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Captain Earth [キャプテン・アース] Mind Labyrinth Road Map + Trophy Guide

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[Credit to RED_REBEL44 for the amazing banner]

Captain Earth Mind Labyrinth Road Map + Trophy Guide




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline: 37 (1 :plat 4 :gold 11 :silver 21 :bronze )
  • Approximate time: 2½ - 4 Hrs. (Estimated)
  • Missable trophies: :gold 夢の想い出 (100% CG's)
  • Extra Items for the Game: N/A
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats: None available
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:start - Save/Load/Quick Load
:select - Auto-Skip
:rvita - Manual-Skip (Must hold)
:triangle - Backlog Dialogue
:circle - Confirm/Advance/Action Button
:cross - Cancel Button

  • You can also auto-skip by tapping the lower right arrows with "skip" on the Vita's touchscreen.
  • While in the Map use the :lvita to zoom out the map and :rvita to zoom in the map
  • Press :triangle to switch maps once you are able to switch between maps
  • Press :squarewhile in the Map to access the Entangle Menu once it's accessible.


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Change only the first three settings like below, once you are done setting options press :circleand select YES to confirm.

Go into OPTION


Credit to Ape-Exodus for the picture


About this game


First of all, this Visual Novel game is a very easy, straight forward game that doesn't really require a guide to follow, you simply have to choose every hexagon panel and keep unlocking the next one, some will have text choices, you will need to choose both of them in order to unlock every CG in the game, after this you will "entangle" character routes together to unlock new ones to ultimately fill the Libido Gauge located at the top of the Map which contains 3 levels, once these 3 levels are filled and you run through all END's then you will have the majority of the trophies.

There really is no specific way to play this game since you can literally choose any route in any order, however I will outline a step-by-step walkthrough below in case people prefer to follow the way I did it.


Road Map


During the course of the game I highly recommend you either go back to each hexagon panel that contains a text choice and immediately choose the opposite answer or create a save point at each text choice then reload at the map to choose the other answer, choosing every text choice in the game is necessary in order to unlock  :gold 夢の想い出.
As you progress and complete through each of the character routes, more routes will unlock and you will also fill up the Libido Gauge, once you fill it up to 100% for the first time, you will unlock the first ending.
Step 1: Play through each character's routes while choosing every text choice while also aiming for 100% Libido Gauge for the 1st time and watching the first 2 endings, after this step you will own the following trophies:
Step 2: Entangle each character's pieces in order to fill the 2nd map, complete each of the sub-scenarios while aiming to fill to Libido Gauge 100% twice more and watching the last 2 endings, after this step you will own the following trophies:
Step 3: Clean-Up: Go into the Bonus Element to acquire the remainder of the trophiesafter this step you will own the following trophies:



Daichi's Hexagon Route


8TYMeyM.png  :bronze ニッケルオデオンへようこそ!(started the MAP)



After selecting choice #1 from both of Daichi's hexagon panels you will receive:


8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 僕が選んだ道  (chose both of Daichi's correct text choices)



Note: Newly added hexagon panels will always have a glowing outline.


Once you are able to choose character routes, you can choose any route and start filling up the Libido Gauge, it does not matter in what order you complete them in since you will ultimately have to go through them all anyway. Just remember that some of these panels will contain text choices, the choice you choose does not matter as you will have to choose both of them from each character's routes in order to acquire every CG in the game, each character has at least 2 panels containing text choices.


Tip: Text choices on the MAP are easily identifiable by looking on the right side of the MAP with a small window labeled "ROUTE" with two empty circles, choosing the "correct choice" will fill in one of the circles blue while choosing an "incorrect choice" will fill it in red, filling in two blue circles for each character's hexagon panel choices will give you a trophy. You MUST fill in ALL circles to acquire  :gold 夢の想い出 by the end of the game.


Note: In case anyone wants to follow it like I did it, the character routes I chose were Daichi, Amara, Baku, Moco, Teppei, Jin, Akari, AI and Rin.


During the course of the game while aiming to fill the Libido Gauge to 100%  for the first time and depending on which character routes you chose; you will receive the following trophies for choosing both of the correct text choice aka blue circle choices on the MAP from each of the character routes :



:bronze x8



Once you reach 99% of the Libido Gauge you will most likely have finished all available character routes except for 2 of them  (In my case I did all except's Hana's) which you will need to finish after the ending, once you reach 100% on the Libido Gauge for the 1st time you will unlock the 1st ENDING panel and also receive two trophies:


b0KRBle.png   :silver 来い! ライブラスター!(filled the Libido Gauge 100% for the 1st time)



8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 永劫回帰  (saw the 1st ending)



As soon as you are returned to the MAP after fully filling up the Libido Gauge for the 1st time a new hexagon panel will appear with "END-01", simply run through it and continue on with the remaining character routes you are missing.


During the course of the game while completing the final two character routes you will unlock:


8TYMeyM.png   :bronze 流れ星に願いを  (chose both of Hana's correct text choices)



b0KRBle.png   :silver 僕たちミッドサマーズナイツ!(completed Daichi, Akari, Teppei & Hana's route)



8TYMeyM.png   :bronze 楽しい時間も (chose both of Setsuna's correct text choices)



Note: In my particular case, the above trophies were earned since the last two routes for me were both Hana's and Setsuna's.


Once you completed the remaining character routes a new hexagon panel will appear with "END-02"  and you will also unlock :silver 我ら遊星歯車装置.


b0KRBle.png  :silver 我ら遊星歯車装置 (completed Baku, Moco,  Amara, Jin & Setsuna's route)



After viewing END-02 you will unlock:


b0KRBle.png  :silver 帰還のとき  (saw the 2nd ending)



Once you return to the MAP screen, you will have two new options added to the map menu, these are both ENTANGLE and MAP CHANGE



At this point, you should now have access to both the Entangle menu by pressing :square as well as a new MAP "Interlude" by pressing :triangle.
The purpose of the Entangle Menu is for you to "blend in" and fuse each of the 11 character's sub-story scenarios with each other, choosing a character's hexagon piece and choosing it with another will result in about 2-5 new hexagon panels being added to the "Interlude MAP" depending on the characters, the map will be blank at first and it will start filling up until you fuse everyone's stories together.
I highly recommend that you Entangle everyone's pieces at once since it will make it less of a hassle and much easier to go through the map once you have it completely filled in, simply scroll  :up and  :down and choose a piece then select a second character's piece to create new panels until you have completed them all. There are 11 characters which you will need to blend with each other, these are DAICHI, HANA TEPPEI, AKARI, AMARA, MOCO, SETSUNA, BAKU, AI, JIN & RIN.
Tip: You can speed up the entangle animation process by holding the :rvita button.
Once you have Entangled your first piece you will receive:
8TYMeyM.png  :bronze エンタングル!(entangled my 1st piece)
After you have entangled all character's pieces together you will receive:
b0KRBle.png  :silver エンタングルコンプリート!(entangled all pieces)
You will now have every sub-scenario story available, there are 167 of these hexagon panels and none of them contain text choices, simply skip through each one and move on to the next one while also filling up the Libido Gauge, the Libido Gauge at this point should be around 20% in the second level.
Tip:  I suggest you start from the left side going up and down while slowly moving to the right until you get all the way to the right,
As you progress through the MAP and complete each of the hexagon panels towards 100% Libido Gauge for the second time you will most likely unlock the following trophies:
8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 打ち上げ花火と
8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 甘い共同戦線
Once you reach 100% of the Libido gauge for the second time a new hexagon panel labeled "END-03" will appear on the old MAP and you will also receive:
b0KRBle.png  :silver 頼む! ライブラスター!!(filled the Libido Gauge 100% for the 2nd time)
After viewing END-03 you will receive:
b0KRBle.png  :silver 地球光  (saw the 3rd ending)
Now you will be returned to the original MAP, press :triangle to switch back to the Interlude MAP and continue skipping through the sub-scenario stories to start filling the Libido Gauge for the 3rd and final time.
While aiming to fill the Libido Gauge to 100% for the 3rd and final time you will most likely receive the following trophies for watching certain character specific CG events:
8TYMeyM.png   :bronze 伊達ワルコーデ?
8TYMeyM.png   :bronze かすかな灯火
8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 以心伝心?
b0KRBle.png  :silver 学園生活!
b0KRBle.png  :silver アナザーストーリー
After watching the last sub-scenario story and filling up the Libido Gauge 100% for the 3rd and final time you will unlock "END-04" and also unlock the following trophies:
8TYMeyM.png  :bronze 始動! MSS (saw Setsuna's final event CG)

b0KRBle.png  :silver 貫け! ライブラスター!!! (filled the Libido Gauge 100% for the 3rd time)



b0KRBle.png  :silver キャプテン・アース!?(saw all bonus events)



hgWA88k.png   :gold もう一つのキャプテン・アース (viewed all sub-scenario stories)



Now watch the final ending "END-04"; after watching it you will receive:


hgWA88k.png  :gold 人類の夜明け (saw the true end)



hgWA88k.png  :gold 夢の想い出 (acquired every CG) <--This is missable, 100% CG's



Congratulations! You have now finished the main game, now save the game and exit to the Main Menu once you are back at the map.



Bonus Element


Main Menu --> Bonus Element


Once you are in this section, go into SESSION, now there will be 4 scenario's to watch, simply hold the :rvita to skip through these, after you have finished watching all 4 of them you will receive:


hgWA88k.png  :gold ガールズトーク  (viewed all scenarios)



Finally, go into, TOUCH to play the touch game, simply touch any part of the body from any of the two girls and you will unlock :bronze タッチコミュニケーション!and your platinum trophy, congratulations, that's all there is to this simple game.  :)



2mnhu81.png      きみがキャプテンだ!   2mnhu81.png







Options Setup Picture: Ape-Exodus

Trophy Guide Header: RED_REBEL44


Credit goes to MainComptonese for giving me advice on this game , no guide was needed therefore no JP guide was required for this very easy game. :)


Just to note, since this game can be played almost in anyway, you might earn trophies before or after they are mentioned in my walkthrough depending on which character routes you choose and complete first, if you don't see a trophy pop when it's indicated, do not panic, just as long as you are doing the correct steps then you will have all trophies plus your platinum in no time. :)

will i be able to get true ending and unlock all the cg events and the 夢の想い出 trophy in one sitting or do i have to go back after i finish game



Here a picture from the settings.

And thanks for the rest, i have my platin. Good Guide :thumbsup

Thanks for an another great guide omega :)

will i be able to get true ending and unlock all the cg events and the 夢の想い出 trophy in one sitting or do i have to go back after i finish game


Yes if you do the correct steps you will unlock it in one sitting, however it's not necessary to do it in one sitting since you can make a save point at anytime and resume later. You will be able to unlock :gold 夢の想い出 even after you watched the true ending and finished the game, I highly recommend you make a save before exiting the map  just in case  that way, in case you missed a CG somewhere you can easily go back and search for the hexagon panel.


@Ape-Exodus: WOW Ape, that options picture is perfect! Thank you very much!! Added it to the guide and also gave you credit, congrats to both you and Merlin for the plats.  :thumbsup  

perfect guide again, THANKS :)

perfect guide thanks man !

Your guide is perfect thank you :)

@ RD & Hakoom: Glad the guide worked perfect for you guys and your welcome, this game is a joke anyway so its kinda hard to screw up in this game. :D


Also added a sweet looking Trophy Header by RED_REBEL44, thank you red!  :)

Yeah you are right the guide is barely needed. It's like the guide I did for the last steins gate.

It's so easy a guide is not needed
Apr 08 2015 05:16 PM

Just got my plat, thanks for the guide. It's a very easy VN as you can't really mess it up.

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Great guide, thank you Omega.

Playing the subs right now. great guide. i think its more a 4h game than a 2,5h game :)

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Took me 4h9min from first to last trophy including 20 minutes driving home from work. 

Apr 22 2015 06:43 PM

awesome guide :)

Apr 27 2015 07:28 PM

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Flawless guide - thank you.

May 02 2015 12:08 PM
very good this guide.
over a platinum for collection
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Another flawless guide, thank you Omega! :thumbsup

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Got my PLATIN without any probs.