern



Talk to Giovanny

I would like to make an order!

I would like to order something to eat

Do you have a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex that can fly and shoot laser beams?Who's there? :silver  unlocked

I would like to make an order

I would like to order something to eat

I would like to order the vegetarian option – get salt

I would like to make an order

I would like to order something to drink

I would like to order some fernet – get fernet

Do you have something to wake up a friend that accidentally took sleeping pills?

I'd better go and get some fresh air outside

Use Little Timmy tomato, anti-gullibility pills, paper boat, and piranha scales with Giovanny – get coffee – EL CAFE DE LA MUERTO! :bronze  unlocked

Exit to World Map – Mayor House


Mayor House

Use tongue sandwich, fernet, and worm souffle with Mr Piglenton – Strike :silver  unlocked

Cutscene – exit to Crypt



Use fly hair, purple lizard tail, and salt with Foxy

Use el cafe de la muerte with Walrus – Medic! Medic! :bronze  unlocked

Talk to Foxy







Portal Room

Walk right

Look at door – you'll learn the serial number

Talk to door x2

I want to input my password!

There are three options here. Choose all of them for Access Denied :gold  – you'll need to talk to the door again between each attempt

Talk to door again

I'd like to contact customer support!



I want a plan that adjusts to my daily needs

I would like to go back to the previous menu


I'm not Agent Purple Cobra

Talk to door

I'd like to contact customer support!


My dimensional gate isn't working properly

I don't know...it doesn't do anything

It's grey

I will enter the number


I'd like to contact customer support


Of course!

De La Morte


Mr SabadoThank you for your call :silver  unlocked

I want to enter my password


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Portal Room

Walk left

Pick up dead explorer – get survivalist magazine

In inventory, examine magazine – get discount coupon

In inventory, examine magazine – Survivalist :bronze  unlocked

Exit left to World Map – Market



Walk left

Pick up old book (behind two planks, on some bricks; use D-Pad up to bring up the hotspot to help)

In inventory, examine ghosts book and flip through all the pages – Bookworm :bronze  unlocked

Pick up the wagon to move it, but don't exit yet

Walk right

Use coupon with giant spider humanoid

Exit to the Bar



Walk up to the bar

Wait until the bartender is turned away, then pick up the dish towel

Wait until the worker is hammering, then use the party horn with him

Pick up hammer

Exit to the Market and exit to the Sewers



Pick up dead giant wild boar – get red boar hair

Pick up ID card (just before the acid coming out of the pipe)

Walk left

Pick up letter

Use dish towel with door

Exit to Suspicious Sewers Room


Suspicious Room

Terror of the Hell :bronze unlocked after cutscene

Pick up nails (table)

Pick up snake jar – get snake

In inventory, combine hammer and nails

Exit to Sewers, then Market, then World Map – Lavafall



Talk to vulture man

I have other matters to attend to!

Use ID card, then a few gold coins, with vulture man – get lucky cat

Exit to World Map – Market, then Bar



Use lucky cat with toy drum on the table in front of you

Talk to bartender

I would like to order something to drink

Order everything on the menu once. Save the diamond vodka for last. You'll need to pick up/drink the previous shot before asking for another one. Once you're at the diamond vodka, order three of them – get three diamonds

Connoisseur of drinks :gold   unlocked once you've had one of everything on the menu

Exit back to Market



Use diamonds with giant spider humanoid -get broken VHS and remote control – Huckster :silver  unlocked

Exit to World Map – Lavafall



Walk left and as far across the bridge as you can

Use hammer/nails with broken bridge – Handyman :bronze  unlocked

Exit left to Beach



Talk to three-eyed bartender

I want some rum – get rum

Use coconut tree, then pick up coconut

Talk to Gill Man


What did you said?

I don't understand you!

I said blah blah blah blah!

Never mind

Pick up radio

In inventory, combine radio and remote control – get device

Look at, then pick up, crab – get rubber crab

Use rum with pelican – get glass

Exit to World Map – Lavafall



Walk out to the middle of the bridge

Use device with lava – Burglar :silver  unlocked

Exit to Lavafall Cave


Lavafall Cave

Look at map

Pick up map and pull the lever

Pick up wildlife photo pile – get rhino picture

Pick up evil juice box (under the photos) – get evil juice bottle

Exit deeper into cave

Talk to the Romeros

Do you have any escape plan?

Don't worry, I'll be back!

Pick up dead rat

Exit to World Map – Market, then Sewers



Use empty glass with sewer water (pipe)

Exit to Market



Use rhino picture with bucket of glue

In inventory, combine rhino picture and letter – get rhino love letter

Exit to World Map - Castle



Use rhino love letter with rhino guard

Exit to Castle again

Walk right and pick up metal horse

Use ID card with imp

I want a vanilla cookie

Exit to World Map – Beach



Walk left

Use dead rat with lava sea – get carbonized rat

Use sewer water with pelican

Pick up dead fish

In inventory, combine dead fish and metal horse – get worst seahorse ever

Exit to World Map – Portal Room (under the Market hotspot)


Portal Room

Use red boar hair, then coconut, then vanilla cookie, with dead explorer

I have other things to attend to

Use snake with ghost – Hi there! :bronze  unlocked

Pick up Ghostly – get ectoplasm

Exit to World Map – Lavafall



Use ectoplasm with vulture man

I want to trade it for the voodoo bear – get voodoo bear

Exit to World Map – Portal Room


Portal Room

Use worst seahorse ever, carbonized rat, and voodoo bear with the slots on the back wall

Cutscene – Family ties :gold  unlocked

Pick up potassium chloride and detonator

In inventory, combine potassium chloride and detonator with evil juice, then rubber crab – get explosives with detonator

Exit to World Map – Lavafall, then Cave



Exit further into cave

Use explosives with padlock






The way this act works is that you have a set amount of time in each room before Vigo appears and sends you somewhere else. You will want him to do this three times, so you can unlock Catch me if you can :bronze. Here's the bad news – neither the pause menu nor suspending the game will pause the timer. Thankfully, there's no actual penalty for this happening; it can just be annoying if you're trying to get something done.


If you're just in this for the platinum, then put the controller down and wait for Vigo to catch you three times, so you can unlock Catch me if you can :bronze  and Darkestville Demon :plat .


If you actually want to finish the game (you'll need to loop through the rooms a few times; this part of the walkthrough is broken down by room, not by order you will be doing things):


Treasury – pick up the star piece of gold from the large gold pile left of the safe

Use screwdriver with ruby eye on gargoyle on far right – get big ruby


Study – pick up the couch on the right side of the room – get cat hairball

Use cat hair, walnut pie, and gold star with mounted zombie bear on left side of room

Talk to cute ghost bear – Groar! – pick it up for ectoplasm


Laboratory – search fridge – get walnut pie

Use big ruby with laser on table

Use supercomputer on left side of the room

Use ectoplasm with toxic barrels on the left side of the room

When the laser is on, open the toxic barrels that you used the ectoplasm on, and Vigo will blow himself up

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