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Affected: The Manor

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Trophies = 5 ( 1 :bronze , 1 :silver , 3 :gold )
Time = 2.5hrs time related trophies
Difficulty = 1 (if you do not like a scare? controls can catch)
Controls = Joysticks to move around :l3 , Turn around :r3
:square :triangle = Change position of your torch, on both controllers.
Move controllers will act as a torch, And the Trigger buttons will walk you in the game (I found getting through doors etc easier with the PS4 controller. Had same when I played this on Android)


PSN Store buy Stack-able lists EU/NA


You are in a Manor/ Haunted House object is to escape but you will through progression. The natural course is pretty short 15-30 mins depending on if you look around.




Take the left path after you have first entered as its the longest path. ( And some have said trophy doesn't pop taking right path ) Progress as normal through the game until you reach the lift. Here you want to put your VR over a cushion so it assumes you are still in the house and move around every so often with the controller so that you can get the 1 hour and 2 hour Trophy. (If your not keen on spooky houses you could just do this to play it :lol )


This is if you want to go for all the trophies at once, if you would rather just play through first then come back to this.



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Posted Image :gold You Survived, You Survived The Manor


This will pop after taking the lift, you enter a corridor with dolls a door on left opens with stairs leading down


Posted Image :silver Horror Junkie, You spent 30 Minutes Inside the manor


This will pop after 30 minutes, make sure to take left path and not enter the lift before getting this.


Posted Image :bronze Enter the Manor , You dared to enter the manor


As soon as you enter the house you will get this.


Posted Image :gold Super Explorer , You have searched The Manor for over 2 Hours


This will pop after 2 Hours, make sure to take left path and not enter the lift before getting this.


Posted Image :gold Explorer, You Spent Over 1 Hour Inside The Manor


This will pop after 1 Hour, make sure to take left path and not enter the lift before getting this.


I did a quick run through, lift is at 13:33



Nice guide Fluffy, good to see you are getting into VR  :)

Guide is perfect :) 

Perfect guide, thx.

Perfect guide, thanks.


One little thing - Make sure you take the left path, I decided to take the right path initially and the trophy for surviving the manor didn't unlock. 

Thanks for the guide fluff. Defintely go left! Got all my trophies in 2 hours and 2 minutes :)
Dec 24 2018 07:15 AM

Thanks Guys I didn't know it affected trophy so I have worded it different now so you only take the left and are not tempted to go rogue