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Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 31 (1 :plat 6 :gold 8 :silver 16 :bronze )
Approximate time: 1 hour
Stacking available?: No, one list for NA/EU and PS4/Vita
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: None


English version for Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~


:triangle - Menu
:cross - Confirm/Advance
:circle - Cancel
:square - Skip Play
:lvita - Quicksave
:rvita - Quickload
Left analog up - Log ( :square to rewind)


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Triangle Date
Select New Game, press :start to confirm name. On this Christmas Tree screen, select the gold star. You can choose two characters for the left and right mirrors. Make these combinations and play the stories:

Lupin & Van Helsing
Lupin & Victor
Lupin & Impey
Lupin & Saint-Germain
Van Helsing & Victor
Van Helsing & Impey
Van Helsing & Saint-Germain
Victor & Impey
Victor & Saint-Germain
Impey & Saint-Germain

After all those, press :Up: + :triangle + :lvita + :rvita at the same time. You'll see a new set of characters. No combinations to make, simply play all 3 stories.

If Story: First Christmas
Back out to Christmas Tree screen, then press :down. You'll see 5 characters. Select one and play the story. After the credits ( :cross to skip), select New Game again and repeat with each character.

2) Things off the top of my head
1) Ask him
1) "I don't agree."

Van Helsing
2) Dodge the question
QUICKLOAD when the scene changes
1) Stay silent
2) Wait

2) Ask someone else to do it
1) It is nothing compared to you.
3) Here's to Looking

1) Like her

2) Relax in the mansion
2) I'll go myself and see him
2) You didn't have any reason to come anymore

This section will give you these trophies:

TROPHY #1 First Christmas -Lupin-
TROPHY #2 Next to the Gentleman Thief
TROPHY #3 First Christmas -Van Helsing-
TROPHY #4 With Whom I Can Open My Heart To
TROPHY #5 First Christmas -Victor-
TROPHY #6 Together with the Passing Time
TROPHY #7 First Christmas -Impey-
TROPHY #8 What It Means to Love
TROPHY #9 First Christmas -Saint-Germain-
TROPHY #10 Thousands of Years of Love

After Story
Select New Game. On the Christmas Tree screen, press :down twice. You'll see a teddy bear and 2 present boxes. The boxes, Finis and Sholmes, have no choices so simply play the stories. Then select the teddy bear, Canterella.

1) The way Cantarella acts.
1) Go with Lupin and Victor
1) Shopping in the city
1) The eastern route along the wall

4) Next
1) The airship docks
2) The western route down the narrow path

This section will give you these trophies:

TROPHY #11 As the younger brother
TROPHY #12 Life's Answer
TROPHY #13 Great Detective's Decision
TROPHY #14 Here for You
TROPHY #15 White Songstress
TROPHY #16 White Songstress, Moving Castle
TROPHY #17 Beyond the Blessed Future---

Special Epilogue
On the Title Screen, select Special Epilogue. You'll see 5 pictures with character names at the bottom. Play all of them. If you're on Vita, you can also use the touchscreen to select the pictures.

1) I want to know more about France.
QUICKLOAD when the scene changes
2) want to enjoy the date.

Van Helsing
2) ...I know precisely what to do...!

2) I'm still happy without a wedding

2) I should assess the situation.

1) Of course I'm excited.

Clearing all stories will automatically send you to the Event screen with complete CGs.


On the Title Screen, select Glossary.

TROPHY #18 Woman of Vast Knowledge

Back out and select Memory Trunk, then Event. Use :rvita to go through all the screens for each trophy to pop.

TROPHY #19 Memories with Lupin
TROPHY #20 Memories with Van Helsing
TROPHY #21 Memories with Victor
TROPHY #22 Memories with Impey
TROPHY #23 Memories with Saint-Germain
TROPHY #24 Memories with Finis
TROPHY #25 Memories with Sholmès
TROPHY #26 Memories of a Certain Day
TROPHY #27 Together Forever
TROPHY #28 Congratulations!

Back out and select BGM.

TROPHY #29 A World Painted in Sound

Back out and select Movie.

TROPHY #30 The Fates of All
TROPHY #31 Wintertide Miracles

Congrats! Let me know if there are any mistakes in the guide.
Guide is complete.

http://ps3imports.or...~-trophy-guide/ - LMO_DarkBiG_BR's guide

Legend buddy! Will do this one soon!

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