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Bonfire Trophy Guide

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Estimated trophy Difficulty: 1/10
Offline Trophies 14 [ :plat 1 :gold 10 :silver 2 :bronze 1 ]
Online Trophies: 0
Time to plat: 30 mins - 1 Hour
Number of Playthroughs: 2
Glitched: 0
No difficulty ones
Stacking: Nope
No cheat Codes
Peripherals: PSVR required , Move Controllers highly recommend


From the studio that brought INVASION and ASTEROIDS! Baobab Studios now bring us Bonfire another cute, quirky story!




You will need two playthroughs for ending trophies "Friends to aliens" & "Humanitarian" see trophy descriptions. All the other trophies can be earned in one playthrough please see below



Posted ImageTrophy King- Earn all other trophies.


Posted ImageCrash Landed- Land on uncharted planet.


Unmissable, Once you land on new planet trophy will pop.


Posted ImageSwitch Crazy- Flip all the switches in cockpit.


Soon as you take control of your character you will be in a cockpit. Once the red switches appear start pulling them with the trigger buttons on both move controllers. You need to be quick about it .



Posted ImageDelicious- Eat 5 Marshmallows.


The robot spits out marshmallows several times during the game . Just eat the first 5.


Posted ImageThe Logger- Throw 5 logs into a plant.


Soon as you take control on the planet , turn directly around. You will see a stump with a glowing blue opening. Just keep tossing the logs from the fire into the opening 5 times.


Posted ImageAstronomer!- Scan Stars


Once you receive the scanning device stare straight up and scan stars .


Posted ImageUpon Closer Look- Scan PB


Once the robot starts freaking out about a life-form (Alien/monster), Start looking around for PB (Alien/monster) with the scanner. Once you see him on the scanner hold scanner on him until he/she is scanned.


Posted ImageThe Beast Within- Scan the beast.


Once the big monster appears make sure to scan him with your scanner.


Posted ImageScan-O-Rama-scan all objects in a single play through.


**You will run out of time if you are not quick on this one**. Once you receive the scanner starting from the right , scan the downed spaceship, the tree next to it , the tire tread marks, the ground next to fire, the white stick plants straight behind the fire, the stars above, the large tree to the left of fire, and the robot.


All items that need to be scanned will be orange in the scanner. You will also earn the astronomer trophy during this step.


Posted ImagePyromaniac- Torch the beast.


After the big monster eats your robot , grab one of the lit fire logs and throw it at it.


11Sd7f0bd.pngFriends to aliens- See save PB ending.


Just choose the option to not save humanity when given the choice.


12S33c46a.pngHumanitarian- See save humanity ending.


Just choose to save humanity when given the choice. There are no options to save in the game. You must do another play through to earn this trophy.


13Se53f7a.pngRoast Master- Perfect roast a marshmallow.


At the very end of the game PB will run off and get sticks for you to roast marshmallows with. Just keep placing it the fire a little at a time. Once the robot makes a comment about how yours looks the trophy will pop.


14S74dd86.pngBonfire Complete-  Complete Bonfire


Unmissable, Once you finished story trophy will pop

guide is complete . i know its not perfectly formatted. I will make my PA do it  :lol


looking good!!!

Perfect guide! Thanks!!!

Perfect, thx :thumbsup

Thanks for the guide zen!

Got the plat first play in 31 minutes no problem at all :)

This game was just the cutest thang, I absolutely loved it!

guide is perfect thank you :)