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Black Clover : Quartet Knights Trophy Guide

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Overview : Base Game

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 41 (1 :plat 18Posted Image, 19Posted Image, 3Posted Image)
  • Online trophies: 25
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8 -10 hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes Story content must be played on Hard
  • Do trophies stack?: No.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: No


Overview : DLC #1 - Royal Magic Knight Set - Blue DLC

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 3 ( 2Posted Image, 1Posted Image )
  • Online trophies: 1
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20 min
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0




Magic, Wizards and Witches abound.
Healers and Slayers can be found
Grab your controller and enter the fray,
Part VN, hack n slash and co-op to play.
Skip or Read,
There is fun here sure
And a shiny new plat
With a 5 Clover Core.




The steps below can be completed in any order, this is but a suggested plan. Of course you can move between all steps freely, even go in reverse if you like. Why not even start with a few cheeky misc trophies. The choice is yours, but in the end is it really worth deviating from the plan. The plan works, the plan is good, the plan is fun, free will be damned you should follow the plan. 


Starting with the Challenge Episodes will provide an understanding of each of the characters and their move sets. This will make completing the story on Hard mode easier. Alternatively the Story mode also provides small tutorials on game modes and characters as you progress. At this stage the online is dead so it is recommend to boost with 2 players. 



Step 1 : Challenge Episodes


Each Challenge Episode has 5 goals relating to the specific abilities mapped to L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 and Triangle (Super). There are combinations for each character but none are required for completing the goals or episodes.


Each episode has a short narrative that ties into an overall story. They can be skipped by holding Options if so desired.


The final two Challenge Episodes Yami (Young) and Karna are unlocked by completing the Story and Another Story respectively. Most episodes require only one play through (2-5mins).


The Character Missions involving the Mages ( The Quartet Goal ) can prove a little more difficult and may require a more methodical approach to eliminating enemies over a run in and smash them style endorsed by the majority of episodes.


Goals are cumulative but you must reach the end of the episode for them to be saved.



trophy_silver.png Even the Wizard King is Satisfied



Step 2 : Story Mode + Extra Episodes + Another Story on Hard Difficulty


The Story Mode consists of 10 episodes followed by 2 Extra Episodes. Completing the Story Mode unlocks Another Story which consists of 8 episodes. There is quite alot of story content ( yes it is fully voiced so no reading skills required ) ( well that is only if you are fluent in Japanese otherwise it is reading for you ). If you have little interest the story can be skipped by holding Options button. This could conceivably lead to a saving of around 1-2 hours but may result in feeling unsatisfied, dirty or whore like. 



Each episode is made up of a battle or dungeon which has between 2 - 4 Challenge Missions (goals) associated with it. Upon completing each episode you can replay the episode using any character from the Chapter Select screen. It is recommend to play on Hard difficulty as this is a Challenge Mission requirement for each Episode. 


Challenge Missions include 


1. Complete the Episode on Hard 

2. Complete without Retries 

3. Complete using X Characters 

4. Complete using X Characters (only in some episodes)


NOTE : Crystal Carry on Hard is the most difficult part of the game. It can be frustrating due to the AI team mates and opponents. Seek enlightenment in Trophy Tips.


trophy_gold.png Lost Past

trophy_gold.png Earned Future




Step 3 : Challenge Mission Cleanup


If you have cleared the Story on Hard then it is advised to lower difficulty to Easy to complete the remaining Challenge Mission goals. On Easy the game is very simple.


trophy_gold.png Mission Complete



Step 3 : Online (Ranked Matches)


At this time the online is dead so boosting is recommend. The game requires 5 people on each team but the lobby can be started with 2 people (opposite teams). This game is not region locked. The game will choose your location as the default region but it can be altered via R1 before searching for a lobby


When searching for a lobby have Player 1 search first, after scanning the available rooms it will create a room. Then have Player 2 search for a lobby after the Player 1 created room is established. (Do not search at the same time this will cause 2 separate rooms to be created). After 2 minutes the remaining places on each team will be filled by AI. Once the room has been created you can simply choose the Return to Game option ( Option 1 ) each time to continue. Unfortunately there is still a 2 minute wait per game for the AI in accordance with standard AI union rules. 


NOTE : If self boosting with 2 systems (or idle second player) make sure to rubber band controller to avoid being kicked. If the player is kicked they will be replaced by an AI. You will know about it....... Quickly.


Simply cycle through all 16 characters, win and a bevy of silver trophies shall be yours. 


But alas where is Young Yami ? You may declare.

Why he is hidden behind a 99cent micro transaction affair.  

But do not despair,

The Naughty Noxious Namco will not care,

For you shall see Young Yami for nothing but air

Upon completion of the story I swear.


NOTE : Expect the AI to put up a fight. They don't always turn up but when they do you will know about it. Their performance can range from able to deadly. Expect a few loses along the way, C'est le vie.


Online Modes :


1. Treasure Hunt


Each Team must try to obtain the randomly spawning key (hold square at the key for a few seconds) for 1 point. The Bearer of the Key, Lord of the Key or Divine Key Man (dependent on your view or current mood) must open the randomly spawning Treasure Chest. If the Bearer of the Key (etc etc)  is maliciously cut down in his prime before opening the said chest then the evil opposing team will receive a point. If good prevails and the chest is opened 2 points will be awarded to thee. Tips may be found where Trophy Tips abound.



2. Zone Control


Standard Zone Control, whichever Team can hold the zone till 100% wins. 


3. Crystal Carry 


An escort style game that begins with a Zone Capture. The team that wins the Zone Capture will then attempt to escort their crystal to a home base. The opposing team must hit the crystal to stop it from moving, the escorting team must rehit the crystal to get it moving again. If the crystal reaches the home base (100%) the game is over. If it doesn't then the opposing team begins their crystal escort. The team with the highest % will win. Beware the game likes to award Extra Time randomly, usually to the other team. It is recommend to use an extended vocabulary or an old controller in these moments.


For Tips on Crystal Carry see Trophy Tips.


NOTE : In each mode there are randomly occurring " Magic Items " which play like a Zone Capture. If successfully taken the team will receive a Damage buff. Whether these play a significant role in the balance of power remains to be seen although it should be noted the AI rarely ventures or defends these. Make of it what you will. 


trophy_bronze.png Debut Battle

trophy_bronze.png Nice to Meet You !

trophy_bronze.png Film Festival

trophy_bronze.png All-In Opportunity (available in Story Mode)

trophy_bronze.png The Power of Relics (available in Story Mode)

trophy_bronze.png Hold your ground ! (Available in Story Mode)

trophy_bronze.png Carrier Service (Available in Story Mode)

trophy_bronze.png Key Man (Available in Story Mode)

trophy_silver.png I Get Results

trophy_silver.png Indomitable Will

trophy_silver.png The Chosen One

trophy_silver.png Water Aegis

trophy_silver.png Healing Flower

trophy_silver.png The Black Captain

trophy_silver.png Crazy Thunder

trophy_silver.png Blazing Hooligan

trophy_silver.png Bewitching Reflection

trophy_silver.png Dealer of Fate

trophy_silver.png Meal Master

trophy_silver.png The Steel Knight

trophy_silver.png Magic Warrior

trophy_silver.png Leader of the Eyes

trophy_silver.png Malicious Flames

trophy_silver.png He Who Calls Despair

trophy_silver.png Foreign Knight 




Step 4 : Cleanup Misc Trophies


These trophies may have been acquired through natural play. If you have not yet stumbled upon them their secrets are revealed in the Trophy Tips below.



trophy_bronze.png This is My Grimoire!

trophy_bronze.png Special Training

trophy_bronze.png We the Knights

trophy_bronze.png Favourite Character

trophy_bronze.png An Impressive Scene

trophy_bronze.png In Vogue

trophy_bronze.png Catchphrase


Step 5 : DLC Trophies - Royal Magic Knight Set


Time for a Frigid Queen ?  Why of course darling. Well you are in luck. Grab the DLC (sold separately) and complete Complete Charlotte's challenge episode ( 5 goals ) and 1 online ranked win. 


trophy_bronze.png Prickly Queen

trophy_bronze.png Frigid Queen

trophy_silver.png The Blue Captain (Online only)

Trophy Tips 


Crystal Carry (Hard) Story Mission


An enjoyable if frustrating mode. The AI is extremely aggressive on Hard mode and will almost always capture the opening Zone Capture triggering the first crystal carry. Some tips below if you find difficult.


- Do not rely on your AI team mates to help start or stop a crystal. They will focus on attacking opposition

- Let the AI opposition take the Zone Capture without trying to stop them. 

- When the opposition have the crystal immediately attack the crystal then use any combination of Magic bombs (random objects that can be found) or attacks that drive the enemy back. The crystal should be able to be stopped and held at around 4-8% for 30 seconds.

- You will die, when you respawn try to regroup with your AI team mates before attacking again. Going in solo will only result in another quick death. 

- Save your special until it is most likely to hit all 3 of the opposition. If you can take them all down that will buy you another 30 seconds as the respawn and return

- If you can hold them to 70-80% you should be fine. There is a degree of randomness in how hard the AI will attack on your turn. It is possible to run about 40% without an attack. 

- Expect heavy resistance around 50%-70%. Again use your special to try and eliminate all 3 at once

- If you feel the odds are stacked against you restart the mission before it completes to avoid replaying/skipping the cutscenes. 



Treasure Hunt (Online)


- Be the first to a key to guarantee 1 point 

- You may get a window where it is possible to open the Treasure Chest when the AI are respawning

- Most likely the match will come down to a 4-4 score. In this case make sure to take the final key to seal   the win



Misc Trophies 


Just in case you are missing a little something something 



trophy_bronze.png This is My Grimoire!   Checked Magic Details for the first time


Press touchpad (any mode)



trophy_bronze.png Special Training      Trained for awhile 


Enter Training Mode for 10 - 15 minutes. You can simply leave the controller idle if you so desire





trophy_bronze.png Favourite Character    First player Icon change


Online Battle - Press Triangle to Edit Player Card - Change Icon



trophy_bronze.png An Impressive Scene     First Film Change


Online Battle - Press Triangle to Edit Player Card - Change Film




trophy_bronze.png In Vogue      First Outfit Change


Customise Menu - Outfit - Change Outfit 


trophy_bronze.png Catchphrase  First Voice Change


Customise Menu - Voice - Change Voice





trophy_bronze.png Nice to Meet You !   (Online)  Use a voice line online for the first time


Press Up on D pad, choose any Voice line, Press X



trophy_bronze.png Film Festival  (Online)    First Film Use


Press down on the D pad + X to paint the Film on any wall. This can be done in the opening holding area pregame



trophy_bronze.png We the Knights        (Online) First Magic Knight Rank up  



Unmissable. Naturally occur when completing online ranked character wins



:plat 5 - Leaf Clover  Unlock all trophies




One Shiny New Plat

Cause you followed the Plan