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AMAMANE trophy guide

Nov 27 2019 09:04 PM | zenovka in Trophy Guides

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 0/10
Offline: :silver 2 :bronze 17
Approximate time: 6 mins
Missable trophies: nada
Glitched trophies: negative



Configuration: Use third option on title screen and set to screen below.


Posted Image



After Configuration is set . Start game with top option and hold R1. Then Check your social media and what not. In 5 to 6 Mins you will have earned your self a shiny new %100. When The only choice comes up pick anything.

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One Night Stand Trophy Guide Walkthrough

Oct 03 2019 07:19 AM | Roughdawg4 in Trophy Guides

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline: 25 (1 :plat 6 :gold 16 :silver 2 :bronze )
  • Online: N/A
  • Approximate time: 1 Hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: N/A
  • Does Difficulty levels stack: N/A
  • Missable trophies: None if you follow the guide
  • Extra Items for the Game: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats: None


:circle- Cancel Button
:cross - Action Button
Options - Save Load Menu and Options Setup
:r1 - Fast Skip





Change Text to FAST-FORWARD ( You have to re-apply this each new game)
Change Fast-Forward settings to ALL TEXT


Posted Image


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Amamane ~アママネ Video Walkthrough

Nov 28 2019 12:52 PM | fluffy-rabbid in Trophy Guides


Amamane 100% Easy Walkthough ~ 5 mins


If playing on the Vita use O to confirm, and X to cancel ~ Thanks to Nitro for info :)


Link to Text guide :- http://ps3imports.or...e-trophy-guide/


Credit to Sacky for help with config!


Game Info :- https://twitter.com/entergram_info


Store Link :- https://store.playst...MAMANEZZZZZZZZZ

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Aibeya ~ アイベヤ Video Walkthrough

Nov 28 2019 12:49 PM | fluffy-rabbid in Trophy Guides


Aibeya 100% Easy Walkthough ~ 5 mins


Link to Text guide :- (Coming soon)


Credit to Sacky for help with config!


Game Info :- https://twitter.com/entergram_info

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Return of the Obra Dinn ~ Trophy Walkthrough

Nov 24 2019 07:01 AM | themindisacity in Trophy Guides

Posted Image


Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!


Please note that this is an investigation mystery game. This walkthrough will absolutely ruin the game for you, because you'll just be setting everything up and unlocking all trophies around the end of the game. I recommend trying it blind first, then trying the walkthrough on a fresh save when you're ready to get the platinum.


There's a map in the journal you receive early in the game. To open it, press Posted Image, press Posted Image to get to the table of contents (if needed) and choose The Ship. Press Posted Image to bring up a larger version of the map you can scroll on.


A lot of this game is on timers. So if you get done with a section of this walkthrough quickly, you may need to wait around a bit for doors to open or prompts to appear.


Because there's a ton of back and forth between areas of the ship, I have only differentiated between modern day and flashbacks during this walkthrough. Most of the time you'll be led directly to where you need to be, anyways, as the game is fairly linear.

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MechaNika walkthrough

Nov 18 2019 09:57 AM | caro3c in Trophy Guides

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Thanks to IBadDriverI for all his vidéo guide ( all crédits for him for the Text walkthrough as i use his vidéo)


When i said nothing, choose the first dialogue option
Never use hint and don t spend money


Start => You are in Nika classroom
choose your typo
take the paper on your desk
open your inventory, take the paper and give it to your teacher
go out
Run to the left and talk to the boy with sunglasses
skip all dialogues
Try to go out ( electric fence )
Run right and open the door (right of Agatha)
open the leftmost door
use the toilets ( clean it )
Open the right door ( rascal inscription on it)
open your inventory and select spraypaint
tag the right door
Go out of the toilets


Nika's house :
Take tools ( on the wall behind the desk )
take mirror piece ( on the right on the floor)
take Tesla poster ( on the wall just left of the computer)
take the black poster (on the left of the bedroom)
go out
run to the right and enter the door with a D and a controller
talk to Nika's brother
=> Maybe if I talk to him about his favourite game
=> Maybe if i continue
Go back to Nika's bedroom ( door with N )
Use the computer
=> I've got robot podcast
=> Gipsy Danger
=> I can play a trick on Dennis
=> Exit
Go out and write to Dennis bedroom
Take webcam ( top of the computer)
take socks ( left, on the floor)
go out
run left and go down the stairs
look the sofa X 2
open your inventory and use the remote on the TV
=> Gossip show
Go left to the kitchen
Open your inventory and use tools on microwave
go out to the left
Open inventory use socks with cat ( behind the wall )
Quit and reload the game ( so you have sock in your inventory)
Go to the left
take the blowtorch ( left on the right side of the tabble)
talk to your father ( the welder )
go back to the house and in the street ( keep going right )


Run to the right
Use the buton on the pedestrian light to cross the road (after just says cross the road)
go right to the yellow bike
open inventory and use tools on it
keep going right at the end there is big trash can
Enter in the right green trash can
Take pieces of glasse and go back to the street
Enter in the Knife butcher shop
Go right and talk to Agatha
=> Maybe I can help her with broken machine
use the keyboard
=> 1 1 2 3 5 8
Try to take the circular saw
Talk to Agatha
=> I m going to ask her for the circular saw
go out ( left x 2 ) to the street
run to the left
cross the road
Enter in the shop (first door)
open inventory and give the blowtorch to the seller
Go back to the street
Left cross the road
left until you see people on terrace
open your inventory and give the black poster to the man (middle with cap )
Talk to the guy
=> i'm sure they will be able to help me with my project
=>choice 1
=> i 'd like to know if you guys have any ideas for a new world
=> project silcharde
Enter in the first left door
open handbag on the armchair
talk to grand-mother
go to the door ( with red open curtain)
open the left door
open the top cabinet door
take grand-mother clothes
going back to the living room
talk to grand mother ( 2 times)
=> she's got big eyes
=> choice 1
=> choice 1
=> choice 1
=> last choice ( let's get back to our mission)
go back in the street
run right and cross the road ( 2 times)
Go to knife butcher shop
go through right door
open inventory and give dolls to agatha
take dolls head on the floor behind agatha
go back in the street
run left and cross the road
enter in the last house before the pedestrian light ( flower on the window)


Nika's house
go upstaire
first left door
talk to grand father
use switch ( left of the door)
Take the poster (under 101)
use the safe
Take magazine
go back in the corridor
enter in the 3rd door ( between N and D door)
open your inventory
take socks and but them in the laundry basket ( right of the screen)
exit the house and go back to the street


go left
cross the road
enter in your grand mother house ( left of the terrace )
Go left and cross the road
talk to the man who listen music
go left and talk to the worker ( the one of wich you can see the line of the buttocks)
go left and talk to the homeless man
=> Maybe you ve got something interesting in that trolley
=> inflatable bed with a pump
=> first choice till end of dialogues
Go right and cross the road 3 times
open inventory and use grand mother cloth with photobooth
go left and cross the road
open inventory and use TJ card with bus sign


Take red jerrycan and to the left green hose
use hose on the airplan hole
use jerrycan on the hose
take jerrycan
go right and talk to the man with long hair
said yes when he ask for quiz
=> RED
look the warning fence on the right and exit with the portal


Go right and cross the road
enter in the photobooth
go left and cross the road
go back to Nika's house ( right of de pedestrian sign and flower in front of the window)


Nika's house
take the parcel
Go all the way left
talk to your father
use the moto
take the blowtorch ( top of the shelf, left of the ladder)
exit right and go upper in your bedroom


in inventory choose items and use triangle to use it as the good component ( thing like a phone panel)
blowtorch => 2 torch
doll's head => 1 amma
piece of miror => 3
bike chain => 10
robot ? => 9
TV => 8
jerrycan => 4
webcam => 5
circular saw => 7
blue fan => 12
pieces of glass => 6
chewing gum => 11


TROPHY 15 => 26 one for each combination


Use green button on the hall
take power cable and put them on the left machine
exit and use nika computer
=> Initiate assembly
go to your secret base use yelleow button and use yellow hole in the left machine


END TROPHY 28 - 29 - 30 and platinum

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The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets Trophy Guide

Nov 16 2019 01:08 PM | sefjwm in Trophy Guides

Posted Image

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13 :bronze, 1 :silver, 1 :gold)
  • Online trophies:0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, there is chapter select
  • Glitched trophies: 2, Open All Doors, Magic World special
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: NA, EU
  • Requires VR, Move Controllers


The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets is an adorable kids game. Your grandpa is narrating different events you and your sister went through as children. Each event is presented as a themed world with puzzles to solve and a bunch of missing pets to find.

Road Map:

Play through each world and find all the pets as you go. You don't have to but they aren't very difficult to find and you are going to need to find them all at some point anyway. I would grab any coins you see but not worry about them too much as you can easily go back post game and collect any you missed. Most of the miscellaneous side tasks you will probably end up doing without even realizing they are trophies and all can be done post game as well. Just relax and enjoy this low stress game and clean up any missing trophies after.

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The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets Collectible Guide

Nov 16 2019 07:15 PM | sefjwm in Trophy Guides

Posted Image



There are 42 coins total in the game. You can return to a level at any time to collect any coins that you missed. They are hidden but give off sparkles so you can find them. You only need to touch the sparkles to collect them.


Summer House - 5 Coins
1 - Top of the stove pipe chimney
2 - Middle of the main tree trunk
3 - Flower below the teapot
4 - Small island near the bottom of the level
5 - Ledge below the candle


Winter Vacation World - 9 Coins
1 - Top of the highest peak
2 - Drop the icicles to free the mammoth, it's next to him
3 - Roof of the train tunnel to the left of the mammoth
4 - After you break open the hair dryer, it's next to it
5 - On the tracks inside the lower train tunnel opening below the lantern
The rest of the coins will only show up once you melt the snow around them with the hair dryer
6 - Top of the hat
7 - Left roof of the lower house over the wood pile
8 - Small floating island to the side of the hill with the hat
9 - On the lantern above the seal


Aquarium World - 9 Coins
1 - Top of the hut
2 - Center of the shower head
3 - Behind the diving helmet next to the rock
4 - Small ledge below the coconut trees
5 - Tiny underwater island near the starfish covering the shell
6 - In the coral behind the shipwreck
7 - In the middle of the shipwreck
8 - Small indentation below the shipwreck
9 - Pull the lever on the shower to flood the world, attach the bobber to the shipwreck to open the back, it's inside the back of the shipwreck


Prehistoric World - 9 Coins
1 - At the end of the top bridge over the watermelons
2 - Below the broken bridge that's hanging down
3 - In the nest
4 - On the rocks behind the meat eating plant
5 - In the plant in the middle of the waterfall
6 - Behind the clothes hanging by the fire pit
7 - Inside the cave with the triceratops door behind the large watermelon
8 - On the ledge behind the large flower that holds the egg
9 - After using the brush to clear the dirt covering the bone, it's just below the bone


Showtime (Magic World) - 10 Coins
1 - In the grass between the building and wall behind where your grandpa starts at, above the hat
2 - On the top of the roof of the stage
3 - Behind the book
4 - On the small ledge below the box of cards
5 - Where the highest two towers are connected
6 - In the flowers above and to the right of the cups
7 - Directly below the flowers from 6
8 - On the small roof below the balcony where the unicorn pops out
9 - When looking at the tower with the keyhole (or where the mouse is standing), look straight down from it, it's inside that archway
10 - Look directly at the hat, it's inside the archway to the left and behind it


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Spirit Hunter: NG (No Good) [English] Trophy Gu...

Oct 11 2019 03:51 AM | Nitro in Trophy Guides

Posted Image


Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 26 (1 :plat 7 :gold 8 :silver 10 :bronze )
Approximate time: 6-8 hours
Stacking available?: English version does not stack
Missable trophies: None if you follow this guide
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: None


:start - Menu (on dialogue)
:circle - Cancel
:cross - Confirm/Advance
:lvita - Skip Mode (Must be held down)
:rvita - Auto Play


- Very simple. Use left stick to move and press :cross to 'examine' a blinking dot on the map. Then you'll get new options on the bottom, which I include in the guide. So if I say "Examine door with :cross ," this means to select a spot with :cross, then :cross again to further examine. You'll sometimes need to back out from these choices with :circle to move on the map or search something else; I won't mention that each time.
- The directional pad moves you across the map.
- You can only save on map screens, using :square (the gear icon).


CRISIS CHOICES are "timed" with Secure, 10 seconds will continuously counts down with each CRISIS choice. The game gives you plenty of time to prepare and I've marked the choices in the guide.


- Most choices don't matter, they're included for reference.
- 2 playthroughs are required, one for the bad ending and another for the normal and good endings. The guide is the same save for boss fights and some inconsequential choices.
- Save regularly in case you mess up.
- Keep a close eye on your saves, and make sure you know which ones are which.
- If you get a Game Over, choose first option afterward to restart.

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L.A Noire: The VR Case Files - Text Walkthrough

Nov 09 2019 10:14 AM | EssTee in Trophy Guides

L.A Noire: The VR Case Files
Text Walkthrough.


Posted Image

Credit to sef for the banner




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 21 [ :plat 1 :gold 8 :silver 6 :bronze 6 ]
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: Plenty. But You can select to replay any cases.
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No. There is only one difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: No.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.
  • Additional peripherals required?: VR Required


Collectables info:


Collectables Total: 35.
20 Police Badges.
8 Novels.
7 Records.


If you struggle to find any of the collectables during this walkthrough, you can refer to these videos to show you the locations. Credit to GTA Series Videos for collectables locations:
20 Police Badges locations video LINK.
8 Novels locations video LINK.
7 Records locations video LINK.



Anytime cumulative trophies to keep in mind-

  • :silver All You Can Eat Herring - Pick up 100 random objects.
  • :silver Wooden Overcoats - Kill 30 bad guys with head shots.
  • :silver In Your Face - Land 50 slaps during any fist fights.
  • :silver Miles On The Clock - Drive more than 19.47 miles. If you drive to all locations instead of warp this will unlock before you finish all cases. OR warp to all locations then when you've finished the game just farm it by loading up Ch2 'Upon Reflection' from the starting point just floor it at top speed down all the long and straight roads, and it will only take about 5-10 mins for the trophy to unlock.




This game is a rated 18 dark and violent crime thriller set in 1940's Los Angeles. You play as Detective Cole Phelps to solve brutal crimes, plots and conspiracies inspired by real life cases from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and violent times in L.A history.


L.A Noire: The VR Case files plucks 7 cases from the original Rockstar classic L.A Noire, and has rebuilt them specifically for virtual reality to create new layers of immersion and realism to this atmospheric crime thriller.


Trophy and game wise you can play blind, but if you keep failing interrogations the game will force you to keep replaying the scene until you get the right answers, which can be quite annoying as I found out! Hence making this walkthrough for you to make things much speedier for you, so I highly recommend you at least look up the interview/interrogation sequences written below. Also it will be much quicker to know exactly where to go and look to pick up clues and collectables instead of hunting around everywhere until you finally find things enabling you to progress. So everything you need to know to complete the game and get all trophies is outlined below! I hope you enjoy the game and walkthrough :)

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