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Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

I just finished playing this one and decided to write a little review on it. Going into this game I had no expectations of this game.


This game plays very similarly to point and click games of old with some puzzle solving and free range movement. This sort of game was lost in time really until Telltale brought back this style with popular franchises such as Back to the Future. While the game is essentially a point and click game at heart, you do have free range of motion which is in all honesty, the biggest flaw about this game.

Most of the gameplay elements feel every bit like the budget title this is, although this was the second game in this series; the first being a 360 exclusive. The biggest problem by far is the opening of doors. When a door can be interacted with, a hand icon appears over it. Often when you click the icon, Sherlock will decided to walk into the door repeatedly rather than opening it. If this happened a few times throughout it will still be annoying but this happens way too much. It often leads to having to reposition the character so he can open the door. This is where the hybrid of point and click and free walking does not meld well.

The second major problem is that often times Sherlock will get locked in place and will not walk, mostly after you open a door. He will often times not move for around 10 seconds and you have to mash buttons in order to get him to walk again. If this was an action game, this problem would render the game unplayable to a certain extent because it becomes incredibly frustrating even in a game such as this. Its sad when a game cannot get something as simple as walking right.

Although these problems are frustrating, the gameplay is not centered around being able to move quickly. The best way to describe the feel of this game is a cheap LA Noire with puzzes and without the action parts. While this type of game doesn't appeal to many, it is definitely a change of pace from many modern games.

Where the game does shine is in some very fun puzzles, which of course are cheapened by a guide but are entertaining to try. There is a very nice variety of puzzles as well such as lockpicking, math puzzles, and sorting puzzles. All of these puzzles provided a nice change of pace from the monotonous movement and investigation of crime scenes. A few highlight puzzles in the game are arranging a seating chart in a classroom by clues given on each students name card and correctly ordering animal tablets by clues on the different animals. The puzzles also feel very fair. There is enough there on each one to make you feel like it wasn't just a sloppily thrown in aspect of the game meant to change the pace up a little bit.

While the movement is incredibly awkward and frustrating, the games puzzles are crafted well enough to make you want to see what is coming next. The story does just enough to make you want to keep going and see what happens next and there is a decent variety of locations as well. I only ran into one huge glitch as well which cause the towns people in one area to disappear but deleting the patch corrected this issue. The game also is very generous and allows you to save anywhere at anytime, which is a very appreciated feature.

Replay Value:

Being that this game doesn't have multiple choices and the results of the puzzles do not change, unfortunately this game has little to no replay value. The game is also fairly short so the 40 dollar price tag on this was far too high. It should have been a 15 dollar psn game or a $20 dollar budget release.


This is a game where the player really gets to decide how hard they want to make it. With a guide, this game is incredibly easy and on two puzzles really have to be done by the player (a jigsaw puzzle and and marble transferring puzzle). Without a guide, the player will have to use their brain to figure some puzzles out and do a lot of trial and error. The platinum can be had by the end of the story which is good because there is no chapter select option. Most of the list however is story related which works well with this style of game. There are a few missable trophies but with the ability to constantly save, there is little room for error if you keep 2 or 3 save files.

Closing Statement:

While the movement is awkward and clunky far more often than it should be, the game itself provides a nice change of pace from a lot of modern games. The story is interesting enough to entertain the player for the relatively short length of the game and the puzzles can definitely be entertaining. With little reason to replay, the game begs to be a psn release and is definitely not worth its asking price. If you like point and click or puzzle heavy games and want a nice distraction, this is one to check out.

Gameplay: 5/10 (2/10 for walking/movement, 8/10 for puzzle and investigation elements)
Replay Value: 1/10
Trophies: 2/10 difficulty, 7/10 fun factor

Overall: 6.5/10